January 17, 2020

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Cuttlefish Cubes with Star Beans in bowl

Cuttlefish Cubes with Star BeansThis stir fry recipe uses cuttlefish and star beans, from SE Asia. You can substitute any type of squid for the cuttlefish and green beans if you cannot find these at your local Asian supermarket.


stack of Tangerine Lime Bars

Tangerine Lime BarsThis simple to make variation on traditional lemon bars uses tangerines and a lime for a less tart, but equally delicious treat. The ingredients and instructions follow.


A pile of dried carrot slices.

Drying CarrotsDrying your own veggies is easy and does not necessarily require a dehydrator. Carrots, for example, can be sun dried. You will need shredded carrots, lemon juice, and hot sunny weather. Or try your oven on a low temperature setting. Dried veggies are quite useful in many recipes.


browned Leafy Cheese Rolls

Leafy Cheese RollsThese cheese filled spring rolls are a great appetizer or snack. Bring them to your next party.


Replacing Your Laptop Hard Drive - locate the hard drive, here the panel has been removed

Replacing Your Laptop's Hard DriveYou can save money by replacing a laptop computer's harddrive yourself, with these step by step instructions. If your computer is still under warranty, replacing parts may void it so use caution when repairing newer computers.


Finely ground espresso powder.

Making Espresso PowderInstead of buying expensive espresso powder, make it at home from regular ground coffee. Besides making a great cup of strong espresso, it will add flavor to your baking and recipes.


Skewer Starburst Decor - top view down on the starburst project

DIY Skewer Starburst DecorIf you like starburst decor pieces, this project is for you. Gather together some wooden skewers, tin snips or heavy duty scissors, a Styrofoam ball, and both acrylic and spray paints and get started. The instructions for this DIY skewer starburst can be found on this page.


Coconut Bread on wire rack

Making Coconut BreadTry this recipe for a delicious quick bread made with shredded coconut. The ingredients and instructions follow.


Decorative Stone Cactus - small terra cotta pot with super cute stone cactus

DIY Decorative Stone CactusPainting rocks is a pastime that has become popular lately. Put your painting skills to work and create this fun decorative stone cactus; no green thumb required for this beauty.


Stick and Yarn Snowflake Decoration - finished snowflake hanging on the wall

DIY Stick and Yarn Snowflake DecorationThis stick and yarn snowflake decoration is fun to make and can be displayed indoors or out. It uses any kind of sticks you have available; the original project was made using the handles from plastic spoons, but craft sticks or twigs would also work. Instructions follow.


Two Birds in a Floral Wreath Adult Coloring Page

Two Birds in a Floral Wreath Adult Coloring PageThink of warm weather when you work on this adult coloring page depicting two birds in a floral wreath. Working on pages such as this one can be a great stress reliever and way to center your thoughts, to be mindful.



finished Chocolate Sauce

Homemade Chocolate SauceEveryone loves chocolate sauce on their ice cream or other desserts. My visiting goddaughter loves the chocolate sauce, when she adds it to her warm milk in the morning for breakfast. The sauce is thrifty, delicious and so easy to make. Try some today.


finished casserole

Shepherd's PieI grew up on Shepherds Pie! Someone recently told me they were making it, and I haven't had it in years. I had not gone shopping yet, but I keep a few staple items on hand. So this is how I made my quick and easy Shepherd's Pie.



Dried Banana Leaf Crown - smiling young girl holding the finished crown

Dried Banana Leaf CrownMy niece came over the other day and asked me to help her make a dried banana leaf crown. I was a bit surprised because her mom makes the most beautiful crowns. She explained to me that she could not follow the instructions her mom was giving her and knew I had an easy way to make a crown. In just a few minutes she picked up my technique and within an hour had completed her project.


Succulent Plant Starter - bottle with leaves in place

Succulent Plant StarterThis is a great way to always have succulent plants available for your craft projects and decorations around your home. We all love to decorate and grow succulent plants these days. When we cut our plants there are always leaves that need to be removed. Don't throw them away. Make this easy succulent plant starter and within a few days you can plant those leaves to start growing new plants.


Making a Tinsel Pipe Cleaner Heart Garland - garland hanging

Making a Tinsel Pipe Cleaner Heart GarlandHere is a budget friendly heart garland you can make to be festive for Valentine's Day.



Value of a Thomas Kinkade Print - "A Holiday Gathering" print

Value of a Thomas Kinkade Print?I went to sell this on a selling site for $20 and someone said it can be worth some money. How do I know if it's worth anything? The title is, "A Holiday Gathering".


Identifying a 90s Plush Rabbit - collage of a plush bunny

Identifying a 90s Plush Rabbit?I'm looking to find out where my childhood plush rabbit came from, as it's been weighing on my mind for years. He most likely would have been sold around 1998 in the UK as that's when I was given him as a gift when I was born.


Identifying a Tiny Worm

Identifying a Tiny Worm?Any idea what this tiny black spec (bug) and worm might be? I've been getting bites during the day, but mainly at night. I get rashes that come and go, and a lot of burning pain on my scalp, feet, and other areas, but less often.


Value of a Heritage Signature Collection Doll - doll wearing a long pink dress with a long white lace over jacket

Value of a Heritage Signature Collection Doll?I have a Heritage doll, item #12291. It has only been out of the box maybe twice. I am looking for the value.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Singer 62868 Feed Dogs Not Moving the Fabric?The feed dogs on my wife's Singer 6268 do not feed the material. I can see that the feed dogs do not move up or down with the foot feed down and turning the the knob to move the needle up and down. Could this have to do with a gear? I don't know if I should open the bottom of the case to see if something is slipping.


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Reattaching the Presser Foot on a Pfaff 1020?I have a Pfaff 1020 machine and while I was hemming some jeans my presser foot fell off and won't reattach. Usually I can just pop it back into place and I assumed it was magnetic. I'm not quite sure what happened.


Identifying a Stuffed Toy - stuffed dog that probably used to be white

Identifying a Stuffed Toy?I got this toy at a second hand store years ago, she has suffered a lot of wear and tear. She has no tag or anything that would give me a clue as to what brand she is. If you have a toy like this or know where to get it (OR any details, like when it came out, price, fabric, etc.) that would be a great help.


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Joint Birthday ideas?My husband turns 40 this year and 3 days later my eldest turns 16. I need ideas for a joint birthday party or something special.


Value of a Murphy #711 Rocking Chair - rocking chair with brown upholstered seat

Value of a Murphy #711 Rocking Chair?I found this great chair, but haven't been able to find too much info.


Value of a Heritage Signature Collection Doll - doll wearing a white fuzzy coat with a maroon hat, scarf, and mittens

Value of a Heritage Signature Collection Doll?This doll was given to my daughter on her birthday 20 years ago. Does it have any value? It is a Heritage Signature Collection Krista doll, item # 12313.


Value of an Amanda's House Porcelain Doll  - doll in a blue box, perhaps a bride doll

Value of an Amanda's House Porcelain Doll?I am looking for the value of this doll. It is an Amanda's House porcelain doll, Grace #22129. It has never been out of the box.


Value of a Mikkel Bjonness-Jacobsen Porcelain Doll - Polynesian doll in box

Value of a Mikkel Bjonness-Jacobsen Porcelain Doll?This doll was given to my daughter 20 years ago and has only been out of the box 3 times. What is the worth? It is a Mikkel Bjonness-Jacobsen Kakalina #2487 porcelain doll.


Value of a Heritage Porcelain Doll - red haired doll wearing a lace trimmed light blue dress and pantaloons

Value of a Heritage Porcelain Doll?My mom got this doll and I was trying to see if it was an antique or not or what it's worth, but I can't find her anywhere. Heritage Dolls is written on the back of her neck.


Value of a Classic Treasures Special Edition Doll - box with a girl and boy doll both wearing light pink outfits

Value of a Classic Treasures Special Edition Doll?I have a Classic Treasures special edition porcelain doll. I am curious as the value of this collectible. This box has never been opened.


Value of a Set of the Encyclopedia Britannica - cover page of old encyclopedias

Value of a Set of the Encyclopedia Britannica?I recently found a complete set of 1900 Encyclopedia Britannica. Does anyone know what they are worth?


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