January 10, 2020

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baked Lasagna

Making Christmas Day LasagnaThis lasagna is perfect for family gatherings such as Christmas or other special occasions. With 2 pounds of meat and four cheeses this is a hearty dish that although quite filling often finds guests asking for seconds.


baked pie

Making a Mile High Apple PieThe secret to this mile high apple pie is 4 pounds of seasoned apples piled high in the center of the pan. By following the instructions you too can bake up a gorgeous and delicious pie that does not drip all over the oven. Enjoy without the cleanup.


cooked Microwave Cheesy Potatoes with Onions

Microwave Cheesy Potatoes with OnionsThis microwave dish is great for the family, a pot luck, or to take to a neighbor in need. It is prepared by layering potato slices with sliced onions, dabs of butter, and grated cheddar cheese. Microwave until tender; add a top layer of cheese and then a final minute in the oven and its ready.


plate with Honey Mustard Pork Loin with veggies

Honey Mustard Pork Loin with ApplesMake a delicious pork roast surrounded with apples, carrots, and onions. A honey mustard sauce can be prepared from the drippings. The recipe and instructions for making this amazing main dish follow.


Mexican Kidney Bean Sandwich on plate

Mexican Kidney Bean Sandwich FillingMashed kidney beans mixed with ketsup or tomato puree, and seasoned with cumin, paprika, and cayenne pepper makes for a delicious sandwich spread. Add lettuce and enjoy.


Cheese Stuffed Banana Pops on plate

Making Cheese Stuffed Banana PopsTry this delicious recipe when you have an abundance of bananas and are looking for an alternative to banana bread. The recipe offers both a sweet and savory version of these fried banana pops.



Raspberry Marshmallow Chocolate Chip Pancakes stacked on plate

Raspberry Marshmallow Chocolate Chip PancakesIf you're looking to impress your Valentine this year, try making these luscious pancakes. The raspberries make them tart, the creamy marshmallows puff up and toast when cooked, and the dark chocolate chips give them some perfectly balanced sweetness.


Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate FondueWith just a few simple ingredients, you can make delicious chocolate fondue! Dip your fondue with anything you would like or have on hand. We dipped with graham crackers, marshmallows, popcorn and sliced banana!



Lion Spoon Puppet

Lion Spoon PuppetMake cute animal puppets with a spoon! My daughter had a phase on liking puppets and I've made a few before and now she's begun liking them again, so here's a lion I made!


Mermaid Tail Purse - finished purse

Mermaid Tail PurseThis mermaid purse was inspired by an image I found online. I used some scraps of shiny fabric, found a pattern online, and designed my own version of a mermaid purse using the idea from an image I found.


Making an Egg Carton Octopus - green glitter painted octopus with googly eyes

Making an Egg Carton OctopusMake this cute octopus from an egg carton. This octopus can be used as a bookmark for a book and for a puppet show. My daughter likes playing with carton animals and uses her books as the background for a puppet show.


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Hydrogen Peroxide for Removing StainsPeroxide is cheap, environmentally friendly and removes most organic stains. I find it funny that most people don't know that two of the active ingredients of Oxiclean are washing soda (like Arm & Hammer) and peroxide. Save some money, buy a box and bottle and make your own, over and over again.



Value of a Cathay Depot Collection Doll - doll in case with clothes hanging on the other side

Value of a Cathay Depot Collection Doll?I have a doll that comes in a suitcase with 2 extra dresses on a hanger. It is from the Cathay Depot Collection dolls. Its name is Elizabeth Kristina. I could not find it on the internet and am wondering what the value of doll is. Here are some pictures.


Identifying Porcelain Dolls - boy doll in jeans and plaid shirt and girl with braids and a lace trimmed dress with pantaloons.

Identifying Porcelain Dolls?My stepmom gave me 2 porcelain dolls. The box has no year. I checked the back of the head and it does have some numbers. The boy's are 88828 with the HV on the bottom. And the girl has 3152 and the HV on the bottom.


Is My Dog a Chihuahua? - two dogs on an area rug

Is My Dog a Chihuahua?I adopted a Chihuahua. People says he looks like a Jack Russel. I love him to bits, but would like to know whether he is a Chihuahua.


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My Dog Suddenly Died?I've been looking everywhere, but I could not find a proper answer. She was a healthy dog, but she died a really sudden death. She was having her dinner before and then I heard her cough. Moments later, she started urinating uncontrollably while walking around and then she collapsed right after.


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Repairing an Olympia Compact 2 Electric Typewriter?While typing a series of individual forms, I removed one completed form and inserted a blank, but the typewriter would not print a lower case letter e. Instead there is a symbol very similar to quotation marks but slightly lower on the page. I have turned off the typewriter and unplugged it, but the problem continues. Is there any combinations of keys that might have cause this?


Value of Vintage Corningware - two casserole dishes with herb and veggies pattern

Value of Vintage Corningware?I have two La Marjolaine 2 liter Corningware A-2-B dishes. Are these worth anything, if so, how much do you think I could ask for them?


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Finding Inexpensive Heelys?My uncle's girlfriend/almost aunt want to give me Heelys, but I don't have a kid size foot. I'm 15 and I wear a size 8 or 9 in women's shoes. I really want to find good ones, but most are sold out or they have no cute ones. I needs cheap ones, so she doesn't have to pay much money! Where can I buy cheap Heelys?


Value of a Kenmore Sewing Machine

Value of a Kenmore Sewing Machine?I just purchased a Kenmore 158.480 in its original sewing cabinet with the original pedal and power cord. I am wondering about its value, besides personal :). It's a real beauty. I purchased it from its original owner (I believe) for $25 including the cabinet.


Value of an Antique Singer Sewing Machine - machine down in the cabinet

Value of an Antique Singer Sewing Machine?I have a model 66 machine. I believe it works. It has the cord and is in a #40 cabinet. Would anybody be able to possibly give me a ball park range of what the cash value is on my machine?


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Removing Blood Stains on a Quilt?My teenage granddaughter spent the weekend with me and left me with my most loved quilt stained with blood. I didn't know it was on the quilt until after it was already dry. All I had at home was Max strength Spray and Wash. I sprayed it really good with that and it did absolutely nothing. So, do yall think I can rinse just that area in cold water, let it dry and then try the peroxide?


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Brother Sewing Machine Foot Pedal Not Working?I have a Brother SPQ 1500 SL. My foot pedal won't work. I have to use the turn wheel to get my machine to work, but when I stop sewing my machine won't start sewing back and the needle down light flashes. I have changed the foot pedals and am still having the same problem.


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Zebra Finch Stopped Sitting on Eggs?My finch laid eggs and was sitting on them and then they stop sitting on them. I don't know why or what I should do.


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Removing a Blistex Stain from Dried Clothing?Is there a way to remove Blistex from clothes after running them through the dryer?


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Removing a Tire Mark on the Exterior of a Car?I was hit while traveling on the highway. My car was left with a big tire mark on the passenger side. My car insurance is not going to pay, so I would like to remove the ugly black mark.


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Dog Eating Less Since Being Spayed?My puppy was just spayed on 7th Jan 2020 and up until today she had only eaten a small portion of food compared to her regular portion. She's active and would go explore as usual, but we still constrain her movements since she's still fresh from spaying. Is it normal for her to eat food in small portions? She drinks water as usual.


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