September 9, 2013

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Boy reading a dictionary.

Expanding a Child's VocabularyA well developed vocabulary makes for better communication and knowledge acquisition. Expanding your child's vocabulary is fun and engaging. This page is about expanding your child's vocabulary.


Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcake RecipesThis page contains chocolate cupcake recipes. Chocolate is usually a hit when making cakes.


Picking Blueberries

Picking BerriesThis page is about picking berries. Gathering fruits can be accomplished in different ways to save you time.


Family Feet

Deciding When to Have ChildrenGrowing your family is a major decision that will affect many facets of your life. Whether adopting a child or getting pregnant, new life brings with it many wonderful changes. This page is about when to start having children.


Boy holding up a Pasta Necklace

Pasta Craft Ideas for KidsThis page is about pasta craft ideas for kids. There are many ways young people can use pasta for craft projects.


Bamboo Palm in white pot.

Bamboo Palm Plant Care?Bamboo palm plants are beautiful indoor plants for your home or office. This page is about bamboo palm plants.


Pug with bandage leg.

Treating a Pet's WoundTo stop superficial wounds from bleeding, home remedies may be just the cure. This page is about how to stop superficial wounds from bleeding.


Putting bandaid on child.

Stopping a Superficial Wound from BleedingThere are many home remedies to control bleeding of superficial wounds. This page is about how to stop a superficial wound from bleeding.


Bleeding Heart

Growing Bleeding HeartIt's easy to see how the bleeding heart plant got its name. This page is about how to care for bleeding heart flowering plants.


Marinara Sauce

Marinara Sauce RecipesThis page contains marinara sauce recipes. Spaghetti is delicious with an excellent red sauce.


10th Birthday Cake.

10th Birthday Party IdeasReaching 10 years of age is a very special milestone. This page is about 10th birthday party ideas.


Bathtub full of water.

Makeshift Bathtub and Sink Stopper IdeasSometimes you may need some help closing a drain outlet. This page contains makeshift bathtub and sink stopper ideas.


Mopping a wood floor with oil soap.

Homemade Oil Soap Recipes?This page is about homemade oil soap recipes. Concocting your own cleaning agents can save you money.


Picture of a pair of aces.

Playing Texas Hold-emThis page is about playing Texas hold-em. A poker game can be an entertaining way to spend time with family and friends.



Elephant Ears and Patio Peach Tree

Elephant Ears and Patio Peach TreeMy elephant ears and patio peach tree are the same size. It looks unusual looking down from the stairs and seeing those giant elephant ears.


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Weighted Flowers for Graveside DisplaysI needed to add flowers at the cemetery to the vases on each side of the monument. They needed to be weighted down so they wouldn't blow away. So I solved this problem by using some old keys and attached them with wire to the base of the flowers. Problem solved.


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Slow Cooker Chuck RoastThis is a hearty meal. It is easy to prepare and when winter gets here, this would be a meal to warm you up.


playpen made into reading nook

Playpen Reading NookMy friend made the perfect reading nook for her daughter out of her old playpen. If you have one laying around, why not repurpose it and give your kids a fun new place to read!


Keeping Ants out of Hummingbird Feeder - A feeder with tape on it.

Keeping Ants out of Hummingbird FeederI put packaging tape on my feeder to catch the ants as they crawl down to get to the sweet stuff. Since I have been doing this, I have had no ants in my feeder and the tape still works after it rains.


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Buy Dry Staples in BulkWe make things from scratch and like to try new things, but we have limited space. I buy pasta, grains and dried beans in bulk, but I only buy one kind at a time, enough to fill up a half-gallon mason jar.



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Buying Sweet Gum Balls?Where can I buy sweet gum balls? I need a quantity for wreaths. Thanks.


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Selling a Porcelain Doll?Where can I sell my porcelain doll, besides using Amazon and eBay?


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Craftsman Lawn Mower Won't Start?I am trying to help my dad with his mower. He bought it used last fall and it has worked fine until today. He was out mowing part of his field and he said it died...


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Sanding Ceramic Tile Before Painting?I have shiny white bathroom tile. Everyone I have talked to tells me to sand it for better adhesion. I have even tried 60 grit sandpaper and cannot get it to become rough! Why?


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Family Daycare Names?I am starting a home daycare and I need help coming up with a name. I use Brittbryanryan for everything (my name +son name +hubby name), but I want something that starts with a "B" and is catchy and cute. I am a very family oriented person and I have two dogs (Beagles).


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Great Names for a Childcare?My name is LaQuinta. My cousin and I will be opening up a childcare in my home. What will be some cute, catchy names with LaQuinta/Jasmine?


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Burnt Chili Remedy?I was reheating a large pot of chili and got distracted by the kids. Now the chili tastes slightly burnt! Is there any way I can get rid of the burnt taste? Thanks!


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Shopping for Castile Liquid Soap?Where can I get Castile liquid soap?


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Dog Peeing Inside?I have a 7 year old Yorkie that has been peeing on the floor, chairs, couch, if something is set down on the floor, he will pee on it. He has been doing this for awhile now. We even put up a child's gate to keep him from the family room.


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Sewing Machine Needle Not Working Properly?Everything is properly threaded and ready to go. I press the peddle and the needle will go down and place a single stitch. The needle will not go back up automatically nor with the hand wheel. The needle "will" function properly in reverse, however.


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Volume 2 of Compton's Pictured Encyclopedia And Fact-Index?I need a hardback copy of the Compton's Pictured Encyclopedia and Fact Index, that is black with green 1948 edition, volume 2.


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Dog Occasionally Pees in House?My 11 month old dog occasionally pees inside when he as been for a long walk and when I take him to my parents. I have rubbed his nose in it, smacked him, told him off, and put him outside, but when he has done it he knows and runs off.


Closeup of puppy's head.

Best Food for a 3 Month Old Puppy?I have a 3 month old Pit/Lab mixed puppy. My neighbor gave him to me with adult dog food (Gravy Train). So I have been feeding him with it and he seems to love it. When I take him out to bathroom, his poop comes out thick and soft like ice cream (sorry).


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Hitachi Bread Machine Shaft Not Working?The shaft on my Hitachi bread machine will not go back and forth. The blade comes out, so that is not stuck. I had to knead the bread by hand. I boiled the bread pan in water for about 15 minutes with water around the pan and inside the pan.


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Grilling Without a Barbecue?I am a single female in my 80s and cook my own meals. I have no barbeque and wonder what could take the place of one when the recipe calls for grilling.


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Hair Damaged By Perm?I had bleached my hair and a week later I put in a perm. My hair is falling out every time I touch it. It feels slimy and nasty. How do I fix it without having to cut all my hair off?


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Feeding 6 Month Old Pit Bull Puppies?I have 3 six month old Pit Bull puppies. How many times a day should I feed them?


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Replacement Pad for Wing Back Glider Rocker?I can't find a replacement pad for my wing back glider and the ottoman.


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Potty Training a 3 Month Old Puppy?I have a 3 month old Pit/Lab mixed puppy. I am kind of new to the puppy or animal owning. So the last dog I had I failed miserably on house training and potty training my puppy. I am looking for some good quick advice or help on how to potty train?


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Curtain Color Advice?I have medium blue walls with the bottom half being brown paneling. The carpet is a mixture of browns. I have a burgundy sofa, a brown sofa, blue recliner, and a green recliner. I want to change my curtains, but have no clue what would be best. I have one large window and one regular sized one.


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