September 17, 2013

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Wooden Pallets

Reusing Wood PalletsThis page contains ideas for reusing wood pallets. When these shipping platforms are no longer needed, they can be useful in a variety of craft, gardening and home improvement projects.


brown filly

Filly PhotosThis page contains filly photos. Young female horses are beautiful and spirited.


Carpet Samples

Uses for Carpet SamplesThis page contains uses for carpet samples. Small sample pieces of carpet can be useful for a number of things.



Growing CrabapplesThis page is about growing crabapples. A hardy deciduous tree that creates a beautiful display of spring flowers and a small, bitter apple fruit.


Crookneck Squash

Crookneck Squash RecipesThis page contains crookneck squash recipes. A summer squash that is delicious prepared in a variety of ways.


California Laurel Borer

California Laurel Borer Information and Photos?This page is about California laurel borer information and photos. Also known as the banded alder borer, this insect's larvae feed on dead hardwoods such as maple, alder, oak, and willow.


Ten-lined June Beetle

Ten-lined June Beetle Information and Photos?This page is about ten-lined June beetle information and photos. A distinctive beetle whose white grub feeds on roots of garden and ornamental plants, with the adult emerging in late June.


Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon PhotosThis page contains Maine coon photos. Also known as American longhairs, these large domestic cats are known for their hunting skills.


Spider cupcakes.

Easy Halloween TreatsThere are many fun ways to create treats for this fall holiday. This page contains easy Halloween treats.


Bottle of red hot sauce.

Homemade Chili Hot Sauce Recipes?Making your own hot sauce allows you to tailor it to your individual preferences. You can choose your favorite pepper to use, and control the amount of sugar, vinegar, and other spices. This page contains homemade hot sauce recipes.


Stink Bug

Stink Bug Photos and InformationThis page contains stink bug photos and information. Also called the shield bug, this insect can be a nuisance in your garden and home.



finished nail wraps

Applying Nail WrapsNail wraps come in many designs and colors. There are so many advantages in using wraps, instead of polish or applying acrylic nails.


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Windbreaks for SeedlingsUse the free supermarket plastic carrier bags as small windbreaks for recently planted seedlings.


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Spicy Cajun Black Eyed PeasCajun style stewed tomatoes bring a different taste experience to these wonderful traditional beans. Using canned black eyed peas makes this recipe super easy.



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1945 Encyclopedia Britannica?I have a complete set of 1945 Encyclopedia Britannica with the original shelving unit that came with them. Some are in fair condition, some poor, and two with missing outside spines. Are they worth anything or should I start my wood stove with them?


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16th Birthday!I'm going to be 16 in December. I want to do something that's inexpensive (I have a £100 that has to spread over a 'party' and for myself to keep or spent on a present) and that will be very enjoyable! Any suggestions?


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Cleaning a Dingy Sweater?A friend gave me a beautiful sweater, but it is yellowed on the shoulders and the front from hanging in the closet. How can I clean it or do I need to take it to a professional cleaner?


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Propagating African Violets from a Leaf?How can you grow or reroot an African violet from a stem leaf?


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Giving Away Trees?I have 150 pine trees that I'll give away for free. They are 10-16 feet in diameter and 60 feet plus tall. I live in Ocala, Florida. Any suggestions on how to give pine trees away free?


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50th Birthday Party Theme?My husband is turning 50 and I want to throw him a surprise party, but he hates being reminded he is turning another year older. I am trying to think of a creative theme that does not involve a number associated with the celebration. I would love to hear your ideas.


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Using Oil in Dog's Food for Flaky Skin?I have been feeding my dog different foods which say they contain essential fatty acids, but they did not help with the flaky skin they have. I bought hemp seed oil which was recommended by this site, but I am not sure what to do.


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Homecoming Float Ideas?I need homecoming float ideas. We are the Warriors and they are the Chargers.


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Paint Color Advice for Kitchen With Oak Cabinets?I have oak cabinets and really hate the grain pattern. I don't mind the tone of the cabinets. I am going to paint the walls and ceiling and would like to take the eye away from the cabinets toward other features in the room. Suggestions for colors? Thanks.


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Treating a Kitten for Eye Discharge?Anyone know of a natural or home product for baby kitty eyes? We have an eight week old with nasty eyes. Thanks for any info.


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Surprise Gift for a Friend?I am 21 years old, but unfortunately something went wrong between my mom and myself. There is a lady who is living in Canada, she doesn't have daughters. So now we are talking everyday and I feel I am not alone anymore because she is my mom.


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Recycling Bowling Trophies?I have two boxes full of bowling trophies. Where can I recycle them?


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Removing Perfume Smells from Clothing?When I buy clothes from consignment shops they always have a "perfume" smell. I am allergic and have trouble getting this odor out of the clothes yet love the discounted prices.


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Kitten With Eye Infection?I have three kittens which are about 6 weeks old, there is pus in their eyes, and each time they sleep, they stick shut. I put a warm compress on them to open their eyes, but it does not help much.


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Selling Beef Jerky at Flea Markets in New Zealand?A friend and I are considering making, packaging, and selling small quantities of beef jerky at the flea markets here in NZ. We are wondering if we need to go through some process of certification to be allowed to do so or do we just go see the council for a permit? Is a permit even required?


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Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits?I'm looking for a recipe for homemade buttermilk biscuits. Thank you.


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Home Remedy for Ingrown Toenail?I had an ingrown toe nail. Then went to my pcp she gave me antibiotics like cephalaxin for ten days. As it did not heal, she gave me augmentin. As I am pregnant and in my second trimester I don't want a nail surgery.


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Asking a Guy to an Informal?So there's this guy and he's a senior and plays football, likes God, the army, and video games. I need to come up with a cute and unique way of asking him. Any ideas?


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Dog Smells?I have an 80 lb Bouv. He doesn't smell, but has rolled in something and I can not get the smell out. I have given him 2 baths, used baby powder, bake soda, lemon, some herbs, and we are working on the 5th day. I can not stand him under my nose. Any suggestions?


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Value of Dolls by Cindy Marchner Rolf?I need to know the price of the Sydney and Shelby dolls.


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Removing Floor Polish Stain from Dresser?My husband accidentally set a bottle of wood floor polish on our dresser and left a mark, how can I remove the polish from the furniture?


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Value of a Lenox 1986 Melissa doll?I have a numbered Lenox doll named Melissa. Anyone know her current value?


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Finding Free Yarn for Nursing Home Projects?I am asking for free yarn to make lap blankets to nursing homes, in the Columbus Ohio area. If you have any or know where I can find some please contact me through this site.


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Painting the Ceiling in a Travel Trailer?I am going to paint the ceiling in my touring caravan. Can you tell me what paint to use please.


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Name for a Jewelry Business?I cannot seem to come up with a name for the jewelry I make. I use recycled belts, purse straps, and vintage jewelry (pins, earrings, etc.) to make one of a kind "recycled" bracelets. I do not want to use the word recycled in the business name, but perhaps something more professional sounding.


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