February 24, 2012

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English daisies.

Taking Photos of Your GardenThis is a page about taking photos of your garden. By following a few simple tips you can capture and save the beauty of your garden by taking photos for a scrapbook, wall art, or future garden planning.


homemade doll

Doll Making TipsThis page contains doll making tips. Unique dolls can be created with a variety of materials.


Making recycled letter crayons.

Making Recycled CrayonsThis is a page about making recycled crayons. Don't throw away all of those broken crayons; make new ones.


Indoor herb garden.

Growing Herbs IndoorsThis is a page about growing herbs indoors. If you have a nice sunny location you can grow your herbs indoors.


Long tailed tit.

Attracting BirdsThis page is about attracting birds. With a few basic necessities you can encourage birds to visit your garden and provide many benefits.


Spring of fresh basil.

Freezing BasilThis is a page about freezing basil. Freezing is one of the best ways to preserve your garden basil for use in the kitchen.


Chicken Leg Recipes

Chicken Drumstick RecipesChicken legs can be prepared in great variety of delicious ways. This page contains chicken drum stick recipes.


Irish Beef Stew

Irish Beef Stew RecipesGreat for the crockpot, Irish stew is a traditional favorite and a complete meal in itself. It often contains beef or lamb with potatoes and carrots. This page contains Irish stew recipes.


An old bird cage.

Refinishing a Bird Cage?This is a page about refinishing a bird cage. Whether trying to refinish a bargain cage picked up at a sale or refurbishing your feathered friend's current digs, this is an easy DIY project.


Leap Year Celebration Ideas

Leap Year Celebration IdeasThis page contains leap year celebrations ideas. February 29th comes only once every four years.


Molten chocolate cake.

Molten Chocolate Cake RecipesYou may need a spoon to eat warm molten chocolate cake. This page contains recipes for molten chocolate cake.


Autumn wreath made of flowers and leaves.

Making a Fall WreathThis is a page about making a fall wreath. Add a festive look to your entryway by making a fall wreath.


Burning bush, fall foliage.

Growing a Burning BushThis is a page about growing a burning bush. Easy to grow and prized for its fall foliage, the burning bush makes a nice addition to your garden.


heart shaped mulch on shovel

Using Organic MulchThis page is about using organic mulch. There are many natural, organic materials that work well for mulch.


Uses for Juicer Pulp

Uses for Juicer PulpThis page is about uses for juicer pulp. There are a variety of uses for the fibrous juicer pulp that might otherwise go to waste.


Veggie seeds.

Growing Vegetables from SeedsThis is a page about growing vegetables from seeds. Growing vegetables from seed can save you money and offer a wider choice of plant varieties.


Making Ginger Beer

Making Ginger BeerThis is a page about making ginger beer. Keeping the yeast happy is the only tricky part of making your own ginger beer.


Growing basil.

Growing BasilThis is a page about growing basil. Growing your own herbs guarantees a fresh supply for your cooking needs.



Choosing the Right Organic MulchThis page is about choosing the right organic mulch. Depending on the type of plant you are mulching, you will want to choose the most compatible material.


Colorful seed catalogs to be used in crafts.

Crafts Using Recycled CatalogsThis page contains crafts using recycled catalogs. That stack of old catalogs can be used for a number of craft projects before being put in the recycle bin.


Sowing seeds directly.

Direct Sowing SeedsThis is a page about direct sowing seeds. Many flowers and vegetables grow quite well by sowing the seeds directly in the ground in your garden.


Winter sowing.

Winter Sowing SeedsThis is a page about winter sowing seeds. Invite nature into your gardening experience by giving winter sowing a try.


saving money on mulch

Saving Money on MulchThis is a page about saving money on mulch. Choosing the best place and time to buy mulch is one way to save money.


valentines heart

Recycling Valentine's Day CardsThis page is about recycling Valentine's day cards. There are a number of creative ways to reuse Valentine cards.


summer squash

Drying SquashThis page is about drying squash. Whether drying summer or winter squash, it can add color and texture to many dishes all year long.


Herbs growing in containers.

Growing Herbs in ContainersThis is a page about growing herbs in containers. With just a little planning it is very easy to grow herbs in containers.


Growing Vegetables in Containers

Growing Vegetables in ContainersThis is a page about growing vegetables in containers.Even if you don't have the garden space for a vegetable garden, you can grow a variety of veggie plants in containers.



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DrumsticksI make these a lot. They are easy and taste great.


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Southern Style Homemade Chicken and PastryComforting, easy to make and tastes great. Melts in your mouth!



Gonzo (Rat Terrier) in a costume.

Gonzo (Rat Terrier)Gonzo is 7 years old and a Rat Terrier. We got him when he was 6 months old. He loves to play and do tricks with the kids. He is a very lovable doggie. He loves for kids to baby him. They carry him around like a baby. He lets them dress him up, too cute!


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Check Clearance Racks for ShoesNothing beats a yard sale or consignment shops, but always look for the clearance rack at any store. I've found some great shoes at Bob's stores, Sears, JC Penney, Lord and Taylor, Payless, etc.


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Turn Plastic Grocery Bags Into PlarnThe most effective was to reuse plastic grocery bags that I do is make them into plarn, then into useful items like cell holders, lunch bags, purses, even a bingo bag for my one co-worker!


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Many Uses For Hand SanitizerI have found so many uses for plain old hand sanitizer. The cheaper, the better. The uses are as follows:


Screenshot of a website.

Building Your Own Website For FreePeople often wonder about websites and think they require a lot of work and expense. Work, yes, expense, no, lol. I like to sew and wanted to put up a free website that would give clothing solutions to breast cancer survivors who'd had bilateral mastectomy.


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Cell Phone EtiquetteIf you are with one person, or group of people, it's rude to stay on your phone (talking, texting or checking FB) for extended periods of time. Enjoy the people you are with and have conversations with your other friends when you're alone.


Morning Prayer (Solomon Retreat House, LA)

Morning Prayer (Solomon Retreat House, LA)When I was on Retreat, this is the location I chose each morning to say my morning prayers and read my Bible. I was surrounded by the quiet morning and enjoying all the beautiful scenery around me.


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Saving Money on College TextbooksWhen going back to college after years, I discovered the college bookstore is a big rip-off. If you go online, like Amazon, amongst others, you can get brand new editions, sometimes called international versions, (same exact book, just looks different on the outside) for a fraction of the price.


Two Leonburger dogs on the grass.  One is licking the other on the head.

Kiaat and Ursa (Leonberger)Kiaat and Ursa are 10 year old Leonberger dogs. We got both Kiaat and Ursa 10 years ago when they were puppies. Ursa was a rescue who was given up 4 times since she kept getting bigger and bigger and the people thought she was "just too big".


Doberman Pincher wearing shirt in car

Shirt to Contain Dog FurI have two short haired dogs; one is a Doberman and one is a Min Pin/Pug mix. They are easy to groom, but all dogs shed. I found that putting my dogs in children's sweatshirts in the house really keeps the hair situation manageable.


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Brown Sugar ScrubI decided to try a brown sugar scrub, what a treat! I didn't think I would like it and I am glad I tried it.



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Advice for Teen Starting to Babysit?My daughter is 13 and keeps asking to do babysitting. I don't really know if I should, because what if something happens (eg. child starts to choke). She really wants to start earning her own money.Please help.


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Cleaning Microfiber Furniture?Our love seat and couch is microfiber and the whole thing needs to be cleaned. The arms are especially stained. Any good ideas to clean the entire couch and love seat?


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Feeding Puppies While Still Nursing?What should I feed my new 2-3 weeks old puppies? They are still nursing from mommie.


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Spaghetti Bolognaise Too Sweet?I added too much sugar to spicy spag bol. How do I spice it back up, and take the sweetness away?


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Best Paint of Cabinets Under a Humid Carport?What kind of paint would be best for wood cabinets that have been built on a carport? The wall that the cabinets are on does not get rain, but there is moisture all over the floor when it is humid, which is often in Louisiana. Thank you.


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Scrubbies Made from Onion Bags?Does anyone know of a pattern for these, that is easy and quick?


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Cheddar's Restaurant Spinach Dip Recipe?Does anybody have any guesses of how to make the Cheddar's restaurant spinach dip? I've heard it has 4 cheeses in it and when you get it, it also looks like it has sour cream on top. It's awesome! They give you tortilla chips to dip in it.Thanks!


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Finding House Cleaning Service for Floors Only?Being a disabled senior, it has finally gotten to the point that I am unable to clean my floors. I can pretty much clean everything else myself, but can't do sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming any more. Does anyone know where I might find someone willing to clean just my floors?


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Cheap Cell Phone Service for Senior Citizens?Can anyone recommend a cheap cellphone service for the elderly?


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Homemade Pet Dewormer?Does anyone know how to make a homemade dewormer?


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Name Ideas for an Interior Design Firm?I am looking for a name for my interior firm. The name should be one word.


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