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Open dishwasher.

Air Dry Dishes in Your DishwasherYou can save energy by skipping the drying cycle on your dishwasher and allowing the dishes to air dry. The dishwasher can also be used as a drying rack for those dishes that require hand washing. This is a page about air drying dishes in your dishwasher.



Reducing Your Freezer's Energy ConsumptionThis is a page about reducing your freezer's energy consumption. Your freezer is a heavy energy consumer. The good news is that there are several ways to reduce its energy consumption.


Supplies for making curtains.

Make Your Own Thermal DrapesThermal drapes can be pricey to buy. They do however do a great job of helping to regulate the temperature inside your home. You can add thermal linings to your existing drapes using repurposed items such as shower curtains or plastic table cloths. This is a page about how to make your own thermal drapes.


Water Heater

Turn Hot Water Heater Off When LeavingSaving energy and money on heating hot water is a great idea. Some homeowners suggest turning the water heater off during the day while others strongly recommend simply reducing the temperature. Monitoring your utility bills will help you decide the best method for you. This is a page about turn hot water heater off when leaving.


Conserving Energy Sign

How to Conserve Small, Medium and Large Amounts of EnergyWith the rising cost of some forms of energy, depleting resources, and continued pollution you may want to look at ways you can save energy. There are a number of easy to follow suggestions on this page. This is a page about how to conserve small, medium, and large amounts of energy.


Bottom drawer freezer packed full of meats and broccoli

Keeping Your Freezer FullThis is a page about keeping your freezer full. When there is empty space in your freezer, it uses more electricity to keep your food cold.


man maintaining a water heater

Saving Money on Heating WaterThis is a page about saving money on heating water. There are a number of ways to save energy usage on your water heater, that will still give you the hot water when you need it.


Using a Water Heater Timer

Using a Water Heater TimerThis is a page about using a water heater timer. There are times of the day and night when you do not use hot water. A timer can turn off the heater when you do not need it, and save you money.


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Making a Solar Oven?Can you give me a site to ask about DIY instructions for making an old dishwasher into a solar oven?


Ceiling Fan

Using Ceiling Fans Year RoundThis is a page about using ceiling fans year round. Ceiling fans can not only help cool your home, but they are excellent for use in heating it as well. Using them year round can help reduce your energy bills.


Compact Fluorescent Bulb

Buying and Using Compact Fluorescent BulbsThis is a page about buying and using compact fluorescent bulbs. Choosing long lasting compact fluorescent bulbs can save you money over time in lower energy costs.


Home Energy Audit

Getting a Home Energy AuditThis is a page about getting a home energy audit. A home energy audit can help save you money on your utility bills.



Shady Trees

Save Energy With TreesThis is a page about how to save energy with trees. Well placed trees, in your yard, can help to reduce the the amount of energy needed for cooling your home.


Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving TipsThis is a page about energy saving tips. Saving energy is not just a trendy thing to do, it not only is good for the planet, but also can reduce your household expenses.


A car shade in a bright window

Use Car Shades In Sunny WindowsI like looking outside my kitchen door/window, but I don't like the sun adding to the heat of my room in the summer. I found rear car shades that have suction cups on them. These are an inexpensive way to keep out the sun and still be able to see outside.


Simple Things We Can Do To Save Energy, Piggy Bank and Electric cord

Simple Things We Can Do To Save EnergyThis is a page about simple things we can do to save energy. Saving energy is not only good for the planet but can also save you money each month. With a couple of simple changes you could reduce your monthly energy bill.


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Use Heat Pump to Power Water HeaterMy husband and I recycle and compost. We have some big concerns about filling up land fills and until someone starts an energy producing plant using the waste we produce, this is our way of trying to help.


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Estimating Appliance and Home Electronics Energy Usage?Does anyone know if you use more electricity on the older TVs or the newer type that is HD? Also is there much of a savings in electricity on the older refrigerator's compared to the Energy Star ones?Thanks for your help.


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Installing Alternative Energy Sources?Has anyone installed solar panels and/or a windmill? I would like to hear of your experiences. How did you get started? Did you use a contractor? If so, how did you find one? Have you covered all of your electricity needs this way? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.


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Change Clothes in Dryer Before It StopsWhen doing laundry, remove clothing from the dryer before it stops on its own, and put the next load in.


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Turn Oven Off Early To Save EnergyHere's a great energy saver. When you are near the end of the baking time, turn the oven off and keep the door closed. The heat will stay the same long enough to finish baking your dish, and you'll save energy


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Let the Sunshine InMany of us forget, especially those living in the northeast, to open those blinds, drapes, shades, etc. to take advantage of the free heat from the sun. It can shave off as much as 8 percent from your heating bill.


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Wash Laundry In Cold WaterWash all your laundry using cold water. There are some great detergents now on the market especially made for cold water. Also, at the beginning of the rinse cycle, put in half a cup of a water softener such as Calgon or Borax.


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Tankless Water Heater Saves EnergyDemand (also know as Tankless or Instantaneous) water heaters provide hot water only as it is needed. They don't produce the standby energy losses associated with storage water heaters, which can save you money.


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Digital Picture Of Refrigerator ContentsTake a daily pic of the contents of your ice box with your digi-cam and email it to family members so that less time is spent gazing into the open door "just looking", causing your fridge to have to work harder to make up the loss of cold air!


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Full Freezers Work BetterKeep your freezers full, even if it means filling them with jugs of frozen water. Full freezers recover quicker after doors are opened and shut.


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Dry Clothes OutsideI picked up two wooden dryer racks from yard sales. It is just as easy to hang most of your wash loads out on a porch, and couldn't we all use fresh air?



Woman opening the refrigerator.

Do These Little Things Really Add Up?We're governed by our habits, and while some of them are simply irksome, others serve a purpose. After coaxing the last spurt of shampoo from the bottle, do you add water and swish out whatever is left?


My Frugal Life: Big Savings With Water Heater TimerAs a single mother in 1980, necessity became the mother of invention for me. I had a house built with passive solar windows, and all electric heat, kitchen and water heater.


House shape covered in green carpet like material.

Greening the Exterior of Your HomePart of home maintenance is maintaining the exterior. As projects come up (and they always do), why not use the opportunity to go green?


Simple Ways to Manage Energy Costs

Simple Ways to Manage Energy CostsEducate yourself to understand your utility bills and each line item and charge included in your bill. Knowledge can save you money!


Money Stuffed in Gas Tank

How to Conserve Small, Medium & Large Amounts of EnergyWith oil and gasoline prices on the rise, conserving energy is on the mind of many Americans. As a nation, we're being asked to do our part to cut back on the amount of energy we consume. Here are some easy energy conservation strategies that can save you money.



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Shutting Off the Water to Water Heater for Vacation?When leaving my home for months in Phoenix, Arizona should I turn the water lead to my hot water heater off? I can't turn the main off as I need it for automated sprinklers.


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Energy Conservation Ideas?As the California energy crisis continues to draw more concern around the country we think this is a good time to start a discussion about energy conservation.


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Energy Saving Tips for Renters?Most hints for energy savings are for home owners. Are there any for duplex dwellers? Are there web sites for this? I'm not allowed to even change the curtain rods, the curtains yes, but they must fit the rod that is installed.



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Door Draft Stopper?I want to make a door draft stopper. Any ideas? Thank you.


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