February 17, 2018

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Marshmallow Popcorn Hearts on plate

Marshmallow Popcorn HeartsThis is a take on marshmallow popcorn balls. They're made with pink mini marshmallows and shaped into hearts. They are crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle. This is a fun recipe for all ages!



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Shih Tzu Puppy Not Eating Much?My Shih Tzu puppy is about 14 weeks old. He used to eat all his food the minute I poured it in the bowl. The past couple of days he's stopped doing that. He will pick at it occasionally, but it seems like such a sudden decrease in appetite. Is this common? Did he have a growth spurt that just ended or something?


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Muscovy Duck Laying Eggs Around Yard?My muscovy ducks started dropping eggs in random places in my yard. I am new to this process and was wondering if this is normal? They are unprotected so I don't know what to do. I thought they were supposed to nest. Please help. All information on this process will greatly be appreciated.


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Adjusting a Sewing Machine Take Up Lever?How do I adjust the take up lever to stop in the highest position?


Waxy Growth on Top of Avocado Tree

Waxy Growth on Top of Avocado Tree?This tree is about 9 months old, and has been pot bound for a month or so (now moved to this big current pot). It seemed to stop growing a few months back presumably when it's roots ran out of room. Only the white waxy stuff on top has been growing. My question is what is it?


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Removing Hair Dye on Painted Wall?I recently dyed my hair a reddish purple and accidentally have a few small stains on the wall. My mother wasn't too pleased with this. I used alcohol wipes, but it took paint off.


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Ideas for Reusing Old Pewter Goblets?I have an old set of pewter goblets in not-so-good condition. Can anyone think of other uses for them besides the intended use? I'm not opposed to letting them live outside.


Identifying Tiny Bugs - bugs on lined notebook paper

Identifying Tiny Bugs?There is a small, tiny, hard to see with the naked eye bug in my bed, on my furniture, and on my dog. I can feel them on my face, but they're not really biting me. They are all over my house. Could someone please help me to understand what I have?


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Growing a Forsythia Bush from a Cutting?When rooting a forsythia cutting in water, how many roots do you need before planting it in the ground?


Dog Poops and Pees Inside When Left Alone

Dog Poops and Pees Inside When Left Alone?I have an 8 month old Labrador and Spaniel mix neutered male. He was potty trained for a long time with no accidents indoors. Then it started about a month ago, he poops and pees every time we leave the house. Whether it's for a few hours or literally 20 minutes.


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Painting T-Shirts With Acrylic Paint?Is textile medium the same thing as floating medium? It was suggested in my answer to painting t-shirts that I mix it with my acrylic paints. Is there any difference in them?


Value of a Set of 1768
 Encyclopedia Britannica - books on bookshelf

Value of a Set of 1768 Encyclopedia Britannica?I have a 1768 Encyclopedia Britannica set. The copyright is 1971. Here is the first book which is the index. I also have volumes 1 - 23. Is it worth anything?


Finding User Manual for Vactric Sewing Machine - sewing machine in carrying case base

Finding User Manual for a Vactric Sewing Machine?I'm trying to locate a user manual for a Vactric automatic sewing machine, model 511. Failing this, I would appreciate information on how to correctly thread it.


Value of Disney The Wonderful World Of Knowledge 1999 - front cover of 4 books

Value of Disney The Wonderful World Of Knowledge 1999?I'm just wondering if you can tell me how much my complete collection of Disney The Wonderful World Of Knowledge 1999 would be worth? They're in really good condition apart from a few minor dents on the spine of some/edges and I think there's a kid's name written on one of them.


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Finding Discontinued Imperial Wallpaper?I need to buy 2 more rolls of Imperial wallpaper border #5808295. Do you know where I can find some?


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Converting a Bedroom to a Bathroom in a Mobile Home?I want to convert a small bedroom to a bathroom in my mobile home. Any help would be appreciated, thoughts, questions, or suggestions.


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Name Ideas for a Maintenance and Cleaning Company?The wife and I have recently joined our two small companies together. We are looking for ideas for the company name. We will be doing cleaning, maintenance, and small remodel touches.


Cleaning Velveteen Doll Clothing

Cleaning Velveteen Doll Clothing?I recently acquired a doll from the early 1960s. She has a velveteen top and waistband. I'm hesitant to wash it because I'm afraid the color will run. Any suggestions?


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Repairing Bleach Damage to Black Dress?I seriously need help. My black dress that my aunt gave me was bleached with zonrox/clorox and she got disappointed with the result. Although it's just small stains it's very many. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to repair my dress without using any Pentel pen?


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Name Ideas for an On-line Home Decor Business?I wanted to make a page for home accessories. On this page I wanted to sell decoration pieces, crockery items, lamps, etc. I am a bit confused in selecting a page name. I would like suggestions for some unique names regarding my page.


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Cleaning Business Name Ideas?I am from Houston and am wanting to start a new residential/commercial business cleaning service to help with supporting my kids. I enjoy cleaning and need help with a name. I want something that catches working single professionals that don't have that time to clean.


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Daycare Name Ideas?I am opening a daycare and would like to use my last name which is "Joyner" in the title or somehow incorporate it in the name.


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Finding a Vet Practice That Takes Payments?I need help in taking my dog for a vet visit. She has a large hard knot on her right side and it's going under her leg. She is a rescue dog. They took a small tumor of the same spot, now it's growing. I cannot afford to pay all at once, do any vets take payments?


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Finding Vintage Caron Yarn?I am looking for a vintage Caron yarn. The label says Dawn Odyssey, Article A3223 (y88), 0906 Fisherman 116178 506 It is 100% Kodel/polyester. I need 1 or 2 skeins. That is all I need to finish an Afghan for my granddaughter.


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Value of 1947 Webster's Illustrated Dictionary?I have a 1947 Webster's Illustrated tower dictionary and atlas with encyclopedic supplements. I have read other questions and I'm sure that it's not valuable, but would it be if there was a misprint? Savannah and Brunswick Georgia are in the wrong location on the atlas.


Removing a Kenmore Sewing Machine from Its Cabinet - sewing machine on a work table

Removing a Kenmore Sewing Machine from Its Cabinet?Are Kenmore sewing machines easy to remove from the sewing desk it comes with? I want to purchase a used sewing table/cabinet that has a Kenmore machine in it, but I have my own, well working Kenmore machine I want to use with the used table. I haven't purchased the table yet.


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Singer 457 Needle Position Selector Not Working?I've repaired a Singer 457 that had a broken top gear. I have it re-timed and working, but the needle position selector (L-C-R) is "off" now; and zig-zag won't work. To sew a straight stitch, I have to put the selector in the "R" position which actually puts the needle in the center.


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Removing Pop Tabs from Cans?Is there a tool to remove pull tabs from cans? I stopped saving them after getting cuts and breaking nails. Do any openers remove the whole tab?


Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit? - white puppy with brown markings

Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit?I got a dog from someone and was told he was a full blooded Pit. He looks like it to me and everyone else says he's beautiful and says he looks like a Pit. He's almost 4 months old and 23 lbs. Does he look like a Pit to you guys? I know DNA can only tell, but I am just curious though. :)


What Breed Is My Dog? - dark brown puppy with white on chest and feet

What Breed Is My Puppy?I recently found this puppy on the side of the road, so I saved him and kept him. I don't know his age, so if anyone could help me out with that and also what kind of puppy does he look like? I would appreciate the help.


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Zebra Finch Eggs Not Hatching?My zebra finch laid 7 eggs. That was about 25 day ago, but none of them hatched. The parents are not sitting on them. They are sitting outside the nest most of the time. They do live in nest at night now. What do I do? Should I clean the nest now or should I wait longer?


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