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This page contains information and tips about owning guinea pigs, including advice, health information, guinea pig cages, and more.

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A cute guinea pig in a cage.

Dealing With Gnats Around Guinea Pigs?Small bugs, like gnats, can be an irritation to you and your pets. This is a page about dealing with gnats around guinea pigs.


A cute guinea pig being held.

Getting a Guinea Pig Used to PeopleWith patience and gentleness most guinea pigs will enjoy being held. They do however, have more trepidation about being picked up. This is a page about getting a guinea pig used to people.


Veterinarian holding guinea pig with little girl petting it

Remedies for a Constipated Guinea PigIf you have a guinea pig who is having trouble eliminating, this can be concerning. This is a page about remedies for a constipated guinea pig.


A boy cuddling with a sad guinea pig.

Guinea Pig Not Well After Cagemate Died?Just like people animals often mourn the death of a companion both human and animal. This is a page about guinea pig not well after casemate died.


A guinea pig in its cage.

Litter Box Training a Guinea PigAccording to some pet owners, guinea pigs can be easily trained to use a specific spot as their toilet. Similarly, litterbox training is also possible. This is a page about litter box training a guinea pig.


two tricolor guinea pigs

Guinea Pig Information and PhotosThis is a page about guinea pig information and photos. These cute gentle pets may be a good choice for you and your family.



Cute Guinea Pig

Giving Vitamin Supplements to...This is a page about giving vitamin supplements to Guinea pigs. Guinea pigs often do not get adequate amounts of vitamin C when kept as pets. There are various ways to give them additional C.


A tan and white guinea pig.

Caring For Pet Guinea PigsThis page is about caring for pet guinea pigs. Native to South America, these lively rodents are a fun pets.


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Guinea Pig is Rejecting One of Babies?My guinea as had babies and is rejecting one of them. What shall I do?


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Can I Use Kitty Litter for My Guinea Pig?Can I use kitty litter for the guinea pig?


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Guinea Pig Won't Eat?My guinea pig won't eat. I checked her teeth and found that one of her front teeth is chipped. How do we feed her water? She is use to her dropper!


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Best Cage Materials for Guinea Pigs?I have seen pictures of guinea pig cages without shavings, but using what appeared to be rugs or mats. Is this good for the piggies to use with litter boxes? My piggies don't seem to be too good at using the litter box. Any suggestions?


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Guinea Pig Won't Eat or Drink?hi my guinea pig won't eat, drink, or stand up. I think he has really bad constipation. It's too late to go to our local vet! What should I do? He's really sick, he has been like this for about 4 hours.


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Cleaning a Wooden Guinea Pig Cage?We have our guinea pig in a homemade cage with a wood bottom. I was wondering how I can safely disinfect the bottom of this when I clean his cage? I put paper in under the chips and it soaks up some of the mess from water bottle and urine, but not all of it. I would like to safely disinfect this area for him. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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Guinea Pig Won't Use Litter Box?We adopted a guinea pig about 6 weeks ago. She has been very good about using a litter box when out of her cage. However, we went on vacation for 4 days, and now that we're back - I have noticed that she won't use her litter box. What can I do to get her to use the litter box again? She doesn't like any store bought treats, and we feed her veggies and fruit everyday - so what do I do to give her an incentive to pee in the litter box?


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Guinea Pig Is Pregnant?We got Lola, our guinea pig, a couple of months a ago from a pet store. We did not even think to ask if she stayed in a cage with males. Well today I found out that she is pregnant! This happened at the pet store before we ever got her. Now I am worried that something may happen to her while she is giving birth. What all should I know before this happens?


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Best Type of Cage For Guinea Pig?I bought a female baby guinea pig, what is the best type of cage & how long will baby act shy?


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Guinea Pig Is Chewing On Everything?My guinea pig keeps biting and chewing everything! I have a chew stick for him from the pet store and but he won't chew on that. Any ideas on what has worked for you?


A tan and white guinea pig.

A Happy Home For Your Guinea PigLike ferrets, guinea pigs are happier in groups. But choose your guinea pigs carefully! More than two males together may result in some fighting. Two females together are usually safe... and if you're housing one of each, watch out for baby piggies!


Simon (Guinea Pig) - person holding Simon

Simon (Guinea Pig)He is a rescue and we got him about 8 months ago. He likes to snuggle and he is also an emotional support animal.


White and tan Guinea Pig.

Pet Guinea Pigs - InformationThese attractive and lively rodents, also known as the Domestic Cavy, have a long history of domestication. Native to South America, the domestic Guinea Pig comes in an ever-increasing range of colors, patterns and coat lengths and makes an ideal pet for children.



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Guinea Pig Latching onto My Shirt?My guinea pig keeps biting my shirt and doesn't let go when I go to put him in his cage. He has a brother that fights with him sometimes and they're the same age as each other. Why would he do that?


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Guinea Pig Cage?I have a bin cage which is connected to my old hamster cage. I wanted to ask if during the day can I keep the cage door open so he can get out of it and roam in my room and at night close the door of the cage so he can sleep. Please get back to me as soon as you can.


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Gnats Around Guinea Pigs?I have 4 guinea pigs. I have had them for a year and I never had gnats and now I do. I don't know what to do and I don't want to get rid of them.


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Guinea Pig Sits Where He Pees?I just got a Guinea pig, my first one ever. I have noticed that he likes to stay in one corner of his cage, he also uses the bathroom in this same corner, is this normal? I'm worried he's going to get sick from being in his own waste?


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Caring for a Guinea Pig?How long is the Guinea pig supposed to be fed and how much? Does a Guinea pig need a shower before and after it awakes. Does it need a bath in the night?


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Caring for Rescue Guinea Pigs?I just recently have become the mini guinea rescue in my town. I somehow became the lucky owner of 7 piggies, 4 males and 3 females. I'm trying to figure out the best way to house them using the grid cages.


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