October 24, 2019

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A ladybug on a brown leaf.

Allowing Ladybird Beetles to Hibernate for Winter?If you are lucky enough to have some ladybird beetles, aka lady bugs, decide to overwinter in your home this page contains some very helpful tips for making them welcome.


Lotus Pod and Crepe Paper Fall Wreath - fall wreath on door

Making a Lotus Pod and Crepe Paper Fall WreathWrap a cardboard wreath form with raffia and then decorate with fall colored crepe paper and lotus pods. This beautiful wall or door decoration is fun and easy to make. It can be used year after year, if protected from inclement weather.


Bushes covered up for the winter.

Protecting Plants in the WinterMany outdoor plants need or can benefit from some level of winter protection. Depending on the plant and the winter weather typical for your area there are varying things you can do to protect your plants.


A metal birdbath.

Repairing a Metal Birdbath?Over time metal birdbaths can become rusty or even develop holes and leak. In order to repair the bath in either of these situations you will need to research your options and the time and cost involved. This page offers some suggestions for repairing a metal birdbath.


A French drain in a backyard.

Planting Over a French Drain Pipe?In order to not damage your french drain pipes, you will want to select plants with shallow roots. This page offers some advice about planting over a french drain pipe.



Fortune Teller Costume - woman dressed as a fortune teller with drapes and other decorations

Fortune Teller CostumeI put this fortune teller costume together with things I already had. It's not a store bought costume. It got great reviews! To start, I gathered up all jewelry: rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.


Witch Pumpkin Lamp - vertical and horizontal alignments

Witch Pumpkin LampI'm not done yet with this Halloween thing. After weeks of preparation I'm still trying to add up some more around the house decorations for this coming Halloween.


Dollar Tree Bead Storage Solution - plastic containers on a vinyl covered wire rack

Dollar Tree Bead Storage SolutionI love these little oblong containers from the Dollar Tree. I get them in a package of 10.


Little Shop of Horrors Costumes - dog dressed up as plant and one as Seymour

Little Shop of Horrors CostumesEverybody better beware! The Little Shop of Horrors is open for business. Gryphon is playing the part of Seymour, the young florist shop clerk who stumbles upon a very unusual plant, which he names Audrey II. Phoenix plays Audrey II, the man eating plant from outer space who is out for blood. Seymour is feeding drops of blood from his finger into Audrey II's gaping toothy mouth.


Hot Glue Spiderweb Jar - finished empty jar

Hot Glue Spiderweb JarWe have a lot of glass jars saved up. With a little hot glue and a dab of paint, they can be transformed into cute spiderweb decorations. You can fill them with candy, drop LED lights inside, or display as is.


Whole uncooked Chicken  in the Instant Pot

Whole Chicken (Instant Pot)Cooking a whole chicken in the instant pot is a great time saver. Set it and forget it. Then you'll have an instant meal. Cooking a whole chicken is very versatile; you can use it to make sandwiches, tacos, salads, etc.



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Removing Stamped Embroidery Projects Markings?After cold water washing my stamped embroidery project the blue markings didn't come out. The manufacturer said it would fade in time after numerous washings. This is a gift and I have been trying to wash it daily to help get rid of the markings with no results.


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John Deere L110 Lawn Tractor Won't Start?The engine will start if jumped, but it runs for 3-4 minutes, shuts off, and won't turn starter over. The lights don't come on. The battery is one month old.


What Breed Is My Dog? - brown dog with long thin ears

What Breed Is My Dog?Can anyone enlighten me? I have a rescue dog. They think he is a Min Pin cross. I can see the Min Pin in him, but I would like some idea of what he is crossed with please.


Identifying a Bug - a bug or eggs in a corner

Identifying a Bug?There are a couple of these along the corners of the wall. If I look really close, it looks like larvae? But I'm really not sure if it's someone's food, or someone's baby(s)? It looks as though there's a small web around it. Does anyone know what they are, or who made them?


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Toning Down Purple Hair?How can I tone down purple hair?


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Removing a Dryer Sheet Stuck to Drum in Gas Dryer?There is a dryer sheet stuck to my gas dryer drum. I was able to pull part of the sheet off, but now a sticky layer remains! What is the best way to remove this residue?


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Value of World Popular Encyclopedias?I have a set of 1937 World Popular Encyclopedias. I wonder what they are worth?


Value of G. Armani Wild Horses Figurine

Value of G. Armani Wild Horses Figurine?I'm having a difficult time finding the value of this piece. It stands 10" high and about 12" long at the base. Can anyone help with this piece?


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Value of Ashton Drake Minature Dolls?How much is the Dopey doll worth?


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Cat Has Itchy Skin and Loses Hair in Winter?My cat only loses the hair on his back closest to his tail, and he rubs on anything; he is itchy. This only happens in winter. Come spring he stops itching and his hair grows back. But it's really bothersome to him. If I touch that area he squalls like he's in pain. What can I do to make the winter months more tolerable for him?


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Finding an Electric Blanket for a California King Bed?Is there an electric blanket made for the California king mattress? The Cal king mattress is 4" longer than the standard king mattress. Sunbeam only refers to the king size blanket (100" x 90"). It seems to me the regular king blanket would be too short for the Cal king.


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Locating a Consecutive Beeping Sound in My House?I am experiencing a beeping noise in my house. There are 3 consecutive beeps a pause and then it beeps again. This has been going on for 48 hours and I cannot find the cause?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll in old style dress with embroidery on the bottom

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I found this 28'' porcelain doll, but even if it has a limited edition number on the back of her neck, the manufacturer's mark is missing. The doll has bisque head, hands, and feet, with a soft body, glass fixed eyes and a stand.


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Slogan for a Cleaning Business?I have a cleaning business called Dr. Spotless. Can someone help me with a slogan?


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Making Simmering Granules?I have made some simmering granules with dishwasher salt, food colouring, and fragrance oil and left them to dry for 24 hours on a tray uncovered. They smelled strong, but then when I put them on a burner they don't let off much scent?


Value of a Brandt Cabinet - dark wood two door cabinet with a bottom shallow drawer

Value of a Brandt Cabinet?I am trying to get a value for this beautiful cabinet. Much like everyone else I have looked up Brandt stuff and came up with very little. I did call the current company and they asked me for a four digit model number, but the bottom of the cabinet does not have a four digit one (see pic).


Value of a Teak Table - table with a mattress reflected in it

Value of a Teak Table?This teak dining table was passed down to me. It's extendable and has two very cool carved legs. I'm wondering what the value might be and any information about it, whether it is original harvest teak or reclaimed, etc.


Identifying Porcelain Dolls - three dolls with long curly hair

Identifying Porcelain Dolls?I had four dolls stolen a number of years ago, and I would like to find replacements. They were received in the late 1990s. Obviously the first step is determining who made them. I've attached pictures. I believe the sitting blonde one (first picture) is wearing her original dress. recognize.


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Value of a Vintage Toro Lawn Mower?How do I find out the value of a 1970 Toro Whirlwind electric lawnmower model 18301?


S.A. Maxwell Wallpaper

S.A. Maxwell Wallpaper?I am redoing my bathroom and want to use a wallpaper I had used in my previous home. It was beautiful there and I loved it. Coincidentally, the porcelain tile in my new bathroom also goes beautifully with this pattern and color. The colors are the same that are in my living room. I am looking for S.A.Maxwell wallpaper. Pattern #: 7066-706


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