January 3, 2020

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A black and white movie behind a movie clapboard.

Finding a Vintage Movie on DVD?Although many movies are available via streaming services, older movies may not have been converted to a digital format. Occasionally, you can find them on DVD or even old VHS tapes but other movies have been lost over the years.


A woman fixing a light fixture.

Repairing a Light Fixture?Repairing a light fixture is often a simple project but some issues will require an electrician. Always turn off the power first before working on any electrical fixtures or outlets.


A desk filled with craft supplies.

Help: I Live in a Craft Room!I tried to clean and organize and ended up writing, instead! I hope you who can relate will enjoy, and those who can't will soon!!


A plate of uncooked cabbage rolls.

Storing Uncooked Cabbage Rolls?Cabbage rolls are a classic comfort food dish. Sometimes, too many are made to cook at once and some will need to be stored in the refrigerator before cooking.


A set of organized small shelves in a bathroom.

RepurposeAn artist at heart, my brother loved doing home renovations. He also loved teaching me the basics, like how to use a power drill. This skill has played an essential role in my frugal living. Many of my frugal habits center around repurposing. It is finding another meaning in something, whether it retains its current form or not, and whether it is carefully preserved or eventually discarded.


A man holding a money order.

Filling Out a Money Order?Money orders are a safe alternative to checks and can be used for any debts that need to be paid. Money order services such as Western Union are popular. They are also available through the U.S. Post Office.


A group of young puppies.

Selling Puppies?Puppies need to be with their mothers until about 8 weeks old, but homes can be found while they are still weaning. It's important to screen owners carefully to ensure your puppies are going to a good home.


A woman using coupons when grocery shopping.

Living on a BudgetMy boyfriend and I live in Southeastern KY. We are both disabled and living on disability. We have to budget everything, from electricity to groceries, every month. We are members of several store loyalty programs that automatically apply coupons to your purchase, which helps a lot. You can also use clip coupons along with that to add extra savings. Just about every store has a loyalty program now and you should be able to easily sign up online or at the store itself, just ask a clerk.


A wood burning stove in the kitchen.

Living in the BoondocksWe live in the country and it is 45 miles away from any grocery store. The first thing we do is to make a shopping list and only go shopping once a month. Our doctors are 180 miles from our home so, when we have a doctor's appointment, we check the shopping ads for the stores in that town and buy what we know we will use and stock up on those items at those stores. We go to a Sprouts at those times and stock up on sale meat items because they are organic or Kosher, due to my allergies.



Egg Carton Miniature Furniture - table and two chairs

Egg Carton Miniature FurnitureThis is a super easy and fun way to make tables and chairs for small dolls or for a doll house. Children will not only love to play with these, but can boast that they made or helped make them themselves.



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Tips for Living on Social Security?How do seniors that live on Social Security only live on a tight budget? What are some ideas to stretch your dollar?


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Vintage Singer 5102 Needle Jammed?I just purchased a second hand vintage sewing machine (Singer 5102). The problem is after I went through cleaning and servicing it, I couldn't get the needle to move. The hand wheel, belt, and fan bit of motor move fine, but I noticed there is brown thread stuck in a joint of the arm that attaches the needle arm to the thread take-up lever.


Value of Noritake China - stacks of dishes

Value of Noritake China?I have a set of Noritake china with at least 6 of each of a tea set as well as 6 side plates, dinner plates, soup bowls, 2 serving bowls, 2 large platters, and a salad bowl. The design is Tiffany N 6806. Can anyone give some input on its possible value?


What Breed Is My Cat? - tri-color kitten

What Breed Is My Cat?Mama was a shop cat. What breed is she? I thought maybe Maine Coon, but she doesn't really have the face or ears, and she has a pretty thin tail. It is very fluffy coat though. Any thoughts?


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Dog Died Suddenly?My dog was a perfect, very fit 7 year old Amstaff. We woke up this morning, and nothing was wrong. I gave him his breakfast, he ate it with a healthy appetite as normal. 10 minutes later he was dead. I just saw him lying on the floor, with urine next to him. He was not sick, very active and happy 10 minutes before we found him lying there. The vet said it was a heart attack.


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Making a Puzzle Board?How big a board would be needed for 500 piece puzzle?


Value of a 1972 Seeburg SPS 160 Jukebox - juke

Value of a 1972 Seeburg SPS 160 Jukebox?I have a Seeburg SPS 160 in functioning good condition. Can you give me an idea what it is worth? It plays good and all the lights work. It has played all records without skipping.


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Finding a Hallmark Heritage Christmas Angel 2017?Can someone please advise what the Heritage Angel doll 2017 looked like and if there is a source to get one. My wife missed that year and would like to complete her collection.


Identifying a Houseplant

Identifying a Houseplant?I received this plant as a gift, but with no ID. It seems to like a lot of water and the only thing the sticker says is herb. I already transplanted it into a larger pot, but I'm not sure if it's doing well or not.


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Pain After Removing Acrylic Nails?I've had fake nails on for about 5 days. I was washing up and my finger went slightly backwards and caused me pain. I ended up taking the nails off to find out I could see veins in my fingertips. I'm really worried and I'm not sure whether to see a doctor or not?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - bride doll

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I was given this doll. She only has as identification, the letters LY, on her neck. Does anyone have any info on the maker, how old she is, how much she would be worth, etc.? The veil is slightly torn in one area.


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Recovery Time for a Dog with Parvo?My puppy that I just got two days ago was barfing and had diarrhea. We got her to the vet and they gave her a parvo test. It turned out to be positive so we got her a lot of medicines that the veterinarian asked for and we left her there. The veterinarian gave her about 4 of those IV liquids and now she is left alone in the vet office because the vet has closed. Could she have died now?


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Etiquette for Visiting Family?Over the holidays my brother drove into town from another state. He did not call me to tell me that he was coming, he called our parents. When my mother told me, I conveyed to her that we already had plans for people to come and stay at our home. He never called me when he got to town, and made no effort to contact me to come visit. He said it was my responsibility to contact him.


Name For A Crochet Business - crochet doily

Name For A Crochet Business?I need help with a name for my crochet business that I plan to start. I do crochet drawstring wallets, doilies, amigurumi, and filet crochet trinkets. Any thoughts for a unique and catchy/punny name? That would be greatly appreciated!


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Value of a Folbate F2 Push Mower?I have come across an old Folbate F2 push lawnmower, (1900-1930) is stamped on it. I wondered if it has any value? It seems to be in good condition.


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John Deere Riding Mower Won't Start in Cold Weather?My D170 won't start in cold weather. The battery is good and I changed the solenoid. It is getting power as if heats up starts. Any advise?


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Advice for Adopting a Cat?I am getting a cat from a friend who rescues cats from assorted places. She got this girl and her sister several months ago. She is extremely friendly and is more like a dog. Long story short I am a dog lover, but can't have one due to physical limitations, but would like some company. My friend thinks I will do great with this lovely cat.


Original Photos of This Dog - tri-color dog

Original Photos of This Dog?I have had this stuffed dog since I was a baby, and I have wondered what he looked like before he was given to me.


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