July 27, 2011

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Grapfruit wedge with grapefruits in the background.

Storing GrapefruitThis is a page about storing grapefruit. Storing your grapefruit properly will ensure that you have time to enjoy them before they go bad.


Two road signs, one says Marketing, the other says Strategy.

Marketing Your Business on a Shoestring BudgetThis is a page about marketing your business on a small budget. Marketing is important for any business, but advertising can be very expensive. There are low cost or even free ways to promote your business.


A jar of kiwifruit jam and half of a kiwi.

Canning KiwifruitThis is a page about canning kiwifruit. The next time you have ripe kiwifruit, try making kiwi jam. Canning kiwifruit as jam allows you to enjoy this wonderful fruit any time.


Mango Salsa on Sea Bass

Mango Salsa RecipesMango Salsa is a wonderful wonderful variation of the traditional tomato based salsa. This page contains mango salsa recipes recipes.


Half of a honeydew melon and slices.

Growing Honeydew MelonsThis is a page about growing honeydew melons. Growing your own honeydew melons can be very rewarding, especially as it is often difficult to find a really sweet one at the market.


A partially peeled kiwi.

Peeling KiwifruitThis is a page about peeling kiwifruit. Generally you don't eat the peel on a kiwi. When peeling it you want to lose as little of the fruit as possible.


Open zipper in blue fabric on white background.

Saving Money on ZippersThis is a page about saving money on zippers. Whether you are repairing your clothes or making an outfit, finding ways to save money on the zipper is helpful.


A slice of toast with grape jelly on it.

Grape Jam Recipes?This page contains recipes for grape jam. Grape jam is very popular. Next time you have grapes, why not try making your own.


hermit crab close up

Caring For a Hermit CrabMany kids would like to have a hermit crab as a pet. It is important to understand how to care for this unique pet. This is a page about caring for a hermit crab.


Dog Worried About Getting Vaccine Shot

Saving Money on Pet VaccinationsThis is a page about saving money on pet vaccinations. As responsible pet owners we want to keep them healthy. Visits to the vet can be expensive, but there are ways to save money.


Black dog with its tongue hanging out.

Saving Money On Boarding Your PetThis is a page about saving money on boarding your pet. It is important to know that your pet is well cared for while you are gone. However, boarding your pet can easily account for a large portion of the cost of your trip.


Slice of grapefruit in an ice cube.

Freezing Grapefruit?This is a page about freezing grapefruit. Freezing grapefruit is one way to enjoy this delicious and nutritious fruit year round, not just when it is in season. You can use it to make smoothies and other cold, fruity desserts and snacks.


Bunch of Red Grapes

Selecting Good GrapesThis is a page to selecting good grapes. Grapes are a delectable and healthy snack that both kids and adults love to munch on. However, there are times when you get a bunch that just wasn't ready to be eaten.


Satelite dish against a tree in background.

Saving Money on DirectTVThis is a page about saving money on DirectTV. Watching television is a longtime favorite family past time. However, greater access comes with a higher cost. Keeping the cost of home entertainment within our budget is important.



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Peach Chili SauceThis is so good! I use it as a condiment along side pork or chicken or as a sauce to bake chicken or pork in. I mix it in with canned beans for a delicious side dish.


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Macaroni Fruit Ring SaladThis is really pretty for special dinners.


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Butterscotch BarsA favorite of my mom.


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Easy Coconut CakeThis is very quick and easy to make with very limited ingredients. Can be iced with your favorite icing if desired. I like a plain vanilla icing that I add coconut to.


Creamed chicken mornay with broccoli.

Creamed Chicken MornayHere is a delicious creamed chicken. American as apple pie, given a quick Continental look and flavor. It's made with frozen creamed chicken - a handy item to have on hand in your freezer.


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Quick And Easy CasseroleThis recipe is exactly what its name implies; quick and easy! Love the onion soup mix in this.



Real-time quotes at the stock exchange

Stock Market 102: Stocks in a Few Quick StepsAfter wallowing through the quagmire of information about investing in the stock market, I finally learned that with the help of direct investments, the investment is not as difficult as it originally seemed.


Picture of Mason.

Adopting a PetWhile I have adopted great dogs from the animal shelter, many are released to the pound because they have severe behavior problems and are completely untrained. This is fine if you have time to work with a dog with behavior problems...


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Saving Money on Board GamesWhen looking for board games, you can find them at yard sales for next to nothing. I had found them in excellent condition from $.25 to $1 at the most.


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Attach Flowers To Hummingbird FeedersOften my hummingbirds visit before the flowers are out in bloom. Sometimes they need a little extra help remembering where the feeders are. I use the silk and plastic Poinsettia flowers from my outside Christmas decor to help them spot the feeders.


Scissors in sharpener.

Scissor SharpenerI use a scissor sharpener that you can buy in any fabric store and even at Walmart. Mine is made by Fiskar. I keep this by my sewing machine and use it periodically to sharpen all my scissors.


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Movie Slumber PartyEvery so often when the kids were young, we would bring out mattresses and put them in front of a couch, so our pillows would have a back rest. On the kitchen counter, we lined up candies, fruit, popcorn, nuts, and beverages similar to a theater.


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Three Basics To Losing WeightThere are three basics to losing weight: 1 - be more active, 2 - eat in moderation and 3 - eat foods that the body processes better.


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H-A-N-D For Selecting A Good CantaloupeMy father passed on his guide to selecting a good one as follows:


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Keeping Sheet Sets TogetherI organize my sheet sets by folding the sheets and placing them in the matching pillowcase. I also organize my sheet sets by having a shelf for each size; such as the queen size on one shelf, and the twins on another, etc.


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Cleaning Oven Racks With Oven Cleaner and NewspaperThe best and easiest way to clean oven racks is to first lay some old newspapers inside of a trash bag. Next lay the oven racks on the papers then spray liberally with oven cleaner.


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Product Review: Clip On Mosquito RepellentI used the clip on mosquito repellent three times in my yard, for 15 minutes each time. I still got bit. This product does not work for me and needs improvement


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How to Keep Cats Out of Your GardenI love to grow roses. I regularly trim the branches for size and shape. The thorn-covered twigs and branches are placed strategically around and in my garden. It keeps the cats and other critters from digging up my plants.


2 kid goats curled up in tire

Scenery: Kid Goats (Somerset, UK)Taken at a local farm here in Somerset. Two baby goats napping in a tire - no kidding!


Qadira Siberian Husky

Qadira (Syberian Husky)Qadira is a 15 month old Siberian Husky. We got her from a breeder in Tennessee and had her sent down to Florida when she was just a few weeks old!


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Paper Towel Waste EliminatedTo stretch the use of your paper towels, obtain a net bag. After using a paper towel to dry hands or wipe water off counter top, place the paper towel in the net bag to air dry.


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Grow Your Own SproutsMake your own sprouts with lentils or raw shelled sunflower seeds in 3 days. Put 1/4 cup of them in a jar and rubber-band a scrap of nylon net onto the top of the jar.


Chipmunk grooming on log

Wildlife: Chipmunk (Sturbridge Village, MA) It took me two months to find a chipmunk still enough to photograph. This one was sitting on the fence chirping as if to say "here I am". The picture was taken at Sturbridge Village, MA.


Birthday Camping Trip

Birthday Camping TripWe are campers. Years ago, our youngest daughter asked if she could take a group of friends from school and we agreed. She wanted to both boys and girls. At first we were hesitant, but we laid down a few guidelines.


Red trees reflected in calm pond

Scenery: Water Reflection (Austin Roberts Bird...I took my mom for tea today. We again went to the Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary, as it is very peaceful to sit next to the waterside. We had a lovely time. It is always good to make time to bond with your mom again!


Plastic adhesive nail packing with batteries inside and "charged" written on the outside

Uses for Plastic PackagingI recently purchased some glue on nails at the Dollar Tree. This wonderful little container they came in just stayed in a drawer, determined to be needed until today.


Tom the Cat Laying Down

Tom (American Shorthair)Tom is a 3 month old American Shorthair cat. These are some babies I got from freecycle.org. They needed a good home.


Yellow Bone Shaped Dog Christmas Stocking

Shammy Dog Bone StockingI created this project for my own special dog "Fella". I decided to go to the Dollar Store one day and was able to find everything I needed there to create it.


Lounging German Sheppard

Cleaning Up After Your DogI call this "Lawn Patrol" with my German Shepherds in our back yard. They think this is part of their exercise. They go with me carrying one large and one small plastic bag.


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Organizing My Linen ClosetI "try" to keep my linen closet organized using a few tricks. I don't fold my sheets and pillowcases together in sets because I intermingle the top/bottom sheets and pillow cases.


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Storing Blueberries FrozenI wash some of my blueberries, drain, and store them in a freezer bag in the freezer. They are great in recipes, and just to snack on. Refreshing in this hot weather!


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To Season a Cast Iron SkilletTo season a brand new cast iron skillet, heat skillet on stove top. When the skillet gets hot, remove from heat and thickly coat with pretty much any kind of cooking oil. The inside and outside of the skillet should be shiny.


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Easy Off For Oven RacksGet yourself a can of Easy Off for Cold oven cleaning. Have a couple of big 55 gallon trash bags and a stack of old newspapers. This will work on oven racks and grill racks, too.


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Aluminum Foil to Sharpen ScissorsThis is a fast and easy tip for sharpening scissors. I just grab a piece of aluminum foil, fold it a few times and then cut it with the scissors. They come out as good as new, and only for the cost of a sheet of tin foil.


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Selecting a CantaloupeWhen choosing a cantaloupe I smell it on the stem end. If it smells like cantaloupe I know it's ready to eat. If selecting a cantaloupe that I want in a couple days I choose a nice firm one and then let it ripen in my pantry until it smells like a cantaloupe on the stem end.



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Using Emulsion on Walls?Do you paint woodwork (i.e. skirtings and frames) first or emulsion the walls?


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Freezing Green Beans?Can green beans be frozen until enough are collected to then can?


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Selling Vintage Encyclopedia Sets?I have 2 sets of encyclopedias and I'm trying to find out how much they are worth. One is a Funk and Wagnalls' Universal Standard. It is a 25 volume set from 1954-55 the second one is a 12 volume Popular Mechanics do it yourself, 1st edition, from 1955.


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Shopping for a Vegetable Based Dishwashing Liquid?I am looking for the name of a vegetable based dishwashing liquid? Can anyone help?


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Summertime Kid Craft Ideas?I'm in need of some easy summertime crafts to keep the kids occupied for the last part of the summer. I have two boys (8 and 11) that are always "bored" unless they are playing video games or watching TV. As we limit the television time, I hear about the boredom often.


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Storing Cucumbers?How should I store cucumbers while waiting to get enough out of my garden to make pickles?


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Using Citrus Peels as Cat Repellent?If orange peels and lemon peels work, why not use orange or lemon juice in a garden sprayer and just spray the yard?


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Paint Color Advice for an Antique Dresser?I just painted my guest room a very light grey, with white baseboards, and around the doors. I also have white blinds. I have an old antique dresser I would like to paint brightly. I'd like for it to not be too, too colorful, but just a little bit!


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Cinnamon Candy Recipe?Looking for a candy I made 39 years ago in the 8th grade. It was powdered sugar, canned milk, and cinnamon. It was cooked on top of the stove and rolled into balls.


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Ideas for a Construction Themed Party?I am having a construction themed party. I am going to decorate the tables with the caution tape going down the middle with the mini hard hats filled with "pebble" jelly beans and gummy tool candy.


Metal Ore

Distinguishing Specific Metals Still in Ore?I have a few metals and am curious as to how to distinguish the differences between silver, nickel, cobalt, platinum, zinc, etc. None of my metals are magnetic and some pieces are still in rock form. I also have copper and asbestos in rock form.


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Presenting a Gift of Money?I would like to get an idea on how to present a gift of money to someone. I would like to present it in another way then just putting it in a card.


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Choosing the Best Shoes For Zumba?I've been going to a lot of dance aerobic classes lately, like Zumba. My cross trainers or running shoes have decent support, but they don't allow me to move my feet like I want to.


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Repelling Ants with Jello?How does jello kill and repel ants?


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Making Homemade Dish Soap?How do you make homemade dish soap? I know it involves baking powder but I don't know what the other ingredients are. Please let me know


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Free Vintage Red Work Designs?Does anyone know of a good source for free, vintage, red work designs? I am thinking of using them to make quilt squares. Thanks.


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Recipes for Homemade Potato Chips?I would like recipes for homemade potato chips and suggestions for keeping them fresh as long as possible. Thanks!


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Distinguishing Between Drywall Paper and Wallpaper Backing? I have one bedroom wall that has something with a white facing paper and a smooth backing of tan-ish brown that is also brittle and thin. There are also visible seams like drywall boards or poorly hung wallpaper. Beneath this a textured concrete wall.


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Puppy Seems Sleepy?I have a Miniature Pincher/Chihuahua mix 12 week old puppy. She is normally very hyper and playful. Today she just seems to want to sleep. Is this normal?


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Freezing Acorn Squash?Can you freeze acorn squash?


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Recipes for Blackberry Pie or Cobbler?Does any one have any good recipes for blackberry pie, cobbler, or anything else using blackberries? Ours are just loaded this year and I would like to try something new. Thanks for your help.


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