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Green living tips and solutions to help save money by reusing items.

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Creamer Bottles

Uses for Creamer BottlesPlastic creamer bottles can be reused, for things like crafts, organizing, and storage. This is a page about uses for creamer bottles.


Closeup of old garden hose.

Uses for Old Garden HoseBefore throwing away a leaky water hose, there are a number of ways it can be reused. This is a page about uses for old garden hose.


Uses for Plastic Bottle Caps

Uses for Plastic Bottle CapsWater and soda bottle caps can be difficult, if not impossible to recycle. Finding other uses for plastic bottle caps helps prevent them from ending up in the landfill. This is a page about uses for plastic pop bottle caps.


finshed tp pots

Toilet Paper Tube Seedling PotsA great way to recycle toilet paper tubes is to use them as containers to start vegetable and flower seeds for garden plants. This is a page about toilet paper tube seedling pots.


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Can I Reuse Cat Litter Containers for Food Storage?When the large hard plastic container of Tidy Cat litter is empty, is it safe to place food or water for humans in it?


Writing a stack of postcards

Reusing Greeting Cards as PostcardsGive sentimental or funny greeting cards a longer life by sharing them a second time. This page explains how easy it is to reuse greeting cards as postcards.



Aluminum Foil Box.

Uses for Plastic Wrap and Aluminum Foil BoxesAvid recyclers try to find a use for most everything that comes through their home. These boxes with their serrated metal cutting strip removed can be used for storage, packaging, as organizers, in crafts, and more. The metal strip itself also has many reuse capabilities listed in this page.


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Reuse Glass Candle Holders As GlassesI found that once a candle, for example, Glade, has been used and there is the left over amount of wax in the glass, that they can be used as nice drinking glasses for orange juice or even that evening mixed drink with ice.


Old Bed Springs

Uses for Old Bed SpringsThe avid recycler tries to find a use for just about everything, including bed springs. This is a page about uses for old bed springs.


Protein Powder Jug

Uses for Plastic Protein Powder Jugs?These large plastic containers can be repurposed in a wide variety of creative ways. This is a page about uses for plastic protein powder jugs.


pouring sugar

Reusing a Salt Spout on a Mason JarThis is a page about reusing a salt container spout. The small metal spout on the top of your salt box can be reused with other containers for convenient pouring.


Styrofoam on White Background

Reusing StyrofoamThis is a page about reusing Styrofoam. Styrofoam is one of those manmade products that lasts forever in the landfill or ocean, so think about reusing it.


A recycled market bag made from plastic grocery bags.

Uses for Plastic Grocery BagsThis is a page about uses for plastic grocery bags. Reusing plastic grocery bags is a great way to help the environment and reduce trash in the landfills. There are many ways you can reuse these bags that can help save you money.


Coffee can composting

Reusing Plastic Coffee CansGround coffee can now be found in reusable plastic containers with a tight fitting lid and handle. They are perfect for storage and crafts. This is a page about reusing plastic coffee cans.


Reusing Glass Jars, Glass Jar on White Background

Reusing Glass JarsThis is a page about reusing glass jars. Instead of recycling or throwing out your glass jars, find another function for them. From storage to decorating, glass jars have many different ways of being reused.


Uses for CDs

Uses for CDsThis is a page about uses for CDs. Rather than discarding old unwanted CDs put them a new and creative use.


Fishing Line

Uses for Fishing LineThis page contains uses for fishing line. A sturdy plastic string that can be helpful for a variety of things.


Thrifty Quilt Batting Ideas

Saving Money on Quilt BattingThis page is about saving money on quilt batting. New batting for your quilting project can be expensive.


3 lays stax cans

Uses for Lay's Stax CansThis is a page about uses for Lay's Stax cans. Plastic Lay's Stax cans can be reused or recycled in several ways, rather than being added to the landfill.


Uses for Old T-Shirts, Mass of brightly colored clothing.

Uses for Old T-ShirtsThis is a page about uses for old t-shirts. Old t-shirts have a lot of second life uses. Whether you are a crafter or are looking for other ways to reuse them, the possibilities are numerous.


Mini Greenhouse From Soda Bottles

How to Make a Mini Greenhouse from a Soda BottleClear plastic beverage bottles can be repurposed to create a controlled environment for seedlings and root cuttings. This is a page about how to make a mini greenhouse from a soda bottle.



Tape Roll Bracelets

Uses for Empty Tape Rolls and DispensersThis is a page about uses for empty tape rolls and dispensers. Paper and plastic tape rolls and dispensers can be recycled or reused for crafts and storage, to name a few options.


Insulin Bottle

Reusing Insulin BottlesThis is a page about reusing insulin bottles. It seems like with some creative thought almost any packaging can be reused.


A collection of empty recycled plastic bottles.

Reusing Plastic BottlesSo many products are packaged in plastic bottles. Finding creative and practical ways to reuse them is a good practice and a way to reduce plastic pollution. This page contains some ideas for reusing plastic bottles.


slivers of soap in dish

Using Leftover Pieces of SoapThis page is about using leftover pieces of soap. Before you throw away those soap bar slivers, consider ways that they can be used up.


A wreath hanger holding up a cleaning towel.

Uses for a Wreath HangerAn over the door wreath hanger can be reused for other storage options. They can be used as a hook on any door but can also be used in a closet or in the garage for hanging all sorts of things.


Pringles can.

Uses for Pringles CansThis is a page about uses for Pringles cans. Pringles cans have great craft or storage potential.


Reusing Laundry Detergent Bottles

Reusing Laundry Detergent BottlesBefore throwing that sturdy detergent bottle into the trash, you can consider ways to use it for something else. This page is about reusing laundry detergent bottles.


Pillow Shams

Repurposing Pillow ShamsThis is a page about repurposing pillow shams. If you don't use shams on your bed, there are lots of ways to get some use out of these fabric bags.


A collection of sports trophies.

Uses for Old TrophiesOld trophies are often collectible and parts of old trophies can make great additions to craft projects. This is a page about uses for old trophies.



Uses for Carpet Padding?This is a page about uses for carpet padding. When you pull up your carpet or install new, you may have leftover padding.


pill bottle hide a key

Uses for Prescription BottlesOld prescription bottles can come in handy for sorting, storage and craft projects. The come in a variety of sizes and it's not hard to find a use for them around the house. This is a page about uses for prescription bottles.


A collection of labeled prescription bottles

Removing Prescription Bottle LabelsPrescription bottles are handy to use for storing small items but it is desirable to remove the labels first. This is a page about removing prescription bottle labels.


Empty shoebox waiting for a new use.

Uses for Shoe BoxesThis is a page about uses for shoe boxes. Save money and reuse your empty shoe boxes, there are so many ways you can.


Plastic Newspaper Bag

Uses for Plastic Newspaper BagsThis is a page about uses for plastic newspaper bags. Rather than toss the plastic bag your newspaper is delivered in, reuse it.


sock snowman

Uses for Old SocksThis is a page about uses for old socks. Whether it is worn out or you can't locate the matching sock, there are many ways socks can be useful around the house or used in crafts.



A bag of cereal removed from its box.

Reusing Inner Lining from Cereal or CrackersThe inner lining found in many cereal and cracker boxes can be put to a wide variety of second uses, from crafts to food prep and storage. This page contains a selection of excellent ideas for reusing these liners.


Crafts Using Oatmeal Containers

Crafts Using Oatmeal Containers?This page is about crafts using oatmeal containers. Cardboard oatmeal cylinders can be useful for a variety of crafts and projects.


Sippy Cup

Uses for Sippy CupsThis is a page about uses for sippy cups. These beverage containers can be helpful in other situations besides a toddler's drink.


Three old used tubes of lipstick

Uses for Old or Unwanted Lipstick?This is a page about uses for old or unwanted lipstick. Many of us have a collection of lipstick tubes rolling around in a drawer. Perhaps they are nearly empty or the color is unflattering.


Air freshener container.

Reusing Glade Gel Air Freshener Containers?I was given a bunch of these Glade air fresheners as someone didn't like the smell. Normally I would buy more eco friendly air fresheners or make my own.


Paris France Sweatshirt

Uses for Old SweatshirtsThis page contains uses for old sweatshirts. A sturdy cotton fabric that can be fashioned into other things.


Old Piano

Ideas for Recycling an Old Piano?Old pianos can often be found for cheap or free. Then the fun begins as you repurpose it into something uniquely yours. This page explores ideas for recycling anw old piano.


Gift tags made out of gift cards.

Reusing Christmas Cards as Gift TagsCutting down old Christmas cards into gift tags is a fun recycling project that supplies you with unique tags and saves money. This is a page about reusing Christmas cards as gift tags.


A vintage Band-Aid tin.

Uses for Band-Aid ContainersThis is a page about uses for Band-Aid containers. Empty containers such as metal or plastic Band-Aid boxes are perfect for reusing to store small objects.


Outdoor Ashtray From Popcorn Tin

Outdoor Ashtray From Popcorn TinNeed to keep those butts contained? Having a gathering of people and some are smokers? Be sure to have a "Butt and Ash Keeper" to keep the area clean. No more cigarette butts thrown on the ground.


A gift made with a formula can.

Uses for Formula CansThis page is about uses for formula cans. Reusing these baby food containers can be helpful for a variety of crafts and things.


Canning Lids

Uses for Used Canning LidsOnce used for canning, lids can not be used again, but they have lots of alternative uses. This is a page about uses for used canning lids.


Using Old Christmas Cards

Using Old Christmas CardsThis page is about using old Christmas cards. You can collect quite a few of these cards that can be reused in a variety of fun ways.


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Alternative Uses for Elastic Hair Bands?Just curious! I'm wanting to know of some other ways to reuse/use elastic hair bands than just using to put your hair into a ponytail. Thanks.


Crockpot Liner

Uses for Ceramic Crockpot Liners?There are many suggestions on this page for ways to use the ceramic liner from ad old defunct crockpot. This is a page about uses for ceramic crockpot liners.


Green Blanket

Ideas for Repurposing BlanketsThis is a page about ideas for repurposing or reusing blankets and comforters. Many types of outdated or worn linens can be repurposed or reused for crafts and other household needs.


Uses for Coffee Filters, Coffee filter on a brown background.

Uses for Coffee FiltersThis is a page about uses for coffee filters. There are so many uses for coffee filters besides making coffee. They are great for cleaning, crafts, and organizing items just to name a few.


Air Filled Packing Bag

Uses for Air Filled Packing BagsThis is a page about uses for air filled packing bags. Many items today are shipped with air filled bags as packing material. Rather than discarding these bags get creative and reuse or repurpose them.


Old Watches

Uses for Old Watches?This is a page about uses for old watches. Old watches can be used in many ways even after they are no longer reliable timepieces.


Uses for Shoulder Pads

Uses for Shoulder PadsThis page is about uses for shoulder pads. Shoulder pads go in and out of style, but your garment is often still wearable.


Parmesan Cheese Container

Uses for Parmesan Cheese ContainersThis is a page about uses for Parmesan cheese containers. Give your cheese containers a second chance at life.


Pump Bottle

Reusing Pump BottlesThis page is about reusing pump bottles. Once the lotion or liquid soap is gone, these hand pump containers can be reused to dispense a variety of liquids.


lighted Christmas reindeer display

Reusing Outdoor Christmas DisplaysThis is a page about reusing outdoor Christmas displays. When you can no longer get the lights to work on your reindeer or other outside ornament frames, they can be used in the garden in interesting ways.


Uses for Artificial Christmas Trees

Uses for Artificial Christmas TreesThis is a page about uses for artificial Christmas trees. Rather than toss out an old unwanted artificial Christmas tree consider other possible uses for it whole or in pieces.


basket of clothing

Uses for Old ClothingThis page contains uses for old clothing. A scarecrow, material for a quilt, and rags are just a few of the ways old clothes can be useful.


Pudding Snack Cup

Reusing Plastic Snack CupsThis is a page about reusing plastic snack cups. Finding another use for containers that can just end up in the recycle or even refuse bin, can save you money and help our environment.


Uses for Old Calendars

Uses for Old CalendarsThis page contains uses for old calendars. Many times last year's calendar have pictures that you like.



Uses for M&M's Plastic Tubes?This is a page about uses for M&M's plastic tubes. Those little plastic tubes that hold mini M&Ms have other uses after you finish the tasty chocolates inside.


Aluminum foil to replace a lost bottlecap.

Replacing a Missing Cap or LidIt is frustrating when a container's lid goes missing. Often lids and caps from other containers will fit.


Uses for Empty Tissue Boxes

Uses for Empty Tissue BoxesThis page is about uses for empty tissue boxes. Before discarding that kleenex box you may want to consider some of these ideas.


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Repurposing an Old Basketball Goal Post With No Backboard?This is going to sound like an odd question, but hoping some one might have some ideas. We have an old in ground basketball goal. The backboard gave out months ago and now I am stuck with a metal pole sticking out of the ground.


Recycling a Vinyl Pool

Recycling a Vinyl Pool?This is a page about recycling a vinyl pool. Before you throw out that leaky vinyl pool consider other things it can be used for.


A collection of spice bottles with lids.

Reusing Spice BottlesThis page is about reusing spice bottles. The small jars that spices are sold in can be repurposed for a variety of things.


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Ideas for Using Stand from a Bird Bath?The neighbor's cat knocked the bowl off of my bird bath and broke it in two. Any ideas for the stand that is left?


Wrapping Paper Tubes

Uses for Cardboard Wrapping Paper TubesThis page is about uses for cardboard wrapping tubes. These leftover tubes can be used in crafts, for storage and in other ways.


Old Refrigerators

Uses for Racks and Bins from Old RefrigeratorsThis page is about uses for racks and bins from old refrigerators. Once a refrigerator is no longer worth repairing, you may be able to use the shelves and drawers for other things around your home.


Tabs from pop or other aluminum drink cans.

Uses for Pop TabsThe aluminum tabs from soda cans have many uses, from securing lightweight wall hangings to increasing wardrobe space in your closet. This page contains a variety of ways you can reuse these pull tabs.


An open bag of potato chips.

Uses for Potato Chip BagsEmpty snack food bags can be reused at least once before they are simply thrown into the trash, thus serving a dual purpose. This is a page about uses for potato chip bags.


A glue stick that has been refilled with glue.

Refilling Empty Glue SticksDon't throw away those empty convenient glue sticks. They can be refilled with homemade or tube glue. This is a page about refilling empty glue sticks.


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Uses for a Broken Crock Pot?The pot is worthless to cook with, but that huge nice pot is too good to trash. What would you do with it? I am not in any way a hoarder, but that pot seems to have life left.


Basic blue pens spread on a white background

Uses for Used Up Ink PensThis is a page about uses for used up ink pens. You might be surprised by the number of ways you can reuse ink pens.


A collection of spices on a glass tray, used in a microwave.

Microwave Glass Tray as DIY Lazy SusanRepurpose the plate and revolving stand from a non-working microwave to make a lazy Susan for condiments, or other things. This is a page about using a microwave glass tray as DIY lazy Susan.


A roll of paper towels.

Reusing Paper Towels and NapkinsIf you are not ready to quit using paper towels, one way to reduce waste is to consider reusing ones that have been used perhaps to wipe up water or dry your hands. Relatively clean ones are perfect for a spill on the floor or other messier jobs. Remember reduce, reuse, and recycle.


Blank Audio Cassette Tape against white background

Uses for Cassette Tapes and CasesThis is a page about uses for cassette tapes and cases. Cassette tapes may be things of the past when it comes to media storage, but the tape cartridges and cases have craft and storage potential.


Soap Dispenser With Pink Liquid Soap

Uses for Soap DispensersThis is a page about uses for soap dispensers. Don't throw away your empty soap dispensers, even ceramic or glass ones with broken pumps can be reused in a number of useful or decorative ways.


Uses for Old Bangle Bracelets

Uses for Old Bangle BraceletsI've used old bangle bracelets (plastic and the types that clip) for many uses. It seems these bracelets wind up being given away by many who don't seem to wear them anymore.


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Shredded Colored Paper Uses?What can I do with shredded colored paper?


A political sign being used as a knee pad in a garage.

Political Signs Make Great Knee PadsPolitical signs make great knee pads!! Let's get them off the roadsides and keep them out of the landfills. Thirty days after election day, they become litter.


A recycled ICEE package frozen with water inside.

Ice Water To GoEverywhere I look, I see people sipping water from a plastic bottle. I don't think they're that thirsty or hot. I think they're just trying to stay hydrated. I suppose that's a good thing.


The completed railing next to stairs.

Upcycle Above Ground Pool Post into RailingDo you have an old above ground pool you're taking down? Or see someone tossing theirs out? Keep the posts! Here's an idea you could do with them for inexpensive - made this railing for garden.


Two bowls with lids and two spray bottles.

Recycling Plastic Lids And Small Spray BottlesI'm always looking for ways to recycle and have found that some plastic lids like a coffee can lid or a raisin lid will fit over some bowls. I also save small spray bottles, which work well to put hair spray, cleaner, or other liquids in when traveling.


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Uses for Plastic Coffee ContainersI give used plastic coffee containers to new mothers and dads. They can use the coffee containers for holding clean diapers and another can for soiled diapers. This is very helpful when traveling, visiting, etc. The containers can also carry pacifiers, wipies, onsies, etc. Just put them in a small basket with labels on them. This saves a lot of space when visiting and or traveling.


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Recycling Ideas for Linens and BeddingHow can we reuse discarded linen in the hotel industry?


A recycled vinegar bottle used as a vase with sweet peas

Recycled Vinegar Bottle as VaseMore and more foods seem to come in plastic containers or wrapping, but I noticed that our recently empty vinegar bottle was a lovely shape and made out of glass.


A headband being used as a rubber band around an open bag of potting mix.

Using Sturdy Head Bands Instead of Rubber BandsI can't afford good rubber bands. And if I had a nickel for every time the ones I had broke just when I needed them . . .


Reuse Coffee Cups

Reuse Paper Coffee CupsI like going out to coffeeshops as much as the next person, and I am not always able to bring my great reusable coffee tumbler, but I don't worry, because I often reuse the paper cup, too.


A basket full of frozen juice containers filled with water.

Juice Containers to Fill Empty Freezer SpaceWe drink cranberry juice. To fill in the empty spaces and build up the bottom of our chest freezer, I freeze water in the 64 ounce cranberry juice containers. They lay flat and fit perfectly between the dividers. This helps to keep the freezer full.


A plastic grocery bag.

Reusing Plastic Grocery Bags for GarbagePlastic shopping bags can be reused for lining garbage cans. This will save you money and allow you to easily recycle those bags.


DIY Paper Towel Sheet Saver Using a Tissue Box

DIY Paper Towel Sheet Saver Using a Tissue BoxRegular size paper towel sheets can be cut in half and dispensed from an empty tissue box. The box can even be made to fit on your existing paper towel holder. Many clean up jobs can easily be done with the smaller sheet.


A tissue holder upside down to hold flowers.

Reusing a Tissue HolderTurn a plastic canvas tissue box holder into a pretty floral display. Yet another example of repurposing as an inexpensive decorating technique.


Repurpose Spent Water Filter Cartridges - charcoal from a water filter in an aluminum baking pan

Repurpose Charcoal from Spent Water Filter CartridgesThis page offers some good suggestions of repurposing the charcoal from your water filter cartridges. One way to use it is to add to your cat's litterbox.


A flower growing through the fence.

From Freezer's Floor to Garden's DoorTransform wooden freezer floor grates into an integral part of your garden. They make excellent fencing and trellises. Learn how with this step by step tutorial.


Two older people exchanging books.

Hosting a Book Exchange PartyHost a book exchange party for neighbors, friends, and family. It is a fun way to trade used books for ones you have not read. Some suggestions for planning a book exchange party are found on this page.


A caddy made from recycled Maxwell House coffee containers.

Recycled Maxwell House Coffee CaddyWith a handful of binder clips and some empty Maxwell House coffee containers you can make yourself this handy caddy.


Refurbishing a Fire Pit

Refurbishing a Fire PitSome crafters really enjoy refurbishing other folks' trash or freebies and giving them new life. This page shows you how to refurbish a discarded fire pit and make it into a glass topped table.


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DIY Paper Towel Sheet Saver Using a Tissue Box

DIY Paper Towel Sheet Saver Using a Tissue BoxThis is a way to make your paper towel rolls last longer. Simply cut each sheet in half and place them into an empty tissue box.



Uses for ClothespinsWhile most of us in the US dry our clothing in clothing dryers, there are still many uses for clothespins around the house. This is a page about uses for clothespins.


Second photo of a wine cork key ring.

Craft Uses for Wine CorksThis is a page about craft uses for corks. Once the cork is out of the wine bottle, it's easy to just throw it away. However, they can be used for a myriad of things, craft projects in particular.


Using Toy Catalog Pages as Gift Wrap - trim ribbon ends

Using Toy Catalog Pages as Gift WrapWhen it comes to wrapping presents/gifts, I try to recycle what I have before purchasing anything unnecessary. Don't throw away all those holiday toy catalogs you receive in the mail. I was able to recycle and wrap a couple of gifts with the Target catalog!


A pink cleaning rag.

Use Rags Instead of Paper TowelsWhile incredibly handy, paper towels are wasteful. Pretty much every task that a paper towel can be used for, a cloth rag can do the same job without having to be thrown away. This is a page about use rags instead of paper towels.


Re-label Vitamin Containers - newly labeled bottle

Re-label Vitamin ContainersI purchase vitamins in bulk because you save a lot more money and can spilt them among family members or friends (who use the same vitamins). Temporarily I placed my vitamins in a Ziploc. Now, that I have an empty vitamin container - it is extremely simple and easy to re-label any vitamin container or container with adhesive.


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DIY Recycled Magazine Organizer

DIY Recycled Magazine OrganizerThis video gives great detailed instructions on how to make stylish and functional magazine organizer.


Plastic Bottle Solar Light

Plastic Bottle Solar LightsThis is a great way to reuse plastic bottles and save money on power. In the United States this idea could be used in sheds, chicken coops, or any structure with a tin roof.


How To Recycle Paper

How To Recycle PaperThis video about making your own recycled paper is a wonderful DIY project that anyone can do at home.


Making the Most of Your Scented Candles

Making the Most of Your Scented CandlesThis video shows you some great ideas about what to do with leftover candle wax.


Recycled Kaleidoscope

Recycled KaleidoscopeThis video gives a detailed overview on how to make a neat kaleidoscope from an old CD jewel case.


Recycling a 2 Liter Bottle

Recycling a 2 Liter BottleDon't throw that soda bottle away, find a way to use it around the house or yard. Here is a video with 8 great tips on other uses for a 2 liter bottle.


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Uses for Deer Skin Shammies?I came across an interesting find in my deceased father's garage the other day, a bunch of deerskin "shammies!" There were several of them. I washed them as they had car grease stains on them, but they were in excellent condition, and hung them out to dry.


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Finding Old Free Used Tires?I am looking for free used 235/75/R 15 tires. Does anyone know where I can get some? I will pick them up in Phoenix.


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Removing the Bottom of a Food Can?How do I remove the bottom of a food can?


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Uses for Old Toothbrushes?What are some uses for old toothbrushes? I have saved all my used one for years and they have all been put through the dishwasher so they are clean. I hate to just throw them away. There must be something they can be used for besides cleaning the grout between my tiles.


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Uses for Pill Bottles?Any suggestions what to do with pill bottles? Crafts? Donation to organizations?


Uses for Old Plastic Inhaler Dispensers - atop bamboo

Uses for Old Plastic Inhaler Dispensers?Does anyone have uses for old plastic inhaler dispensers. I use them on top of my bamboo canes as a safety measure to protect my eyes from being poked when I'm gardening. I've been prodded a few times! But not any more. '


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