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Green living tips and advice about cleaning, reusing, shopping, conservation, planet health, waste disposal, transportation, alternative energy sources and more. Save money and reduce your carbon footprint and your impact on the Earth.

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A group of kids building a windmill model in an environmental club.

Environmental Club Activity Ideas?Starting an environmental club at school or in you community is a great way to keep people engaged with environmentalism and our changing climate. This is a page about environmental club activity ideas.


young woman holding a Swiffer style mop

Making Replacement Pads for a SwifferThis is a page about making replacement pads for a Swiffer. You can make these pads; even wash and reuse them to save you money on buying the disposable ones.


A sagging clothesline with two white t-shirts pinned on it.

Keeping a Clothes Line from Sagging?A sagging clothes line can be fixed in a couple of easy ways. You can either tighten the line or use a clothes line pole or prop to push the line back up. This is a page about keeping a clothes line from sagging.


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Shopping for a Vegetable Based Dishwashing Liquid?I am looking for the name of a vegetable based dishwashing liquid? Can anyone help?



Uses for LemonsThis page is about uses for lemons. This citrus fruit has a variety ways it can be used besides as food.


Living Off The Grid

Living Off The Grid?This page is about living off the grid. Your own water supply and energy sources are essential when living without public utilities.


A pink fleece blanket rolled up.

Alternative Uses for Fleece Blankets?There are a variety of ways you can use a fleece blanket to create a blind, stop a draft, or repurpose the fabric to make other things. This is a page about alternative uses for a fleece throw.


Gingerbread cookies, sprigs of pine and a cup of hot chocolate.

Holiday Entertaining with Sustainable StyleThis is a page about holiday entertaining with sustainable style. Holidays tend to be a time that create excessive amounts of waste. Here are some great tips for reducing trash, lowering your power bill, and great ways to help the environment when celebrating this holiday season.


Yellow pages with a phone on top.

Stopping Phone Book DeliveryWith the advent of the computer and online directories, telephone yellow page books can be unnecessary for you. There are some links that can help you opt out of delivery. This is a page about stopping phone book delivery.


Photo of a green back and full of back to school supplies.

Green Tips for Back to SchoolFall is time to plan you back to school purchases. Use these green tips for back to school to make sure your kids are environmentally friendly with their school supplies.


A small green plant growing out of a glass change jar.

Being Frugal and GreenOften, being frugal and taking good care of the environment can be accomplished simultaneously. This is a page about being frugal and green.


cloth napkins

Do Paper or Fabric Napkins Save the Most Money?If you are trying to save money and be environmentally friendly this question is more complicated than you may assume. This is a page about, "Do paper or fabric napkins save the most money?".



Use the Heat from Electronics

Use the Heat from ElectronicsThe top of the refrigerator and TVs generate heat. I use this heat in several ways. This picture shows me putting a dish towel that was still slightly damp after drying (because it got stuck in a sheet) on top of my old-school TV. I also use this TV to help germinate seedlings.


Hand pulling toilet paper off a roll

Using Less Toilet TissueThis is a page about using less toilet tissue. One way to conserve resources and save money is to reduce the use of some products.


Sporting Equipment

Environmental Impact of Your Sporting...This is a page about the environmental impact of your sporting equipment. Buying your clothing locally, using bags and other equipment made out of natural or recycled materials, make less of a footprint on our world.


Reduce Reuse Recycle Logo

PreCycling Tips and TricksThis is a page about precycling tips and tricks. Reduce, reuse, recycle. We have all heard this motto. You can easily begin the process when you shop for food and other items with minimal packaging.


Green Reader

Being a Greener ReaderThis is a page about being a greener reader. Even the most prolific reader can develop ways to be a greener reader and help conserve paper and hence trees.


Ecological Family Picnic

Ecological Tips for Parties and PicnicsIt is easy to slip into less then eco friendly habits when it comes to having a party or picnic. This is a page about ecological tips for parties and picnics.


Recycled Plastics

Using Plastics WiselyThis page is about using plastics wisely. It seems impossible to avoid plastics, but people do have choices of the kind and amount of it that they bring home.


Banana Peel

Uses for Banana PeelsThis is a page about uses for banana peels. Banana peels have many uses around the house, in addition to their usefulness in the garden, from cleaning to home remedies.


cans of paint

Uses for Leftover PaintThis page is about uses for leftover paint. When you don't have enough of any one kind of paint to complete a project, there are ways to use the surplus.


Juice Pouches

Buying Empty Juice Pouches?This page is about buying empty juice pouches. Finding someone selling empty beverage pouches for your craft may be a challenge.


Eucalyptus Oil

Uses for Eucalyptus OilThis page contains uses for eucalyptus oil. Aside from medical uses, this distinctive oil has many household uses as well.


grilled salmon

Green Grilling TipsGreen living practices can even be applied to backyard grilling, from the type of grill to the food you prepare. This is a page about green grilling tips.


Solar Power on a House

Getting Started With Solar PowerThis page is about getting started with solar power. There are many ways to use the sun to collect energy, and after initial investments can save you money.


Home with Solar Panels

Going Green Without Going BrokeThis is a page about going green without going broke. You don't have to spend lots of money to increase your environmentally friendly choices and activities.


A woman holding a gift wrapped in recycled paper.

Green Christmas TipsThis is a page about green Christmas tips. We may not always be thinking of green solutions when planning for Christmas, but the are ways to help keep Christmas green.



100 percent natural badge.

How to Avoid Misleading Environmental ClaimsThis is a page about how to avoid misleading environmental claims. You are not alone, if you are confused by the many manufacturer's claims about the environmental friendliness of their products.


young girl recycling

Teaching Kids to Recycle?This is a page about teaching kids to recycle. Teaching your children to recycle can be fun and informative at the same time.


Uses for Rubber Bands

Uses for Rubber BandsThis page contains uses for rubber bands. Rubber bands are helpful for a variety of things around the home and garden.


Uses for Beer

Uses for BeerThis page is about uses for beer. Besides being a refreshing beverage there are a number of ways beer can be used around the home and garden.


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Setting Up a Aquaponics System?I am looking for information about aquaponics (not hydroponics) and any problems and solutions those who have put a system together have had. I am putting together a kitchen garden sized system using tilapia for the fish.


Mailbox overflowing with junk mail.

Reducing Junk MailThis is a page about reducing junk mail. Many of us are tired of the volumes of junk mail that greet us at the mail box.


Environmentally Friendly Packaging Material, A box filled with packing peanuts.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging MaterialThis is a page about environmentally friendly packaging materials. Many packing materials are not good for the environment. The good news is that there are many options that are biodegradable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly.


Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb

Disposing of Compact Fluorescent Light BulbsThis is a page about disposing of compact fluorescent light bulbs. Compact fluorescent lightbulb are a great energy saving option for lighting your home or office. However they must be disposed of properly due the trace amount of mercury they contain.


Living in a Small House, Small White House

Living in a Small HouseThis is a page about living in a small house. Houses don't have to be big to be comfortable and easy to live in. However, living in small how can provide some unique challenges.


Ecological Tips, Hands Holding Small Tree

Ecological TipsThis is a page about ecological tips. Everyone wants to help the environment and be better stewards of our planet but it's an overwhelming task. The little things that we can all do to live more ecologically are a great place to start.


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Cost Effectiveness of Solar Water Heating and Rain Filtration Systems?What's the cost and trouble if I try to put in a solar water heating system and rain filtration system? I want to install them as the main sources in our cabin. Could someone tell me their experience with regard to time and money? Thanks.


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What is the Cheapest Way to Store Solar Energy?Can anyone tell me the cheapest way to store solar energy?


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Improving the Functionality of Windmills and Wind Generators?Is it true that the higher one, tries to pitch the windmill, the better the chance of getting a stronger breeze?


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How Long Does It Take a Detergent Bottle to Decompose?How can I find out how long it takes a detergent bottle to decompose?


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Tips For Living GreenInstead of worrying with the little plastic baggies, just rinse them and put them in with the plastic shopping bags that you can take to a re-cycling center.



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Eco Friendly Paint Removal Products?I am needing a "green" idea to remove the paint from old glass ornaments.


5 Tips To Make Your Pet More Green

5 Tips To Make Your Pet More GreenIn today's world, most of us are working hard to make the world a greener place. But while we struggle to reduce, reuse, and recycle at every opportunity, Fido is getting a free pass, the bunny is hopping around anywhere he wants, and the cat is mocking us.


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Environmentally Friendly Wood Floor Sealer?I have a solid mahogany floor, in a large area. It has been treated with a tung oil based sealer (several coats), but I am unhappy with the finish. I do not want to use polyurethane, but something more environmentally friendly. Any ideas please?


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Buy Locally Grown Food for Green LivingBeing green is not just about recycling and reusing things, turning off the water or lowering your heat. Yes they all help, but there is an area that people don't think about with being green. Eat local grown or raised food meat and veggies.


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Making a Racetrack Using Recycled Materials?Does anyone know how to made a race track with recycled material?


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Disposing of Kitchen Scraps Other Than Composting?I have been putting my kitchen scraps in an empty coffee container so they do not smell sitting in the trash can. But I feel guilty about sending these cans to the landfill and not recycling them.


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Are "Green Bags" for Food Storage BPA Free?Does anyone know whether the "green bags" for storing food safely are also BPA free?


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Using Plastic Bags?Does anyone have any ideas for uses for thin vacuum sealer bags. They don't work with my Foodsaver.


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Creative Ways To Live Green?I need creative ways on how to live green.


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Tired Of Getting Phone Books?Last week, they delivered another round of telephone directories on my doorstep. I don't even have a home phone anymore and I can get any number I need on the Internet. My friend just sent me this way to stop receiving phone books, so I guess I'm the only one.


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Save Money on ConsumablesI like to use as little of these items that I can, both to save money at the grocery store and to live more green.


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Convention Decorating with Recycled Materials?Our Legal Professional group is having a convention in April, and the theme is about 'going green'. So I am looking for decorating ideas made from recycled materials for the convention banquet, etc.


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Tips For Preventing Garbage In The HomeUse recycled toilet paper in place of paper towels or facial tissue. Use toilet paper to wipe up bathroom hair or dripped water, etc. Have a roll handy for everyone to use. Toss it into the trash, not in the toilet.


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One Green Day A MonthIf you are not already a green person, start with one day a month. Have the whole family do something green. Recycle, no TV, don't drive, there are tons of ideas out there.


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Thrifty and Green Liners for Wastebaskets?I'd like to stop bringing my groceries home from the store in plastic bags; I know it'd be better for the environment to invest in some reusable cloth bags (which I could probably find at thrift shops!) and take them to the grocery store to bring my groceries home in.


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Environmentally Friendly Pet Care?I am interested in ideas that will help us make our pets lives more environmentally friendly. I know picking up their poop is helpful, but what else? Any ideas are appreciated.


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Support Green Living EverydaySupport Green Living Everyday. Green Living is what I support every day of my life. When shopping, I only buy items that are environmentally safe to use on the box or tag. Laundry soap is the same thing. When I buy it, it isn't scented or a bleach kind. I live by this motto because I have allergies to almost every product on this planet including what is in the air.


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Easy Inexpensive Solar OvenEasy Inexpensive Solar Oven. Take a car tire or black inner tube, place it on a piece of plywood. Line the hole with aluminum foil. Place a cooking (ovenproof) dish, black enamel pot, roaster, etc. . .


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Using a Digital Thermostat in the Summer Months?I had a digital thermostat installed last Fall for my furnace. Do I take the batteries out and shut it off during the summer months? I usually shut the natural gas furnace off during the summer.


Close Up Photo of Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs

Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFL)...We finally took the plunge last year and replaced nearly all of the lightbulbs in our house with compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFL). Now, less then a year later, 4 of the 6 bulbs in our bathroom have burned out within days of each other.


Make a Difference By Picking Up Trash - clean roadside

Make a Difference By Picking Up TrashIf you want something done, sometimes you just have to do it yourself.


Eating Green: How to Reduce the Amount of Meat You EatMany people don't realize it, but one of the best ways to reduce your personal impact on the environment is to eat less meat. Here are some easy ways to reduce the amount of meat in your diet, eat a healthier diet, and reduce your impact on the environment all at the same time.


Green Savings and Losses

Green Savings and LossesMany claim that the "green movement" isn't as green as it claims. True, many green options rob Peter to pay Paul. Bamboo flooring is an example. While it surpasses hardwood flooring in its regeneration, the farming of bamboo is not necessarily done in the greenest of fashions.


tissue rolling from the top forward

Using Less Toilet TissueHere are 2 tricks to encourage other members of your household to use less toilet tissue.


How To Avoid Misleading Environmental ClaimsAlmost no products are 100% green, but many claim to be. Unfortunately, many well-intentioned consumers are being persuaded to buy products that don't come close to delivering on their environmental promises.


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Ideas for a Waterproof Clothespin Holder?I need something to hold my wooden clothespins and keep them dry outside. I need to be able to easily open and close it and easily get my hand inside to grab a few clothespins. Any creative ideas, e.g. recycling another item? Thanks.


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What is the Best Way to Heat Shower Water?I have always turned on the hot water to heat before bathing/showering. I then turn on the cold water to adjust to my preference. My daughter keeps their faucet adjusted to one temperature and then turns it on. To me, this seems like a waste of hot and cold water.


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Reducing Junk Mail?I am trying to help my elderly parents to get their name off mailing lists. I feel they are getting targeted for buying things they really do not need. I have seen this happen to other older people. Please advise me how to stop junk mail as a free service. Thank you.


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Finding Land for Off-The-Grid Living?Does anyone have any suggestions about where I can go to find out about purchasing land at a reasonable price? I'm looking into living "off the grid", with my own ground water supply, solar energy for electricity, and growing my own garden for food.


black and white photo of man standing on snow bank up to the lower cross member of a power pole

Is The Second Snow Fall Cleaner?I just read La La La's recipe for snow cream. A reader advised waiting for the second snowfall as it would contain less 'contaminates' than the first. I looked for documentation of snow contaminate concentration amounts in the first and second seasonal snow for any locale, but found nothing.


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Homemade Indoor Insect Repellent?Is there a such thing as a green/natural homemade insect repellent for indoors?


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