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Information and advice about owning a pet rabbit.



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House Training a Rabbit

House Training a RabbitThis page is about house training a rabbit. Having a rabbit as a indoor pet can be messy, but they like to be clean.


Pet Rabbits

Raising Pet RabbitsThis is a page about raising pet rabbits. While rabbits can make good pets, there are special considerations to review before bringing home a fluffy bunny.


Bunnies in a basket with a young boy touching them.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet RabbitCute little bunnies are often an impulse pet purchase, especially around Easter. While rabbits can make wonderful pets they do require care just as any pet does. Make sure this is the pet for you by doing some research. This is a page about things to consider before getting a pet rabbit.


Brown mother rabbit and her babies

Caring for a Pet Rabbit and Her Babies?This page is about caring for a pet rabbit and her babies. Being aware of what is normal behavior for a mama doe will help you know if you need to help her care for her babies.


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Bunny Is Eating Shredded Paper in Litterbox?Is it safe for our pet bunny to eat the paper in her litterbox? I put in the papers that I shred.


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Litter Box Training a Bunny?I just got a dwarf bunny last week. How long does it usually take for them to get used to a new home? He's peed on my couch a few times which I remedied by putting a doubled up sheet on it. He's pooped in many places, although the person said it's litter boxed trained.


What Type of Rabbit is This?What type of rabbit is this?


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Rabbit Litter Pans?What is best for rabbit litter pans? I use paper towels to soak up the pee that comes through although I clean them every morning. Then on top of that I put some newspaper and then shredded newspaper and hay on the end. I have four rabbits 2 pair of a buck and a doe.


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Training Bunny To Use Litter Box?This is a question for all the bunny lovers out there. My bunny won't use his litter box. He's doing some in it but he's also going all over his cage. Anyone has tips for him to go only in his litter? Thank you!



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Stopping A Rabbit From Chewing?Does anyone have tips on how to stop a house rabbit from chewing everything in sight? Maybe there is a smell they don't like? Thanks for any help.



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Feeding a Rabbit?My kids have just got two rabbits and I have no idea what to feed them. Please help.


two bunnies

Caring for a Pet Rabbit and Her Babies?Our mama doe fed her 3, 2 and a half week old, babies around 6am and when I woke up at 10:45 the nest was still uncovered and the babies are running around inside the cage while mama was way across the room in her usual spot. Is it normal for a female rabbit to leave her babies uncovered after feeding time?


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Bunny Question?Does anyone know how to keep your bunny happy? How do you make them toys? I haven't found many websites online that I thought were good. I was hoping there is someone out there that would be willing to share their ideas with me to help me out.


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Making Toys for Pet Rabbits?I have 3 rabbits. I need to know how to make toys and stop their water from freezing so easily. I need toys to entertain them while I am at work. Please help me. Thanks.


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Rabbit Litter Recommendations?I am looking for suggestions for what kind of litter we should for our rabbits. We were thinking organic litter. What kind should we get for a kitty box? How do we train them to use it? Please help!


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Mother Rabbit Harming Babies?Why does our rabbit harm their young? Our rabbit didn't feed her young so a few died and the next day she bit their paws and ears off. We put the male rabbit in a different cage before she got the babies, we made sure it was the male.


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