August 2, 2013

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Making Mofongo?This is a page about making mofongo. Mofongo is a fried plantain dish from Puerto Rico. Although the mashed plantain is consistent you can vary the spices and additions to suit your tastes.


Outdoor Flood Lights

Preventing Ice Buildup on Outdoor Flood LightsThis is a page about preventing ice buildup on outdoor flood lights. Winter rain and snow may cause ice to buildup on your outdoor flood lights.


Shortbread cookies on a cookie sheet.

Shortbread Cookie RecipesDelicious melt in your mouth shortbread cookies are popular with many cookie connoisseurs. This page contains shortbread cookie recipes.


Pony Tail Holder

Making Your Own Pony Tail HolderThis is a page about making your own pony tail holder. There are lots of stores where you can buy ponytail holders, but why not make your own unique holders.


beer bread

Recipes Using BeerThis is a page about recipes using beer. Beer can be used as an ingredient in many types of recipes from breads to stews.


Party Favors

Shopping for Party Favors?This is a page about shopping for party favors. Favors can be found or ordered for almost any party theme.


Mole coming out of a mole hole.

Organic Mole RepellentsThis is a page about organic mole repellents. While moles are actually beneficial to your garden, eating the larvae of many harmful insects and aerating the soil, most homeowners don't like the messy piles of dirt. To send these little miners packing you don't need to use poisons or traps.


Suede Couch

Cleaning Cat Urine From Suede?This is a page about cleaning cat urine from suede. If your sweet little kitty has an accident on your suede shoes, clothing, or furniture it can be stressful determining how to clean it.


A chaffinch sitting on a rock by a garden pond.

Keeping Ponds Safe for Fish and WildlifeThis is a page about keeping ponds safe for fish and wildlife. With thoughtful planning you can create a pond that is safe for your fish and visiting wildlife.


5 Week Old Chihuahua Puppy

Training a 5 Week Old Puppy?This is a page about training a 5 week old puppy. Although generally puppies leave their mom at 8 weeks, sometimes you may need to care for a younger pup.


A cute black puppy chewing on its owners finger.

Teething Advice for PuppiesThis is page has tips and information about caring for teething puppies. Teething is a tough time for your puppy. Finding ways to help the process along and eliminate some of the discomfort is good for your puppy and for your fingers, shoes, and furniture.


Little girl with dirty hands.

Keeping Kids Hands Clean When Playing OutsideThis is a page about keeping kids hands clean when playing outside. When kids play outside they can get dirty.


A woman wearing a wedding dress with red stockings.

Picking Tights or Stocking Color For Wedding?This is a page about picking tights or stocking color for wedding. It doesn't matter if you are the bride, bridesmaid, or a guest, choosing the right color tights to finish your ensemble is important.


Dining room chair with a vinyl seat.

Recovering Vinyl Chairs?This is a page about recovering vinyl chairs. Vinyl is a durable upholstery used on many different types of chairs. However over time the vinyl will show wear or you may want to change to a different color.


Wood dog house in a backyard.

Winterizing a Dog House?This is a page about winterizing a dog house. Dogs that use a doghouse during the winter months will appreciate your efforts to winterized their house, making it warm and cozy.


raspberry sherbet

Frozen Dessert RecipesThis layered sherbet dessert will delight your guests and family. This page contains frozen dessert recipes.


Pond Fish

Protecting Pond Fish From WildlifeThis is a page about protecting pond fish from wildlife. The lovely fish you have in your pond may be at risk for becoming dinner for the local wildlife.


Varnished Desk Organizer

Cleaning Varnished WoodThis is a page about cleaning varnished wood. Varnish is a common finish used on wood furniture and woodwork. When it gets dirty and grimy through age and usage it is time to clean it and return the beautiful finish.


Fire Pit on a Wood Deck

Using a Fire Pit on a Wood Deck?This is a page about using a fire pit on a wood deck. Most manufacturers recommend that you do not use a fire pit on a wood deck.


Paper Letters

Making Paper LettersThis is a page about making paper letters. Pretty or bold paper letters can be used as a fun, personalize decoration for a party or even in your child's bedroom.


Woman with highlights in her hair.

Growing Out Hair With Highlights?This is a page about growing out hair with highlights. Highlights lend a dramatic effect to your hair. However, when they start to grow out they no longer look that nice.


Koi swimming in a pond.

Protecting Pond Fish From Birds?This is a page about protecting pond fish from birds. Birds cannot distinguish between your backyard pond and naturally occurring lakes, streams, etc. when searching for food.


Oxtail Soup

Indonesian Oxtail SoupThis is a page about Indonesian oxtail soup. Although not well known or enjoyed in the west, this delicious soup is very popular in Indonesia.


Buttermilk Chicken

Buttermilk Chicken RecipesWhether you deep fry, oven fry, or broil, marinating chicken in buttermilk makes for a delicious, moist chicken dish. This page contains buttermilk chicken recipes.


Red wood dog house.

Bedding Ideas for a Dog House?This is a page about bedding ideas for a dog house. As a pet owner we want our furry friends to be as comfortable as possible.


buttermilk substitute in a bowl

Substitute for Buttermilk in RecipesMost of us don't keep a supply of buttermilk in the fridge, so if a recipe calls for it, you may want to use a substitute. This is a page about substitute for buttermilk in recipes.


Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookie RecipesThis page contains gluten free peanut butter cookie recipes. Eating a gluten free diet does not mean that you can never have a peanut butter cookie again.



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Birthday Gift Idea for 5th Grade Boy?I need to buy gifts for a nephew who is going to the 5th grade in the fall. I would like to buy something that is educational. No video games nor books which I always give him. He loves sports! Thanks for your help! What is an interesting birthday gift for a 5th grade boy?


Pond Fish Not Eating

Pond Fish Not Eating?My fish are floating in the middle of the pond. They do not eat the pellets or any food, because they are swimming in the middle, not the top or bottom. Any suggestions please?


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Maytag Washer Displaying Error Code E3?For the Maytag washer MAH6700AWW, what is error code e3?


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Drapes Color Advice?I have a small living room. The walls are welfare white/beige, love seats are beige, and the chairs are dark brown almost black. What color should the drapes be?


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Chips Game Rules?I have a game called "Chips", it comes with a bunch of card board tiles with things like: run of 3 set of 4, this chip counts as 2 free chips, and run of 6, set of 7, no wild cards.


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Cat Has Started Peeing on Furniture?I got my sweet kitty when he was 9 weeks old. He has used the litter box since the day I got him. Now, at 9 months, he all of a sudden has decided to use my oversized recliner as his litter box. He pooped on it last week, out of the blue, and now he is peeing on it, right in front of me.


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Remedy for Puppy with Diarrhea?I have a teacup Yorkie puppy who's going to be 8 weeks old next week. She weights 1 pound 4 ounces. She has diarrhea. Want could I give her so she could poop normally?


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Betadine Changed Color of Silver Bracelet?I have a sterling silver bracelet that I wore when washing my hands with Betadine scrub, it has now gone light gold! Can anyone please tell me how to fix it? Thank you.


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15th Birthday Ideas?OK, so I'm turning 15 in late January and I want to do something fun and affordable/cheap. Obviously I can't do the water park stuff and theme park stuff because they will be closed down.


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Resident Cat Chasing and Hissing at New Kitten?I have a one year old Turkish Van male cat and yesterday I bought a 3 month old male kitten and so far they are not getting along too well. My older cat chases the kitten around and hisses at him.


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Buying Octagon Soap?Where can I buy Octagon soap in Madison, Florida?


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Getting Rid of Fleas?I keep getting bitten. I'm a diabetic and this is not a good thing.


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Building an Outdoor Cat Enclosure on Deck?I need suggestions for a cat enclosure for my apartment deck. They just put in brand new decks so "attaching it" would not go over too well. I would like to be able to fully enclose it so I can still got out and sit with them.


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Deciding Whether to Get a Kitten?Chuchi is a cat we "rescued" from friends. She's roughly 6 and has had quite the life. When our friends got her she was grossly overweight and although she still carries quiet the belly (we wonder if she may have had a litter at some point), through good diet they brought her weight down.


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Getting Shrimp Smell Out of Freezer?I cleaned the freezer with soda solution and rinsed it good. I then put crumpled newspaper and two cake pans of fresh, dry coffee grounds in the freezer. I need to know if I leave lid (chest type freezer) open or close it for two days? Thanks for any advice!


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Cat Pooping on Floor Next to Pig's Litterbox?I have several cats, all but 1 use the litter boxes. I also have a pot belly pig. My cat with the issue I feel thinks she's a pig. She goes on the floor next to my pig's litter box to poop, she uses one of the cat boxes to pee


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Older Child Afraid of the Dark?My middle child is 12 now and is still afraid of the dark because she feels unsafe and believes that if she turns the light off someone will kidnap her or kill her in a twisted way. How do I assure her that she is safe?


Male and female finch in white cage.

Breeding Zebra Finches?My zebra finches have start building a nest, but I have just noticed that the female finch was doing most of the nest building instead of the male.They started putting feathers in the nest. Will my zebra finches lay eggs soon?


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House Trained Dog Has Begun Pooping in House?I have a 2 year old rescue dog that we have had for about 7 months now. She has always been fine and trained to go outside and do her business when told to be clean. When we go to work, etc. and she is left on her own she has access to the back garden.


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Real Estate Business Name Ideas?My name is Amanda. I am planning to open a real estate company dealing with sales, rentals, and management.


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