Keeping a Cat from Scratching Its Wound

November 27, 2017

Keeping a Cat from Licking and Scratching Its Wound - orange tabby wearing a harnessMy cat would not stop licking and scratching its wound behind its neck removing fur and causing scabbing. I got a really great idea to get one of the dog harnesses that is fabric with Velcro and it has really helped and now his skin is healing wonderfully! Plus my cat does not hate it at all. It's worked out better than a cone!


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April 22, 2020

My kitten had a bare, sore patch between her shoulder blades. A cone of shame made her hysterical! In desperation, I cut about 15 cm (6 inches) off the bottom leg of a pair of leggings, measured and cut holes for the paws and she wears it like a t-shirt. No more scratching, the wound is healing nicely and she is eating and moving around like normal.


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January 11, 2011

Editor's Note: Do NOT use Neosporin on cats as it can cause have a deadly allergic reaction. Contact your veterinarian for advice on the proper product to use.

On New Years Day I found a sore on my cat. I pet her a thousand times a day so I know it wasn't there the night before. I couldn't get a vet appointment until the 8th. In the meantime I kept it clean and used Neosporin. I went to the vet on the 8th, he said it was an allergic reaction and prescribed 3 medications.


Now just 3 days later the sore is just about healed but she won't stop scratching right below the sore. It's not any particular shape, just two straight lines where the folds of her skin are when her head is upright. She is making it bleed. I have the cone on her now but I don't think its safe to leave it on while I'm asleep or at work.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm very concerned. Should I take her back to the vet? I don't want to seem like a hypochondriac cat mommy but I hate seeing her uncomfortable.

By Lisa from Philadelphia, PA


January 13, 20111 found this helpful
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I have 4 cats with this problem, altho they have not had any infections from their sores. My vet prescribes prednisone or prednisolone tablets for it. I've tried sprays and medicated powders from the drugstores: you might have good luck with that. The kitten really should see a vet as infection is present She will need an antibiotic and possibly stitches. I have a cat who had a puncture wound that started out as a tooth-hole sized bite from another cat. It then opened up to the size of a quarter over the next few days despite my efforts with hydrogen peroxide soaked cotton balls.


That's when I took her to the veterinarian. Money well spent? The bleeding was dripping now and then and wouldn't cease. Stitches were clearly needed. Hydrogen Peroxide is the way to go to keep bleeding wounds free of infection.

The cat photo I have is of my kitty girl, Mitsu, who had the wound that kept opening up larger everyday. For a low-cost veterinarian I was miffed with how many $$ he required to do the procedure: not very Thrifty!

Health is first and foremost and kitties must be doctored and at least Mitsu looks ashamed of herself for having got into one bad fight behind my back. Good Luck with your kitten.

November 3, 20160 found this helpful
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I was Googling for suggestions on things to stop a cat from scratching his neck, something othet than the norm because of where it's located.


I happened to come across this post and I have to reply to some even though they are old (I just hit reply on a random comment)

Do not use peroxide on an animal.
Do not use ointments on wounds. Cats and dogs are different from us, in that their skin is like a casing... separate from the tissue if that makes sense. When you put ointment on it, the bacteria is sealed in..
They need to heal from the inside out, so 99% of the time you will be told to keep the scab off (soak and remove everytime you see it)
For the same reason, don't use liquid bandages.
Definitely, do not use ointments with additional ingredients for pain or itching, these can be toxic to pets.

Most flea collars are worthless and toxic , except the expensive ones like seresto. Hartz and Seargnts are also deadly


Look into advantage, revolution, frontline (although it has stopped working for many)

Warbles. The hole looks almost perfectly circle. Don't attempt to take out yourself as it can burst and release toxins into the pet. * I do a lot on my own and even I won't do it, lI let the vet handle this.

All this wasn't meant to sound like a know it all, just trying to remember it all and keep it as short as possible !

Signed, a crazy cat lady (aka rescuer)
Hope it helps someone

February 21, 20230 found this helpful
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DO NOT.. Use Neosporin Plus on your Cat, it can be Life Threatening.. This id from Healthy Paws Website... Is Neosporin safe for pets?
Yes, it is OK to use Neosporin on your dog with veterinarian approval, but we do not recommend using it on cats.


After receiving some veterinarian feedback, we have restricted our recommendation to dogs only, as there have been reports of cats having life-threatening anaphylactic reactions to the antibiotic ingredients in Neosporin (most specifically in ophthalmic preparations that include neomycin and polymyxin B). For that reason, we do not recommend using Neosporin on a cat.

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September 17, 2020

My cat had a big knot on side of his neck. He scratched it and now it is busted. I can see inside. He keeps scratching it and I have to grab him because he split it more. How can I stop this? The vets will not take animals cause of corona! I don't know what to do?

I love my cat and I feel like he believes I'm being mean to him because I won't let him run off and scratch this gaping wound. It isn't bleeding or anything but I'm so worried it will be bad if he keeps up! Right now, I have a gauze wrap on it. I put a little ointment around it but it comes up on chin so he still hits it when scratches. When I see him going to start scratching, I try my best to scratch for him best I can by rubbing the area around the wrap.


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September 17, 20200 found this helpful
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It sounds like an abscess to me, which are common for cats. I have had many abscesses just heal up over time and other ones that needed a vet's care. You should be able to find a vet to see him. Most are doing curb pickup instead of allowing people in the clinic. I've taken my cat in relatively recently. If your personal vet isn't doing that, I would look into a different vet or even emergency care.

Otherwise, you are doing the best you can. A cone may make it more difficult for your cat to scratch it.

Good luck!


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I hope your baby is doing better but since you do not say exactly where on the neck be sure he can use it and not hit or rub on the sore.
You may be able to go to PetSmart and see if their vet tech is working as they have a lot of training and may be able to help with something like this.

If it is not bleeding, you may be able to use some Epsom Salt in warm water to gently lay on the spot while you distract him as this is a solution that is used to draw out infection and also soothe the area and help with the pain or itching. Use a good helping of Epsom Salt in warm water and change to clean cloth each time you lay it on the sore.

You can Google (with your zip code) vets open during coronavirus as many have made arrangements to see pets even if just on emergency basis.
Have you tried to contact your Humane Society - they have vets and many times will doctor outside animals.

There is also the new 'virtual' Internet lines that doctors are using and it is getting very popular as the vet can be in another part of the country and still 'see' your pet.
The vet can see your pet's problem and decide if they need to see a vet (and will help you find one) or they can prescribe medication.
This is new but regular doctor's are using it and so are the vets.
Google virtual vet with your zip code as there may be one in your area. These inline visits are usually less costly than a regular vet visit.

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December 26, 2019

My cat had a swollen cheek yesterday and now this morning he scratched that area and it's been bleeding. It's Xmas day so the vet is closed what do you think it is?

The week before he came back with a cut on his cheek and his eye was swollen. His eye is healing now, but it's just his cheek. :(

Cat Is Scratching a Wound on His Cheek - white cat with a cut or scrap on its cheek


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December 26, 20191 found this helpful
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Ouchies. Please have this sweetie checked out by the vet as soon as possible. It looks like there is an infection starting there and if his eye was scratched, left untreated that could lead to blindness.

If he is an indoor cat, maybe his nails need trimmed or he caught himself on something sharp--like a cabinet corner. Check around the house for sharp objects in the kit zone.

If he is an outdoor cat, you may want to transition him to being an indoor cat to prevent this...which could have been caused by another cat or getting caught on a fence or other sharp object.

Please post back with an update. Prayers for healing!


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December 26, 20191 found this helpful
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It appears the cat was in a fight with another cat and it has scratched your cat. This can be dangerous to the cat and if the area is swollen it could be infected. You can try to use some water on a wet rag to wash this area. You will need to see a vet to get the area cleaned and a cream to put on this. I would do this as soon as your vet opens up again.

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December 27, 2017

My sweet little kitten, Henry, has a medium sized puncture wound on his neck. I believe most of the infection is out and it is trying to heal. Unfortunately he keeps wanting to scratch the wound.

Is there anything I can use besides a cone to keep him from itching his wound open so it can heal?

Keeping a Kitten from Scratching Its Wound - tiger stripe kitten


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A cone basically is for the animals to not bite at his wound. You can try to use a cloth around this. Take an old wash rag and make a neck collar to put around the neck of your cat. See if this helps to stop him from scratching. When any wound heals it does itch and your cat is just trying to stop it from itching. You should keep it covered so that it won't get worse.

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November 27, 2017

My cat has a wound on her neck. Once that part get dries she scratches it and the dried skin gets removed and the wound starts bleeding again. This is the 5th time she is doing this. What should I do? Please help.


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November 27, 20170 found this helpful
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It looks like the only way you are going to get this wound to dry up and the cat will then leave it alone, is to go to the vet and have them put a cone around the cats neck to where it cannot get at it to scratch.

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October 29, 2017

I have a cat that has a wound right behind his ear on his neck and he won't stop scratching. I tried cutting up pairs of tube socks and putting it over his ears and neck and through his feet like a harness, but he still manages to get it off.

I took him to the vet and they said it wasn't infected, but he won't stop messing with it. What do I do to make him stop?


October 30, 20170 found this helpful
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You might consider putting one of those cone collars on her until the wound heals you can get one at any pet store. However, if the vet was not concerned with it then I wouldn't be either.

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January 16, 2017

My cat has a wound (from a previous infection) that he doesn't allow to heal. It's right under his ears so every time it's almost healed he scratches and gets the wound to bleed. I've tried 'Safe Skin' that helps to keep the wound dry, but it didn't help. My smart cat has found ways to get out of the cone. The paw covers do not work. His nails are clipped. My vet has only been asking me to keep the cone on, but it's impossible. I'm currently applying betadine cream on his wounds which he terribly hates.

What do I do?

I'd read on the earlier threads that as a scab begins to form it must be moistened and gotten off? To keep the area itch free? Coz like cats need to heal from inside. Is it true? Because I've noticed after a bath that every Sunday he doesn't begin scratching before like Thursday. So probably that's how long it takes for the scab to form. Should I wash off his ear area everyday to keep him from scratching? Should I let a scab form?

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November 18, 2010

My cat Poppy has a large wound on her neck close to the top of her head. A collar would not help because of the position of the wound. She scratches the scab off almost as soon as it has healed and it keeps bleeding. She scratches so much that the fur has come out around the wound.

She is an indoor cat and we have another who is also indoor. I think Poppy may have been hurt by the other cat, but I'm not sure. I would like to know how we can stop her scratching so the wound can heal?

By Tara from Aberdeenshire


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November 18, 20100 found this helpful

One of my dogs had a wound and because of its location, a collar wouldn't work, so I put socks on the feet of my dog and used hair scrunchies to keep them in place whenever the dog went outdoors for potty breaks or walk around. I don't know if small sized socks for children would work for your cat, but I don't know what you could use to keep them in place. I think your cat would still need to be watched, but it will keep the cat busy trying to remove the socks instead of scratching the wound. The wound is probably itching when its scabbed over. Have you thought of using Benadryl anti-itch cream around the area. Maybe that might help some.


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November 18, 20100 found this helpful

I am concerned that your cat may have an infection. It would be a good idea to rule that out with a trip to the vet. An infected wound will cause the hair to fall out around it, especially if it is a scratch form another cat. It is unusual for a cat to keep scratching a simple healing wound. Wounds from another cat are almost guaranteed to get infected. If it is an infection you dont want it to spread. Your Vet can bandage it so she cant keep scratching it. Good Luck!


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November 19, 20100 found this helpful

It sounds like you cat has a bite wound. Please take her to the Veterinarian so your Dr. can prescribe antibiotics and give you an E-Collar. Bite wounds are very serious. This is an abscess that needs to be treated ASAP! God luck.

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July 26, 2011

My cat had surgery on his neck and he scratched off his stitches. I took him back to the vet and they put in staples and gave me a collar to use. Three days later he scratched out his staples by getting under the collar, and no I couldn't make it tighter.

The position of the wound makes it impossible for the collar to work, because it to rubs the wound. So I called my vet again, and they had me take him to an emergency clinic. They wrapped it with soft cloth and pulled out the two staples he had left in. I got him home, and he's already scratching off this wrap and getting to the wound! Any ideas on something that would help or work?

By Julie


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July 27, 20110 found this helpful

There are new E-Collars that work better than the plastic ones. Ask your Vet if he/she can order you one. It completely covers the neck area so scratching will not affect the woud area. You can also look it up in most animal supply magazines or order it online... Good luck

July 28, 20110 found this helpful

Since your cat is probably scratching his neck with a back legs, trim the nails on the one foot and tape a finger of an old glove over the back paw so the result is that the nails cannot dig into his neck.

July 29, 20110 found this helpful

Wrap his paws up in little mittens, that way his nails will be covered, problem solved!

December 19, 20110 found this helpful

Buy some gauze cut them into little squares, place tape over with tape sticking out at both ends and then lay tape the other directions that it sticks out at all four side. Put your cats paw on the gauze and fold the (white tape) over from the sides first then the works. And it's cheap :)

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January 11, 2019

My cat had his left front leg amputated. He was healing fine until they took the staples out. He opened a wound on his shoulder blade. The vet gave me antibiotics and told me to clean his wound and put Neosporin in it. That was doing good for about a week.

I thought his wound was starting to close, but then he goes and scratches at it and now it's a longer wound. Does anyone know how to keep a cat form scratching at his wound so it can heal properly?

Stoping a Cat from Scratching Its Wound - angry looking amputation wound
Stoping a Cat from Scratching Its Wound
Stoping a Cat from Scratching Its Wound
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February 12, 2015

One of my senior cats had pulled a patch of his hair out, between his shoulder blades, and now it's taken forever to heal. I had put a mix of an ant-itch cream and antibiotic cream on it, but he is able to reach it by licking it off. Any help or suggestions?

By Abby

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December 12, 2018

My cat Mig got into a fight with one of my other cats and got a sore on his neck. Then another on his cheek the next week. I cleaned both and put an Elizabethan collar on and the neck wound healed, but the cheek one has not because every time I take it off he scratches it! I've tried the body sweater, silicon nail tips, a collar, a backpack, and so far nothing works. It's been months now. I was thinking acupuncture. Any help is appreciated.


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May 20, 2017

My cat has got a sore on his neck. He keeps scratching and then he bleeds. What can I put on it so that he won't scratch? No cone, he doesn't like it at all.

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July 6, 2019

My cat is a 4 year old Domestic Shorthair. He doesn't go outside except once in a while to say hi to me while I'm sitting outside. He has had a scratch right outside of his ear for awhile now and constantly scratches it. He will dig in his ear and when he shakes his head, clear liquid comes out. His ear looks pretty clean, barely any black or dirt.

He won't stop scratching the scab, which has made his skin raw and bleeding. He does not show any other symptoms, etc. I do not know what to use without taking him to the vet, which I would like to avoid. I have tried ear mite liquid, along with ear wax buildup liquid, nothing seemed to help.

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August 30, 2018

I have a 16 yr old (17 in October) Russian Blue cat who had cancer surgery in May. The tumor has already come back which sadly I was expecting. It is at the very end of her chin. Every time she goes to scratch I grab her paw, but that is something I can't do when I am at work or asleep. Yesterday morning she scratched and it started bleeding. I got it stopped then a little later it started again, but I got that stopped. Keeping a Cat from Scratching a Surgical Site - surgical wound


I took her to the vet and they drained it. She wore the core while I was at work, but I took it off when I got home and watched her. She seemed to be okay so I eventually went to sleep. I woke up about 12:30am and she had scratched it and of course it was still bleeding.

It is a catch 22. No collar and she can scratch. Collar and it puts pressure on it so it can't heal.

Reading other posts I am going to call later and ask about Neosporin or anti itch cream, but didn't know if any one has any other thoughts.

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June 12, 2013

Wound on cat's chin.A few days ago I noticed a really bad scab on my cat's jaw. Now today I woke up and he'd been scratching it so much that it basically formed a tiny hole. My mom won't take him to the vet because we have no money or gas.

I've been doing all I can by cleaning it and trying to wrap it up, but it's difficult due to the placement of the wound. Tomorrow I might be having a friend's mom take me to her vet. But does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep him from scratching until then?

By Meagan H

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