April 7, 2018

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Woman trying to open a drawer.

Fixing Sticking Drawers, Windows and Sliding Glass DoorsThis is a page about sticking drawers, windows, and sliding glass doors. Windows, sliding doors, and drawers are notorious for sticking. One simple remedy is to rub the runners with paraffin. If that does not work more specific repair work may need to be done.


Can of club soda

Cleaning With Club SodaFor new accidents you may have success in removing the stain and smell with club soda. This is a page about cleaning with club soda.


Man driving at night in the city.

Driving for UberThis is a page about driving for Uber. If you check local job listings you are apt to find numerous ads for becoming an Uber driver. The pros an cons are clearly laid out in the personal experience essay included in this post.


Berry Smoothie with blueberries and strawberries in the  background

Berry Smoothie RecipesA delicious way to consume fruits is in a cold blended drink. This page contains berry smoothie recipes.


Spearmint plants clustered together

Harvesting SpearmintThis is a page about harvesting spearmint. Harvest mint prior to flowering, by either removing leaves or preferably by cutting the stem with pruning shears or a sharp knife about one inch above the ground.


Masquerade mask on a black table.

Centerpiece Ideas for a Masquerade PartyThis is a page about centerpiece ideas for a masquerade party. Think feathers, masks, necklaces, gem stones, sparkly fabric and netting.


Ice Cubes on a white background

Water Plants With Leftover IceThis is a page about watering plants with leftover ice. Using ice cubes to water your houseplants is a good idea, it allows the soil to slowly absorb the water rather than the messy overflow that often occurs with traditional watering methods.


Purple Crocs shoes on white background

Crocs Can Shrink in the SunThis is a page about Crocs can shrink in the sun. If your Crocs are a bit too big, heat from the sun or a few minutes in the dryer can be used to shrink them to fit.


Hand pointing to calcium deposits on a faucet.

How to Remove Calcium Deposits on FaucetsThis is a page about how to remove calcium deposits on faucets. Hard water spots or calcium deposits develop wherever the minerals in you household water remain after the liquid evaporates. Faucets are a common place to find them. Vinegar is a good cleaner for this job.


Woman sewing button to shirt

Changing the Direction of Shirt ButtonsThis is a page about changing the direction a shirt buttons. Changing the direction of button closure can be done fairly easily. Follow the steps in this post to accomplish this clothing alteration task.


Chia Seeds soaking in small glasses

Healthy Chia Bubble DrinkAdd softened chia seeds to your green tea or other drinks for a healthy alternative. This is a page about making a healthy chia bubble drink.



Fish and Onion Rings on plate

Sweet and Sour Fish and Onion RingsDuring our Holy Week of each year our family has practiced a week without meat in every meal we prepare. So here's one recipe I would like to introduce to you.


Caramelized Apples in bowl with ice cream

Easy Caramelized ApplesThis is a very easy way to make caramelized apples without butter or cornstarch. All it takes is cooking your apples in sugar and a splash of water. The apples will soften as they cook and lend itself to making a velvety caramel treat.


Almond Delights squares on plate

Almond DelightsMy wonderful Mother-In-Law gave me this recipe. If you like almond flavor, you will absolutely love this dessert.



Trinket Box - lid leaning against the finished box

Trinket BoxHere is an upcycled trinket box made with an empty packaging tape roll. The packaging tape roll is very sturdy and makes a great circular shape. You can design this as a trinket box, jewelry box, or a handmade circular box to gift something inside - the possibilities are endless.



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Preparing Brisket, Beans, and Potatoes for 200?I am preparing a meal for 180 - 200 people. How many pounds of brisket, frozen green beans, and of potatoes will I need?


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Murray Riding Lawnmower Won't Shift?I was driving my Murray riding lawnmower. While mowing I hit the back wheel on something making the tire come off the rim. I had to take the tire off to re-inflate it and after I got it back on and put back together I could still get it to run, but it wouldn't shift at all.


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White Paint Marker Left Paint Spots on Laundry?My husband works at Big O Tire and he left a white paint marker in his shirt. I washed and dried the clothes and now I white white paint spots everywhere. How do I get it out?


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Gott Cooler Replacement Parts?Where can I find replacement parts for my Gott 120 qt. cooler?


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Handmade Jewelry Business Name Ideas?I recently started a handmade jewelry business. I make hand crafted and unique jewelry (necklaces and earrings as of now). I need help coming up with a catchy, fun, and unique name. My name is Jessica and I would not be opposed to including my name, but don't need it.


Bump on My Dog's Foot - bump with definable center on dog's foot

Bump on My Dog's Foot?The other day I noticed a small bump on my dog's foot. Today it is red and slightly larger. Any ideas what it is?


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Removing Candle Wax from Carpet?How do I get candle wax out of the carpet?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 14 at the end of the month, and this year I wanted to have a bigger party. No boys though. But I don't know what I should do for it. I have about 5-8 girls that will be with me. I wanna make sure we have fun, but I'm not sure what to do. Ideas?


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Removing Sharpie from a Laptop Screen?My 3 year old brother decided he wanted to draw on a piece of paper with permanent marker, but used my laptop screen as something to lean on and I need to get it off before Monday because I have to use it on Monday.


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Dashboard Lights Go Out Sometimes?I have a 2004 Impala. While driving sometimes the dash goes blank where park, drive, and mileage shows.


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