Treating a Pet's Wound

August 14, 2009

Pug with bandage leg.After seeing one great tip about cornstarch, I thought I should share mine. A year or so ago, one of my dairy goats had a scurr (an incompletely removed horn that grows back poorly) that was becoming uncomfortable and pressing on her head. My husband was attempting to cut it off cleanly when it suddenly fell off, spraying blood everywhere!


I thought quickly about what might make it stop while I pressed on the wound (it wasn't slowing down a bit) and told him to run for the cornstarch. I figured that if it would thicken gravy, it would coagulate blood. A good dash of cornstarch shut off the blood like a faucet!

After the fact, I checked and found that this is the main ingredient in the bloodstopper powder you can buy from a vet supply store. It can be a very handy thing to have around animals or accidents!

By Gina Johnston from MT

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March 5, 2011

If your pet gets a laceration or bite, DO NOT use hydrogen peroxide. This will cause the wound to open more. Instead use a little soap and water or, better yet, use betadine liquid.



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June 13, 2022

Is there anyway I can do to take care of this my self? Been growing for 3 weeks now.

Wound on dog's side.


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June 13, 20221 found this helpful
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As a Vet Tech, any fast-growing growth or change in your pet's skin like this, is reason for concern. It NEEDS to be checked out by your vet. Most likely, Needle Aspiration will be done to see what kind of cells are inside the growth. By taking some cells from the growth, the vet and/or lab can do a microscopic study of the internal cells, and determine if it's a benign or cancerous growth, or maybe the beginning of a simple abscess from a thorn or bite.


Make an appointment for a Vet check ASAP.

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Maybe it's a sebaceous cyst, but it's important to get a diagnosis from a veterinarian.
Signs of a sebaceous cyst:
'A sebaceous cyst should feel slightly firm but still moveable under the skin.
Cysts are painless growths that have a white-tinge to them. Sometimes they have a blueish streak. If you look closely, it may appear that there is fluid in the cyst.
Sebaceous cysts tend to grow over time.
A sebaceous cyst may feel rounded when it is just beneath the dog's skin.
Watch for sebaceous cysts that develop on a dog's paws, head, back, or tail.


Cysts are made up of a collection of dead skin cells, dirt, bacteria, and/or pus. The matter within the cyst will have a horrible smell. If it erupts, you'll notice that the substance kind of looks like curled milk. It may also look like a waxy substance.'

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November 8, 2017

My dog has been treated for over a year with medicine to heal a huge wound caused by licking his paw, but it still is raw, bleeding, and swollen. Our vet can't seem to get it to heal. We put a cone on him except when he goes outside to potty and when he eats and drinks, but nothing will heal it. He's 12 yrs old and I don't know what else to do, even our vet is puzzled. Do you have any ideas or suggestions?


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November 8, 20171 found this helpful
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A wound that doesn't heal is a concern, whether on an animal or human. I would find another vet. It could be a type of skin cancer.

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June 16, 2018

My Chihuahua has a small open wound or sore on his front leg. I am not sure how he got it, but it got a little bigger within a week. How I can help it heal faster?

Treating a Small Wound on Dog's Leg


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June 17, 20180 found this helpful

You could put an antibacterial cream on it and cover it with a bandage. If it were my dog, I would see a vet to make sure it did not get infected.


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June 17, 20180 found this helpful

Ouchies! Poor pup! I would call your vet right away and ask for them to either look at it or offer a few palliative solutions and what to look for when you need to bring the dog in ASAP (like if it changes).


If you have an established relationship with a vet and your vet is like ours, they will give info for free over the phone.

It could be a simple scrape from something inside or outside, but my fear is always that the "hot spot" has deeper cause (like from a bug bite or allergy). Our Clarence has a variety of skin issues and you do have to be very careful to prevent infection in open wounds as they love to rub in dirt and other YUCK outside (at least he does).

The pup may even have to wear "the cone of shame" for a few days...that lampshade like thing they hate so much...but they help...the clear ones make it easier for them to function.

I would NOT recommend using ANY human products on the dog, until you get the vet's OK. They are the experts and some dogs (by size) can tolerate various human medications and some can't


NEVER use human bandages either as they will pull the fur off when removed. There are those neat-o self sticking wraps that some of the bigger pet stores sell...they can be pricey, but better that than ripping off a clump of fur. Again, I wouldn't use one until the vet gives the OK as some wounds heal better with just air.

Keep us posted about the dog's recovery! Sending up lots of healing wishes!!


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June 18, 20180 found this helpful

I have used Blu-Kote spray on wounds on dogs numerous times. It seems to speed up the healing process. One note of warning, this medicine will stain upholstery, floors, etc. so be sure to apply it outdoors if possible and allow it to dry before your dog gets on the furniture or carpet.


Fortunately, it dries quickly. Hope your dog's wound heals quickly. If not, please take it to a vet for treatment.


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June 18, 20180 found this helpful

it wont be possible to know how to treat this wound until you know what it is. You will need to see a Vet for that. Dont take a chance that this will just go away. It could be a fungus, infection or cancer. If it has gotten larger in the last week it is very unlikely to just go away. Remember that whatever you put on it can and will be licked off, so be sure it is safe to be ingested. You can call your local humane society to find a low cost Vet for treatment.

September 11, 20180 found this helpful

Our dog has got the exact same wound on her neck and front leg. We went to the vet and he gave her some tablets. He said that its either a skin infection or a tumour. Please take your dog to the vet ASAP as it could be serious. X

May 22, 20220 found this helpful

North American herb and Spice oil of oreganol cream

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October 5, 2015

My Shih Tzu is having this kind of wound. I don't know what is it. Just look at the pic and his having another one. What's the cause and how can I cure it?

pink round sore


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October 5, 20151 found this helpful

This looks like an infection of some type, especially as a new one is forming. if so, he will need prescriptive antibiotic treatment with a veterinarian as no home remedies will stop the infection.

Please take him to your vet now as the problem is spreading and the longer he has this infection, the more his immune system is compromised.


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October 7, 20151 found this helpful

This must be SO painful for the wee dog. Expert vet care should be advised. Please take the dog for help.


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October 7, 20150 found this helpful

Your dog needs to see a Veterinarian as soon as possible. This type of infection can get worse and threaten your dogs life.

April 3, 20160 found this helpful

If it was black first . It may have been a brown eclouse spider bite . This happened to my cat

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August 29, 2015

My dog was scratched by our new roommate's cat. They seemed to coexist unless the animals get too close together. The cat scratched my Pomeranian under her eye and it was bleeding. The eye itself doesn't look damaged, but under her eye bled a lot. I'm doing a saltine rinse on the wound a couple times a day to prevent infection.

I also have no money to take her to a vet :( I don't want anything bad to happen to my dog. She's an older dog 5-6 (age is unknown due to abandonment of original owners).


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August 30, 20150 found this helpful

I do not know what a saltine rinse is? If you mean saline, rinsing will not prevent an infection and bleeding "alot" is a bad sign!

You must find the money to take your dog to a vet immediately to check on the eye. You state the eye does not look damaged, however, you are not a vet and, I assume, have no medical training. Something happened as your dog bled "alot". Any delay can further damage the injured area and may cost more in the long run.

Pets are like people, they need proper veterinary check ups, vaccines, proper diet, and illnesses and accidents happen. If you are not able to afford veterinary care, you should not have a pet.

August 31, 20150 found this helpful

You mean saline. Anyway, that's a good start. But now it needs to scab over and heal. Start using triple antibiotic ointment (NOT the cream) on the scratch and in the eye. As long as the eye looks clear and nothing gets red, swells up, etc. it will probably be okay.
Of course, you are risking something happening to the eye, but since you have no money there is little else you can do at this point.

Let your roommate know he needs to trim his cat's claws.

June 25, 20190 found this helpful

If everyone who couldn't afford huge vet bills, there wouldn't be many pets. Sometimes just LOVE is enough.

April 5, 20220 found this helpful

My dog was just attacked by a cat on the street whilst we were walking in leash. It ran from about 10 meters away and wrapped itself around his head, didnt let go for a good 5 seconds, felt more like 30 seconds. He was bleeding from lacerations around his right eye and nose.
I took him to the vet and while we were waiting the bleeding stopped and my other dog cleaned it up and we could tell it hadnt gotten his eyeball. So I left without a consult, much calmed. I left because I could not really afford the bill either and I was satisfied he didnt need urgent care.
The vet receptionist told me to wash the wounds with heavily diluted betadine.
Im going to do this a few times a day and also apply neocort which is an antibiotic, anaesthetic cream.
Of course I will keep a close eye and if they start to look infected ie/ red, angry, puffy or with pus then I will definitely have to seek treatment.
The main reason I went to the vet was because blood pooped in his bottom eyelid and I was worried about his eye. But it is apparent now that there is no damage to the eyeball.
I would recommend treating as I have said above and keep a close eye on the wounds. Good luck!

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October 18, 2010

I have a 10 month old kitten. He is a house cat and does not go out. He is so funny and forever jumping up on the most unusual places. A few weeks ago I noticed his eye was swollen and took him to the vet. She said that he had torn his cornea on something and gave him a shot and some medicine. It's all better now.

While we were at the vet's my daughter mentioned that she had felt a lump in the middle of his back towards his tail. The vet looked and said that it was a cut that was healing, but to keep an eye on it and not to worry.

This evening I came home and noticed that the hair and scab around the cut on his back had come off (I assume during one of his many jumping and running games around the house) and the cut is now open. No scab has formed yet and it's not bleeding, but I am worried as he is our baby. I wonder if I should bring him back to the vet. He seems fine and is his usual funny self.

I just wonder how long it takes for a scab to form? He has FIV so I now his immune system is not like healthy cats so that's why I am worried. Any advise would be welcome. Thanks.

By Molly from Europe


October 19, 20100 found this helpful

A quick phone call to your vet should give you the answers you need.

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