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White Rain Barrel

Rain Barrels for Practically FreeBy asking around at various businesses you may be able to find suitable plastic barrels to make your own rain barrels for little or no cost. This is a page about rain barrels for practically free.


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Impact of Candle Warmers on Your Electric Bill?I have heard that using electric candlewarmers will really increase your electric bill since it is basically a hot plate. Has anyone noticed this?


Open dishwasher.

Air Dry Dishes in Your DishwasherYou can save energy by skipping the drying cycle on your dishwasher and allowing the dishes to air dry. The dishwasher can also be used as a drying rack for those dishes that require hand washing. This is a page about air drying dishes in your dishwasher.



Reducing Your Freezer's Energy ConsumptionThis is a page about reducing your freezer's energy consumption. Your freezer is a heavy energy consumer. The good news is that there are several ways to reduce its energy consumption.


A person looking at a circuit breaker with a flashlight.

Turning Off Circuit Breakers While AwayI am leaving my condo for 9 months, what breakers do I shut down?


A motion sensor light outside.

Using Motion Sensor LightsMotion sensor light are great for a feeling of security in your driveway and backyard. They work well to save power by turning off when no one is around.


A soft blue fleece fabric.

Using Fleece for CurtainsYou can use polar fleece for curtains. Fleece throw are often inexpensive and they can cover and insulate a window or doorway.


Eggs being hard boiled in water.

Reusing Water from Boiling EggsWhen hardboiled eggs are made, they usually have a large quantity of water to be drained out. This water can be added to recipes or houseplants for extra calcium. Check out the other ideas on this page.


A LED and CLF lightbulb held side by side.

Comparing CFL And LED LightbulbsMost people have replaced their traditional incandescent lightbulbs with energy efficient alternatives, such as CFL (Compact Fluorescent) or LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs. Each type has different pros and cons to consider when choosing a bulb. This page is about comparing CFL and LED lightbulbs.


Dry cracked dirt.

Conserving Water During A DroughtThis is a page about conserving water during a drought. During drought conditions we are often required to get creative and conserve water. Reusing grey water, taking the car to a car wash, conserving water used for your lawn and garden all help. Consider implementing some of these practices year round.


Supplies for making curtains.

Make Your Own Thermal DrapesThermal drapes can be pricey to buy. They do however do a great job of helping to regulate the temperature inside your home. You can add thermal linings to your existing drapes using repurposed items such as shower curtains or plastic table cloths. This is a page about how to make your own thermal drapes.


Water Heater

Turn Hot Water Heater Off When LeavingSaving energy and money on heating hot water is a great idea. Some homeowners suggest turning the water heater off during the day while others strongly recommend simply reducing the temperature. Monitoring your utility bills will help you decide the best method for you. This is a page about turn hot water heater off when leaving.



Conserving Energy Sign

How to Conserve Small, Medium and Large Amounts of EnergyWith the rising cost of some forms of energy, depleting resources, and continued pollution you may want to look at ways you can save energy. There are a number of easy to follow suggestions on this page. This is a page about how to conserve small, medium, and large amounts of energy.


Watering Barrel in front of DownSpout

Watering WiselyWater is a limited resource and should be conserved whenever possible. This is a page about watering wisely.


Seedlings being watered with a watering can.

Reuse Air Conditioning Water in the GardenConserving water is one of the primary things we can do to help the environment. Using the water from the drip tray of your air conditioner is a great way to dispose of the water. This is a page about reuse air conditioning water in the garden.


Bottom drawer freezer packed full of meats and broccoli

Keeping Your Freezer FullThis is a page about keeping your freezer full. When there is empty space in your freezer, it uses more electricity to keep your food cold.


man maintaining a water heater

Saving Money on Heating WaterThis is a page about saving money on heating water. There are a number of ways to save energy usage on your water heater, that will still give you the hot water when you need it.


Using a Water Heater Timer

Using a Water Heater TimerThis is a page about using a water heater timer. There are times of the day and night when you do not use hot water. A timer can turn off the heater when you do not need it, and save you money.


Woman Using Fan to Cool Off

Reducing Energy Usage in the SummerThis is a page about reducing energy usage in the summer. Cooling costs can add up in the summer, if you are not smart about ways you can save energy.


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Making a Solar Oven?Can you give me a site to ask about DIY instructions for making an old dishwasher into a solar oven?


Ceiling Fan

Using Ceiling Fans Year RoundThis is a page about using ceiling fans year round. Ceiling fans can not only help cool your home, but they are excellent for use in heating it as well. Using them year round can help reduce your energy bills.


Air Conditioner

Watering Plants with A/C CondensateThis is a page about watering plants with air conditioner condensate. The water that collects when your AC is operating may be useful to keep your plants hydrated.


Bath Water

Reusing Bath WaterThis page is about reusing bath water. Water can be conserved by recycling from the bathtub for cleaning and irrigating.


Earth Hour

Celebrating Earth HourThis page is about celebrating earth hour. When a whole country decides to turn off their power for an hour, energy is saved and people learn important lessons.


Shower head turned on.

Saving Water When ShoweringThis page is about saving water when showering. There are ways to use very little water when taking a shower.


Compact Fluorescent Bulb

Buying and Using Compact Fluorescent BulbsThis is a page about buying and using compact fluorescent bulbs. Choosing long lasting compact fluorescent bulbs can save you money over time in lower energy costs.


LED head light

Uses for LED LightsThis is a page about uses for LED lights. LED lights are very energy efficient and thus it is tempting to find lots of uses for them.



Home Energy Audit

Getting a Home Energy AuditThis is a page about getting a home energy audit. A home energy audit can help save you money on your utility bills.


Shady Trees

Save Energy With TreesThis is a page about how to save energy with trees. Well placed trees, in your yard, can help to reduce the the amount of energy needed for cooling your home.


Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving TipsThis is a page about energy saving tips. Saving energy is not just a trendy thing to do, it not only is good for the planet, but also can reduce your household expenses.


Saving Money on Lighting

Saving Money on LightingThis is a page about saving money on lighting. Lighting for your home is one area where you can save money relatively easily.


Conserving Water at Home

Conserving Water at HomeThis page is about conserving water at home. There are many simple ways to use less water.


A car shade in a bright window

Use Car Shades In Sunny WindowsI like looking outside my kitchen door/window, but I don't like the sun adding to the heat of my room in the summer. I found rear car shades that have suction cups on them. These are an inexpensive way to keep out the sun and still be able to see outside.


Simple Things We Can Do To Save Energy, Piggy Bank and Electric cord

Simple Things We Can Do To Save EnergyThis is a page about simple things we can do to save energy. Saving energy is not only good for the planet but can also save you money each month. With a couple of simple changes you could reduce your monthly energy bill.


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Increasing the Lifespan of a Light Bulb?Can you save a light bulb from going out?


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Reducing Toilet Water Usage?Does it really take less water to flush the toilet when a half gallon jug of water is placed in the toilet tank?


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Reclaim Water From Defrosting FreezerWe have a small dorm size refrigerator that we use for extras like sodas, water, and party food. It is not frost free, so in the summer it frosts up easily. When I defrost it, I try to catch all the water that drips off then I remove the big pieces as they become loose.


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Put Jar of Water in Toilet TankTo use less water and save money, I fill a empty, clean mayonnaise or pickle jar with water and leave the lid off the jar. I then flush the toilet and put the jar of water in the tank as it is refilling.


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Reusing Water Vapor Condensate from Cooking?Kindly let me know how can I reuse the water vapor condensate when cooking, when boiling water.


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Do the New 1.3GPF Water Saving Toilets Really Work?Does anyone know if the new water-saving toilets (1.3 gpf) actually work efficiently? I want to have them installed, but worry about whether they might need 1-3 flushes to eliminate all waste and therefore not actually save money.


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Cut Electricity Bill and Keep the ACWe live in South Florida, where AC is generally not an option, but a necessity. We're on the electric company's budget billing plan, but have slashed $100+ a month off compared to last year's bill - even with hotter temperatures this year.


Put Leftover Ice in House PlantsThis is a little tip for people who like conserving energy and water. When there is ice left in the glasses after a meal, I always pop them altogether and then put that ice into the house plants rather just throw it down the drain.



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Use Heat Pump to Power Water HeaterMy husband and I recycle and compost. We have some big concerns about filling up land fills and until someone starts an energy producing plant using the waste we produce, this is our way of trying to help.


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Turn Off Unused Lights?Does it cost more to leave lights on or to turn them off and on? I was raised that when you leave a room, you turn off the lights. My husband says to leave lights on and turn them off when you're completely finished for the day.


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Reuse Cooking Water In GardenBy steaming your veggies (and for those that still boil or microwave them), there are still a lot of minerals left in the water that we dispose of down the drain. I re-purpose this mineral rich water for my bedding plants!


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Estimating Appliance and Home Electronics Energy Usage?Does anyone know if you use more electricity on the older TVs or the newer type that is HD? Also is there much of a savings in electricity on the older refrigerator's compared to the Energy Star ones?Thanks for your help.


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Recycling Water Around The HomeOur two favorite ways to conserve/recycle water is using plants and pet dishes. Drop an ice cube? Instead of throwing it in the sink to melt, put it in a pet's water dish. You pet will love having cold water for a change.


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CFL Bulbs Won't Work in Older 5th Wheel CamperWe have a 1977 Golden Nugget 5th wheel camper. I want to put CFL bulbs in it, but when I do, they do not work. Regular light bulbs work fine. I have tried a few different brands and had the same results.


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Installing Alternative Energy Sources?Has anyone installed solar panels and/or a windmill? I would like to hear of your experiences. How did you get started? Did you use a contractor? If so, how did you find one? Have you covered all of your electricity needs this way? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.


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Making Solar Panels at Home?Can't find former post about DIY solar panels. It was by a woman and could be done for about $150.


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Use the Sun to Dry DishesI have a portable dishwasher, and just the other day, I had this idea of letting the sun dry the dishes instead of using the energy it takes for the dry cycle. I am turning the washer around so the sun that comes in through the window can dry them.


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Change Clothes in Dryer Before It StopsWhen doing laundry, remove clothing from the dryer before it stops on its own, and put the next load in.


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Get a Cold Drink Right After You Flush the ToiletIn this hot weather, do you hate wasting water by having to run it so long before it gets cold enough to drink?


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Saving Water from the Sink for PlantsHere in North Carolina we have been experiencing drought conditions and are being encouraged to be mindful of wasting water. Since I have many plants which often need to be watered, I have tried to think of ways to be able to water the plants while conserving water.


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Saving Water TogetherI have a one-handle kitchen faucet, and I have noticed lately that I use too much water. I have started to reduce the flow of water when I use it. Since then, I am using a lot less water. Most of the time, just a quarter of the flow is sufficient, even sometime just a trickle is enough.


Some Stores Banning Plastic BagsThis is about reusable shopping bags for males and females both. Many stores are banning plastic sacks - so that might be something to consider in the near future.


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Turn Oven Off Early To Save EnergyHere's a great energy saver. When you are near the end of the baking time, turn the oven off and keep the door closed. The heat will stay the same long enough to finish baking your dish, and you'll save energy


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Let the Sunshine InMany of us forget, especially those living in the northeast, to open those blinds, drapes, shades, etc. to take advantage of the free heat from the sun. It can shave off as much as 8 percent from your heating bill.


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Wash Laundry In Cold WaterWash all your laundry using cold water. There are some great detergents now on the market especially made for cold water. Also, at the beginning of the rinse cycle, put in half a cup of a water softener such as Calgon or Borax.


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Tankless Water Heater Saves EnergyDemand (also know as Tankless or Instantaneous) water heaters provide hot water only as it is needed. They don't produce the standby energy losses associated with storage water heaters, which can save you money.


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Summer Water Conservation TipsThe hot Summer is here again and I think we all need to reminded to save water. It not only is considered green living, it also saves you greatly on your water bill. Here is a review of some good tips, plus a couple new tips to consider.


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Digital Picture Of Refrigerator ContentsTake a daily pic of the contents of your ice box with your digi-cam and email it to family members so that less time is spent gazing into the open door "just looking", causing your fridge to have to work harder to make up the loss of cold air!


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Full Freezers Work BetterKeep your freezers full, even if it means filling them with jugs of frozen water. Full freezers recover quicker after doors are opened and shut.


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Use A Low Flow Shower Head To Save MoneyIf you don't already have one, you should consider getting a low flow shower head. With a low flow shower head, energy use and costs for heating hot water for showers may drop as much as 50%.


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Dry Clothes OutsideI picked up two wooden dryer racks from yard sales. It is just as easy to hang most of your wash loads out on a porch, and couldn't we all use fresh air?


Save the Earth, One Paper Towel at a Time!You can save money and reduce waste by using hand towels and washcloths in your kitchen. I use the hand towels to dry my hands from numerous washings during meal prep and etc., when damp simply change it out with a new one.


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Dual Flush ToiletsWhen replacing your old toilets, don't just buy the standard replacements. Think about installing dual flush toilets. These toilets have two options for flushing, using less water for smaller needs.


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Gas Range Pilot Lights? I currently have a gas range. The pilot light stays lit. I bought the range thinking if the power went out I would always be able to cook, as opposed to an electric ignition range. Well now that gas prices are sky high I am wondering if I would be better off getting a range that has the electric ignition on it?


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Sleeping in Summer HeatWhen summer comes, and it is *hot*, those of us who either do not have central air or don't want to shock ourselves with a huge power bill but cannot sleep due to the unforgiving heat and humidity, here is a tip...


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Extra BlanketsThis winter we have kept our house much cooler due to the high gas bills. We have used some extra blankets on the beds to keep warmer. The best time of year to buy these blankets is right after the Christmas season...


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Use Lids When CookingWhen cooking on the stove, put lids on your pans. The food will heat up much faster than if not using a lid. Thus, saving you money on your power bill.


An electric plug in an outlet.

The Electric Bill BattleEvery month I open the electric bill and accept it with quiet discontent. However, this month the bill was too high to ignore. I stepped away from my desk and took a 360 degree look around my home. What did I see? A giant electric sucking vortex of wasted energy.


Power Strip With Many Cords Plugged In

Pull the Plug on Electrical CostsOne can never save enough electric. Yet, the growing concern over the cost of utilities coincides with the growing concern for the health of our planet. This enables a household to cut utility costs while "going green" in ways that are easier than ever before.


My Frugal Life: Big Savings With Water Heater TimerAs a single mother in 1980, necessity became the mother of invention for me. I had a house built with passive solar windows, and all electric heat, kitchen and water heater.


Simple Ways to Manage Energy Costs

Simple Ways to Manage Energy CostsEducate yourself to understand your utility bills and each line item and charge included in your bill. Knowledge can save you money!


A clean bathroom faucet.

Water Conservation for Tough Economic TimesEverything seems to just keep going up, up, up these days! To say things are tight around our house is a major understatement! So, I have decided to do a few short articles on the things our little family does to try to save money/keep costs down.


An electric plug in an outlet.

Saving Money on ElectricityThis week I thought I would share some ideas on how our family has saved money on our electric/gas bill. We have found that this particular bill has been one of our easiest to control. There are a several different things you can do to keep this bill under control.


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Turning Off Circuit Breakers While Away?I am leaving my condo for 9 months, what breakers do I shut down?


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Door Draft Stopper?I want to make a door draft stopper. Any ideas? Thank you.


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Energy Efficient Griddle Choice?Which would use less energy, a griddle on top of 220 volt stove or an electric griddle?


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Ideas for Conserving Household Water?How are people finding new ways to conserve water in the home?


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Shutting Off the Water to Water Heater for Vacation?When leaving my home for months in Phoenix, Arizona should I turn the water lead to my hot water heater off? I can't turn the main off as I need it for automated sprinklers.


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How Can I Reduce Freezer Energy Usage?Will using blankets in your freezer to take up space save energy?


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