November 5, 2018

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Firewood or Broken Tree Branch Tea Light Holder - firewood holder on dining table

Broken Tree Branch Tea Light HolderRecently we had a few storms in our area, that brought down a lot of debris, trees and limbs. I wanted to take some of the wood for projects! Start with cut wood and a drill, a speedbore bit (1 1/2 inch), and tea lights.



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Removing Silicone Spray from Vinyl SidingHow do I remove silicone spray from vinyl siding. What solvent can I use? I sprayed it on and now I need to paint. I know the paint won't adhere with the silicone on it.


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Remedy for New Denture PainI had my top 9 teeth pulled 4 days ago. My gums are sore and putting my dentures back in is really painful. Is it OK to use Orajel while I still have open gums?


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Business Name Ideas for a Home Decoration BusinessI want a name that is very trendy, sassy, and in chic for my future home decoration company, The focus will be on creating a more relaxing, space free, friendly environment where families or friends can share, enjoy, and build fond memories together.


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Parts and Manual for a George Foreman G5 ModelI'm looking for the temperature control knob and owner's manual for a George Foremen G5 model GRP90WGR grill. I have one that's never been used. I bought it for my daughter and those 2 things are missing from the box.


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Repairing a Brother Sewing MachineI just opened the box yesterday. It is a new refurbished machine, number xm2701. The bobbin will not slide over or spin. Then I did it by hand, now the needle will not go up and down. The machine turns on, but just makes a sound, no function.


Home Decor Business Name Ideas

Home Decor Business Name IdeasWhat about Heavenly or Havenly Decor? I want the clients to feel like they're going to their safe haven if I accommodate their needs and eye for vision based on every room! It has to be sophisticated, rustic, chic, sassy, and professional.


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Troubleshooting Electrical Circuit ProblemsThe other night I had a surge protector burn up and smoke when I turned a heater on in my bathroom. Now all sockets on that circuit work, but when I plug a small space heater in them it tries to kick on but won't, and the light goes dim or completely out or some times gets brighter.


Identifying a Tiny Brown Bug

Identifying a Tiny Brown BugCan someone please answer what this bug is? It is tiny you can barely see them. They live in hair on/in body, in walls and carpet, literally I think everywhere. I have searched and searched.


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14th Birthday Party IdeasI'm turning 14 in January and I don't know what to do. Any ideas?


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Cost of Tooth Extraction and Bone ShavingHow much is it for you to get your bone shaved down, along with teeth pulling?


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Understanding Crochet Pattern InstructionsI am crocheting a Christmas elf hat, the instruction read Rd 6: Ch2, 1 hdc in the same space as ch2, (hdc in next 5 stitches, 2 hdc in next st) x3 hdc in last stitch =24


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Removing a Melted Chapstick Stain on ClothingHow do I remove set in, melted Chapstick stains from clothing? The Chapstick ingredients include beeswax and shea butter.


Value of a Vintage Cigar Box

Value of a Vintage Cigar BoxI came across this cigar box. There was a stamp on it, Councilor Cigars. Additionally, there was a tax paid stamp on it that said, 50 cigars United States Internal Revenue with the guy on it by the name of Clay, series of 1910, active August 5th 1909.


Removing a Dead Animal Odor from a Mobile Home

Removing a Dead Animal Odor from a Mobile HomeI have a double wide mobile home. The previous owner had over 20 cats. Some died and she just let them decompose in the unit over time. Also there were piles of cat feces on the carpet. I tore the carpet out, washed the floor and walls with everything under the sun that is supposed to work. All the cleaners did some good.


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Cleaning White Leather FurnitureWhat would be the safest and most effective product I could use to clean a white leather couch and matching chair?


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Binding a Carpet RemnantI'm hoping some fellow members have had experience with binding carpet remnants and will share what they have learned.


Identifying a Silver Tray - ornate tray with plain center

Identifying a Silver TrayCan anyone help me identify this tray? I am interested in its history, value, etc.


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Name Ideas for a Men's Clothing LineI'm starting a new business of a clothing line for men's casuals. Can some one suggest a catchy name for it? It would be great help if it starts with R.


Value of a Collector's Choice Porcelain Doll

Value of a Collector's Choice Porcelain DollI have a bride doll in full wedding dress. On the back of the neck it says, "The Collectors Choice". Is this doll worth anything and where would I find any other markings on the doll?


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Washed Perm Frizzy and Not CurlyI just got my hair permed. I didn't wait 48 hours before washing it. So now my hair is frizzy and I don't have curls. What do I do to make it curly?


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Dyeing Hair Black After BleachingSo I went to the salon to get a blonde/brownish balayage (I am naturally a brunette on the darker side), but unfortunately it ended up being this gross orange with lighter streaks in it. How long do I have to wait to just dye it black and not be ashamed at letting my hair down?


Value of a Vintage Zenith Console Stereo System

Value of a Vintage Zenith Console Stereo SystemI'm wondering what the value of this stereo system would be? It's a Zenith, but I couldn't find a model #.


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Using Oxygen Tubing as a Drinking StrawCan I use oxygen tubing for a drinking straw?


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14th Birthday Party IdeasI'm getting ready to turn 14. My birthday is in December and I don't know what I want to do for a party. I kinda have the idea to do a taco/fiesta party. We could have a taco bar and play games and then have dessert. Is that too babyish? Or do you have any other ideas for things to do at the taco/fiesta party?


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Removing Skunk Spray from a Dog's EarsMy 26 lb dog Buck was sprayed in the face by a skunk. I used the baking soda, Dawn dish soap and hydrogen peroxide mixture to remove it from his face. It also went into both his ears. I was thinking of using hydrogen peroxide in the ears with Q-tips and cotton balls to get whatever I could of it out.


What Breed Is My Dog? - tan and white medium sized dog

What Breed Is My Dog?I was wondering what breed my dog might be.


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End of Life Doula Specialist Business Name IdeasMy new business is very similar to a hospice and pretty new to the medical industry. I am a certified End of Life Doula Specialist. My work will be at the end of their journey. I focus on the emotional, spiritual, organizational, planning, grieving process of very end of life; working with families as well as the patient.


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Slogan Ideas for a Cleaning BusinessI'm starting my own cleaning business. I'm doing residential and business. My cleaning business name is Barlow's Cleaning Services and I can't think of a slogan.


Value of 1987-94 New Standard Encyclopedias - book in a box

Value of 1987-94 New Standard EncyclopediasWhat is the value for a like new, complete set 1987 New Standard Encyclopedias with World Progress Yearbooks thru 1994?


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