September 18, 2017

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Cute and colorful painted clothes pins.

Painting Clothes Pins?Several craft projects include painted clothes pins. If finished properly they can even be used to hang laundry. After you have done the decorative painting it is a good idea to use a clear finish to protect your work and your clothes if used with laundry. This is a page about painting clothes pins.


Old Typewriter

How to Clean an Old TypewriterWhether you are old school and still use a manual typewriter or are refurbishing one as a bit of decor, cleaning it is one of the necessary steps. This is a page about how to clean an old typewriter.


My Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine Won't Sew

Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine Won't Sew?Some problems with a sewing machine can be repaired by the crafter or seamstress. Certain issues simply need an adjustment made to correct the malfunction. This is a page about what to do when a Brother CS6000i sewing machine won't sew.



Calorie Free Crochet Cake Decoration - finished cake

Calorie Free Crochet Cake DecorationI finally had some time to make this smaller version of some I have seen. I kept it simple and yet I love the way it turned out.


Making Pretty Paper Bows - finished bow without the center adornment

Making Pretty Paper BowsI made these pretty paper bows. They are great for party decorations and embellishing a gift or card.


Three hummingbirds crowded around a feeder.

Three Is a Crowd (Hummingbirds)This is my photo of the little hummingbirds that come to our feeders daily. We have 19 feeders outside but, for some reason, this feeder is just simply their favorite.


Clean Your Earbuds with Alcohol - using an alcohol swab to clean earbud

Clean Your Earbuds with AlcoholUse rubbing alcohol to clean your earbuds frequently. They can get dirty just by handling and can accumulate earwax.


Angel's Trumpet - yellow trumpet blooms

Angel's TrumpetAs a family historian and Find A Grave contributor, I spend lots of time in old cemeteries. They are comforting, beautiful places to me; places to contemplate life and the lives of those who came before us. On any given day, walking through some of these lovely old places can yield the most surprising finds!


Busy Butterfly (Monarch Butterfly) - butterfly on flower

Busy Butterfly (Monarch Butterfly)I came across this beautiful Monarch butterfly on an early morning walk this September. Intensely feeding on nectar, and pollinating the flower, he did not seem to notice me at all! Quietly, I leaned in closer and closer until I captured him on film. Then I left him unbothered and continued on.


Sherona (Chihuahua) - brown dog wearing a bright pink skirt

Sherona (Chihuahua)My sister and I were saving up for a dog and thought we would have a better chance of getting one if it was little. We got her about four months ago. She is a rescue, but still very cute!


Know Your Beneficial Insects - lady bug larva

Know Your Beneficial InsectsMost of us know ladybugs are just one of a group of insects that are beneficial to the garden. But what about the ladybug in other than the adult stage? I discovered something very interesting.


Use Kitty Litter Bins as Pots - kitty litter bins and plastic bucket planters

Use Kitty Litter Bins as PotsMy family enjoyed having a large garden for many years. We grew potatoes, carrots, onions, green beans, sugar snap peas, zucchinis, eggplants, corn, jalapeños, green peppers, watermelon, and cucumbers in our yard. We had edible landscaping. At our new home we can not have a garden so we are trying container gardening.


Balsamic Steak and Veggie Rolls

Balsamic Steak and Veggie RollsThis is a super yummy low carb recipe for steak and vegetables. The colourful, julienned vegetables embraced by the juicy steak are so pretty. The sweet and savoury balsamic glaze is irresistible. Give this recipe a try!


Tissue Paper Tassel Garland Decor

Tissue Paper Tassel Garland DecorThis is an inexpensive, trendy, and easy to make decor project for any party/event! It is great for an engagement celebration, bridal shower, wedding, birthday, anniversary, baby showers, and so forth. You can store and re-use this a handful of times.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Looking for Sites with Contests Similar to ThriftyFun?Does anyone know if there are any other sites like ThriftyFun that have contests?


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Locating the Source of a Bad Smell Inside?Recently we started smelling an odor that resembles skunk. I would walk outside and it seems to trigger the smell. I've aired out my house for about three days now. I can't stand it anymore, it's getting worse and now I can smell it coming out of my kitchen sink. It seems to be spreading.


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Identifying Tiny Black Bugs?I keep finding these little tiny black bugs in my cat's water dish and the bathroom, can anyone tell me what I am dealing with?


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Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits?The father of my 4 minor children died in 2012. Can they receive death benefits even though he practically never worked?


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Cat Not Using Litterbox?Fellow cat owners, I need help. I have a 7 year old female who absolutely hates the basement! I have moved the litter box back to the basement, but now Bear is using the area by our shoes and our shoes, as well as, behind the TV stand.


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Finding Free Furniture?I've mental health issues and just moved into my own flat. I have no furniture, kettle, pots, pans, etc. Where can I find free or inexpensive items?


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Can Ants Smell?I want to know if ants can smell?


Inexpensive Breakfast Ideas for 200 Homeless People

Inexpensive Breakfast Ideas for 200 Homeless People?How can I feed about 200 homeless people breakfast on a budget?


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