June 16, 2012

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Someone using a carpet cleaner.

Using A Steam Carpet CleanerThis is a page about using a steam carpet cleaner. Having your carpets cleaned professionally can be quite expensive.


Pinto Beans on White Background

Recipes Using Pinto BeansPinto beans are not just for frijoles, try them in other delicious recipes. This page contains recipes using pinto beans.


Engagement Photo Ideas

Engagement Photo IdeasThis is a page about engagement photo ideas. Create a lasting memory of your engagement by capturing that exciting moment in a photo.


Staining Wood Furniture

Staining Wood FurnitureThis is a page about painting wood furniture. Staining new or used wood furniture can create a whole new look.


Growing Hibiscus

Growing Hibiscus PlantsAdd a touch of the tropics to your garden by planting hibiscus plants in varying colors. This is a page about growing hibiscus plants.


Dutch Baby Pancake

Dutch Baby Pancake RecipesMake this delicious baked puffed pancake in your own kitchen. These are also know as a German pancake. This page contains Dutch baby pancake recipes.


Making Plantable Seed Paper

Making Plantable Seed PaperThis is a page about making plantable seed paper. Plantable seed paper makes a wonderful gift for the gardener and is easy and fun to make.


Tea cozy made from a sweater

Making a Tea CozyThis is a page about making a tea cozy. Keep your pot of tea hot by making a cute or elegant tea cozy.



Making Tri-Bead KeychainsPlastic tri-beads come in a huge variety of colors and are fun to use in craft projects. This is a page about making tri-bead keychains.


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Self Watering Systems for Outdoor PlantsThis is a page about self watering systems for outdoor plants. Save water and ensure that your outdoor plants get watered even if you are away.


Wheelbarrow Flower Decoration

Crafts Using Laundry Detergent ScoopsThis is a page about crafts using laundry detergent scoops. Reuse those plastic powdered detergent scoops to make delightful crafts.


Keeping Homemade Cookies Fresh

Keeping Homemade Cookies FreshThis is a page about keeping homemade cookies fresh. Homemade cookies do not contain the preservatives used in commercial snacks.



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Reassembling Mower Shield Deflector?I need to know how to relocate spring, torsion, deflector on mower deck?


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Hoarding Recovery Tips?Does anyone know of a comprehensive guide about hoarding? This would include the steps needed to begin sorting, organizing, and methods of "recovery", ways to prevent recurrence of the problem. This must exist, but if it doesn't there may an opportunity to collaborate on such a guide.


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Growing Beet Root?I've got a lot of beet seeds in one pot at the minute, shall I separate them into a pot each and how big should they be before I plant them into the ground? I've always lived in a flat, but now have moved to a house with a garden so I had no experience with gardening. Thanks.


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Removing Gorilla Glue from Fabric?I have old thick hardened Gorilla glue on the fabric of the arm of my lift chair. It has been there for perhaps 6 months. Any ideas how to remove it?


Embroidery Machine Not Picking Up Bobbin Thread?I just got a new to me/used Brother embroidery machine. When I took it out it was just fine, but after a few tines of embroidering with it, now I can't get it to pick up the bottom thread. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?


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Freezing Cut Potatoes?I want to know how to use ascorbic acid in freezing potatoes.


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PTO Switch on Mower Stopped Working?My Craftsman lawn tractor is a 2009, 54in 26hp. It has a one week old battery and new PTO switch that I put on today. It worked fine three times on and off and then it stop working. Everything is clean and free of dirt and rust. The motor runs fine. What should I do?


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Removing Mold from a Mattress?How do I remove mould from a mattress?


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Homemade Hummingbird Nectar?Some friends are using a mixture (of what I call harmful) of 1 cup sugar to 1 cup water. This does really attract the birds, but I know that it must be very harmful for the birds. Am I correct?


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Cheap Enjoyable Kid Crafts?What about the crafts for kids that don't take expensive supplies? Any ideas?


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Growing Basil?What kind of soil is needed to grow basil? I bought a plant and planted it in Super Soil and it's not doing well.


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Inexpensive All in One Fax Copier Printer?I need a new fax, copier, scanner, printer all in one. I have an old Brother fax machine, but the cartridges are hard to get in and very expensive. It doesn't work with a computer as it isn't a printer.


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Homemade Clorox Cleaner?How do you make your own cleaner with Clorox cleaner?


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Removing Furniture Dents from Wool Carpet?I need to remove carpet dents from an all wool carpet. Wool is not supposed to be wet so the ice cube method won't work. I am also afraid to try the steam as it might shrink the carpet. What else can I try?


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Getting Rid of Cave Crickets?Are there any cheap ways to get rid of cave crickets? I get them in my garage which is below my house. I know they aren't dangerous, but they are pretty hideous to look at and if you kill one another one will come along and eat it. That's gross. I hear they will continue to multiply and infest if not taken care of.


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Best Paint for a Plaster Wall?What paint either gloss or matte do I use to paint a plastered wall? I know that you add water to it, but I can't remember what paint it is. Please can you help me by answering this question? Thanx.


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Cleaning Vinyl or Linoleum Floors?I have flooring in my basement that was installed, I think, in the early 70s. I do not know if it is vinyl or linoleum. It is adhered to concrete in sheets and it has a pebble type design with mostly black, gray, and tan colors.


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Should Wall Color Be Darker or Lighter Than Trim?I want to paint my house walls. Should they be darker or lighter then doors trims and skirtings?


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Hot Flash Relief?I would like to know if any Thrifty Fun folks out there have any tips to relieve hot flashes? It's summer in Texas and I've been having more and more of them. Any ideas would be so helpful.


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Cleaning a Stain on Cabbage Patch Doll's Face?My old Cabbage Patch preemie has a blue stained face, probably due to materials, blankets, sweat, etc. It has bald head. I soaked it in Clorox, used Ajax, used a scrub sponge, and even tried an SOS pad. It's lighter, but the blue stain won't come off around cheeks, mouth, and nose.


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