July 11, 2019

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Veggie Egg Roll pieces on plate

Veggie Egg RollsI love making egg rolls at home because I can be quite picky about what's put in the middles when I order them at restaurants. Plus it costs so much less! Try these crispy rolls as an appetizer, or as a main dish. I love using soy, vinegar and chili paste as a dipping sauce. Yum!


Green Smoothie in glass

Amazing Greens SmoothieOne of my favourite smoothies from Jamba Juice used to be Amazing Greens, consisting of lemonade, peach juice, peaches, kale, bananas, and pumpkin seeds. Two things really put me off from buying it again. One was that a large serving has 92 grams of sugar, coming from all the added sugars in the lemon and peach juices. The other is that it cost $9 a cup. Crazy! Here is how I make it at home, just as large (although I split it in two), with no refined sugar, a total of 24 grams of sugar, at a tiny fraction of the price.



Sapphire (Mixed Breed) - beautiful white cream and gray cat with blue eyes

Sapphire (Mixed Breed)We found her outside of our house last year (2018). She loves to play with her catnip mouse toy.


Thrifty Cat Snack (Chicken Liver) - livers in an ice cube tray

Thrifty Cat Snack (Chicken Liver)I buy chicken livers and separate them into ice cube trays. Then I will slip the whole tray in an old bread bag (turned inside out so I know what it is.) I will remove and defrost one about once a week, then give it as a treat to my very enthusiastic, finnicky cat, especially in the winter when she gets bored.


Floating Flower Bed for the Hummingbirds - hummingbird and hanging flower basket

Floating Flower Bed for the HummingbirdsWe don't have much area to plant flowers in our yard as it's mostly concrete everywhere and an in-ground pool, so we had an idea for our backyard hummingbirds. That was to give them some real nectar, from real flowers.



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GE Washer Won't Stop Agitating?I have a GE washer, model # gtwsn3000m1ws. It will not stop agitation when the cycle is done. I replaced the timer and that solved the problem for about 2 weeks then it started acting up again. The only way to stop the agitator is to raise the lid.


Value of an Antique Couch - upholstered couch with wood trim on back, arms, front, and feet

Value of an Antique Couch?This is my grandmother's couch; it's very old. When we were younger she protected that couch with all she had. Plastic was always on it to protect it.


Value of a Goldenvale Porcelain Doll

Value of a Goldenvale Porcelain Doll?What is the name and value of my 30" Victorian Goldenvale porcelain doll? She appears caucasian with hand painted eyebrows, eyelashes, and lips with glass or plastic brown eyes. Her arms are full porcelain along with feet and upper torso. On her feet are white porcelain high heels.


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Hair Dyeing Advice?If I keep getting my hair dyed, will my natural hair colour eventually stop coming through as quick? My ginger keeps coming through within a week or 2 weeks of getting it done.


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Daycare Business Name Ideas?What's a good in home childcare name?


Is My Dog a Full Blooded Chihuahua? - tan and white dog

Is My Dog a Full Blooded Chihuahua?I bought my Chi from a breeder. I met the dogs mam who is a long haired Chi, but I haven't met the stud which I was told is a smooth coat. He has no papers. I was just wondering if he is a full Chihuahua.


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Repairing a Tailor Sewing Machine?I was replacing the upper tension on a Tailor 935 FA, how do I put it back together?


What Breed Is My Dog? - view of a dog's head next to food dish

What Breed Is My Dog?They say she is a Pit Bull x Mastiff. I am not sure. She is big tho for only 6 months.


Value of a Brass Key Rose Collection Doll - doll standing next to box

Value of a Brass Key Rose Collection Doll?Her tag says made by the Brass Key Corp. She has a dark green dress with pink trim. I am not sure much about her and would like to know more and also if she may be worth something. To me she is worth loving and caring for.


Identifying White Plush Christmas Bears

Identifying White Plush Christmas Bears?Can anyone help me identify where these two white Santa bears came from? They were probably bundled together and manufactured between 2000 and 2009. They are white with beady black eyes. Their right ears are covered by Santa hats which cannot be removed. On their hats and scarves, there is a yellow(?), green, and brown pattern. On their right feet, a gingerbread man is embroidered.


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Electric Lights and Fan Turning Off and On?We have 2 light fixtures and a bathroom exhaust fan that are turning off and on. I have checked the breaker and it has not tripped. The lights turn off on their own, but will turn back on, on their own. The same applies to the bathroom exhaust fan. It should be noted that one of the light fixtures is on a two way switch. This has been going on over the last few days.


Value of a Crowne Porcelain Doll - baby doll lying on top of her box

Value of a Crowne Porcelain Doll?Margie is in her original box with her certificate of authenticity. She is a very beautiful doll. What could she be worth?


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Adjusting the Upper Tension on a Janome Sewing Machine?I am having problems adjusting the tension on my Janome mc9500. The upper is loose and I have tried everything that I can think of.


Value of Drop Leaf Dining Table and Chairs - old table with drop sides

Value of Drop Leaf Dining Table and Chairs?I have kept my grandma's old extendable dining room table and 6 chairs hoping I would use them properly, but my home doesn't fit them in. I occasionally use the table, but it is always covered with a table cloth. Any ideas of what they are worth? I am thinking of selling them. It feels like such a waste of lovely old furniture.


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Value of a Kenmore Model 158.460 Sewing Machine?I am trying to see what my sewing machine is worth. It is a Kenmore portable machine model number 158.460 serial number 003237.


Value of an Elizabeth Gray Collection Doll - doll in white satin long dress with layers of lace and pink rosettes

Value of an Elizabeth Gray Collection Doll?This doll was given to me. She is in her box and I don't know her name or if she is worth anything. She is a beauty to me.


Repairing a Remington 700 Electric Typewriter - closeup of a typewriter

Repairing a Remington 700 Electric Typewriter?I have an Accent Remington 700 whose keys get stuck and repeat randomly. I mean the keys that get stuck are random and they type over and over without me depressing the key. Can it be saved?


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Growing Crepe Myrtle?I thought all crepe myrtles started out as bushes and if you wanted a tree you cut back the branches into one tree trunk. After reading the Q&As however, it appears there is actually both a tree variety and a bush one? Can you trim a bush into a tree?


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Husqvarna Riding Mower Won't Start?My zero turn Husqvarna rz1306 will not start. I have put in a new plug, cleaned the magneto, added new gas, and cleaned the carb. It turns over and over. It appears to not be getting gas in the carb, but still won't start even with starter fluid.


Identifying Tiny Insects - small long insect on carpet

Identifying Tiny Insects?The insect is really tiny. I usually see them around my window sill. It is very tiny and looks like dust.


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