August 18, 2013

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Fruit salad bowls made in carved out watermelons at a large outdoor birthday party.

Planning a Large Birthday Party?This is a page about planning a large birthday party. Large parties can be daunting to plan, especially if there are going to be different age groups attending, such as at a family birthday party. You will want to have food and activities for everyone.


Peanut butter jar and spoon.

Frozen Peanut Butter Cup RecipesThis page contains frozen peanut butter cup recipes. This frozen confection can be made in a number of ways, but always contains peanut butter to satisfy your craving for its nutty goodness.


Fried Chicken

Canning Fried Chicken?Many of us know that you can actually fry canned chicken, but what about canning fried chicken. This is a page about canning fried chicken.


Coconut Cookies

Coconut Cookie RecipesBesides macaroons there are other delicious cookies to be made with coconut. This page contains coconut cookie recipes.


Light colored drapes.

Removing Wrinkles from Curtains and DrapesIt is disappointing to open the packaging containing your new curtains to find them creased and wrinkled. Not all drapes can be washed and dried to remove the wrinkles. This is a page about removing wrinkles from curtains and drapes.


Construction Paper

Crafting With Construction PaperThis is a page about crafting with construction paper. Many crafts can be made using construction paper. Its many colors and ease of cutting work well for crafting with children.


Perfume Bottles

Shelf Life of PerfumeThis is a page about the shelf life of perfume. It can be tempting to buy an older bottle of a perfume you loved that has been discontinued, or an unopened, or nearly full bottle at a yard sale. However, age does effect the fragrance of perfume.


Bread Machine

Repairing a Bread Machine?This is a page about repairing a bread machine. When your bread machine stops working properly, the question is whether it can be repaired or if you need to buy a new one.


Two kids standing in the rain wearing colorful rain boots.

Making Fabric Water Repellent?This is a page about making fabric water repellent. You can not always find water repellent fabric for craft projects or you may want to treat a piece of clothing. Perhaps the fabric or garment you have chosen can be treated and made water repellent.


Two pet finches sitting in a cage.

Dealing With an Aggressive FinchThis is a page about dealing with an aggressive finch. Finches are social birds, so they are often kept in mating pairs or multiple birds. Sometimes they do not get along as well as we hoped.


Computer Keyboard

Repairing Stuck Keys on a Computer Keyboard?This is a page about repairing stuck keys on a computer keyboard. There are several reasons that keys on your computer keyboard may be sticking.


canned salmon

Salmon Squares RecipesA favorite seafood of many that can be used in a variety of delicious recipes. This page contains salmon squares recipes.


Cleaning Coach Shoes

Cleaning Coach Shoes?This is a page about cleaning Coach shoes. Although best known for their handbags, Coach also has a line of shoes. If your shoes get soiled, you may be wondering the best way to clean them.


A messy toaster.

Cleaning a ToasterThis page is about cleaning a toaster. To keep your toaster functioning properly and reduce fire danger, it is important to clean it regularly.


Southwestern Chicken Breasts

Foil Packet RecipesThis page contains foil packet recipes. One easy way to make a delicious meal is to package meat, spices, and perhaps some veggies in foil and bake them.


A boy dressed as a cowboy.

Cowboy Themed Party Ideas?This page contains cowboy themed party ideas. A fun birthday party for youngsters can have a cowboy things and activities.


Wine bottle with a blank label.

Finding Free Product Label Templates?This page is about finding free product label templates. It is amazing what you may discover on the internet to help you create labels.


A grandma smiling while using her tablet computer.

Computer and Internet Training for Senior CitizensThis is a page about computer and internet training for senior citizens. Many older persons are hesitant to jump into the internet age, despite seeing their children and grandchildren surfing, gaming, and working on computers and using the internet.


Cat With Arthritis

Remedies for Cats With Arthritis?This page is about remedies for cats with arthritis. As our pets age they can develop joint pain that causes them to be stiff and sore.


Granville House Doll

Finding the Value of Granville House Dolls?This is a page about finding the value of Granville House dolls. There are several designers and manufacturers of porcelain and other collectable dolls. Finding the value of a collection is important for insurance purposes or if you are planning to sell one or more of the dolls.


Temporary Dentures

Getting Temporary Dentures?This is a page about getting temporary dentures. Part of the process of getting dentures often includes being fitted for temporary dentures to use until the permanent ones are ready.


A man playing frisbee with his dog.

Activities for You and Your DogThis is a page about activities for you and your dog. Keeping your dog healthy and well behaved is helped by making sure they get sufficient exercise. In addition to walking there are many activities that both you and your pet will enjoy.



Shop at Home to Save Money

Shop at Home to Save MoneyAlthough, I'm not a packrat, there are times when my pantry, closets and cabinets can get rather full. This is when I go on a home shopping spree.



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Can't Get Rid of Clothing Moths?I have scrubbed my closet top to bottom, scrubbed baseboards, used cedar, lavender, and moth balls. I vacuum every other day and have had the carpet cleaned and still the moths continue to eat my clothes, I am desperate for a solution!


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Sewing Machine Stuck?After winding my bobbin the machine seems to be stuck there and I can hear a pin in the cover.


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Mum Receiving Child Benefits and Collecting Rent?I have a job working 18 hours a week. I work 3 days and get £30 cash in hand. My mum takes £30 off me each week even though she still claims child benefits. I am 17 and going back to college.


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Setting Natural Plant Clothing Dye?How do I set berry dyed fabric? I used gooseberry pulp after making jelly.


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15th Birthday Ideas?I am turning 15 in two weeks and still have no idea what I am going to do! I do know that I want it to be with my family though :) Any suggestions? xxx (I live in Bradford)


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Removing Logo from Tin Coffee Cans?I am just about to start making some tin robots from assorted cans. But I am wondering how to remove the logo from the tin coffee cans.


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Looking for Bluing?Where can I find liquid bluing in Modesto?


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Growing Mustard and Collard Greens from Seed?I planted a couple of mustard and collard greens and some have already popped out of the soil with two little leaves. I was wondering if they need any special lighting or do they just need warmth or the sun?


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Planning a Trip to Disney World?We are planning a Disney World trip for the week after Thanksgiving 2014. It will be my 3rd time going and the first time for my dh, dd, and ds. (MIL and FIL's first time too if they decide to come with us.)


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Singer Tradition Keeps Jamming and Breaking Needles?I have only just bought this machine, so I was really disappointed to hear it start clanking and jamming. It was a bit scary. I tried everything to correct the threads, but there doesn't seem to be a problem with the threading or any thread caught in the bobbin area underneath.


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