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Duck eggs in a nest.

Moving Duck EggsWhether they are your pets or just a nest of eggs that need to be moved, moving duck eggs can be a tricky endeavor, but it can be done. This page is about moving duck eggs.


Mole coming out of a mole hole.

Caring for a Rescued Baby MoleDepending on the age of the baby there are some common steps you can follow to care for the baby mole. You want to keep it warm and fed. This is a page about caring for a rescued baby mole.


Six duck eggs in a nest

Abandoned Duck Nest?Sometimes you may find what appears to be an abandoned duck nest. This is a page about an abandoned duck nest.



Understanding Skunk Behavior?This is a page about understanding skunk behavior. Skunks are generally maligned because of their potential defensive spraying behavior and a fear of rabies. Understanding skunk behavior may help us coexist with these often beneficial animals and also alert us when their behavior is abnormal.


Mole with head up out of a mole mound

What Do Moles Eat?Some homeowners may wonder what those little moles that are burrowing through their yard are eating down in their dark tunnels. This is a page about "What do moles eat?".


A pigeon sitting on eggs in gravel.

Moving a Pigeon Egg?Sometimes birds will choose a nesting site that is dangerous for their eggs or simply in the wrong spot around your home. Some research can help to successfully move the nest and egg(s) and prevent similar nesting in the future. This page offers some helpful suggestions for moving a pigeon egg.


A broad-headed skink among some plants outside.

Redheaded Lizards (Broad-Headed Skinks) Information and PhotosThese arboreal lizards are found in the southeastern United States. The red or orange color is exhibited by the males during mating season. This is a page about Plestiodon laticeps, commonly known as redheaded lizards (broad-headed skinks).


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Do Mallards Move Their Eggs?Can a Mallard hen move her eggs from one location to another and how is she able to do this?


Black Pine Snake

Identifying Black SnakesThis is a page about identifying black snakes. Identifying a snake you have seen in your backyard or out hiking can be difficult.


Hand feeding a rescued chipmunk.

Caring for a Rescued Chipmunk?This is a page about caring for a rescued chipmunk. Sometimes our pets bring us gifts of small wildlife, such as chipmunks. If you receive such a gift or find an injured or seemingly orphaned one you will want to care for it until it is well or taken to a rescue.


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Birds Prefer Dry Cat Food to Seed?I am an animal lover, all animals. I put bowls of dry cat food on our porches for strays. Although I feed the birds at several different feeders, the birds are always eating the cat food. This results in droppings on our porches and railings.


Mr President and First Lady

Wild Eagle Nest WebcamsThis is a page about wild eagle nest webcams. It is very gratifying to be able to watch wild eagles raise their young.



Mallard Duck swimming in a lake.

Mallard Duck Information and PhotosThis is a page about mallard duck information and photos. The mallard has one of the most extensive breeding ranges of any duck in North America. The male mallard is quite recognizable with his brilliant green head and white neck ring.


A wild baby goose.

Rescuing Wild Baby GeeseThis page is about rescuing wild baby geese. Only if the mother goose is nowhere to be found you may have to rescue the abandoned goslings.


Mother duck in ducklings in a swimming pool

Will Pool Water Harm Ducks?This page is about will pool water harm ducks? Making sure your wild or domestic ducks have good water to swim in is important to maintaining their health.


An eagle's nest with chicks.

Eagle Cam WatchingI just want to share the website for this eagle cam. There are 3 eaglets, still in the fuzzy stage. It is thrilling to watch them grow and see how the mom and dad take such good care of them.


Two deer heads mounted on a wall.

Taxidermy AdviceIf someone wants to have a small carcass stuffed you can sometimes keep it well wrapped in your freezer. Make a place separate from your food.


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Duck Eggs Scattered Away from Active Mallard Nest?We have a mallard duck who has made her nest under a lilac bush in our back yard. She has been sitting on it for about 4 days. The weird thing is every one of these four days we have found random eggs in our yard. Are these bad eggs that's she getting rid of? We have not touched them hoping she'll move them to her nest. These four eggs are all within two or three feet of each other.


A duckling swimming in water alone.

Caring for Wild Ducklings?If you find abandoned duckings the best choice it to contact your local wildlife rescue organization. If that is not possible there is information on the web about emergency care procedures for a baby duck. Be sure to research duckling care before you attempt to feed or house them.


A family of black bears walking through the forest.

Black Bear Photos and InformationThe American black bear, Ursus americanus, is the most familiar and commonly seen bear in North America. While omnivorous they also eat fish, mammals, and carrion. They like human food as well. They will approach campers, hikers, and rural homes in search of food. While interesting to sight, caution needs to used if you encounter one. Do not approach wild bears, especially cute little cubs, whose mom is surely close by. Read more about black bears and view some photos on this page.


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Getting a Black Snake to Leave the Basement?I love black snakes in the outdoors. However I recently found a 5 foot snakeskin in my unfinished basement. There is a Frenchdoor that we enter and exit in the basement. I know he's still there as we have had no mice upstairs and living in 27 acres of woods gives us lots of mice. Will he come upstairs and kill my 10 lb. Morkie? What should I do? How do I get him back outside?


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Bird That Would Reuse a Robin Nest?I have a robin nest on my patio eave that was built and used last year by a robin. This year it is being used by a different kind of bird (smaller, very noisy). Any idea what kind of bird it could be? (I live in the Appleton, WI area). I was thinking it might be a purple martin. I don't see well enough to tell for sure.


Survivability of Baby Bird Pushed from a Nest - featherless baby bird

Survivability of Baby Bird Pushed from a NestWhen you come across an abandoned baby bird, a wildlife center may be its best chance for survival. This is a page about survivability of baby bird pushed from a nest.


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Mamma Duck Won't Sit on Eggs Inside an Enclosure?I had a Muscovy duck lay eggs in my front yard about 2 months ago and they got destroyed by a predator (probably a raccoon). So when I saw the nest getting used again and there were 12 eggs in it with the mother sitting on them, I kept an eye on it. Later 4 of the eggs were eaten. I built a cage around the area using simple strips of wood and chicken wire. But now she won't sit on the nest.


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Caring for an Injured Wild Finch?My husband rescued a finch that got hit by a car a block from our house. He is eating, but he doesn't want water. How can I get him to drink water? What kind of cage can I put him in during the night time until his wing is healed? He can't fly and when he stands he sometimes falls sideways. He is missing feathers on one wing.


Mother Bat and Her Pup - bat and pup hanging from house siding

Mother Bat and Her PupJuly 1st was a hot/humid day in Wisconsin. I noticed this mother and her pup slept out of the bat house very low to the ground where it was cooler. The pup is tucked behind her body, near her legs, close to the cedar. We have 34 moms in the bat house, it's a maternity colony.


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Ducks Laid Eggs Near House Foundation?I found out that 2 female ducks have laid eggs against my house. One on the north side of my house and the other on the south side of the house. Why did they choose my house?



Scotty The Goose

Scotty The GooseMy family and I spend most of our summer here at this beach. We love the view, it is a relaxing place to be. It is located in Gananoque, home of the Thousand Islands. Scotty the goose will come right up and eat from your hand.


Duck and Her Ducklings

Protecting a Duck and Her Ducklings?Ducks often lay their eggs in places that can put them and their duckings at risk. This is a page about protecting a duck and her ducklings.


Northern Cardinal bird in a snow storm.

The Northern CardinalThe northern cardinal, also know as a redbird or common cardinal is easily recognizable. The male sports a distinctive crest along with its brilliant red plumage. This is a page about the northern cardinal.


coral and fish in beautiful blue water

Underwater Adventure in TahitiOne of my favorite pastimes is snorkeling in our lagoons. You are amazed at the different shapes of coral, the beautiful colors of fish, and the amazing animals that live in our lagoons. I enjoy traveling to Bora Bora because the waters there are so warm and have so many fish, turtles, sharks, and stingrays.


Duck in nest with eggs

Incubation Time for Duck Eggs?This is a page about incubation time for duck eggs. Wild ducks sometimes lay their eggs where we can watch them, sit and incubate the eggs, hoping to see the babies when they hatch.


Two deer mice isolated on white

Deer Mouse PhotosThis is a page about deer mouse photos. Also known as a white footed mouse, the deer mouse is thought to be the most abundant and widely spread mammal in North America.


slender tan and brown snake on deck

What Kind of Snake Is This?Does anyone know what kind of snake this is? I live in Peninsula, Virginia.


close up image of a snake with it's tongue out

Snake PhotosThis is a page about snake photos. We come across snakes in a variety of places, in our yards and gardens, on hikes, and elsewhere. Taking a photo is a typical response to the encounter so that we can identify them later.


tiny grey squirrel

Caring for an Orphaned Baby SquirrelThis is a page about caring for an orphaned baby squirrel. Caring for or finding professional care for orphaned wildlife can be rewarding.


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Rattlesnake Information?When does a baby rattlesnake get their first rattle?


Native Wildflowers

Native Wildflower Rescue GroupsThis page is about native wildflower rescue groups. When humans till up the land and landscape with non-native plants, wildflowers often do not reseed themselves. Saving these seeds have become a mission of some conservationists.


Sea gull.

Hartlaub GullI went to the sea for a short weekend break. On the first day of the weekend, we went for lunch at Sea Gypsy Café, a restaurant on the harbor in Mossel Bay.


What Kind of Snake is This?I found this small (12 inch) snake in garden this morning in Tallahassee, Florida. Can you please help me identify it?


Green chameleon on a branch.

Identifying Lizards?Various types of lizards are common in our yards and gardens. Identifying the one you have just found can be interesting and fun. This is a page about identifying lizards.


Dryer Sheets

Are Dryer Sheets Safe for Birds?These dryer softening cloths contain many chemicals before they are used in the dryer. This page is about are dryer sheets safe for birds?



Baby Loon on its mom's back.

Loon Information and PhotosThis is a page about loon information and photos. The subject of many Native American legends, the loon is a migratory bird that breeds in forested lakes and large ponds in northern North America and parts of Greenland and Iceland.


A young starling sitting in a lawn.

Caring for a Wild Baby BirdThis page is about caring for a wild baby bird. The best place for any baby is with their mother, but sometimes you find an orphan.


Polyphemus Moth

Polyphemus Moth Information and PhotosThis is a page about polyphemus moth information and photos. This large moth is found throughout the United States, southern Canada, and down into Mexico.


Squirrel hanging onto a tree.

Squirrel Information and PhotosThis is a page about squirrel information and photos. Squirrels and their antics are enjoyed by many.


Fawn (Baby Deer) standing in the grass.

Fawn (Baby Deer) Information and PhotosThis is a page about fawn (baby deer) information and photos. Beautiful baby deer known as fawns are an amazing site to behold. Their distinctive spots help to camouflage these young deer until they are more able to fend for themselves.



Chipmunk Information and PhotosThis is a page about chipmunk information and photos. Chipmunks are the smallest member of the squirrel family. All but one species can be found romping about in North America.


Feeding a Squirrel

Feeding SquirrelsThis is a page about feeding squirrels. Attracting squirrels to your yard will provide you with hours of entertainment watching their playful antics.


Small spiney animal.

What is This Animal?Anyone have any idea? I was thinking baby porcupine.


A wild raccoon looking up.

Rescuing Wild AnimalsThis is a page about rescuing wild animals. Occasionally you may find a wildlife baby and be tempted to rescue it. There are many things to consider before you scoop it up and take it home.


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Ducks Laying Eggs and Not Returning?All summer we have found duck eggs buried in the mulch around the trees in our yard, only one at a time. We have left them alone for days without the female returning. We have lived here along the lake for 22 years and never had this happen before.


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Identifying Flying Bugs Seen Only in June?I have these flying bugs that look like a lightning bug, but they do not have the glow part. They seem to come out for the month of June only. What is this?


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Birds Chirping Before Sunrise?Why are the birds chirping before sunrise?


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Green Tree Frog in Vent Fan Light Fixture?I have a green tree frog in my bathroom light in ceiling. How do I get rid of him? He is in the venting fan/light. We don't know how he got there, nor do we have any more up there. I can't get a picture, too tight.


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Plovers Making Noise Outside at Night?What can I do when you have annoying plovers outside at night?


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Gestation Period for Goose Eggs?What is the time period for a goose egg to hatch?


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Name of Area Designated for Wildlife Protection?What do you call an area designated for the protection of wild animals, within which hunting and fishing are either prohibited or strictly controlled?


Beautiful raptor, with white and dark grey feathers.

Is This a Hawk or a Falcon?This picture was taken in London Ontario. I am trying to determine if it is a hawk or a falcon. (I think Falcon)


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Identifying Small White Jelly Bean Shaped Eggs?I am trying to identify some small white jelly bean shaped eggs. Are they from a snake or lizard? I saw the part of a reptile, but I didn't want disturb it. I went back a couple of days later and a blue green lizard ran off, was he eating the eggs or were they the lizard's?


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What Do Brown Grasshoppers Eat?What do brown grasshoppers eat?


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Can Snakes Damage House Foundation by Nesting Activities?I have a large family of garter snakes living under our side steps. I am not afraid of them, and do not mind them being there, but I am nervous that they could hurt the foundation by making pits underneath those steps or around the foundation.


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Locating a Wildlife Watching Club?I am looking for a wildlife watching club in southeastern North Carolina. Does anyone know of a wildlife (not just birds, but all wildlife) watching club in the southeastern portion of NC? Preferably close to Fayetteville, Lumberton, or even down as far as Florence, SC.


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Treating Fleas on Feral Cats?How do you put flea drops on a wild cat? They are too expensive to not do it the right way. Any ideas?


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Helping Newborn Mallard Ducks?This morning six new born mallard ducks were swimming with their mother in our small garden pond. Now we can not find them. Are they hiding? Do they sleep, so young? Will they stay here before trying to leave? For how long, typically?


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Hatching a Goose Egg?There used to be a goose that sat in the bushes all the time on a nest. Well the other day I was walking my dogs and I looked and saw blood and feathers dragged across the snow and the mom was gone.


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Birds on Protected Species List?This is about which birds are on the protected species list.


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Caring for Baby Starlings?I would love to hear from any of you who have been successful at taking care of baby starlings before they are transported to rescue and rehab.


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Importance of Insects?Why are insects an important biological resource?


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I Saw a White Deer?Has anyone seen an all white deer? I spotted one in the woods by my house and I still can't believe it. I tried to get a picture, but my camera doesn't take good distance pictures. I'm afraid no one else believes me either, but I did see it.


Is This a Toad?Can anyone tell us if this is a toad or a frog? I think it's a little toad, but someone else thinks it's a tree frog. We found it outside our office complex where we have a large pond/wetlands and prairie setting. He's so little!


Steve Irwin "Crocodile Hunter" - Online MemorialMy family has been deeply saddened by the death of Steve. We would like to express our sympathy to our Aussie friends and to all of the people who loved him....worldwide. He truly was "one of a kind".


Snow White Squirrel (UK) - white squirrel in grass

Snow White Squirrel (UK)I saw this snow white squirrel in a country park next to my house.


Tame Turtle - turtle on the bank of a pond or lake

Tame TurtleMy 3 yr. old son and I saw this turtle that didn't 'run' or should we say walk away, when we approached it on our morning walk. It seemed to enjoy the attention. Very cute little fella!


Polyphemus Moth - moth on hand

Polyphemus MothBeautiful female polyphemus moth. 04/13/20


Eastern Box Turtle

Eastern Box TurtleThe Eastern box turtle (Terrapene carolina carolina), is native to the eastern half of the United States. Both the shell, called a carapace, and the skin are brown with orange and yellow spots and splotches to help camouflage it in the leaf litter where it can often be found.


Iced Feeder for the Hummingbirds - closeup of hummingbird at feeder

Iced Feeder for the HummingbirdsA few years ago when I was changing one of the feeders, I emptied it out to put in fresh sugar water/nectar, and the sugar water was *scalding hot* from the triple digit summer's heat.


Eagle Cam - bald eagle

Eagle CamI'm watching the Decorah eagle cam located in Iowa. Mom laid her 1st egg 2-21-18. You can watch the eagles day and night, although at night, you will be watching them sleep. Website: Eagle Cam


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Duck Seems to Have Abandoned Her Eggs - nest with 5 eggs

Duck Seems to Have Abandoned Her Eggs?A duck laid 5 eggs in the last week. She was trying to lay another egg 5 days ago and our siding contractor startled her and she flew away. Is it possible she'll come back?


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Rescued Chipmunks Need Help?I just found a chipmunk outside, my cat was torturing them. I picked them up and put it in our huge maple tree that has a lot of holes in it. My cat didn't break their skin, but their back legs where injured. I knew only my mom would help them get better so it's the best I could do, but is there more I could have done/do for them?


Abandoned Duck Egg - duck egg in dry grass

Abandoned Duck Egg?Is this an abandoned nest? The female hasn't been around or anywhere near by for almost a week. There is just the one egg. There are lights in our garden that light up at night. Should we let a predator find it? Should we see if we can hatch it? I'm worried this duck couple is gone. My kids where so excited we got a duck nest and now we aren't sure what to do.


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Protecting Abandoned Duck Eggs?There was a mother duck in one of my planter boxes in my backyard. The mother duck laid 10 eggs and was scared off by a raccoon. She has been gone for almost 24 hours. The raccoon ate 4 of the eggs, there are now 6 eggs left. I have a feeling the mother is not coming back. What should I do with the 6 eggs? I don't want to raccoon to get to them.


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Keeping Dead Snakes in the Freezer?I know this is gross, but my husband has dead snakes in the freezer to have mounted later. Is it safe to have them in there with our frozen food?


Identifying a Baby Bird? - young bird on gloved hand

Identifying a Baby Bird?My boyfriend found this bird and we were wondering if anyone could guess the age and what kind he is?


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