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This page contains information and tips about owning a rabbit, including: advice, breeding information, feeding, rabbit cages, and more.

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Brown mother rabbit and her babies

Caring for a Pet Rabbit and Her Babies?This page is about caring for a pet rabbit and her babies. Being aware of what is normal behavior for a mama doe will help you know if you need to help her care for her babies.



What to Use for Bunny LitterThis is a page about what to use for bunny litter. A variety of absorbent materials can be used for the bottom of your rabbit cage.


Super cute orange rabbit laying on tummy on white background

Keeping Your Pet Bunny Happy?This is a page about keeping your pet bunny happy. Keeping your pet bunny happy can involve serving her favorite foods, providing toys and activity opportunities, and just spending time with her.


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My Rabbit Has a Scab on Its Back?I have been given two rabbits; one white, the other black. I have noticed that the white one has a nasty scab forming on its back and the fur has fallen out.


Lump on Baby Bunny

Lump on Baby Bunny?I have a baby bunny that I just got like 2 weeks ago. Does anyone know what this means?


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Mouse in Rabbit Hutch?This morning I found a mouse in my rabbit hutch. I am very concerned.


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Caring for a Rabbit with a Cat Bite Infection?My rabbit recently got a really bad infection from a cat bite. I went to the vet and they prescribed a strong antibiotic and said some of the skin was going to slough off. He has lots of scabbing and I'm wondering, is this normal? It was a very bad infection. Should we peel it off little by little or let it fall normally? I am taking him back to the vet, but I am still worried.


Grey floppy eared bunny on a grey couch.

Tips for a House Bunny (and Mice)This page contains tips for a house bunny (and mice). If you are considering getting a house bunny check out the very detailed information, in this page, from the keeper of a Dutch bunny.


Rabbit Ears

Treating Ear Mites in Rabbit EarsRabbits like many other animals can have mite infestations in their ears. Quick treatment can help eliminate the mites before they cause more discomfort for your bunny. This is a page about treating ear mites in rabbit ears.


A lionhead rabbit sitting outside in the shade.

Lionhead Rabbit PhotosThis newer breed of bunny, is compact in size and friendly in temperament. This page contains lionhead rabbit photos.


Bunnies in a basket with a young boy touching them.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet RabbitCute little bunnies are often an impulse pet purchase, especially around Easter. While rabbits can make wonderful pets they do require care just as any pet does. Make sure this is the pet for you by doing some research. This is a page about things to consider before getting a pet rabbit.


Cute brown bunny in rabbit cage with wood shaving litter

Composting Rabbit LitterThis is a page about composting rabbit litter. Using a mild litter will allow you to use your nitrogen rich rabbit manure and litter as a mulch right away or you can add it to the compost pile.



Very young baby bunny cupped by human hands

Mother Rabbit Harming Babies?This is a page about mother rabbit harming babies. Understanding the normal and stressed behaviors of rabbits is important to prevent the accidental or intentional harm to infant bunnies by their mother.


Very fluffy young grey and white lion head bunny.

Treating Rabbit HairballsThis is a page about treating rabbit hairballs. Rabbits, like cats can develop hairballs as a result of their grooming habits.


Bunny laying on an orange water bottle (presumably a cool one)

Keeping Bunnies CoolThis page is about keeping bunnies cool. Making sure your rabbits are kept at a comfortable temperature is important for maintaining their health.


Black, Brown, and White rabbit in wooden hutch eating out of a bright orange pot

Feeding a Pet Rabbit?This is a page about feeding a pet rabbit. Choosing the right foods for your bunny is an important part of keeping your pet healthy and happy.


Bunny Losing Its Fur

Bunny Losing Its Fur?This is a page about bunny losing his fur. If your bunny is losing fur, it could be a sign that it needs veterinary care.


Rabbit That is About to Sneeze

Treating a Sneezing Rabbit?This is a page about treating a sneezing rabbit. Determining the cause of your bunny's sneezes can be a challenge.


Homemade Rabbit Cage

Homemade Rabbit CagesThis is a page about homemade rabbit cages. You can save money and create the exact home for your rabbits that your want, by building your own.


Californian Rabbit

Californian Rabbit PhotosThis page contains Californian rabbit photos. The Californian rabbit breed was developed in the 1920s. It is recognizable by its rather large ears and predominately white fur with black ears, nose, tail, and feet.


Dwarf Rabbit

Dwarf Rabbit Information and PhotosThis is a page about dwarf rabbit information and photos. Rabbits can be successfully raised as pets, they can however be high maintenance, requiring a lot of care, love, and attention to thrive.


Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Baby

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Breed Information and...This is a page about Netherland dwarf rabbit breed information and photos. These small pet rabbits, weighing in at 2.5 - 3.5 pounds when mature, are one of the most popular breeds of rabbit kept as a pet.


Holland Lop

Holland Lop PhotosThis page contains Holland Lop photos. These cute bunnies with their floppy ears originated in the Netherlands.


House Training a Rabbit

House Training a RabbitThis page is about house training a rabbit. Having a rabbit as a indoor pet can be messy, but they like to be clean.


Pet Rabbits

Raising Pet RabbitsThis is a page about raising pet rabbits. While rabbits can make good pets, there are special considerations to review before bringing home a fluffy bunny.


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Black Crust Around Bunny's Nose?I have a 5 baby bunnies and one of the babies just started to sneeze a bit and had nest box eye. I noticed a bit of black crusty stuff around its nose and I'm wondering if it's something I need to worry about.


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Bunny Is Eating Shredded Paper in Litterbox?Is it safe for our pet bunny to eat the paper in her litterbox? I put in the papers that I shred.



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Litter Box Training a Bunny?I just got a dwarf bunny last week. How long does it usually take for them to get used to a new home? He's peed on my couch a few times which I remedied by putting a doubled up sheet on it. He's pooped in many places, although the person said it's litter boxed trained.


What Type of Rabbit is This?What type of rabbit is this?


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Bunnies Have Crusty Noses?What could be causing crusty bunny noses?


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Rabbit Litter Pans?What is best for rabbit litter pans? I use paper towels to soak up the pee that comes through although I clean them every morning. Then on top of that I put some newspaper and then shredded newspaper and hay on the end. I have four rabbits 2 pair of a buck and a doe.


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Training Bunny To Use Litter Box?This is a question for all the bunny lovers out there. My bunny won't use his litter box. He's doing some in it but he's also going all over his cage. Anyone has tips for him to go only in his litter? Thank you!


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Yellow Crust Around a Rabbit's Nose?My rabbit has yellow crusts around his nose but I haven't seen him sneezing and he seems OK. I am taking him to the vet tomorrow for a full health check as I only bought him yesterday. He is only 12 weeks old. Should I be worried?


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Stopping A Rabbit From Chewing?Does anyone have tips on how to stop a house rabbit from chewing everything in sight? Maybe there is a smell they don't like? Thanks for any help.


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My Bunny's Litter Box?My cat and my rabbit get along perfect and I hate keeping animals cooped up in cages so I don't put him in one. My cat I just got is in love with my rabbit, they play and sleep together, so he has no problem with any of this, but the thing is we have a litter box for my cat and one for my bunny.


Closeup of gray and white house bunny.

Tips for a House Bunny (and Mice)When we first were given our house bunny years ago, I did my homework only to find that the main bunny info sites were giving out way too much info to help fund the vets who specialize in bunnies and no info that truly helped the owner.


Closeup of gray and white bunny.

Some Bunny BasicsPreparing for your new rabbit means you need a place for your rabbit to live! The hutch is essential even for indoor rabbits, so they have a secure place to sleep. Make sure your hutch has a door that latches so your bunny can't escape his home.


Rabbits, Rabbits and More Rabbits!

Rabbits, Rabbits and More Rabbits!Here are some fun facts about rabbits and raising rabbits. Do you know that rabbits are capable of having 13 litters a year?


Rabbits Care Info

Pet Rabbits - InformationRabbits can make wonderful small animal pets. They have gentle natures, are relatively clean and easy to care for, and they're soft and cuddly. There are many domesticated breeds of rabbits to choose from.



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Raising Rabbits?I got some young rabbits about 8 weeks ago. I have them in an outdoor cage. They keep dying on me and I can't understand why. They have clean fresh water two to three times a day, I have pallets in there for them all the time and I have being give them timothy hay.


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My Rabbit Is Sneezing?Recently I got a lop rabbit and am still learning about them. For the past week or so she has been sneezing lots, not constantly, but every few minutes. She's eating, drinking, and hopping around like she normally would. She does have a bit of a white discharge in one eye.


Treating a Sneezing Rabbit - cute brown rabbit

Treating a Sneezing Rabbit?I bought one of my buns from a feed store and he has sneezed since I bought him. He doesn't have any colored discharge or goop in his eyes and he obviously isn't contagious because none of my other buns have contracted his issue, (my doe or any of their 10 kits from both litters). He tends to get worse after I put hay in their cage, but it's not the only time he has these sneezing fits.



two bunnies

Caring for a Pet Rabbit and Her Babies?Our mama doe fed her 3, 2 and a half week old, babies around 6am and when I woke up at 10:45 the nest was still uncovered and the babies are running around inside the cage while mama was way across the room in her usual spot. Is it normal for a female rabbit to leave her babies uncovered after feeding time?


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Feeding a Rabbit?I have an American short hair rabbit. Can they eat cabbage?


White rabbit.

Treating a Sneezing Doe?Why has my rabbit started sneezing so frequently?


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