April 19, 2019

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Easter Card Notebook with Stickers

Making an Easter Card NotebookYou can make a cute Easter notebook by recycling an Easter greeting card and transforming it into a small notebook. Learn how to make one in this step by step guide.


Advice for Choosing a Vintage Sewing Machine

Choosing a Vintage Sewing Machine?There are a number of reasons to purchase a vintage sewing machine even if you already have a newer model. The older machines were typically built to last for generations. Check the machine for broken or missing parts and run down a list of typical functions, such as does the wheel turn, before deciding. This page contains advice for choosing a vintage sewing machine.


Making a Kid's Paper Butterfly Bracelet - child wearing the red butterfly

Paper Butterfly BraceletThis paper butterfly bracelet is the perfect spring craft for kids. Using scrap paper, glitter and glue you can really make this butterfly shine.


DIY Staghorn Fern Mount

Mounting and Hanging a Staghorn FernStaghorn ferns are epiphytes. They are native to the tropical forests of southeast Asia and Australia. They are essentially an air plant and can be mounted to a plaque and hung on the wall of your home. This is a page about mounting and hanging a staghorn fern.


Recycled Raggedy Angel

Recycled Raggedy AngelThis sweet Christmas decoration is made from old clothing and easy to come by craft supplies you might already have. This page shows you how to make a recycled raggedy angel.


Decoupage Balls

Decoupaged Styrofoam OrnamentDecoupage is a craft that was quite popular in Victorian times. This art form involves glueing pieces of paper to many kinds of objects creating beautiful, whimsical, or otherwise unique boxes, ornaments, bottles, and more. Learn how to make a decoupaged Styrofoam ornament in this page.


Artwork into Paper Necklace for Kids

Making Kids' Artwork into a NecklaceLet your children create a piece of art that can then be made into wearable art, by attaching it to yarn or string. This is a page about making kids' artwork into a necklace.


Pair of Decoupaged Wall Plaques

How to Make Decoupage Wall PlaquesIf you are looking for a craft to create unique wall hangings that complement your personal decorating taste and decor, try decoupage. Choose your paper design or images and learn how to make decoupage wall plaques.


Cauliflower burger on a plate.

Caulitater Burgers (Vegan)These vegan paleo burgers are made with cauliflower and potatoes. They are not only healthy but also delicous.


Plastic Egg Baby Chicks  - yellow chick

Making Plastic Egg ChicksThis fun Easter craft reuses plastic Easter eggs and transforms them into these cute Easter chick decorations. With some feathers, paper, and googly eyes you can learn to make them in this step by step guide.



Plastic Egg Spider Craft - ready to play purple spider

Plastic Egg Spider CraftHave left over Easter eggs? Upcycle them into these cute spider crafts. My daughter absolutely loves spiders so I'm glad we can make some more spider craft toys for her! This would double perfectly for Halloween as cute/not scary decor for a kids Halloween themed party!


Using a Swiffer to Clean Walls - wiping down walls with a Swiffer dry floor duster

Using a Swiffer to Clean WallsDo you have high ceilings or hard to reach areas in your home to clean? I found that using a Swiffer with the dry cloths works well! When I run out of refills, I plan on using microfiber cloths, washing them and reusing.



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John Deere Mower Leaking Gas and Stalling After Hitting Limb?I have a John Deere 100 series riding mower. I hit a limb and the mower cut off. I disengaged it and now it's leaking gas from somewhere under the air filter and it starts at first then stalls out.


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Dog Keeping Licking Me After Being Spayed?Why is my dog licking me all the time after she has been spayed?


Value of an Eclipse Reel Mower - metal tag on mower

Value of an Eclipse Reel Mower?I have an Eclipse reel mower that runs. It is a 1961 model, the last year they were made. What is it worth?


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Apologizing to Your Parents After a Fight?I kinda pissed my parents off really badly today. Any advice? I've apologized multiple times and tried being a sweet little angel, but they're still super pissed at me. I'm 15 and had my first fight that the rebel teens do with my parents.


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X320 John Deere Won't Start?I have a John Deere x320 lawn tractor. Normally it starts right up no matter what, but now it only makes a low click noise. It will not turn over at all. I checked the battery, already. I had just used it earlier that day, but when I went to start it there was just the low click.


Tie-dyeing a Wedding Dress - strapless white satin wedding dress

Tie-dyeing a Wedding Dress?I am needing to know if it is possible to tie-dye my wedding dress for my hippie, gypsy, bohemian wedding theme?


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LA115 John Deere Lawn Tractor Will Not Start?I am 99% sure the cause is old gas due to my mother never servicing it. The LA115 is currently at 299 hours. It started and ran prior to the old gas running out. After refueling with new clean fuel it still would not start. I tried starter fluid in the tube next to air filter. Next I changed the plug which was seriously rusted and obviously old, still only cranks.


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Treating a Kitten with One Eye Closed and Swollen?My kitten was born with one eye stuck shut and no signs of crusting over. It is 6 weeks old and the swelling is getting worse. I did warm compresses and it doesn't work. What can I do?


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Huskee Riding Mower Won't Start with the Key?I can not get my Huskee mower to start using the key. I have to jog the solenoid to get it to start. What can I do to fix my issue?


Replacement Controller for a Heated Mattress Pad - controller

Replacement Controller for a Heated Mattress Pad?Where can I get a controller for a Hodiax HM-queen heated mattress pad?


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Puppy Recovering From Parvo Won't Poop?Is it normal after we bring our pup home from the vet after being treated for parvo to not poop? We brought her home Monday night and here it is Friday afternoon and she has not pooped yet. On Tuesday she did not eat, Wednesday she had half a jar of baby food, Thursday a half jar and some shredded chicken, and today the rest of the jar and some more chicken and is drinking plenty of water.


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Best Yarn Weight to Use for Making a Pom Pom Blanket?What wool or yarn size can you use for making pom pom blankets? For example, dk, 4ply, or chunky. I will be using a loom.


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Repairing a Maytag Atlantis Washing Machine?My Maytag Atlantis machine started leaking water in front. There was a loud squeaking noise followed by smoking and the smell of burning rubber.


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Replacing the Belt on a Singer 734?I am needing to know how to replace the belt on my Singer model 734. I see that it may be a bit complicated, but if anyone can tell me how, I am willing to try making the repair.


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Puppy Recovering from Parvo Not Eating?Two days after getting his first vaccination my two month old puppy got infected with the parvo virus. I took him to vet on time and he was given IV fluids for 5 days after which he stopped vomiting. But even two days after the treatment ended he is not eating anything.


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