January 10, 2018

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Steaming Cleaning Upholstery

Cleaning an Unknown Upholstery StainEven if you don't know what caused the stain on your upholstery there are a couple of options you can try. Many people have luck using club soda or vinegar. Always check for colorfastness when cleaning. This is a page about cleaning an unknown upholstery stain.


Jammed Sewing Machine

Repairing a Jammed Sewing Machine?Sometimes a jammed machine can be fixed at home, without the need for taking it in to a shop. First remove thread, bobbin case, and needle if possible. Check to see if there is a wad of thread or lots of lint and clean. Continue troubleshooting using the tips on this page. This is a page about repairing a jammed sewing machine.


Orange Peel

Orange Peels Clogging a Toilet?Slow to disintegrate clogs in your toilet are best cleared by either plunging or using a plumbing snake or auger. This is a page about orange peels clogging a toilet.



Getting Rid of Ants in a DishwasherBits of food and even water can attract ants to your dishwasher. Finding the way that they are getting into your home is an important step in getting rid of them. Many homeowners have found that Terro is a very effective product to use to treat the nest by having the invaders carry it back. This is a page about getting rid of ants in a dishwasher.


Many Types of Meat on a BBQ

Planning a BBQ for 100 PeopleWhen planning a BBQ for a large group you will need to decide on your menu, including drinks, snacks, dessert, etc. Then estimate the amount of food in each category needed to feed your crowd. This is a page about planning a BBQ for 100 people.



Super Easy MeatloafMeatloaf is a very easy meal to prepare, even on short notice, and can be seasoned with whatever you have available. This is a page about making super easy meatloaf.


Dandelions in Grass

More Dandelions Than LawnDandelions are an invasive species that is notorious for taking over unhealthy lawns. There are several ways to reduce or eradicate them from your lawn. This is a page about remedy for more dandelions than lawn.


Abusive Husband

Leaving a Verbally Abusive Spouse?An abusive spouse does not have to be physically threatening to be controlling, frightening, and difficult to leave. This is a page about leaving a verbally abusive spouse.



Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates on plate Appetizer

Goat Cheese Stuffed Date AppetizerThis appetizer was a hit during our holiday party. It was easy to make and a perfect appetizer to eat while socializing. Pops in your mouth and leaves your hands clean while tasting good too!


Blooming Ham and Cheese Pull-Apart Bread ready to eat

Blooming Ham and Cheese Pull-Apart BreadI had quite a bit of ham leftover from our big family dinner and wanted to use it in something new, fun and delicious. This is a huge flower-shaped ham and cheese pull apart bread that's great for parties. A bit of jalapeno is thrown into the mix to give a little kick.


A basket of s'mores cupcakes.

S'mores CupcakesThese sweet cupcakes have all the flavors of campfire s'mores, without all the mess. I made them from leftover s'mores ingredients. It would be easy to make them with chocolate chips and mini marshmallows.



An old mill in Franklin County, NC

Laurel Mill (Franklin County, NC)During the 40s and 50s, when our family traveled to Louisburg to visit the aunts, we would take the longer route and ride by Laurel Mill. I remember stopping and going inside the mill, watching the corn being ground and walking around and listening to the water run over the dam. I developed a love for old mills.


Choppers (Pit Bull) - white Pit on a leash

Choppers (Pit Bull)We got him when he was 3 months old. He is so smart and loving. He just loves to play.


Juicing and Growing Your Own Pomegranates - container and glass of fresh juice

Juicing and Growing Your Own PomegranatesMy family and I are known as the Pomegranate People because we've been growing them ever since I was a little one. In fact, the first thing I ever grew on my own was a pomegranate tree at age four. This is one method of juicing pomegranates at home, then planting the leftover seeds in order to grow more of the fruit.


A garden sculpture of two birds covered in snow.

Snow Birds (Raleigh, NC)Too late to fly south! We have snow and freezing weather along the east coast. This looked so real on my patio, like two birds frozen in time.



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Value of a Marantz Stack Audio System?This system has a Garrard deck, amp, and runner. There are no speakers. I would like to know if it is worth anything in good condition. There are no photos as they are in a box. I will up load later.


What Is This Houseplant? - plant with cream and variegated green leaves

What Is This Houseplant?What is this indoor plant?


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Value of Caxton Encyclopaedias?I have a set of these in not bad condition from 1977, with a dedication to the Queen's silver jubilee. The binder is a tan colour. I haven't got a picture yet as I have just moved home, but I am down sizing so I need to free up space. I will go through boxes and up load a picture later.


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Condensation in Mobile Home Roof?I am dealing with the coffee stained ceilings. Would a layer of foam on top of the factory roof help this? I have a new roof over that with plenty of ventilation.


Name Ideas for a Homemade Soap and Lotion Business

Name Ideas for a Homemade Soap and Lotion Business?I make goat's milk soaps and lotions. It is now named Bailee's Bubbles named after my first granddaughter. But now that I have been blessed with another, Millie (Amelia), I want to incorporate her name also. Any suggestions would be great!


What Is This Plant? - cutting in water

What Is This Plant?What is this indoor plant?


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My Puppy Won't Eat?I need a little help with my puppy. She is 7-8 weeks old. The first day we got her, she was eating properly. From the next day onwards she stopped eating. The vet said she's fine, just having separation anxiety from her mum and we need to keep feeding her every three hours.


Identifying a Houseplant - vining plant with small green, edged with cream leaves

Identifying a Houseplant?What is this indoor plant?


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Rooting a Rose Cutting?I put my rose cutting in a porcelain pot about two inches wide at the top, and an inch and a half at the bottom, and about 3 1/5 inches tall. I also threw in a few pinto beans. This took place about 5-6 days ago. Is it possible for me to start over and do the process in the ground with the same cutting?


A white undecorated car flag on a white background.

Best Markers for Decorating a Car Flag?What type of markers should I use to decorate a car flag? One is polyester. One is nylon.


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Getting Old Used Tires for Free?Does anyone know where I can get old used free tires, it's for a project I want to do at my school.


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Finding Free Dressers?Where is the best place to find free dressers?


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ASPCA Pet Vaccination Truck Schedule for Queens?When is the next time the pet vaccination truck will come to Queens?


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Donating Fabric Scraps?I have a lot of scrap fabric that I am looking to get rid of, it is anything from scraps to 1/4 yard pieces. They would make great quilting pieces. I'm just not a quilter.


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Tomatoes are Not Growing Bigger?Why are my tomato plants producing fruit, but they don't get bigger?


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Sewing Machine Not Picking Up Bobbin Thread?I have a Brother RL425 sewing machine. The needle is not picking up thread from the lower bobbin. I have tried to adjust the needle to the correct height with the hook, but when it is low enough to catch the thread the needle hits the bottom of the bobbin setting case.


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Caring for a Rescued Abused Cat?I have just gotten a rescue cat from a abusive home. She is always scared. What can I do to help her?


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