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Veterinarian taking a blood sample from a cat.

Finding a Veterinarian That Accepts PaymentsIt is very stressful to have a pet in need of veterinary treatment and not have the cash for the visit. Finding a practice that will accept payments can be difficult. This is a page about finding a veterinarian that accepts payments.


A cat wearing a plastic dish.

Keeping a Cat from Scratching Its WoundThis page is about keeping a cat scratching its wound. Depending on where the wound is located, it can be a challenge to make it impossible for them to scratch at it and help them heal.


air conditioner

Is A/C Condensation Water Safe for a Dog to Drink?The cool water condensing and dripping from your air conditioner unit may be enticing to your pets, but perhaps not a good source of water for drinking. This is a page about, "Is A/C condensation water safe for a dog to drink?".



Treating a Kitten with Eye DischargeSome pet ailments can safely be treated at home whereas others need to be referred to a vet to determine the cause and proper treatment. This is a page about treating a kitten with eye discharge.


A cat getting a check-up from a veterinarian.

Finding Free or Low Cost Pet Clinics in...When looking for veterinarian services it helps to find a clinic you can afford. This page is about finding free or low cost pet clinics in California.


An old pit bull lab mix.

Homeopathic Remedies for Older AnimalsHealth care for older pets can get expensive. This page is about homeopathic remedies for older animals.


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Crushing Pills for Dogs?Can I crush a pill in a little water and give it to my dog in a dropper? By crushing it in a little water, would it take the some of the effects of the pill?


Pug with bandage leg.

Treating a Pet's WoundTo stop superficial wounds from bleeding, home remedies may be just the cure. This page is about how to stop superficial wounds from bleeding.


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Federal Law Regarding Refills On Vet Meds?I was just told by my vet that I would no longer be able to get the medicine we need for our pet's eyes without coming in for an exam. He said it was a federal law. Does anyone know what federal law it is?


Low Cost Pet Clinic

Finding Free or Low Cost Pet Clinics in Sacramento, California?If you live in Sacramento and need low cost pet care, there may be some options for you. This is a page about finding free or low cost pet clinics in Sacramento, California.


Basset Hound with first aid kit and stethoscope

Can I Give Milk of Magnesia to My Dog?Some over the counter medications can be administered to pets. Check with your vet. This is a page about, "Can I give milk of magnesia to my dog?".


An elderly dog with cataracts.

Nonsurgical Remedies for a Dog With Cataracts?There are a number of products that are sold to treat canine cataracts, some by slowing the development of the condition. However, the medical consensus is that surgery is the only true cure for this vision impairment. This is a page about nonsurgical remedies for a dog with cataracts.



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Stray Cat With Mange?I've got a lot of wild cats outside that folks have dropped off over the years. I've noticed this one cat that has like alot of bumps on it's body,I'm not sure if they are bites. It also looks like some of the hair is thinning. Could this be mange, and if so, is there something I can do for this cat, other then taking it to the vet?


dog with empty dish

Keeping Pets HydratedThis is a page about keeping pets hydrated. Keeping your pet hydrated is essential to its health.


A puppy scratching at fleas.

Giving Medication to PetsThis is a page about giving medication to pets. Most pets need regular medication for things like flea prevention. Keeping track and getting the medication down can be two challenges for the pet owner.


Giving a Cat a Pill, Vet Giving Spoonfull of Pills to Cat

Giving a Cat a PillThis is a page about giving a cat a pill. Most cats do not take their medication without fuss. Getting your cat to take a pill can be a very difficult process but one that you will need to go though to ensure it gets the proper medication.



Remedies for Worms in CatsThis is a page about remedies for worms in cats. Cat owners sometimes look for remedies for worms other than a trip to the vet.


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Newborn Kitten Eyes Not Opening?While walking home, I found this newborn kitten. It has tiny little claws, small teeth, it's ears are fully opened but it's eyes are closed. But I'm worried about his eyes, he looks to be about 2 weeks old, maybe less. If I'm right, his eyes should be opened already.


Cleaning an apartment floor with bleach water.

How to Make an Apartment Safe After Parvo?After having a pet become infected with parvo it is necessary to thoroughly clean and do whatever possible to eradicate the virus before bringing another pet into your home or apartment. This is a page about how to make an apartment safe after parvo.


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Fluid in Cats Ears?My cat seams happy and content, she sleeps above my pillow everynight. My husband always rubbs her head when he gets into bed. Lately he noticed she shakes her head when he does it and there is a lot of fluid in her ears, some actually comes out. Does anyone have any feedback on this?


A black and white dog sitting on the floor.

Preventing Hairballs?What can you give dogs for hair balls? Also, if I have not got grass for my dog to chew on, what is the best alternative that I can let my furry friend have.


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Warnings About Flea MedicationPLEASE BE AWARE. While dropping my dog off at the vet yesterday, a hysterical girl rushed in with a cat that was violently shaking, mouth hanging open, eyes actually bugged out. She was crying and screaming.


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Schedule a Heartworm Test for Your DogI always love to look at the pet pictures posted on ThriftyFun. We had to put our Westie to sleep in November and that was one of the hardest things to do. We miss her dearly.


A kitten getting a vaccination shot.

Pet Vaccinations for Fort Worth, TexasSome communities such as New York City have ASPCA mobile vaccination services. In other areas you may have to search to find similar services for your pets. This page offers some suggestions for finding this type of service in Fort Worth, Texas.


Dog looking into an open clothes dryer.

Warning About Dryer Sheets and PetsSometimes dryer sheets are recommended for pet cleaning or deodorizing but this should be discouraged. The chemicals and fragrances may be toxic to your pets.This page contains a warning about dryer sheets and pets.


A holistic vet using a pendulum on a depressed dog.

Finding a Holistic Veterinarian In Your Area?Holistic medical professionals will often use a combination of alternative treatments in addition to conventional ones. This is a page about finding a holistic veterinarian in your area.


Sick white miniature poodle.

Signs That Your Pet May Have Eaten Tainted Pet FoodSeveral years ago there were large scale pet food recalls resulting from tainted food. While this has not occurred again at that level you will find useful information in this page about the symptoms associated with a pet consuming tainted food. If you suspect this has happened seek veterinary advice immediately.



A book called The Pill Book Guide to Medication For Your Dog And Cat.

The Pill Book Guide to Medication for Your Dog and Cat ReviewsWhen our pets are sick, certain medications, intended for humans, may be safely used to treat them for non serious illnesses. This page contains reviews of "The Pill Book Guide to Medication for Your Dog and Cat".


Back and white kitten staring at the camera.

My Kitten Has Ear Mites?Ear mites are very easy for young cats to pick up, especially if they are a rescue or were neglected. They are also easy to treat. This page has advice for when my kitten has ear mites.


Cat being treated for ear mites.

What Causes Ear Mites?Ear mites are a common issue for pets, especially if they have not had regular veterinary care. This is a page about. "What causes ear mites?".



Finding Pet Clinics in Tulsa That Take Payments?Finding pet clinics in large urban areas that take payments may require some virtual legwork. You might start with the local animal shelter. This is a page about finding pet clinics in Tulsa that take payments.


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Free or Low Cost Pet Care?I need to find a vet for my 10 yr old Shih Tzu, Zoey. She drinks a lot of water, is overweight, and has peeing accidents. I saved up 258 dollars and they drew blood and said she doesn't have diabetes. But they want $600 to do an ultrasound and I can't afford that.


A cat seeing a veterinarian.

Finding Free or Low Cost Pet Clinics in Florida?Sometimes the cost of pet veterinary care can be prohibitive. Don't give up; many areas have low cost pet clinics. This is a page about finding free or low cost pet clinics in Florida.


A dog that is tired and not feeling well.

Tips for When Your Dog is VomitingDehydration can quickly develop if your dog is repetitively vomiting. Consult your vet for the best advice. This is a page about tips for when your dog is vomiting.


A cat that is not feeling well resting.

Urinary Blockage in Cats (Feline Urinary Syndrome)Your vet can help your cat with this problem, but the cat's diet may contribute to why this has happened. This is a page about urinary blockage in cats (feline urinary syndrome).


A bill from the veterinarian.

Getting Help to Pay Vet BillsLow income pet owners are often faced with the dilemma of the high cost of vet bills versus their pet's health. This is a page about getting help to pay vet bills.


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Low Cost Pet X-ray Clinic in the Bay Area?I have a 6 month old German Shephard puppy I got off Craigs list. Her back leg is bothering her. I need it x-rayed, but I am on a fixed budget and money is very tight. I live in the San Jose area. I am a senior also. Is there anywhere I can go?


Sad dog laying on vet bed having cast put on broken leg

Finding Financial Assistance for Pet...This is a page about finding financial assistance for pet medical costs. The cost of keeping your pets healthy can be expensive, especially when they need extensive medical or surgical care.


Sad looking Great Dane rests heads on paws with food dishes in the background

Great Dane Needs to Gain WeightThis is a page about great dane needs to gain weight. Food choices, general health, and the breed of the dog can affect their weight management.


Long Haired Dachshund holding a toothbrush in his mouth

Avoiding Dental Surgery for Your PetThis is a page about avoiding dental surgery for your pet. As with humans, routine daily tooth cleaning and maintenance can help prevent dental problems and surgery for your pets in the future.


Dog curled up behind an ashtray full of cigarette butts.

The Dangers of Smoking Around PetsThis is a page about the dangers of smoking around pets. Second hand smoke is not just a health issue for the smoker and their human family members, but their pets as well.


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Mobile Vaccination Truck Schedule?I would like to know when the mobile truck is coming to my area. I just got a dog 3 weeks ago. Now she is about 8-10 months and has no shots. I also want to know the fees.



cat and puppy

Performing CPR On Your PetThis is a page about performing CPR on your pet. Knowing what to do in an emergency is important. If your dog or cat goes into respiratory arrest, quick action could save his life.


Kitten at Vet

Cat First AidThis is a page about cat first aid procedures. Knowing what to do if a cat needs emergency care before you can get it to the vet, may save its life.


Pet Vaccination

Vaccinating Your PetThis is a page about vaccinating your pet. Finding low cost vaccinations and other services for your pet can be helpful.


Dog's paw, showing pads.

Remedies for Your Pet's Dry FeetThis is a page about remedies for your pet's dry feet. Your pet's foot pads can become dry and even cracked. There are things you can do to relieve the pain and hydrate their feet.


Dog Eating Food From Bowl

Determining Pet's Food Allergy by Elimination DietThis is a page about determining pet's food allergy by elimination diet. One method for discovering your pet's food allergy culprit is by process of elimination.


Dog in Elizabethan Pet Collar

Alternative To Elizabethan Pet CollarThis is a page about alternative to Elizabethan pet collar. Surgeries, allergies, and other conditions may call for having your pet wear an Elizabethan collar or a suitable substitute to prevent them from worrying the afflicted area.


A family at an animal shelter.

Services Offered at Animal SheltersThis page is about services offered at animal shelters. Besides pet adoption services, human societies and shelters often have other programs like discounted spay/neuter programs and vaccinations.


Close up of a white cat's nose.

Treating a Sneezing Cat?This is a page about treating a sneezing cat. Whatever may be causing your cat to sneeze is best determined by your veterinarian.


A dog getting a bath.

Expressing a Dog's Anal GlandsThis page is about expressing a dog's anal glands. Although you should consult your veterinarian first, often they will recommend expressing them yourself.


old dog

Treating White Dog Shaker SyndromeThis page is about treating white dog shaker syndrome. The best person to ask when you are concerned about your dog's health is a veterinarian.


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Free or Low Cost Rabies Shots?Where can I go for free or discounted rabies shots?


ASPCA List of Toxic and Non-toxic Plants - tortie cat and plant

ASPCA List of Toxic and Non-toxic PlantsWhen choosing house and garden plants, many pet owners want to first check to see if they might be toxic to their pets. The ASPCA has a great page on their website that lists both toxic and non-toxic plants and lets you sort by dogs, cats, and horses.


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Winter Hazards for PetsThis page is about winter hazards for pets. Make sure you pet is not exposed to harmful substances or the cold during the winter months.


Golden retriever puppy not feeling well.

Caring for a Dog After it Vomits?This page is about caring for a dog after it vomits. You should always consult your veterinarian to be sure you are giving your dog proper care.


Cat With Itchy Skin

Remedies for a Cat With Itchy Skin?Cats can suffer from excessive itchiness for a variety of reasons. This page is about remedies for cats with itchy skin.


Cat With Arthritis

Remedies for Cats With Arthritis?This page is about remedies for cats with arthritis. As our pets age they can develop joint pain that causes them to be stiff and sore.


Chihuahua Puppy

Treating a Puppy With WormsThis page is about treating a puppy with worms. Consult with your veterinarian about your puppy's health concerns.


A dog being check out by a veterinarian.

Finding a Low Cost Vet ClinicThis is a page about finding a low cost vet clinic. The cost of veterinary care can be quite expensive. A low cost clinic can help save you money while ensuring that your pets receive the care necessary.



Finding Free or Low Cost Pet Clinics in Minnesota?This is a page about finding free or low cost pet clinics in Minnesota. Low cost vet clinics help low income pet owners get the care their pets need.


Pregnant Cat

Giving Medication to a Pregnant Cat?This is a page about giving medication to a pregnant cat.Just as with pregnant women, great care must be taken when considering medicating a pregnant cat.


Cat in a cat carrier.

Remedies for a Car Sick CatThis page contains remedies for a car sick cat. When your cat must travel you want to make sure it is comfortable and well.


How to Tell If Your Pet is Sick

How to Tell If Your Pet is SickThis page is about how to tell if your pet is sick. Like humans, there are many signs that indicate illness in your domestic companion.


A Border Collie

Avoid Zinc Ointment For DogsPlease DO NOT put zinc oxide cream or ointment on your dog for itching from any cause. I did this without thinking, trying to help my Border Collie with severe itching, and he licked it all off. Zinc is a heavy metal and can be fatal, if ingested in adequate doses.


A large dog sitting.

How to Help a Choking PetThis is a page about how to help a choking pet. Quick action is needed if your pet begins choking of food, a toy, or other foreign object.


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Dealing with Yeast on PetsPets can have yeast in their ears, on their body, on their feet, etc. This is how to deal with yeast in dogs.


Keeping Pets Healthy

Tips for Keeping Pets HealthyThis page contains tips for keeping pets healthy. Ensuring a pet's good health and long life is important to every owner.


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Free or Very Low Cost Veterinary Clinic in Tacoma Washington?Yesterday my friend brought me a little kitten (maybe 6 weeks old). She had found the kitten, scared, starving, and sickly, by a bunch of garbage cans. Some heartless person had obviously just dropped this poor kitty off somewhere, to fend for herself.


Vetericyn First Aid Spray

Product Review: Vetericyn First Aid SprayI went to the Tractor Supply today and found a first aid spray that is highly recommended by wildlife rehabbers I know. I bought some. It is non toxic and can even be used in the eyes. I wanted to share this product with you.


Cat and Dog Sitting Together

Caring for Your Spayed or Neutered Pet?This is a page about caring for your spayed or neutered pet. Spaying or neutering, requiring follow on care when your pet comes home.


Treating Ear Mites

Treating Ear MitesThis is a page about treating ear mites. Our pets sometimes become infested with ear mites.


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Homemade Pet Dewormer?Does anyone know how to make a homemade dewormer?


Cute puppy with vet in background.

Saving Money on Veterinary ExpensesThis is a page to saving money on veterinary expenses. Keeping your pet healthy and happy is dependent on good veterinary care. However, good care can be very expensive. There are ways to save money on these costs without jeopardizing the health of your pet.


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Preventing Ear Infections in DogsI currently have 4 dogs (3 rescued). To avoid ear infections, all I can tell you is that I take them to the vet on a regular basis for all their check-ups and shots.


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Remedy For Tape Worms?Is there a home remedy for a puppy that has a tape worm?


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Links: Xylitol Toxic To DogsThought I should share this warning with fellow ThiftyFun Family members! I have never heard of this before so you might not have either! I checked out a few links about it and here are the two that seem to have the most information:


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Give Cat Extra Attention After Medicating ThemThere are times I have to give medicine to my cats directly into their mouths because it cannot be mixed with food. Since they usually don't like being held down, when I'm done I hold and hug them for a minute to calm them down and be nice to them.


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Food Warning for the HolidaysDo not feed your dog these raw meats. Ever! Repeatedly adding raw eggs to a dog's diet can cause a deficiency of the vitamin biotin, which can lead to dermatitis (inflammation of the skin), loss of hair, and poor growth.


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Link: ASPCA Pet Medication AlertThought I should share this ASPCA ALERT regarding purchasing pet medications online! When you open the link be sure you're at item #2 for "Pet Health Alert: FDA Issues Warning on Buying Pet Drugs Online"


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Discount Pet Medications and Insurance?I am looking for somewhere to get discount pet medications and pet health insurance.


Calabash for Dog MangeI live on the Caribbean island of Dominica in the West Indies and have a local dog. She came to us with a low immune system and gets recurring mange. We have tried the chemical treatment, but it was very harsh on her. We also tried neem oil without very good results.


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Add Apple Cider Vinegar to Pet's Drinking Water?Is apple cider vinegar good for cats too?


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Low Cost Vet Services Near Chandler Arizona?We just got a full blooded Chocolate Labrador he is only 8weeks old, but we paid a lot for it. We need to find a cheap, low cost place to take him to get all his vaccinations and neuter him. Does anyone know a low cost place to take him?


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Low Cost Veterinary Clinic Near New Britain, CT?I am looking for a low-cost pet clinic where my Weimeraner can be seen.


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Pet Health Insurance?Since we have pets, dogs, and a cat we need to know if anyone of you have a pet insurance. I know there are several to choose from. My problem is I don't know anyone that has it. I would like any feed back as to whether it's good or bad.


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Spay Your Pets To Avoid PyometraPyometra, this is a disease female cats and dogs can get if they are not spayed. It's very painful and can cause death within days. I learned about this horrible disease the hard way. If you love your pet, please spay! You will be saving her life!


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Dogs Can Catch Canine InfluenzaI just found out tonight that dogs can get their own brand of the flu! Visit this website for more information to keep your loving pets safe!


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Zinc Pennies Can Be Toxic To DogsThis is for all of us pet lovers! Just received this email health alert from the ASPCA and found it to be important enough to share! And, yikes, who would have ever dreamt?


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Hot Water Could Cause Kidney Stones in PetsIn speaking to my veterinarian, she said that the minerals from the hot water tank would cause kidney stones and not to give water from the hot water tank to the pets.


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Natural Remedy for Itchy Puppy?I just received a 11 week old teacup maltipoo puppy. I saw a flea on her yesterday, so I took her to the vet and they gave me a flea shampoo. I gave her two flea baths and put Advantix on twice yesterday.


View of dog's shaved hind leg.

Dog Odors Might Be a Symptom of a Medical...I just wanted to let everyone know that my "stinky dog" ended up having a skin infection from swimming in her doggy pool and being matted in her hind quarters. Her skin is "stained" with either a fungus or bacterium.


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Dog Flea Drops Accidentally Put on Cat?My husband put dog flea medication on my cat. I gave her a bath with dish soap. She is just not all there. All she does is sleep and sometimes looks like she is dead. What else can I do? I can't get to a vet at this time; will she be OK? Please help.


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Getting Rid of Giardia Parasites in Yard?How do I rid my soil of parasites? My puppy contracted giardia and my yard is the only place she's been.


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Shots for Inside Cat?Should I give my cat annual shots? My cat had annual shots at the rescue shelter before we adopted him a year ago. They are now due again, he's an indoor cat and never comes into contact with any other cats.


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Treating Dog With Lung Congestion?My toy poodle has white phlegm from her lungs that complicates her breathing. Antibiotics from vet did not help. How can I help her clear it out?


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Can Puppy Get Parvo after Shots?Can a puppy get Parvo if they have had their shot?


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Are Puppy Vaccines Safe?Can puppies die from their first vaccination?


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Causes of Ear Infections in Dogs?My Golden Lab gets infections under her ear flaps. Why does this happen? That is my question.


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Watch For Blue Vomit In Pet PoisoningLast night we had a terrible scare. Our 1 1/2 year old Chihuahua, Bruiser came out of the garage with a forgotten rat bait. We thought we had thrown them all away. It didn't look like he ate it, but just carried it in to show us. We immediately called the emergency vet.


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Video: Plants Poisonous to PetsJust received this information from the ASPCA via email. I was surprised to know that some of these plants are poisonous to our pets, and thought I should share it with the Thrifty Fun Community!


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Use Pig Ears in a Sock for Dog's Dental HygieneI put a piece of a pig's ear (purchased in bags at Walmart) in an old sock. Dog chews it through the sock and it keeps her teeth clean.


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Pros and Cons of Having Pet Insurance?I know that a lot of you have pets an am wondering if any of you have pet insurance. With the prices at the vet, it gets a little expensive and if you have more than one pet it's really expensive. I would like to know the pros and cons that you might have.


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Alternative to Heartgard?I have a 4 yr old Pomeranian and gave her Heartgard. It made her hair fall out. Is there anything else I can use besides that?


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Is Food Coloring Harmful to Pets?Is food color harmful to pets?


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Black Things in Cat's Ears?My cat has black things in his ears. Are these ear mites?


Puppy With Dandruff?I have a 3 month old puppy who gets really bad (for lack of a better word) "dandruff". I purchased some oatmeal shampoo, but bathing him hasn't lessened the problem. I'm wondering if this is normal or something I should be concerned about?


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Rescued Dog Won't Go Potty?Two days ago we began fostering a 3 year old Shih Tzu who was abandoned with a serious injury. He had a skin infection on his hind leg. His leg is healing well and his appetite is great. But, he has only peed twice; once out of fear on my bed and once on the floor. He has yet to poo. We've taken him outside regularly first thing in the morning, after eating and before bed. Also whenever we suspected he needed to go but nothing! Any suggestions? The vets at the shelter indicated that he had no problem going there.


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Dog Vomits Everything But Liquids?PLEASE READ! DOG IN NEED! I have a Siberian Husky who is a little over a year old. She was hit by a car almost a month ago, I took her to the vet, she had two major surgeries. Her stomach can only hold liquids, and she vomits everything else, and she is very skinny and still losing weight.


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My Puppy Played With A Newly Vaccinated Puppy?He was around my father's puppy that just got his distemper shot and what I know of that it is a shot that they give the puppies. Mine hasn't gotten it yet because he was sick, but the shot is actually the virus. Now since my puppy was playing with a puppy that was just given this shot, can my puppy get the virus?


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What are my dog's chances?I purchased a toy pom from a local pet store on 6/18, which now I know was a complete mistake. They received him from the breeder on the 6/16 so he had his first series of vaccinations. On the third day of having him he had thrown up in his crate it looked like a murder scene.


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MultiGard Heartworm Medication?MultiGard Heartworm Medication. Is anyone familiar with MultiGard, a heartworm preventive tablet, which is supposed to be like Sentinel? It's apparently available in Australia but I cannot find any information about it.


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My Cat Has a "Wart" or "Mole"?My 7 year old cat has developed a wart/mole just below your ear, like on the side of her face. It sticks out, is wiggly and doesn't seem to bother her. It just popped up overnight! Anybody ever seen something like this?


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Cutting Pills?My small dog is on several meds. One of them needs to be divided into quarters. The tab is small and is scored for dividing in half, but when I cut the halves into quarters, sometimes the tabs splinter and/or divide unequally.


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Pet Vaccines?Can you give your own rabies vaccines to dogs and where would you order that? Kathy



Checklist Of Things We Should Never Feed Our PetsThere are just some things we should not feed our pets even though we think of them as members of our families. It is not known that some foods which are edible for humans can pose hazards for dogs because of their different metabolism.


green table grapes and raisins

Pet Owners Beware of Grapes and RaisinsMany pet owners have been using raisins as a training treat, and some have used them as a "healthy" snack alternative for their dogs without knowing the risk that they are putting their precious pets in.


Cat in garden.

A List of Yard and Garden Hazards for PetsMany are unaware that there are a number of things around the yard and garden that have the potential to be dangerous.


Garlic Bulbs

Is Garlic Good or Bad for Dogs?From time to time on ThriftyFun, the community debates whether garlic is beneficial or harmful to dogs and cats. With the pet food recalls, an increased interest has been created with homemade pet foods and pet health.


Saving Money on Pet Prescriptions

Saving Money on Pet PrescriptionsTips for Saving Money on Pet Prescriptions. Post your ideas here.


Why Vaccinate Your Pets? - dog getting a shot at the vet's office

Why Vaccinate Your Pets?To vaccinate, or not to vaccinate? Lately, this seems to be a popular debate. After all, most of us were vaccinated as children, and occasionally get boosters for things like tetanus. Should our pets get the same sort of childhood treatments?


More Featured


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Finding Low Cost Veterinary Clinics?I would like information for places that can help with veterinary costs. My family and I are in a financial hardship and our cat needs an eye removed due to glaucoma. I am reaching out everywhere. If you know of any place that can help I really would appreciate it.


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Finding a Vet that Takes Payments?I need a emergency vet that will take payments.


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Pumpkin For Cats And Dogs?Is it true that a can of pumpkin can help speed up healing or help cure ailments for cats and dogs?


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Schedule and Services Offered by the ASPCA Vaccination Truck?I have two kittens that I recently got through the ASPCA. They have already been neutered and have had their initial shots. They need booster shots soon. Does the mobile van provide booster shots if the kittens are already neutered? Also, are there vans scheduled to stop within the next month or two in the East Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn?


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Finding a Vet that Takes Payments?Every year our cat Marley seems to get itchy around his neck. He's an indoor cat, and is never allowed outside. I know we don't have fleas in our home. We would like to find a vet that would accept payments if possible.


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Looking for 'Free Cost' Vet?I am in distress and I do not know what to do. I have a hard time to find 'free vet for animals' due to my financial hardship. I m on SSDI, deaf and handicapped. My cat have a bad abscess on her back for past months. I tried to used my old vet long time again when I had a dog but my dog passed away. They will not accept me for help without payment. I tried to asked them if they have information where I can go for help. They told me, no one.


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