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Recycling Old TrophiesYou can recycle those old, unwanted, dusty trophies cluttering up your closet. This is a page about recycling old trophies.


Uses for Metal Coffee Cans

Uses for Metal Coffee CansThese containers can be used for storing things and a variety of crafts. This page is about uses for metal coffee cans.


Cat litter in a litter box.

Recycling Used Cat LitterWhile there are widely differing opinions regarding the recycling of used cat litter, some pet owners have found some acceptable methods. This is a page about recycling used cat litter.


Closeup of old garden hose.

Uses for Old Garden HoseBefore throwing away a leaky water hose, there are a number of ways it can be reused. This is a page about uses for old garden hose.


Stack of Free Tires

Locating Free TiresSave old tires from the landfill by putting them to a variety of uses around the home and yard. This is a page about locating free tires.


Pop Tabs

Selling Pop TabsThis is a page about selling pop tabs. Aluminum pop tabs may have some monetary value if you find a crafter or recycling center that will buy them.


Old television set.

Getting Rid of Old TVsThis is a page about getting rid of old TVs. TVs contain materials that are harmful to the environment and need to be disposed of properly. It can be difficult and expensive to get rid of them.


Uses for Plastic Bottle Caps

Uses for Plastic Bottle CapsWater and soda bottle caps can be difficult, if not impossible to recycle. Finding other uses for plastic bottle caps helps prevent them from ending up in the landfill. This is a page about uses for plastic pop bottle caps.


A box with packing peanuts in it

Saving Money on Packing MaterialsThis page is about saving money on packing materials. Safely packing the items you want to send or move, doesn't have to cost you anything.


finshed tp pots

Toilet Paper Tube Seedling PotsA great way to recycle toilet paper tubes is to use them as containers to start vegetable and flower seeds for garden plants. This is a page about toilet paper tube seedling pots.


Recycling Prescription Bottles, Prescription Bottles on White Background

Recycling Prescription BottlesIf you or a family member takes medication on a regular basis, empty prescription bottles can add up quickly. Make sure they don't end up in the landfill by recycling the bottles. This is a page about recycling prescription bottles.


slivers of soap in dish

Using Leftover Pieces of SoapThis page is about using leftover pieces of soap. Before you throw away those soap bar slivers, consider ways that they can be used up.



Thrifty Quilt Batting Ideas

Saving Money on Quilt BattingThis page is about saving money on quilt batting. New batting for your quilting project can be expensive.


Pile of Old Tires

Disposing of Old TiresThis page is about disposing of old tires. Finding a way to get rid of old tires where they can be useful and without having to pay, is the best.


Reusing Envelopes, Stack of Envelopes

Reusing EnvelopesThis is a page about reusing envelopes. We often have a stack of envelopes from bills and advertising; reuse them rather than discarding.


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Making a Footstool from Juice CansThis page is about making a footstool from juice cans. An interesting way to recycle tin cans is to make furniture.


Using Leftover Candle Wax, Melted Candles

Using Leftover Candle WaxMelted wax from the very end of candles can be repurposed in many ways. Find ways to use your leftover candle wax or share your own ideas here.


White Rain Barrel

Rain Barrels for Practically FreeBy asking around at various businesses you may be able to find suitable plastic barrels to make your own rain barrels for little or no cost. This is a page about rain barrels for practically free.


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Reuse Glass Candle Holders As GlassesI found that once a candle, for example, Glade, has been used and there is the left over amount of wax in the glass, that they can be used as nice drinking glasses for orange juice or even that evening mixed drink with ice.


Coffee can composting

Reusing Plastic Coffee CansGround coffee can now be found in reusable plastic containers with a tight fitting lid and handle. They are perfect for storage and crafts. This is a page about reusing plastic coffee cans.


Reusing Laundry Detergent Bottles

Reusing Laundry Detergent BottlesBefore throwing that sturdy detergent bottle into the trash, you can consider ways to use it for something else. This page is about reusing laundry detergent bottles.


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Uses for Old Washer Drum TubsThis is a page about uses for old washer drum tubs. When your clothes washing machine is not worth repairing, there may be another use for the tub.


One volume of a Harver World encyclopedia.

Uses for Old EncyclopediasOutdated encyclopedias are not necessarily worthless, get creative and repurpose or craft something using these sturdy books. This page contains uses for old encyclopedias.


Three old used tubes of lipstick

Uses for Old or Unwanted LipstickThis is a page about uses for old or unwanted lipstick. Many of us have a collection of lipstick tubes rolling around in a drawer. Perhaps they are nearly empty or the color is unflattering.


Old Oil Lamp

Disposing of Lamp Oil ProperlyThe type of oil used in your lamp and the local recycling and waste regulations will help determine the best way to dispose of the oil. This is a page about disposing of lamp oil properly.


Magnetic Tape

Uses for Magnetic TapeThis page contains uses for magnetic tapes. While most video, music, and computer backup tapes are rarely used any more, there are ways to repurpose this material.


Six duck eggs in a nest

Abandoned Duck NestSometimes you may find what appears to be an abandoned duck nest. This is a page about an abandoned duck nest.



Uses for Empty Tissue Boxes

Uses for Empty Tissue BoxesThis page is about uses for empty tissue boxes. Before discarding that kleenex box you may want to consider some of these ideas.


Styrofoam Packing Peanuts

Recycling StyrofoamThis is a page about recycling Styrofoam. While many municipalities do not allow Styrofoam containers, peanuts, or blocks in the curbside recycling bins it can often be recycled elsewhere.


Reusing Candle Jars for Spices

Reusing Candle JarsThis is a page about reusing candle jars. Once the candle is burned down, the jar that it came in can be used for a variety of things around the home.


Empty Wine Bottles

Finding Empty Wine BottlesWine bottles have been used in crafts and other projects for years. Finding a source for the empty bottles can be a bit of a challenge at times. This is a page about finding empty wine bottles.


A recycled market bag made from plastic grocery bags.

Uses for Plastic Grocery BagsThis is a page about uses for plastic grocery bags. Reusing plastic grocery bags is a great way to help the environment and reduce trash in the landfills. There are many ways you can reuse these bags that can help save you money.


Old Watches

Uses for Old WatchesThis is a page about uses for old watches. Old watches can be used in many ways even after they are no longer reliable timepieces.


A pigeon sitting on eggs in gravel.

Moving a Pigeon EggSometimes birds will choose a nesting site that is dangerous for their eggs or simply in the wrong spot around your home. Some research can help to successfully move the nest and egg(s) and prevent similar nesting in the future. This page offers some helpful suggestions for moving a pigeon egg.


Golf Bag with Pool Cues in it

Uses for an Old Golf BagThis is a page about uses for an old golf bag. No longer golf, or maybe you found a great bargain at a yard sale for an empty golf bag.


pill bottle hide a key

Uses for Prescription BottlesOld prescription bottles can come in handy for sorting, storage and craft projects. The come in a variety of sizes and it's not hard to find a use for them around the house. This is a page about uses for prescription bottles.


A pile of pop can tabs.

Current Price for Recycling Can TabsUnless you have thousands of them, can tabs have very little value. If you have enough tabs they can be sold by weight for their value as aluminum. This is a page about price for recycling can tabs.


Fishing Line

Uses for Fishing LineThis page contains uses for fishing line. A sturdy plastic string that can be helpful for a variety of things.


A collection of spice bottles with lids.

Reusing Spice BottlesThis page is about reusing spice bottles. The small jars that spices are sold in can be repurposed for a variety of things.


Reusing File Folders

Reusing File FoldersThis is a page about reusing file folders. Don't throw away your used file folders; there are many fun and practical ways to recycle and reuse them.


Photo of using laundry detergent caps in the bathroom for organizing.

Uses for Laundry Detergent CapsThis is a page about uses for laundry detergent caps. When you finish a bottle of laundry detergent, consider saving the cap. Those durable plastic caps can be put to use in many different ways.


Recycling a Motorhome

Recycling a MotorhomeThis is a page about recycling motorhome. If you have an old motorhome that you want to get rid of, you can make some money by scrapping it. Give your local salvage yard a call, for more information.



Cleaner Spray Bottle

Reusing Cleaner Spray BottlesCleaner spray bottles may be reused if they can be thoroughly cleaned and are appropriate for the new liquid you use them for. This is a page about reusing cleaner spray bottles.


Urbanite Garden Bed

Urbanite (Recycled Concrete) Craft ProjectsThis is a page about urbanite (recycled concrete) craft projects. Recycled concrete from sidewalks and other sources, also known as urbanite, can be reused in a number of ways, including garden wall building.


Recycling Tips, Man Helping Children Sort Recycling

Recycling TipsThis is a page about recycling tips. Recycling is an important step that we all need to take in order to keep our planet healthy and clean. Making recycling easy and even fun will make your efforts even more effective.


young woman holding a Swiffer style mop

Making Replacement Pads for a SwifferThis is a page about making replacement pads for a Swiffer. You can make these pads; even wash and reuse them to save you money on buying the disposable ones.


Empty shoebox waiting for a new use.

Uses for Shoe BoxesThis is a page about uses for shoe boxes. Save money and reuse your empty shoe boxes, there are so many ways you can.


Parmesan Cheese Container

Uses for Parmesan Cheese ContainersThis is a page about uses for Parmesan cheese containers. Give your cheese containers a second chance at life.


Generic Election signs

Recycling Political Campaign SignsOnce the election is over there are ways to reuse the signs. This page is about recycling political campaign signs.


Green Blanket

Ideas for Repurposing BlanketsThis is a page about ideas for repurposing or reusing blankets and comforters. Many types of outdated or worn linens can be repurposed or reused for crafts and other household needs.


Altoids and Other Mint Tins

Uses for Altoid Candy or Mint TinsThis is a page about uses for Altoid candy or mint tins. Altoid tins beg to be reused for crafts or storage.


Paris France Sweatshirt

Uses for Old SweatshirtsThis page contains uses for old sweatshirts. A sturdy cotton fabric that can be fashioned into other things.


Uses for Old Calendars

Uses for Old CalendarsThis page contains uses for old calendars. Many times last year's calendar have pictures that you like.


Duck eggs in a nest.

Moving Duck EggsWhether they are your pets or just a nest of eggs that need to be moved, moving duck eggs can be a tricky endeavor, but it can be done. This page is about moving duck eggs.


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Ideas for Using Stand from a Bird BathThe neighbor's cat knocked the bowl off of my bird bath and broke it in two. Any ideas for the stand that is left?


Pile of wire hangers on cement background

Donating Wire HangersThis is a page about donating wire hangers. Clothes taken to the cleaners are returned on wire hangers. If you have a stash of them that you can't find a use for consider donating them.


Black styrofoam meat tray against a white background

Uses for Styrofoam Meat TraysThis is a page about uses for Styrofoam meat trays. Reusing Styrofoam packaging helps keep it out of the landfill. There are a variety of uses for the trays used for packing meat.


Rubber Band

Homemade Rubber BandsThis page is about homemade rubber bands. There are a number of things you can reuse to make your own rubber bands.


Packing Materials

Reusing Packing MaterialsThis page is about reusing packing materials. Bubble wrap, foam peanuts, and paper are commonly used to cushion things for shipping. These materials can be easily reused.


Uses for Junk Mail, Mailbox Full of Junk Mail

Uses for Junk MailThis is a page about uses for junk mail. We get so much junk mail on a daily basis that sometimes all you can do is recycle it. However, there are other things that can be done with these unsolicited mailings.


Folded Bed Sheets

Using Bed Sheets as TableclothsBed sheets can be repurposed into a multitude of things, even tablecloths. This is a page about using bed sheets as tablecloths.


Uses for Cookie Tins

Reusing TinsThis is a page about reusing tins. If you have a lot of empty cookie or packaging tins lying about the house, consider reusing them.


Colorful Wire Hangers

Uses for Wire HangersThis page features great ideas for using your wire clothes hangers for something other than hanging your clothes. Don't throw those wire coat hangers in the trash!


Lava Lamp

Uses for an Old Lava LampThese colored liquid and wax lamps may be reused for other things. This page is about uses for an old lava lamp.


Ornaments in plastic zipper bag.

Uses for Zippered Sheet, Blanket and Comforter BagsThis page is about uses for zippered sheet, blanket and comforter bags. There are many ways to reuse these clear bags for storage.


Uses for Coffee Filters, Coffee filter on a brown background.

Uses for Coffee FiltersThis is a page about uses for coffee filters. There are so many uses for coffee filters besides making coffee. They are great for cleaning, crafts, and organizing items just to name a few.


Mother duck in ducklings in a swimming pool

Will Pool Water Harm Ducks?This page is about will pool water harm ducks? Making sure your wild or domestic ducks have good water to swim in is important to maintaining their health.


Seedlings in a egg carton.

Uses for Egg CartonsThis is a page about uses for egg cartons. Rather and throw away your empty egg cartons get creative, there are a lot of new uses for them.


Juice Pouches

Buying Empty Juice PouchesThis page is about buying empty juice pouches. Finding someone selling empty beverage pouches for your craft may be a challenge.


Styrofoam on White Background

Reusing StyrofoamThis is a page about reusing Styrofoam. Styrofoam is one of those manmade products that lasts forever in the landfill or ocean, so think about reusing it.


A collection of sports trophies.

Uses for Old TrophiesOld trophies are often collectible and parts of old trophies can make great additions to craft projects. This is a page about uses for old trophies.


Woman Recycling Her Old Cell Phone

Recycling Your Old Cell Phones And ComputersThis is a page about recycling your old cell phones and computers. Electronics are made of valuable resources. Recycling old cell phones and computers helps prevent pollution and saves energy.


3 lays stax cans

Uses for Lay's Stax CansThis is a page about uses for Lay's Stax cans. Plastic Lay's Stax cans can be reused or recycled in several ways, rather than being added to the landfill.


Blue 50 Gallon Plastic Barrel

Uses for 50 Gallon Plastic BarrelsBesides storage, you can cut a barrel in half in either direction to use for a planter, tub or a variety of things. This is a page about uses for 50 gallon plastic barrels.


Uses for Laundry Scoops

Uses for Laundry ScoopsThis page is about uses for laundry scoops. With a new scoop in every bucket or box of detergent, you can end up with extras that can be helpful for many other things.


Mesh Produce Bag

Reusing Mesh Produce BagsThis is a page about reusing mesh produce bags. Help the environment and save money by reusing your mesh produce bags.


Oranges in Mesh Bag

Uses for Mesh Orange BagsThis page is about uses for mesh orange bags. Recycle your mesh bags in a variety of useful ways.


Old Piano

Ideas for Recycling an Old PianoOld pianos can often be found for cheap or free. Then the fun begins as you repurpose it into something uniquely yours. This page explores ideas for recycling anw old piano.


Reusing Cat Litter Buckets

Reusing Cat Litter BucketsIf you buy cat litter in the large plastic buckets, there are a lot of ways to reuse the empty buckets. This is a page about reusing cat litter buckets.


Squirrel hanging onto a tree.

Squirrel Information and PhotosThis is a page about squirrel information and photos. Squirrels and their antics are enjoyed by many.


Carpet Samples

Uses for Carpet SamplesThis page contains uses for carpet samples. Small sample pieces of carpet can be useful for a number of things.


Milk Jug On White Background

Uses for Milk JugsPlastic milk containers can be reused for a variety of things around the home and garden. This is a page about uses for milk jugs.


DVD Media Case on White Background

Uses for DVD Media CasesThis page is about uses for DVD media cases. You can end up with extra DVD cases when you have an alternate storage method.


Paper towel tube used as a plant support.

Uses for Paper Towel TubesReusing these common leftovers can be helpful for a number of things. This page is about uses for paper towel tubes.


Crockpot Liner

Uses for Ceramic Crockpot LinersThere are many suggestions on this page for ways to use the ceramic liner from ad old defunct crockpot. This is a page about uses for ceramic crockpot liners.


View of finished curtains hanging.

Uses for Old TableclothsThis page is about uses for old tablecloths. Table coverings can be reused for crafts and other things.


Tape Roll Bracelets

Uses for Empty Tape Rolls and DispensersThis is a page about uses for empty tape rolls and dispensers. Paper and plastic tape rolls and dispensers can be recycled or reused for crafts and storage, to name a few options.


Making Your Own Envelopes

Making Your Own EnvelopesThis is a page about making your own envelopes. The envelope you use to mail a letter or card can be just as creative and fun as what you put in the envelope.


Hand feeding a rescued chipmunk.

Caring for a Rescued ChipmunkThis is a page about caring for a rescued chipmunk. Sometimes our pets bring us gifts of small wildlife, such as chipmunks. If you receive such a gift or find an injured or seemingly orphaned one you will want to care for it until it is well or taken to a rescue.


A case full of trophies.

Finding Used TrophiesRecycled trophies of all types can be reused by organizations and artists. This is a page about finding used trophies.


Plastic VHS Boxes

Uses for Plastic VHS CasesThis is a page about uses for plastic VHS cases. The clear plastic cases used to store VHS tapes can be reused in a variety of ways.


Stack of folded old bed sheets

Uses for Old SheetsThis is a page about uses for old sheets. Clean out your linen closet and put those old, worn, or stained sheets to a new use.


CD Jewelry

Making Jewelry from CDs and DVDsThis page is about making jewelry from CDs and DVDs. Interesting jewelry can be made by repurposing those old CD's.


Easter Grass

Other Uses for Easter GrassThis is a page about other uses for Easter grass. You can use leftover or sale Easter grass in other creative ways.


A empty tissue box being reused to store plastic bags.

Storing Plastic Bags in a Tissue BoxReusing empty grocery bags is becoming the norm. There are many ways to store them until you need them. Using an empty tissue box is actually reusing two types of packaging and reducing waste.


Raccoon looking for goodies in a waste bin.

Protecting Wildlife from Your GarbageThis is a page about protecting wildlife from your garbage. Not only do they make a mess when scavenging through garbage, animals can often ingest things they shouldn't. Securing you garbage insures that your local wildlife do not get used to finding human refuge to supplement their diets.


Microwave Glass Plate

Uses for a Microwave Glass PlateThis is a page about uses for a microwave glass plate. Don't throw the glass plate from your microwave away when you discard the oven.


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Repurposing an Old Pole LampWhat can I make out of an old pole lamp?


Uses for Plastic Jars

Uses for Plastic JarsThis is a page about uses for plastic jars. So much of our food comes packaged in plastic jars. Rather than tossing them into the trash or even the recycle bin, consider reusing them.


A sagging clothesline with two white t-shirts pinned on it.

Keeping a Clothes Line from SaggingA sagging clothes line can be fixed in a couple of easy ways. You can either tighten the line or use a clothes line pole or prop to push the line back up. This is a page about keeping a clothes line from sagging.


Uses for CDs

Uses for CDsThis is a page about uses for CDs. Rather than discarding old unwanted CDs put them a new and creative use.


plastic cake dome

Uses for Plastic Cake DomesThis is a page about uses for plastic cake domes. Those plastic cake domes that cover bakery purchases can be put to a second use around your house or garden, rather than immediately going into the trash.


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Snow White Squirrel (UK) - white squirrel in grass

Snow White Squirrel (UK)I saw this snow white squirrel in a country park next to my house.


Repurpose Spent Water Filter Cartridges - charcoal from a water filter in an aluminum baking pan

Repurpose Spent Water Filter CartridgesWater filters contain activated charcoal and after mine expire I cut open the cartridge (CAREFULLY with a steak knife) and pour the contents into my cats' litter box to reduce odor. I could also use it in my chicken coop for the same reason.


Make a Difference By Picking Up Trash - clean roadside

Make a Difference By Picking Up TrashIf you want something done, sometimes you just have to do it yourself.


Folding Plastic Grocery Bags - folded plastic bag

Folding Plastic Grocery BagsIn 1987, when I first started picking up roadside litter, I asked my friend to save me her Wal-mart bags. She brought them to me in a Wal-Mart bag and all of them were neatly folded. This is where I got the idea of folding my bags. Using these bags, I would stuff my pockets with over 20 bags and walk a mile and pick up the litter, filling the bags as I walked. I never ran out of bags.


Using Toy Catalog Pages as Gift Wrap - supplies

Using Toy Catalog Pages as Gift WrapWhen it comes to wrapping presents/gifts, I try to recycle what I have before purchasing anything unnecessary. Don't throw away all those holiday toy catalogs you receive in the mail. I was able to recycle and wrap a couple of gifts with the Target catalog!


It's Roadside Litter Cleaning Time - cash found while collecting litter

It's Roadside Litter Cleaning TimeIt's spring and people are getting in the cleaning mood. We want our houses and yards to look nice. But have you ever considered helping to keep our roads clean? I'm an old littergitter and I look at it as great exercise that produces quick results.


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Ways to Reuse Your T-shirt

Making a Halter Top From a T-shirtThis video shows a simple innovative idea to re-purpose a t-shirts into a cute halter top.


Reuse Your Old Glass Candle Jars

Reuse Your Old Glass Candle JarsThis video shows you how to clean out your old candle jars so they can be repurposed for storage of things around the home.


Don't Use Plastic Bags

Don't Use Plastic BagsI'm posting this information as a plea for our environment. Please check this link and you will see how our using plastic shopping bags is hurting our world, our wildlife, and poisoning our environment.


Rain Barrel System

Rain Barrel SystemHere is a video that shows you to make you own rain barrel system for harvesting rain water.


Making the Most of Your Scented Candles

Making the Most of Your Scented CandlesThis video shows you some great ideas about what to do with leftover candle wax.


DIY Recycled Magazine Organizer

DIY Recycled Magazine OrganizerThis video gives great detailed instructions on how to make stylish and functional magazine organizer.


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A duckling swimming in water alone.

Caring for Wild DucklingsIf you find abandoned duckings the best choice it to contact your local wildlife rescue organization. If that is not possible there is information on the web about emergency care procedures for a baby duck. Be sure to research duckling care before you attempt to feed or house them.


A flower growing through the fence.

From Freezer's Floor to Garden's DoorTransform wooden freezer floor grates into an integral part of your garden. They make excellent fencing and trellises. Learn how with this step by step tutorial.


Eggs being hard boiled in water.

Reusing Water from Boiling EggsWhen hardboiled eggs are made, they usually have a large quantity of water to be drained out. This water can be added to recipes or houseplants for extra calcium. Check out the other ideas on this page.


Repurpose Spent Water Filter Cartridges - charcoal from a water filter in an aluminum baking pan

Repurpose Charcoal from Spent Water Filter CartridgesThis page offers some good suggestions of repurposing the charcoal from your water filter cartridges. One way to use it is to add to your cat's litterbox.


A tissue holder upside down to hold flowers.

Reusing a Tissue HolderRecently, I found this stunning hand done plastic canvas tissue holder. It was the perfect style and color to my bathroom. However, because of the yarn work inside, the box of tissue didn't fit inside. What is a thrifty fun girl to do? She turns it upside down and uses it for her faux spring flowers!


Two older people exchanging books.

Hosting a Book Exchange PartyHost a book exchange party for neighbors, friends, and family. It is a fun way to trade used books for ones you have not read. Some suggestions for planning a book exchange party are found on this page.


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Caring for a Duck EggYesterday I found a single duck egg in my neighbor's backyard. He had been doing some yard work and there was no mother in sight. The egg was cold, so I brought the egg inside. I placed it in a small bowl thing with a dry washcloth around it in an old hermit crab cage. I placed the cage in a cupboard with a desk lamp hovering above it in the cupboard.


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Caring for DucklingsMy mother duck has 7 day old duckings and she stopped sleeping with them. Has she abandoned them? Should I intervene; it's November and it's very cold. I'm afraid to let them get too cold.


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Best Paste for Refilling Glue SticksWhat paste do you recommend using? I did a google search, but I'm not sure which brand of paste would work best for this?


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Recycling Old TrophiesI'm looking to clean out the attic and get rid of old trophies and plaques.


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Uses for Pill BottlesAny suggestions what to do with pill bottles? Crafts? Donation to organizations?


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Getting Empty Wine BottlesI live in the Rochester N.Y. area. Does anyone know where I can get empty wine bottles?


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