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This page contains information and tips about training your pet.



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A cat sitting in a bathtub.

Cat Pooping in Bathtub?This page is about cat pooping in the bathtub. Sometimes our pets choose the wrong place to their duty inside the house.


Litter Box

Cat Won't Poop in Litter BoxThis page is about cat won't poop in the litter box. It can be very frustrating when you do not understand your cat's behavior.


Dog looking sad on floor after peeing on rub

Dog Peeing Inside at Night?Dogs sometimes need retraining to hold on until morning, especially when they are unsupervised while the family sleeps. This is a page about dog peeing inside at night.


Pit Bull Puppy looking scared.

Growling Pit Bull PuppyPuppies can start to growl when they are quite young, as play or to establish dominance. This is a page about a growling Pit Bull puppy.


Trained Dog Not Running Away

Training a Dog to Not Run AwayThis is a page about training a dog to not run away. Keeping your dog next to you with out a leash can be a challenge, until you and your pup are trained.


An owner holder her cat.

Tips for Training Your CatThis page contains tips for training your cat. Cat behavior problems in your home can be a challenge to rectify.


Cat in Knocked Over  Trashcan

Keeping Pets Out of TrashThis is a page about keeping pets out of trash. Pets, dogs and cats, in particular are often attracted to the smells coming from the indoor garbage cans. Cleaning up after their adventure is not much fun.


Teaching a Dog To Come

Teaching a Dog To ComeThis page is about teaching your dog to come. Getting your dog to come is one of the first things you need to teach your dog. Without dog training knowledge, it can be difficult to know what method to use.


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Keep Dog From Jumping Through WindowOnce a dog learns that he can jump through an open barn, house, or shed window, he's apt to be hard to keep out. You can let the animal cure himself of that habit, by setting an open pan of water in the opening.



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Use a Ballpoint Pen as Dog MarkerI have found that the clickers that most people use are too loud. I like the soft sound of a ball point pen retracting instead.


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Obedience Training Advice?If anyone has questions about obedience training for their dogs, please feel free to ask me!


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Pets Pooping On Carpet?I am trying to break one of my pets from eliminating in the same spot. Well, actually, I am working on housetraining entirely. I have an 8 month old sheltie that has recently been introduced into the family. He is doing fairly well in the potty situation but I find a pile of poop in the same area on the carpet very often. I am not sure just who is the culprit - my pom, my cat or the sheltie.


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A Firm "NO" When Training A Puppy?My 7 week old shih tzu/yorkshire likes to "talk back" when being told no. When he is doing something like digging into the couch or chewing things we don't want him to chew on and we gently push him away from it and firmly tell him no he turns around, growls, and tries to bite. We pick him up and, again, tell him firmly. He will wiggle and try again and then, after another firm no, he usually tries to lick, almost like to say sorry. Is this somewhat normal and are we handling it the right way? Your help on the last question was greatly appreciated.


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Diapers For Very Little Dogs?I have a baby Chihuahua (male) that is not even 1 lb but too young to potty train right now. I would like to get a diaper that would fit him, but not even the xxxsmall diaper for dogs under 2lbs is small enough.



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Training a Wolf Hybrid?Can a Wolf hybrid be trained to stay in the house?


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Keeping Cats off Kitchen Table?I have a kitten and mama cat that are really good pets. If they scratch the furniture or rugs, I can stop them by spraying water from a spray bottle.


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Cat Pooping in Bathtub?My cat has been pooping in the bathtub lately. It's not cause she doesn't like her litter box, she uses it just as much as the bathtub. She has all my other pets scared, and usually tries to attack them.


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Pitbull Protection Training?How do you protection Train a Pitbull ?


Border Collie on the lawn.

Teaching a Dog to Come?I have a very smart 7 month old Border Collie. I can get her to do all kinds of tricks and commands, but she refuses to come when called. She is in her own little world with nose to the ground and it seems like she does not hear me, but I know her hearing is fine. Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Training Cats To Stay Off Furniture?What can I do to keep the cats from sitting in my rocking chairs? They leave their hair on the chair pads.


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