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Getting Rid of Fleas on Dog?
The only thing that really works well are flea pills from your vet. They are called comfortis.


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House Trained Dog Pooping Inside?
Dogs like a regular routine, If you feed them the same time every morning and no snacks between and go with them to toilet for a few weeks they will know what you expect. Have patience and dont yell if they forget. With consistency your dog should be fine.


Morning Fog Over The Pond

Morning Fog Over The Pond
This is a stunning photo! It is so lovely. Your pond is a treasure. Thank you for sharing this. It made my day.


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Remedy for Dog's Itching and Bad Smell?
Has your doggie been given an allergy shot from the vet? This is the only thing that helped our Jack Russells who both have serious allergies.


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Locating Rotten Smell in House?
Have you checked the tray under your refrigerator? Also check your potato and onion bags for rotting, and check your water that comes out of the pipes. Check under and behind furniture. Could be a mouse that died in your walls Good luck! Good luck


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Getting Rid of Fleas?
Fleas are killed by soapy water. Bathe your dog with blue Dawn dish soap. Also you might use a flea comb to help with this. The vet is always the best thing but you said you needed an inexpensive way. It wont be permanent but should help some.


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Removing Pet Odors from Outside Dog Run Naturally?
Use white vinegar mixed with water. I clean up after my dogs with it all the time.


In Memory Of Webster (Cat)
Webster is a dear kitty, seems too young to pass away so soon. I know he is missed, such a loss for you and anyone who loses a beloved pet.


Intense Sunset and My Cat
This is a stunning photo! The colors are beautiful and the kitty is certainly a star! Good job!


Brown and white puppy.

Krispy (Beagle - Papillon Mix)
This is a really cute dog! Star quality for sure! Thank you for sharing her picture with us.


Brooklynn (French Bulldog)

Brooklynn (French Bulldog)
She is a sweetheart! She is a Christmas dog for sure!


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Minimizing the Bitter Flavor of Collard Greens in Recipes?
Add balsamic or apple cider vinegar and dont over cook.


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Dog Has Started Chewing on Shoes?
Dogs like to chew, its normal. Give them beef chews in place of a shoe. If Im out of chews I gave mine socks instead, it was cheaper. I found old packs of socks at Goodwill. Make sure the chews are big enough to last and safe. Keep the shoes where they cant...


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Training a Dog to Bark to Go Outside?
If you feed her at regular times every day and then take her out she will quickly learn what is expected. Just go out with her at first and make it a fun and pleasant time and you will be surprised how quickly she will learn. Never lose your temper and they...


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Puppy Pooping Inside at Night?
Having raised two dogs from puppies it is good to praise them when they go outside yeah! What a good dog and make him think he is the best dog in the world. Never feed in the evening, be sure you take him outside before you go to bed say 9 p.m. A crate is good...


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Macaroni and Spam
It seems to me that some get a bit too hyper over a spam recipe. Ground beef is just as bad for you as spam is. If you have never tried spam you cannot give an opinion. I am nearly 70 and in good health and no one in my family has heart disease. I garden and...


What Breed is My Dog?
She looks like a jack russell as we have two. They are wonderful dogs but you need a fenced yard as they will chase moving things. They can be willful and they need lots of walks and exercise. If they have these things and you give them lots of love they will...


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Selling Digital Photos?
Thank you all for the wonderful advice. I will check them all out this weekend. I appreciate each of you taking the time to respond. You have been so helpful.


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Chihuahua Puppy Nips?
My puppy used to do this. I started putting peanut butter on my wrist and she would lick instead of nip. A little messy but it works. You could try it. Good luck with the little puppy.


Roxy (African Pygmy Hedgehog)

Roxy (African Pygmy Hedgehog)
Roxy is adorable. My dog has a toy that looks exactly like this. I thought at first that it was not real. So cute! nellie


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Gift for Someone Who's Had Hip Replaced?
These are wonderful ideas and I am going to try some of them. I appreciate all the suggestions! I think the people on this site are very helpful. Thank You, NellieMary


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Keeping Food Budget Down for Large Family?
make a huge pot of fresh vegetable soup with potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, cabbage,lima beans, onions, celery, squash, add piece of beef chuck if you like meat in it then freeze in small containers. Pull out when you want a healthy side dish. This will last...



Saving Money on Cereal
We now shop at Sav-A-lot food stores. Their cereal and many other items are less than the other stores around here. I check all the sales and we have saved money.


White dog in yard.

Gnats Biting Dogs?
I would be really sure what I put on my dog. First be sure it cannot harm him. I think I would check with my vet and certainly would not put anything on that would cause him to foam at the mouth. Good luck.


Garden: Wonders Of Nature
I loved your photo of the beautiful butterfly. It was a lovely end to a busy and hectic day. Your garden must be lovely too. Thank you for sharing. Nellie


How to Control Deer in Your Garden?
We live in the country and have had deer in our back field where there is plenty of browse to eat. Often they sleep back there. I put a garden behind our horse barn in the sun. My husband put up a scarecrow that looks like a man. We also play an old battery...


How to Control Deer in Your Garden?
It is now august and the deer have not bothered our garden. It seems to be working.


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Recipes For Fruit Slushes?
Thank you all so much for the great suggestions. Our summer fruit treats will have much more variety this year thanks to you all and your kind suggestions. I cant wait to start freezing. You are all so helpful! NellieMary


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Getting Rid Of Weeds In Flower Beds?
Take a hoe and dig them out. Its good exercise and its better not to use pesticides around anyway. My gardens are beautiful and Im retired.


Birdbath Play
This is just adorable! It is a beautiful picture.


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80 Year Old Gift Ideas?
The best gift she could receive would be a black & white tuxedo cat kitten.


large cat

Sophie (Snowshoe)
What a pretty furbaby! She looks so content and happy. She has certainly found a good home. This photo made me smile!


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My Best Garage Sale Tips
This was excellent. The only thing I would add is to take all the signs down afterward. It is so horrible to drive around looking and never find the sale. You give excellent advice. great tips for all.


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Preventing Honey From Crystallizing
I am not sure how to prevent it crystallizing but after it does putting it in the microwave for a short time will put it back to liquid. Its great warm,


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Dog Scared To Go The Bathroom Outside?
Repeat, repeat, repeat and lots of praise when she goes. When she doesnt say nothing (this is hard) but dont make the time unpleasant for her and she will eventually be the good dog you expect. Love always wins out. Take her outside at regular times during...


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Himalayan Cat Advice?
Yes. he should have his own box. Also be sure it is changed daily. Some will not use it if the box is not cleaned. They wont use a dirty box.


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BJ's Pumpkin Crunch
We had a cozy evening around the fireplace with the smell of this baking. Thank you for sharing, It was yummy! Hubby loved it !


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My Dog Can't Close His Mouth?
This sounds quite serious. I hope you take him to the vet now. If you cannot afford it I am sure your vet will work with you to make affordable payments. If you had a child who could not close his mouth you would certainly make arrangements to have him to be...


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Simple Dessert Ideas?
Bake a white cake mix. Let cool and spread a can of cherry pie filling on top of it. Then spread a large container of cool whip over that. Very simple and very yummy!


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Quick Lunch Ideas?
Make a big pot of vegetable soup over the weekend. Freeze it in pint containers and then leave it out in the morning. They can warm it up in the microwave. Make chicken salad, tuna or egg salad, slice some tomatoes ,keep in fridge and they can make their own...


Nando the Kitten
He is quite the cat! Good choice on your part as he is a keeper. I can tell that he will bless you many times over with his winning personality. Black & white cats are terrific. Arent you the sweet one to rescue the kitties.


Squeek the Cat
He is adorable! What a handsome cat! It made me laugh reading about his watermelon antics. Arent black and white cats the cutest ever? You can tell he has a good home just by looking at him. Enjoy!


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Toys for an African Parrot?
What a lot of great ideas! I appreciate your taking the time to give such wonderful advice for parrots. I cant wait to try some of them. Thanks again! I loved the picture!


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Tips for Restless Pets
First step is to make sure they are treated for fleas. I use Advantage, its been so hot here this last month. I give my dogs a bath in the evening, add soothing balm on their feet and massage it in. The nights I do this, they sleep like little angels. I also...


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My Dog Tries to Bite People That Pick Him Up?
Hi I have a much smaller dog but this may help. Mine is always so glad to see me when I return from anywhere that she would nip as she is a puppy. However it hurts! I started keeping a jar of peanut butter in the car and before going in I would smear a place...


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Poll: Do you have a guilty pleasure or something you splurge on?
Hi I splurge on special food and toys for my animals. I love to order little gifts to arrive in the mail. Its such fun to see them looking for a surprise. Nothing is too good for them however I draw the line on clothing them.


W.h.i.s.p.e.r. (Persian Cat)

W.h.i.s.p.e.r. (Persian Cat)
She is precious. What a gift for you! Sometimes blessings come our way when we least expect it. What a cute name for her.


Black, gray, and white tabby.

Leo (Tabby Cat)
This is such a pretty cat! He looks like my Teeter Cat. You can tell by looking at his photo that he has a loving home. He will be a joy in your life as mine is. Give him a chin scratch from me. meows and wuffs from my animals to yours.


Aisha (European Shorthair)

Aisha (European Shorthair - Moggie)
Oh! She is beautiful! She looks like my Teeter. Werent you an angel to rescue this little baby. I think little gray shorthairs have the sweetest dispositions and are so loving. It seems these cats are so readily abandoned when they make the best companions...


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Cleaning Dust Off Books?
To get a musty odor out, place books outdoors in the sun and frequently fan out the pages so that the air can reach them. Brush off any mildew or mold. If the pages are damp, sprinkle cornstarch between them and brush it off after a few hours, I hope this helps...


Molly the Cat
I was so moved by your post. She is a beautiful cat and looks so much like our deceased black cat Bear. We had him for 15 years and he was a loving cat who also would listen. I hope she fills your life with much joy. Arent animals wonderful? All they ask for...


Princess the Cat
What a dear little kittie! I am so glad someone like you now has her and gave her a good home. The picture is adorable. She is a lucky one to have been rescued. My hats off to you!


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Poll: How much is Regular gas in your area?
It sells for $2.84 a gallon right now in West Virginia. Thanks. NellieMary


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Cosmetic Surgery Advice?
Take the advice of someone who used to be a beauty junkie. When I was younger and turned 50 I started thinking every line would be the end of life. I even started having colligen injections. Then I got sick and had health problems. Believe me my looks were...


Dr. Ruppel Clematis

Dr. Ruppel Clematis
This is a beautiful vine. I have heard they are hard to get established. Thank you for sharing this. Good job!


Little Man Tuxedo Cat

Little Man (Tuxedo Cat)
Thank you all for your nice comments about my kitty. He thanks you too. He is fixed and will not increase the cat population. After playtime he comes inside and only goes out when I take him. We have been blessed with this little guy.


Dragon the Cat

Dragon (Cat)
This is so sweet. I just love black & white kitties. The picture is delightful and should win a prize. This is one of the cutest pictures on this site. Good Job! I am so pleased he found such a good home.


Growing Peas

Growing Peas
What wonderful advice you give to us all! I appreciate your time and often follow your advice . Good job!


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Free Ways to Change a Bedroom?
The cheapest way to do it is to paint it. Paint stores probably have paint that was returned you could find for a low price, ask. take your time, it is easier than you think. Use a roller and one small brush. You could also use baskets to store things, inexpensive...


Winter Wonderland - Sherman Pass
Oh My! I love this photo, it is beautiful and the car looks so small in comparison to natures majesty.Very lovely snow photo.


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Repel or Prevent Pest Infestations Without Killing
What good ideas! I cannot wait to try some. I like to find organic ways to kill insects in my garden so I know where you are coming from. I also will try to use the flea idea, that is always a problem when you have animals. Thank you for posting such interesting...



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