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Green living tips and money saving solutions for your water conservation efforts.



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White Rain Barrel

Rain Barrels for Practically FreeBy asking around at various businesses you may be able to find suitable plastic barrels to make your own rain barrels for little or no cost. This is a page about rain barrels for practically free.


Eggs being hard boiled in water.

Reusing Water from Boiling EggsWhen hardboiled eggs are made, they usually have a large quantity of water to be drained out. This water can be added to recipes or houseplants for extra calcium. Check out the other ideas on this page.


Items to use for repurposing water from washer.

Repurpose Water From WasherLiving in a dry climate, I have found ways to recycle my water. It takes a lot of work, I'm not saying it's easy. Do you ever consider how much water your washer uses per load? Wash then rinse. With water rates increasing; I've found a way to use the water from my washer.


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Reuse Cooking Water In GardenBy steaming your veggies (and for those that still boil or microwave them), there are still a lot of minerals left in the water that we dispose of down the drain. I re-purpose this mineral rich water for my bedding plants!


Dry cracked dirt.

Conserving Water During A DroughtThis is a page about conserving water during a drought. During drought conditions we are often required to get creative and conserve water. Reusing grey water, taking the car to a car wash, conserving water used for your lawn and garden all help. Consider implementing some of these practices year round.


Watering Barrel in front of DownSpout

Watering WiselyWater is a limited resource and should be conserved whenever possible. This is a page about watering wisely.


Seedlings being watered with a watering can.

Reuse Air Conditioning Water in the GardenConserving water is one of the primary things we can do to help the environment. Using the water from the drip tray of your air conditioner is a great way to dispose of the water. This is a page about reuse air conditioning water in the garden.


Air Conditioner

Watering Plants with A/C CondensateThis is a page about watering plants with air conditioner condensate. The water that collects when your AC is operating may be useful to keep your plants hydrated.


Bath Water

Reusing Bath WaterThis page is about reusing bath water. Water can be conserved by recycling from the bathtub for cleaning and irrigating.


Shower head turned on.

Saving Water When ShoweringThis page is about saving water when showering. There are ways to use very little water when taking a shower.


Conserving Water at Home

Conserving Water at HomeThis page is about conserving water at home. There are many simple ways to use less water.


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Reducing Toilet Water Usage?Does it really take less water to flush the toilet when a half gallon jug of water is placed in the toilet tank?



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Reclaim Water From Defrosting FreezerWe have a small dorm size refrigerator that we use for extras like sodas, water, and party food. It is not frost free, so in the summer it frosts up easily. When I defrost it, I try to catch all the water that drips off then I remove the big pieces as they become loose.


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Put Jar of Water in Toilet TankTo use less water and save money, I fill a empty, clean mayonnaise or pickle jar with water and leave the lid off the jar. I then flush the toilet and put the jar of water in the tank as it is refilling.


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Reusing Water Vapor Condensate from Cooking?Kindly let me know how can I reuse the water vapor condensate when cooking, when boiling water.


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Do the New 1.3GPF Water Saving Toilets Really Work?Does anyone know if the new water-saving toilets (1.3 gpf) actually work efficiently? I want to have them installed, but worry about whether they might need 1-3 flushes to eliminate all waste and therefore not actually save money.


Put Leftover Ice in House PlantsThis is a little tip for people who like conserving energy and water. When there is ice left in the glasses after a meal, I always pop them altogether and then put that ice into the house plants rather just throw it down the drain.


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Recycling Water Around The HomeOur two favorite ways to conserve/recycle water is using plants and pet dishes. Drop an ice cube? Instead of throwing it in the sink to melt, put it in a pet's water dish. You pet will love having cold water for a change.


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Get a Cold Drink Right After You Flush the ToiletIn this hot weather, do you hate wasting water by having to run it so long before it gets cold enough to drink?


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Saving Water from the Sink for PlantsHere in North Carolina we have been experiencing drought conditions and are being encouraged to be mindful of wasting water. Since I have many plants which often need to be watered, I have tried to think of ways to be able to water the plants while conserving water.


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Saving Water TogetherI have a one-handle kitchen faucet, and I have noticed lately that I use too much water. I have started to reduce the flow of water when I use it. Since then, I am using a lot less water. Most of the time, just a quarter of the flow is sufficient, even sometime just a trickle is enough.


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Summer Water Conservation TipsThe hot Summer is here again and I think we all need to reminded to save water. It not only is considered green living, it also saves you greatly on your water bill. Here is a review of some good tips, plus a couple new tips to consider.


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Use A Low Flow Shower Head To Save MoneyIf you don't already have one, you should consider getting a low flow shower head. With a low flow shower head, energy use and costs for heating hot water for showers may drop as much as 50%.


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Dual Flush ToiletsWhen replacing your old toilets, don't just buy the standard replacements. Think about installing dual flush toilets. These toilets have two options for flushing, using less water for smaller needs.



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Water Saving Tips?Tips for saving water. Post your ideas.


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Ideas for Conserving Household Water?How are people finding new ways to conserve water in the home?


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Reusing Water from the Washer?When I wash clothes, I use cold water and let the wash water drain into the washtub with the plug in. Then when doing another load, I bail the water back into the machine.


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