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Pile of Old Tires

Disposing of Old TiresThis page is about disposing of old tires. Finding a way to get rid of old tires where they can be useful and without having to pay, is the best.


woman picking up trash

Make a Difference By Picking Up TrashLook around your neighborhood. There are probably many places where trash can accumulate, even if it's inadvertently. Grab a trash bag and go on a little walk. Picking up the little bits of trash you find along the way will help make where you live little nicer and it's quite rewarding.


Pile of 3 burnt lightbulbs.

Disposing of Light BulbsUnlike old incandescent light bulbs, newer CFL or LED lights should be recycled instead of being added to the landfill. CFL bulbs contain mercury, which can be hazardous to your health. This is a page about disposing of light bulbs.


Paper grocery bags on a white background

Green Substitute for Plastic Garbage BagsThis is a page about finding a green substitute for plastic garbage bags. Trying to find a workable substitute for plastic garbage bags seems to be quite difficult. One potential option would be to try using paper bags or no bag at all, if this is allowed by your trash service.


Plastic Bottle Roadside Litter

Picking Up Roadside LitterHelping to keep the roadsides free of litter in your neighborhood can be quite satisfying. You will want to have a good pair of gloves, a reach extender, and bags to put it in. Often your Department of Transportation will give you the bags and arrange to pick them up once filled. This is a page about picking up roadside litter.


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Duck Laying Eggs in Pet Water Dish?A male and a female duck have been coming to my yard every day. The female started laying eggs about 2 weeks ago. She has laid 4 eggs so far. She started laying her eggs in a large bowl of water that I keep outside for my dog. The eggs are soft, not hard like I would expect them to be.


Burning brush in a backyard.

Alternatives to Backyard BurningThis is a page about alternatives to backyard burning. Although there are many states that still allow backyard trash and garden rubbish burning there are more environmentally friendly alternatives.


Food Scraps

Uses for Food ScrapsThis is a page about uses for food scraps. Food scraps don't have to go in the trash, they can be used or recycled in a number of useful ways.


A red gas can.

Disposing of Household Hazardous WasteThis is a page about disposing of household hazardous waste. The typical household generates a variety of hazardous waste products that require special disposal methods. The days of simply tossing it into the trash are over.


Raccoon looking for goodies in a waste bin.

Protecting Wildlife from Your GarbageThis is a page about protecting wildlife from your garbage. Not only do they make a mess when scavenging through garbage, animals can often ingest things they shouldn't. Securing you garbage insures that your local wildlife do not get used to finding human refuge to supplement their diets.


Disposing of Old Gasoline, Red gas can.

Disposing of Old GasolineThis is a page about disposing of old gasoline. The quality of gasoline will deteriorate over time. If you have old gasoline, it is important to dispose of it in a safe manner.


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Environmentally Friendly Way of Getting Rid of a Bleach and Paint Mixture?What is a eco friendly way to get rid of bleach with ornament paint?



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Disposing of a Microwave?Does anyone know the best way to dispose of a dead microwave? The safest for Mother Earth and humans?


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Disposing of Paint Containers?Where do I dispose of paint containers?


a pile of batteries

Battery Basics - Reduce, Recharge and Recycle!Household batteries include both single-use and rechargeable dry cell batteries used to power toys, cameras, radios, flashlights, hearing aids, and many other portable products.


Bag Holder for Picking Up Litter - adding a McDonald's cup to the bag

Bag Holder for Picking Up LitterThere is a great need for volunteers to help clean up our roads these days. I have found that the winter months are the best time for me as the grass is short and the litter is so accessible and there are no biting insects to bother me.


A Dozen Ways To Cut Your Trash Bill

A Dozen Ways To Cut Your Trash BillWe have become a disposable society. We throw things away instead of getting them repaired or reusing them as our grandparents did. Make it a game to see how little you throw away. So here are a few ideas on how to cut your trash bill.


It's Roadside Litter Cleaning Time - cash found while collecting litter

It's Roadside Litter Cleaning TimeIt's spring and people are getting in the cleaning mood. We want our houses and yards to look nice. But have you ever considered helping to keep our roads clean? I'm an old littergitter and I look at it as great exercise that produces quick results.


Household Hazardous Waste

Disposing of Household Hazardous WasteAccording to the EPA, the average American household produces around 160 pounds of hazardous waste per year. Much of that waste comes from common household products.


Treecycle logo.

Recycling Christmas TreesOver 33 million real Christmas trees are sold in North America every year, and according to the National Christmas Tree Association, 93% of consumers who use real Christmas trees recycle them using some type of community program.


burn barrels

Alternatives to Backyard BurningI grew up in a rural community in the 1970s and 80s with a burn barrel in the backyard. Like most of our neighbors, our family burned trash in an effort to minimize costly trips to the dump. As a kid, it was one of my favorite chores. I mean, what kid doesn't like being asked to light stuff on fire?


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Reducing the Amount of Plastic We Use?As we all know, the amount of plastics produced, purchased and ultimately discarded is vast. In one house alone the number of platic items used in virtually every aspect of home living is astronomical.


Getting Rid of Old Tires?We have a barn full of old tires that we "inherited" when we purchased our property. We have called around to tire recycling centers, but they want so much per tire. Does anyone know how we can dispose of them safely and economically?


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Recycling Computers?Do you have any tips disposing of or recycling computers? Post them below.



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Grocery Bags vs. Garbage Bags?Are plastic grocery bags and garbage bags made from the same type of plastic? If you are required by local ordinances to use plastic bags to dispose of your trash, is there any environmental advantage to using store-bought garbage bags, vs. plastic grocery bags?


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Substitute For Plastic Garbage Bags?I have on and off used plastic or paper bags at the grocery store. I am trying to go "green" little by little. What I used to do and trying to stop is I would take the plastic bag and insert the paper bag for our garbage pails.


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Reducing Household Garbage?Aside from eating less, recycling a few cans I rinse out and an occasional clean empty jar saved for some other use, what are ways to recycle, reuse, and reinvent some of the packaging items so they don't end up in the garbage?


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