February 7, 2012

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Homemade rock candy.

Homemade Rock CandyThis is a page about making homemade rock candy. Rock candy is very easy to make. It is perfect for kids to make for their classmates for any holiday.


Valentine's Day cake

Valentine's Day Cake RecipesMake a beautifully decorated or simple cake for this Valentine's Day. This page contains Valentine's Day cake recipes.


Repairing a Leaky Shower Valve

Repairing a Leaky ShowerA leaky shower can cause all kinds of problems, from water dame to mold, not to mention the water bill. Getting that leaky shower fixed now will save you more headaches in the future.


Traveling With Kids, Family on Vacation in the back of Their Car

Traveling With KidsThis is a page about traveling with kids. Bringing the kids on your trip is sometimes a lot of work. However, having the family with you to share those special memories is priceless.


Using Leftover Candle Wax, Melted Candles

Using Leftover Candle WaxMelted wax from the very end of candles can be repurposed in many ways. Find ways to use your leftover candle wax or share your own ideas here.


Spraying Febreze

Saving Money on FebrezeFebreze is a great product for removing odors. This is a page about saving money on Febreze.


bartering hand shake

Bartering for Goods and ServicesThis is a page about bartering for goods and services. Bartering can be a great way to get the most out of things you own, make or services you can provide. Bartering also keeps the value of those goods and services in your local community.


Saving Money on Airline Tickets

Saving Money on Airline TicketsThis is a page about saving money on airline tickets. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, saving money on your flight can really help keep you under budget.


Saving Money on Home Repairs, Man Repairing the Siding on His Home

Saving Money on Home RepairsThis is a page about saving money on home repairs. From putting in a drainage system to replacing your roof, home repairs are never easy or cheap. Saving even a small percentage on the costs can add up to a lot of money.



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Cabbage CasseroleGreat casserole dish! Cabbage lovers are sure to like this!


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Hash Brown QuicheI like this because I prefer the potatoes to a regular crust for quiche. This is a great combination of ingredients. Very tasty!


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Marinated Steak SauceThis is a great steak sauce recipe. According to the recipe, it actually won 2nd place at the Iowa State Fair in 1976.


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Cauliflower Pea SaladLike the ranch taste to this recipe.


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Sweet and Crunchy NutsThis recipe calls for using Splenda, but you could probably use white sugar instead. Very simple to make, and you can choose the combination of nuts according to your taste or what you happen to have on-hand.


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Ranch Potato CasseroleVery good casserole! Love the Ranch taste.


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Yum Yum SaladGreat salad that lives up to it's name! Love the pineapple and maraschino cherries!


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Chocolate Cream Puff DessertEasier than making individual cream puffs. I found this recipe on an egg carton from Aldi's!


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Blueberry BuckleA yummy, old fashioned dessert.


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Layered Taco DishThis is a great, hearty, filling recipe. I think it's a great cold weather meal.


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Barbecued Spare RibsMy husband loves these! Any fan of barbecue will probably love this recipe!


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Stuffed Green PeppersAnother favorite of my husband. We love fresh peppers and this recipe is great!


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Sliced Melon with DressingThis is a yummy fresh spring/summer recipe!


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Ginger CookiesLove these great, old-fashioned cookies. Love the molasses flavor.


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Omelet SandwichesThese are yummy for breakfast, brunch or any time.


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Chinese CasseroleThis is a great 'ethnic' casserole. I love the combination of celery, onions, and especially the water chestnuts in this. Very simple to make and very good!


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Omelet SandwichesThese are yummy for breakfast, brunch or any time.



Finished cat towel.

Folded Towel CatInstead of just giving towels as a baby shower or bridal shower gift, create cats by folding the towels and adding a few embellishments. Create a basketful of cats by placing several in a basket for a cute gift!


Butterfly Sanctuary (Hinsdale, MA)

Butterfly Sanctuary (Hinsdale, MA)These photos were taken at a Butterfly sancuary. It was so beautifull! It reminds me of summer, which I am so looking foward to.


Leather Jacket Footstool -Recovered footstool.

Use a Leather Jacket to Cover a Worn FootstoolI had a woven footstool that was beginning to come apart. Instead of purchasing expensive reed to re-weave it, I decided to cover it with genuine leather from a secondhand coat I purchased for two bucks! I left the woven part of the stool intact to create stability.


White and Pink Orchid in white pot

Repotting OrchidsIf you keep orchids, sooner or later they will need repotting. In most cases, repotting is necessary, not because the orchid has outgrown its container, but because the growing medium has started to decay and restrict the flow of air to the orchid's roots.


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Use Scrubby Bath Gloves for Cleaning BathroomEvery time I cleaned my tub, I was using a scrub brush but it was slipping out of my hand. Gripping it was a pain and getting into crevices wasn't that easy. I started to notice I had quite a few of those scrubby/loofah bath gloves.


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Seven Mood Lifting ActivitiesKeep an uplifting photo of your child, grandchild, pet, or favorite vacation spot on your desk, near your work area, or in your purse or wallet.


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Magnetic Puzzles for TravelTo make a magnetic puzzle for traveling, use a cookie sheet and stick a magnet onto the back of all the puzzle pieces in the box.


Honey being stored in a syrup dispenser.

Syrup Dispenser for HoneyGetting honey out of the jar with a spoon left me with a sticky mess. I discovered that keeping it in a syrup dispenser worked much better although pouring it out was a slow process.


Hands digging in garden with hand tools

Plan-Ahead Projects for Next Year's GardenWinter is a great time for planning, preparing, and organizing next year's garden. Here are some plan-ahead projects for the winter months that will help you get a jump on next year's growing season.


Good, Clean Fun, people blowing bubbles

My Frugal Life: Good, Clean FunBubbles are among the oldest and most popular of children's playthings. Even when families have no money for toys, they can usually find a wire to twist into a circle and some soap suds.


Niagara Falls

Niagara FallsThis picture was taken at Niagara Falls.


Sharpening a Lawnmower Blade

Sharpening Your Lawn Mower BladesIt's easy to spot dull or damaged lawn mower blades. Instead of cutting the grass cleanly, they rip it-leaving your lawn looking brown and ragged, and even worse, more susceptible to disease.


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Making Moving EasierJust before you move, pack a suitcase for you and your family as if you were going on vacation. That way, you can live out of your suitcases for a few days, and not have to have everything unpacked to bathe, dress, etc.


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Stock Up On Sale Peanut ButterPeanut butter usually goes on sale in August as part of the "back to school" sales. Usually stores have sales that when matched with coupons will lead to jars for a $1 or less.


Closeup of lollipop Valentine's gift.

Be My Valentine Floral GiftMake this cute little gift for your Valentine and sweep him off his feet this year!


Little University of Oregon Cheerleader

Little University of Oregon CheerleaderThis is my best friend's little miracle baby, Lexi. She was born a little over 3 months early and we are so happy to have her here with us today! A friend bought her a little cheerleaders outfit, matching the uniforms of our University of Oregon cheerleaders.


Cemetery Christmas Wreaths (Central Texas Veteran's Cemetery, Killeen, Texas)

Cemetery Christmas Wreaths (Central Texas...Each year in November, our community provides the Christmas Wreaths that are placed on all of the headstones of the Veterans and their spouses. The volunteers return in January to retrieve and store the wreaths for future use.


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Use Office Paper Holders For Freezer OrganizationThe main thing that I have done for my freezers is go to an office store or dollar store and get paper holders. Then I put each filled with separated plastic bags; hamburger, chicken, pork chops, etc. I have done this for many years.


Reuse Chair Back As Trellis in the garden.

Reuse Chair Back As TrellisI'm using the back portion of a broken "curb alert" chair as a trellis. My new clematis is pretty happy with it. Sink the side pieces into the soft soil, or like this, just lean it against a tree.


A landscape in Montana with a windmill, mountains and fields.

Montana Landscape (Helena, Montana)This photo was taken at an old homestead near my home in Helena, Montana. It's located just 1/2 mile off a well traveled highway yet from this location you can not see anything but landscape, it's like a little piece of country paradise!


Flashmob Style Bottle Recycling

Flashmob Style Bottle RecyclingThis video does a wonderful job of demonstrating how important it is to take a moment and recycle that plastic bottle you have in your hand or maybe just stepped over.


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Eating Out On a BudgetWhen the kids were below age 12, I looked for restaurants that had kids eat free signs. I tried different restaurants in the area. It was a fun way to get out of the kitchen and not have to fix a meal after a long day of work and still provide for my family.



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Planting Zantddeschia Bulbs?Which way is up on zantedeschia bulbs?


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Name Ideas for a Neighborhood Fundraising Group?My friend and I want to give back to the community. We're gonna start having bake sales and selling goodies to raise money for charity. 100% will go to charities. We just can't seem to come up with a name! Both our names are heather. Please help.


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Painting a Stove Hood?Can I paint, with rust proof paint, under my hood above the stove? I believe it is steel?


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Freezing Milk?I bought milk with 3 bags in one larger bag. I put one in my milk jug and froze the other 2 in the freezer. The bags are made of plastic. Is this OK or is it harmful to drink after the milk has been in the freezer?


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Dog Smells Bad?My Shih Tzu has a very bad body odor. What should I do?


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Boy's 10th Birthday Party Ideas?I am giving a party for my 10 year old son, however his friends are 11 and 12. I need to think of amusing things for them to do at his birthday party (just boys). It is winter and I live in Quebec, so there will be no activities outside.


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Getting Help to Repair a Patio Door Inexpensively in the UK?I'm 76 years old and relying on the state pension, ie. low income and no savings. The 2 section patio door at the back of my 2 bedroom bungalow needs replacement because the sliding section has failed. At present it is standing on my lounge floor leaning against the fixed section.


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