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Stack of Free Tires

Locating Free Tires?Save old tires from the landfill by putting them to a variety of uses around the home and yard. This is a page about locating free tires.


Recycling Old TrophiesYou can recycle those old, unwanted, dusty trophies cluttering up your closet. This is a page about recycling old trophies.


A pile of pop can tabs.

Current Price for Recycling Can Tabs?Unless you have thousands of them, can tabs have very little value. If you have enough tabs they can be sold by weight for their value as aluminum. This is a page about price for recycling can tabs.


Pop Tabs

Selling Pop TabsThis is a page about selling pop tabs. Aluminum pop tabs may have some monetary value if you find a crafter or recycling center that will buy them.


Old television set.

Getting Rid of Old TVsThis is a page about getting rid of old TVs. TVs contain materials that are harmful to the environment and need to be disposed of properly. It can be difficult and expensive to get rid of them.


Three large stacks of CD Jewel Cases.

Uses for CD Jewel CasesThis is a page about uses for CD jewel cases. Many of us end up with a lot of empty CD cases. There are many craft and recycling options for these slim plastic cases.


Recycling Prescription Bottles, Prescription Bottles on White Background

Recycling Prescription BottlesIf you or a family member takes medication on a regular basis, empty prescription bottles can add up quickly. Make sure they don't end up in the landfill by recycling the bottles. This is a page about recycling prescription bottles.


Old Oil Lamp

Disposing of Lamp Oil Properly?The type of oil used in your lamp and the local recycling and waste regulations will help determine the best way to dispose of the oil. This is a page about disposing of lamp oil properly.


Recycling a Motorhome

Recycling a Motorhome?This is a page about recycling motorhome. If you have an old motorhome that you want to get rid of, you can make some money by scrapping it. Give your local salvage yard a call, for more information.


A box with packing peanuts in it

Saving Money on Packing MaterialsThis page is about saving money on packing materials. Safely packing the items you want to send or move, doesn't have to cost you anything.


White Soap dish on white background

Recycled Soap Dish IdeasThere are a variety of containers that can be fashioned into a soap dish. This is a page about recycled soap dish ideas.


Plastic Meat Tray with ground beef.

Uses for Plastic Meat TraysWhen care is taken to sanitize these containers, they can be reused to organize, catch water under plants and a wide variety of ways. This is a page about uses for plastic meat trays.



Cat litter in a litter box.

Recycling Used Cat Litter?While there are widely differing opinions regarding the recycling of used cat litter, some pet owners have found some acceptable methods. This is a page about recycling used cat litter.


Styrofoam Packing Peanuts

Recycling StyrofoamThis is a page about recycling Styrofoam. While many municipalities do not allow Styrofoam containers, peanuts, or blocks in the curbside recycling bins it can often be recycled elsewhere.


Uses for Dryer Lint

Uses for Dryer LintThis is a page about uses for dryer lint. Lint from the dryer can be used for a few things around the house and for fire starter.


A hand holding sawdust.

Uses for SawdustThis is a page about uses for sawdust. The sawdust from your home shop need not be thrown into the trash, there are several uses it can be put to around the home and garden.


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Uses for Pecan Shells?What can I do with pecan shells and is the bitter part off the pecan useful?


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Recycling or Disposing of Plastic Water Bottle Caps?For the last 3 years I have been collecting water bottle caps, from work at a car dealership, thinking it was for St Jude's, for cancer research. Now I have 1000s and 1000s of them at home in black plastic bags. I don't know what to do with them. Does anyone have an idea where to discard them?


A pair of dentures on a white background.

Recycling Dentures?While there are not recycling options within the United States, there is a program in Japan that recycles dentures. The program recycles the metal found in the dentures and donates the profits to UNICEF.


An old sweater with holey worn out arms.

Recycling Worn Out Clothing?You can use old worn out clothing for rags once the buttons and zippers are removed. You may have a craft use for some of the undamaged fabric pieces.


A wastebasket filled with recycled paper.

Using Recycled Paper for NotesThere are many pieces of paper that come your way that you can cut and reuse for lists and notes. This can save you money and reduce your waste.


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Finding Free Tires?Where can I get 4 15 inch tires free?


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Removing the Plastic Case from VHS Film?What's the easiest way to remove the plastic from the film on 200 VHS tapes?


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Recycling VHS Tapes?What is the best way to remove the film from VHS tapes? I have over 50 tapes. I need to separate the film from the plastic before recycling the tapes.


Glass and plastic bottles with change in front of them

Make Money Recycling Your Own Bottles and CansThis is a page about making money recycling your own bottles and cans. Depending on the state that you live in, you may be able to return your bottles and cans to receive the deposit back. You can also recycle them to receive their weight value. Here are some tips about recycling your cans and bottles.


Tin Cans

Recycling Tin CansAdd tin cans to your recycle bin. It takes alot of energy to produce them. This is a page about recycling tin cans.


A group of people cleaning up litter on the side of a road.

Recycling Plastic BottlesPlease recycle plastic bottles. There is a big demand for them in the recycling industry. The recycling industry has created many jobs as well as saving the life of our landfills. Recycling also saves valuable resources from which plastic bottles are made.



Reuse Waste Water from Water Filter - water collected in cooler

Reuse Waste Water from Water FilterWe installed our reverse osmosis water filter ourselves and instead of having the waste water drain down into the sink and be a complete waste, we route the outlet waste pipe into a bucket/cooler to collect the waste water.


Recycling materials arranged in a circle.

Recycling Metal, Paper, Plastics and GlassHaving a good system to clean, organize and store your recyclables will help keep them out of the landfill. This is a page about recycling metal, paper, plastics and glass.


A stack of old tires.

Selling Old Tires?This is a page about selling old tires. You may be able to make some money selling old tires. They can be sold to individuals, companies that retread, or to a company that recycles them.


A stack of tires at a disposal facility.

Tire Disposal in Indiana?This is a page about tire disposal in Indiana. Finding a local disposal site in your state and learning the recycle rules applying to used tires is your first step in getting rid of them.


Man looking at water heater in garage

Recycling Water HeatersThis is a page about recycling water heaters. Water heaters are just another large lump in the landfill. Rather than that option they can be dismantled and recycled, an environmental friendly choice.


pile of electronics cords and cables

Recycling Electronic Cords and Cables?This is a page about recycling electronic cords and cables. The metals in old wire can be valuable to recycle. These cords can also be used to make other things.


Woman Recycling Aluminum Cans

Recycling AluminumMuch of the aluminum that is produced gets thrown in the garbage instead of the recycle bin. It doesn't take much to recycle it and you can even earn some cash doing it. This page is about recycling aluminum.


Glass Jar Being Put in Recycling Bin

Recycling GlassThis is a page about recycling glass. Over the years it has become easier to recycle our household waste, particularly with the introduction of curbside recycling.


Downy Fabric Softener Ball

Uses For Downy Fabric Softener BallsThis page contains uses for Downy fabric softener balls. An automatic fabric softener dispenser that can be refilled and reused, as well as recycled in a variety of interesting ways.


Woman Recycling Her Old Cell Phone

Recycling Your Old Cell Phones And ComputersThis is a page about recycling your old cell phones and computers. Electronics are made of valuable resources. Recycling old cell phones and computers helps prevent pollution and saves energy.


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Finding Recycling Center for Cans?I want to recycle cans; where can I go? I line in King Williams Town, Eastern Cape, South Africa.


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Recycling Can Pull Lids?Where in Joburg do I go to recycle two litre can lids for money?


Wooden Pallets

Reusing Wood PalletsThis page contains ideas for reusing wood pallets. When these shipping platforms are no longer needed, they can be useful in a variety of craft, gardening and home improvement projects.


toaster oven

Recycling Small AppliancesThis page is about recycling small appliances. When a kitchen appliance no longer works, parts can be reused or recycled in a number of ways.


Plastic Frozen Food Container

Recycling Plastic Frozen Food ContainersThis page is about recycling plastic frozen food containers. Finding uses for convenience food containers keep them from going to the landfill.



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Recycling Pop Can Tabs in South Africa?Please help I have pop tabs that will fill two 2litre bottles and I don't know where to take them. I reside in Modimolle in Limpopo province.


Scrap Metal

Selling Scrap Metal?This page is about selling scrap metal. There are many recycling businesses that buy used metal, but you may need to do some dissasembly.


Recycling Electronics

Recycling ElectronicsThis page is about recycling electronics. It's good to know where you can dispose of a television, computer or other electronic devise so that its parts will be recycled.


Recycling Without Hoarding

Recycling Without Hoarding?This is a page about recycling without hoarding. Sometimes good intentions, such as recycling, can have unintended consequences. If you find yourself keeping things that might be recyclable down the road, you may have crossed into the realm of hoarding.


Spray Deodorant Cans

Recycling Spray Deodorant Cans?This is a page about recycling spray deodorant cans. When recycling aerosol cans there are often a few restrictions that apply.



Recycling Eyeglasses?This page is about recycling eyeglasses. When the style or the optical prescription no longer work for you, your glasses may benefit someone else.


Printer Cartridges

Recycling Printer CartridgesThis page is about recycling printer cartridges. When you want to have your cartridge refilled or just make sure it is recycled.


Recycling Small Appliances

Recycling Small AppliancesThis is a page about recycling small appliances. As recycling becomes a more important part of our daily life, we look for ways to recycle even more items.


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Making a Footstool from Juice Cans?This page is about making a footstool from juice cans. An interesting way to recycle tin cans is to make furniture.


Glossy Blue Recycle Button

Using Online Recycling GroupsThis page is about using online recycling groups. A great idea for people to connect, help each other, and keep many useable items out of the landfill.


Waste Bin Full of Shredded Paper

Recycling Shredded Paper?This is a page about recycling shredded paper. Now that you have shredded all of you important papers, you may be wondering how best to recycle all of those bits and shreds.


Garden swing with wire woven between side bars and vine growing up the side

Using Recycled Materials in the GardenThis page is about using recycled materials in the garden. There are many ways to repurpose stuff in your yard and garden.


Reusing Keurig K-Cups

Reusing Keurig K-CupsThese cups can be re-purposed for a variety of projects around the home. This is a page about reusing Keurig cups.


Preserving Wild Flowers

No-Wilt WildflowersI always save the water spikes left over from florist arrangements. Whenever I go on a nature hike, I take a bunch along in my pack. I can get my wildflowers and other finds home without worrying about them wilting.


Recycled Paper Envelope Finished

Making Recycling FunThis is a page about making recycling fun. Recycling is an important task that we all need to do but sometimes it can feel like a chore. Turing recycling into a game or a challenge of some sort can certainly make it easier.


Recycling Car Batteries, old battery

Recycling Car BatteriesThis is a page about recycling car batteries. Car batteries are full of toxins that you don't want around your home or in a landfill. So it is very important to recycle them properly.


How To Recycle Paper

Making Recycled PaperThis is a page about making recycled paper. While a bit messy, making recycled paper can be a fun activity for young and old alike. Then there are so many craft and other uses for your handmade paper.


Uses for Old Records

Uses for Old RecordsThis is a page about uses for old records. Some old records have value, but some are either too scratched or too common to be collectible. There are ways to reuse old records to make them into something new and wonderful.


Flashmob Style Bottle Recycling

Flashmob Style Bottle RecyclingThis video does a wonderful job of demonstrating how important it is to take a moment and recycle that plastic bottle you have in your hand or maybe just stepped over.


Recycling Tips, Man Helping Children Sort Recycling

Recycling TipsThis is a page about recycling tips. Recycling is an important step that we all need to take in order to keep our planet healthy and clean. Making recycling easy and even fun will make your efforts even more effective.


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Recycling a Printer?I have a printer than isn't working anymore, and was wondering where I could take it to be recycled. Hewlett-Packard won't buy it back or recycle it because it's too new. Thanks for your input on this subject!


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Selling Old Tires in the UK?Please let me know where I can sell old tyres. I have around 100,000. Thank you.


Disposing of Light Bulbs (Incandescent), A light bulb.

Disposing of Light Bulbs (Incandescent)This is a page about disposing of light bulbs. Once your incandescent light bulbs have burned out, don't just throw them away. It is important to properly dispose of them.


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Recycling Used Tea Bags and Loose Tea?Does anyone have any ideas what to do with used tea bags or grounds? There must be some way to recycle them.


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How Can I Recycle Old Wire Shopping Baskets?How can I recycle old wire shopping baskets?


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Recycling or Reusing Lightly-used Paper Lunch Sacks?Who will take lightly used paper lunch sacks? I have a grocery bag stuffed full of lunch-sized paper sacks. The Meals on Wheels folks won't take them back. I've offered them twice on FreeCycle. No takers. I'm looking for better ideas.


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Locating Recycling Centers for Plastics?I have a lot of PETE 1 boxes and some PS 6 plates and trays. The city of Gainesville does not recycle them. Does any one know where to recycle them?


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Reusing or Recycling Plastic Baler Twine?How can you reuse/recycle plastic baler twine?


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What Can I Do With Used Cooking Oil?What can I do with used cooking oil?


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Recycling #6 Coffee Cups?I'm trying to find out where I can recycle my clean used #6 coffee cups. I have many, many sleeves of them and refuse to put them in the landfill. And yes, from today on I will bring my own cup to Dunkin'! Thanks for your help in advance.


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Sprinkle Used Coffee Grounds Around Plants?To keep your potted flowers and vegetables growing really well, take a plastic jug or bottle and fill it with water and add a few tablespoonfuls of used coffee grounds. Let this stand a few days then use it to water your plants every other time you water.


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Recycling Ivory Piano Keys?I've decided to strip a piano and cash in on the scrap metal. What should I do with the ivory keys? Thank you.


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Uses for Golf Balls?I live on a golf course and end up with a bunch of balls. Does anyone have any suggestions of what to do with them?


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Recycling the Interior Metal Parts of a Piano?I am looking into recycling my old piano. My question is; is there any money to be made on the recycling of the innards, other than just scrap metal? Does anyone have any ideas on people or companies that might be looking for this stuff, brass, copper, iron, and steel?


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Disposing of Old Batteries?Why do alkaline batteries have to go in the trash? Can't they go to a recycling center or at least a battery place?


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Get Cash for Your Old Cell PhoneWhere can I sell old mobile phones?


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Soda Pop Rings for Cash?Where can I exchange soda pop rings for cash?


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All Kids Recyclable BandMy neighbor and my self started a "All Kids Recyclable Band" last year. These kids have played for the mayor of St. Catharines. They have also played at schools, churches, and parades.


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Melting Plastic Containers?Does anyone know how to safely melt plastics to recycle them? I once visited a class in a California high school that was doing that. They cut up and melted down milk jugs and poured them into molds for little games. Then they sold the games to raise money to finance more equipment for their class. I think that would be fun, maybe 2 liter soda bottles, too?


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Uses for Last Years School Papers?After every year, I have a stack of papers from school. It seems such a waste to throw it away, and I don't keep them for future reference. Does anyone have any ideas on what to do with them?


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A Guide To Household Recycling?I'm interested in recycling my household plastics and cans. Where can I get a free guide sent to me to help me start? Also, any good websites. I have limited space so I can't have bins everywhere. Is there a compact sorting bin that works well and is attractive because it will be out in the open? Thanks for all your help in advance!


Recycled boxes for uses in crafting.

Save Boxes and Cans for Craft TimeStart a new habit. Rinse cans and flatten boxes for a week and put aside until you have "craft time".


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Making A Chess Set Out Of Recyclables?I'm trying to do a Chess Set out of recyclables for a 4-H project. Does anyone have any ideas on good things to use. I don't want it to be a huge set, so any ideas that are small would be GREAT. I'm also trying to figure out some other crafty ideas, so any input would be greatly appreciated.


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Ideas for School Children to Recycle their Paper?I am looking for ideas to recycle to paper produced by my children's school. They produce a lot of paper, but our recycling depot is overfull and doesn't want any more paper. We need to come up with an environmentally friendly way of recycling


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Information on Cost and Energy Used to Recycle Materials?I would be grateful if you could provide any information on the cost/energy used to recycle materials. For example: what would be the cost of recycling 1 ton of metal compared to 1 ton of paper etc. I'm currently researching on the internet and any info/links greatly appreciated.


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Recycling Ideas for Old Televisions?Does anyone have a reuse or recycling idea for old television sets?


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Buying and Selling Used CarpetWall to wall Carpet which has been taken up often has good spots - and when they re-do apartments, there is often a lot of good carpet left.


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Please Recycle Your CarpetI saw the Tip of the Day that went out about carpeting. PLEASE recycle your carpet!


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Uses for Old Knives?Does anyone know the best way to dispose of Kitchen butcher knives. I have a lot of old knives that are no longer useful.


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Recycling Locations in Seattle?Does any one know where in the Seattle area can I recycle my tin cans?


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Uses for Empty Milk Bags?Does anybody have any good ideas for reusing empty milk bags?


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Uses for Cardboard Egg Flats?What can large cardboard egg flats be used for?


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Uses for Plastic Bowls from Frozen Meals?I sometimes buy the frozen meals that come in the black plastic bowls e.g. Lean Cuisine, Weight Watchers, etc. I keep some of them to put other portions of meals in to freeze and would like to know if anyone has come up with ideas for any other uses for the bowls.


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Uses for "International Coffee" Containers?My aunt drinks "International Coffee" drinks which come in those nifty little square tins w/ plastic lids. She hates throwing them out, but just can't think of a clever use for them besides storing nuts and bolts. Let's be real - she only has so many nuts and bolts.


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Gift Bags and Extra GiftsI keep gift bags from all of the holiday parties, etc. and reuse them. I also keep gifts that I don't really like and recycle them, other people like things that I don't!


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How to Recycle Used Clothing?I have not worn my professional suits and cocktail dresses for many years. They are timelessly simple (chocolate chiffon, Chanel suits) and in perfect health. Every resale shop I have called will accept no clothing older than two years.


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Recycling Junk Mail?Does anyone have any good uses for recycling junk mail and paper? I would like to try making homemade paper and would like instructions.


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Using Found "Pans" in BakingI am a long time baker and would like to share this tip with all. I make all different shapes and sizes or cakes and have found that you can only purchase the typical pans in the stores.


Bathroom Recycle Bin

Bathroom Recycle BinIn an effort to recycle even more at our house, I put a small recycling bin in our bathroom. Now we can easily recycle the tp tubes, paper tp wrappers, and any little cardboard packages that end up in the bathroom. It seems that if its easy people are more willing to recycle it. :)


E-Cycling Economics

E-Cycling EconomicsThe green movement is in full swing, and while it might be great for our planet, it might not be so great for our wallets. A growing concern involves e-cycling, recycling electronic products which seep chemical poisons into the ground beneath the dumps.


How to Recycle Wrong

How to Recycle WrongRecycling relieves the environment of a burden, but can it ever be harmful? Is there a way to recycle wrong? It's not necessarily the recycling that can be incorrect; it's the steps leading up to the act of recycling that can cause more harm than good.


Frozen juice can and lid.

Uses for Frozen Juice Concentrate LidsHate to throw out the metal disks that come from the ends of frozen juice concentrate "tubes"? They're such a nice heavy-duty metal with no sharp edges. Here are some recycling ideas from our creative ThriftyFun community.


Coffee can clothespin holder

Coffee Container Bird Feeder and Clothes Pin...Here are two tips for the less handy among us, a bird feeder and clothes pin holder made from coffee containers.


Container of batteries with label "Dead Batteries"

Proper Disposal of Unwanted ThingsSometimes it is hard to know how to dispose of broken household items. It is best to try and find an alternative to the landfill if at all possible, especially since some things such as electronics and batteries pollute if not properly recycled.


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Bottle Bank Arcade Ready to Play

Bottle Bank ArcadeSometimes the best way to get people into doing something is to make it fun. This video demonstrates the power of fun when it comes to encouraging recycling.


Lead Battery Recycling

Lead Battery RecyclingThis short clip from "HowStuffWorks" explains how lead acid batteries are recycled and prepared for reuse.



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Recycling Old Worn Out Clothing?I have a lot of pajamas that are worn out and have holes in the knit fabric. I hate to just trash them and Goodwill won't take stuff like this. Does anyone know where I might recycle fabric like this? Surely someone could use this fabric for something?


Donating Trophies - trophies

Donating Trophies?Any thoughts on where to donate excess trophies?


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Where To Recycle Mattress Pad?I have old mattress slip cover pad that goes on top of a mattress. It needs to be recycled. l live at zip code 18901, where would l take to? I rather not throw it away.


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Recycling Hosiery?I have been unsuccessful in finding a company to which I can send unused nylon hosiery (still packaged pantyhose) for recycling. A couple of companies listed online no longer recycle hosiery.


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Recycling Old Trophies?I'm looking to clean out the attic and get rid of old trophies and plaques.


Selling Aluminium Pull Tabs - tabs in a sack

Selling Aluminium Pull Tabs?How do I sell aluminium pull tabs? I have got 10 tons to let go. What is the price today for selling this item?


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