June 19, 2018

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Chicken Curry over rice in bowl

Japanese Chicken CurryJapanese curry is different from Indian curry because it's more of a hearty stew. It tends to be much less spicy and has big soft chunks of veggies and meat. This is the way I make it when I'm in a rush to make a lot of food in a short amount of time. A dollop of cooling yogurt and a drizzle of citrus preserves make for the perfect accompaniment for this dish. I hope you try it!


Mini Wooden Clothespin Easel - with Post-it pad

Mini Wooden Clothespin EaselThis is the perfect easel to hold your Post-it notes or Polaroid photos. This cute little wooden easel is made from clothespins. You can also fit small artwork or 4 x 6 photos on it too. Options include painting or decorating, but I like the natural wood look.


Recycled Cardboard Shelving Unit

Recycled Cardboard Shelving UnitMy shelves are not being utilized to their full capacity so I thought it would be neat to up-cycle shoe boxes into a shelving unit. This is literally a free project you can make too!


Dakota Girl (Red Heeler Rottweiler Mix)  dog lying down

Dakota Girl (Red Heeler Rottweiler Mix)I got her when she was a puppy in 2010. She likes to play outside and inside, go for walks, car rides, semi rides, and play with my other dogs.



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Amount of Food for a BBQ for 200?How much will I need of each item to serve 200?


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Blue Spruce Has a Bare Spot?I have a bare spot on my blue spruce. Can I graft a branch into the bare area to fill it?


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Remedy for Hard and Brittle Hair?I used a relaxer for my natural hair. My hair is now hard and breaks when combed.


Finding the Value of Fine China - Noritake logo on bottom of a cup

Finding the Value of Fine China?I have been tasked with selling many Royal Heritage, Thun, and Noritake pieces. I know barely anything about fine china and was wondering if someone could help me out in determining their values sold all together?


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Using Wilting Leftover Salad Fixings?I have a bag of leftover salad which includes the usual salad fixings (tomatoes, croutons, different types of lettuce, onions, etc). It is starting to wilt, any ideas of what I can do with it. I don't want to throw it away.


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Zojirushi Bread Machine Won't Turn On?I bought a Zojirushi bread machine at a thrift store. I've always wanted to try one of these, but new ones are so expensive. I'm very disappointed that when I plug it in it doesn't even light up and the buttons do nothing. Do these things have breakers or fuses that can be replaced?


What Kind of Bug Is This? - striped bug in water

What Kind of Bug Is This?Can someone please tell me what kind of bug this is? It was swimming in my dog's water bowl. I hope it is not a bedbug!


Caring for a Dog's Weepy Eyes - tricolored dog

Caring for a Dog's Weepy Eyes?Our Cojack Bonnie's eyes are "weepy", this makes a matted goo in the fur under her eyes. I take a warm damp cloth and try to clean this goo off of her, but she will only stand for so much. Any ideas on the eyes would be helpful.


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Working as an Ordained Minister?How do I start that type of business and what should I name it?


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Post Office Lost a Package?I asked my son to mail a box at the post office in my neighborhood. He mailed the box to my sister in Atlanta on June 1st and it never arrived. My return address is also on the box. My son has lost the receipt so I have no tracking number.


Mersman Table Age and Value - two tier table

Mersman Table Age and Value?I found a 2 tier Mersman table with a green and yellow label on the underside of the bottom tier and chalk writing MEBE 6850/nuh. Also one of the legs had to be wood glued back on. Can you please help me with the value and what age the table is?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll with a long coat

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?She is a stand up wind up doll. She has no markings on her or tags. I just wanted to know if someone has seen her in a collection, or if she is just a lone porcelain doll that someone made.


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Re-dyeing Hair After a Botched Dye Job?I've had black hair (dyed) for a couple years now. I waited about 2 months since last time I dyed it to go to a salon and bleach it to a middle brown tone. The stylist told me black bleached to red and wouldn't be able to do a dark ash brown as I wanted because it wouldn't lighten enough.


Value of Homer Laughlin Dinnerware - bowl

Value of Homer Laughlin Dinnerware?I have dinner plates, salad, bread, cups and saucers, but should I keep them and pass them on or should I give away?


Information and Value of a Dynasty Porcelain Doll - dark haired doll in white long dress

Information and Value of a Dynasty Porcelain Doll?She is a 1989 Dynasty doll, Anna collection named Eva. I want to know more about her so if you do have some info please let me know. I love to learn about my dolls.


Discontinued Home Trends Wallpaper Border  - dark image with shadows on border

Discontinued Home Trends Wallpaper Border?I bought some wallpaper border by Home Trends at Walmart. It has been discontinued. I have a picture of it and am trying to find some. It is Palm Tree border.


Value of a Crimson Collection Porcelain Doll   - doll in a box

Value of a Crimson Collection Porcelain Doll?I have a porcelain Victorian doll, it's never been out of the box. On the box it says Crimson Collection Dolls. I was wondering if it's worth anything?


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Marriage and Keeping Medical?I got married last year and my husband just moved in. Am I still eligible for Medical? I live in CA.


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Husqvarna Riding Mower Stalls When Brake Released?I have a 2013 48" cut Husqvarna riding mower. It will start up and run all day in park. As soon as I release the brake, it dies. I have had the voltage regulator checked and it's good. I also checked the kill switch for the brake. Ideas?


What Kind of Bug Is This? - dark ovoid bug on Q-tip

What Kind of Bug Is This?I found it in the bath with my son. I am not sure if it was on him or got into the water some how. Any ideas what it is? Please note it's on a large kid size Q-tip for size reference.


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Cleaning the Interior of a Dooney and Bourke Bag?How do I clean small stains on the interior of my D&B Dillen hobo bag?


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Value of a Signed Thomas Kinkade Print?I have a Thomas Kinkade gallery print. It was signed by him. The number of the print is #146. It is 36x32. Can you tell me the value?


Value of a Camille Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a hat and pinafore dress

Value of a Camille Porcelain Doll?I am looking for ideas on how to find the value of this doll.


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Value of a Franklin Heirloom Doll?How much is my Franklin Heirloom doll ~ The Gibson Girl Bride worth? I am not a collector and am having a yard sale and want to know how much I should price it for. I do not want it in my attic anymore.


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Having a Friend Watch a New Kitten?I'm getting a kitten soon and after about 3 weeks I'm going to have to leave it at my friend's place. She has her own cat, so she has experience. But I'm scared this might be bad for my kitten at such a young age. She will only be about 3 months old. Is it OK to leave her at my friends place?


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Information on Copperhead and Diamondback Snakes?I've been told as a young child that a copperhead and a diamondback are the same snake, is this true?


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Applying for Help from Habitat For Atlanta?How do I apply for help getting my home repaired by Habitat for Atlanta?


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