October 25, 2013

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Photo of a cute puppy.

Bringing a Puppy on an Airplane?This page is about bringing a puppy on an airplane. Consulting with your veterinarian and the airline will help you make your pet's travel more comfortable.


A decorative pumpkin created from a toilet paper roll.

Making Toilet Paper Roll PumpkinsA festive, fall covering can be made to cover any basic toilet paper roll. These can be made for both Halloween and Thanksgiving or just as a fall decoration.


Ice Maker Arm

Ice Maker Arm is StuckThis is a page about fixing am ice maker arm that is stuck. Automatic ice makers in your freezer are a great convenience. However, if they get stuck releasing ice cubes it can be difficult to fix.


Collecting Rocks

Collecting RocksThis page is about collecting rocks. A fun hobby that teaches you a lot about surface of the earth, and what geological conditions create rocks.


A cheese grater and a pile of grated cheese.

Cleaning a Cheese GraterThis is a page about cleaning a cheese grater. Cheese graters are really handy for shredding and grating cheeses. The cheese can be sticky and difficult clean off after you are done sing it though.


Two hair brushes and a comb.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Brushes and CombsThis is a page about cleaning and disinfecting brushes and combs. Combs and brushes can accumulate hair and get grimy quickly. Also, if someone in the household gets lice it is important to disinfect all the brushes and combs that person may have used.


Shower Power Cleaner

Buying Shower Power Cleaner?This is a page about buying Shower Power cleaner. Shower Power cleaner is a popular cleaner for removing soap scum in your shower. Find where to buy Shower Power near you.


An apple pie with a delicious looking pie crust.

Pie Crust Tips and TricksHaving a good crust is an important part of making delicious homemade pie. Use these idea to ensure your next pie crust is perfect. This is a page about pie crust tips and tricks.



Storing ChocolateThis page is about storing chocolate. Maintain the color, shape and freshness of your cacao seed product until it is consumed.


Sweet Potato Souffle

Sweet Potato Souffle RecipesA delicious baked dish made with stiffly, whipped egg whites. This page contains sweet potato souffle recipes.


Soda Tabs

Making a Soda Tab BeltThis page is about making a soda tab belt. Soda can tabs can be collected and used for this functional recycled craft.


Photo of a pure bred dalmatian.

Dalmatian Breed Information and PhotosEasy to recognize for their bold spotted coats, this athletic breed is suitable for work both as a guide dog and a guard dog. This page contains dalmatian breed information and photos.


veterinarian holding a dog

Caring for a Dog with Pancreatitis?This is a page about caring for a dog with pancreatitis.Pancreatitis or inflammation of the pancreas can occur in both dogs and cats, although is more common in dogs. This condition can be quite serious and may require veterinary care.


Close up of an old brown leather couch.

Repairing Wear on a Leather Couch?This page is about repairing wear on a leather couch. Regular maintenance will help extend the life of upholstery covering your sofa.



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Way-Sour Charms Blow Pop LollipopsThe combination of the "super-sour" taste, already very acidic, with the surprise of the "pops" from the Pop Rocks, makes these just like what I imagine Acid Pops to be!



Closeup of puppy.

Young Puppy Eats Too Rapidly?I have adopted a very young puppy (4-5 wks old) that was either abandoned or lost her mama. She's actually a wonderful puppy, extremely smart and very laid back...except when it comes to eating. OMG, it is unreal!


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Freezing Processed American Cheese?Can pasteurized processed American cheese that comes in 2lb. blocks be frozen?


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Free or Low Cost Rabies Shots?Where can I go for free or discounted rabies shots?


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Training a Dog to Use Pee Pads?I have had a Pomeranian for 3 months now. The vet said he's about 2-5 years old. We take him out for walks 3 times a day for about 30 minutes each. He usually does his business outside and normally can hold it through the night with no problem.


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Business Name for Wedding Childcare Service?I run childcare services at weddings so that brides who don't want children running around at the reception can be at rest and guests with children don't have to worry about their children for a few hours and enjoy the party.


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Pruning Rose Bushes?I have 10, 50+ year old single petal, rose bushes facing the north side of house. I always hesitate cutting them back, especially when unexpected cold weather is close to my area.


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21st Surprise Birthday Party Ideas?My friend is going to be 21 on the 29th of October. We all are planning some good stuff as a surprise. Please give me some ideas. ASAP


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Sealy Blanket Control Says "E"?The control for my Sealy electric blanket says E. What is the error? I have checked the plugs and they look fine.


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Painting a Chrome Bar Stool?I've found a couple of old fashioned chrome bar stools. The chrome is pitted and rusted. I would like to paint them. What would be the easiest way?


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Painting Bathroom Linoleum?I want to freshen my bathroom, but the floor lino is off white with clusters of green leaves and pink flowers. I don't want more pink. I'd like to go with browns and taupes. How can I get rid of the pink without redoing the floor?


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House Training an Abused Dog?I recently adopted a girl Shih Tzu mix. She was badly abused. I've been trying to take her outside every 3 hours, but I still find poop in my boyfriend's kids bedroom, on their bed, or on my bed. When she poops in the bed I call her a bad dog and I will flick her on the nose.


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Birthday Party Ideas?My birthday is coming in a few months and I don't know what to do. I would like to invite my friends who are all girls. My parents gave me 4 choices. Either we could go to the movies, have a sleepover, sky zone, or go shopping at the mall. Please help.


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Removing the Smell of Paint Thinner from Carpet?How do I get the smell paint thinner out of carpet? I tried the baking soda method, but it did not work.


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Best Paint for Plastic Flower Pots?Which paint is best for my outdoor hanging plastic flower pots?


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Name for Family Day Care?I am trying to name my family day care by using my nick name, "Rizzy". Any ideas?


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Would an Opossum Chew on AC Vents?I have heard chewing on my a/c vents under my mobile home late at night. Could the animal be an opossum? I've seen one on my front porch (not afraid of automatic light on porch) and in the tree over my house.


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Singer Sewing Machine Not Catching Bobbin Thread?As I sew, the thread is catching up and not passing around the bobbin. The thread had caught up around the bobbin and I had to take off the cover to cut the bobbin loose.


Photo of bed and windows behind it.

Color Advice for Curtains?I just painted my bedroom walls Benjamin Moore Nimbus Gray, which is really blue. On my bed I have a solid quilt in a pink, almost watermelon color, with blue and white toss pillows.


White bound encyclopedia volume.

Value of Encyclopedia Set?Are Funk and Wagnalls Standard Reference Encyclopedias Yearbooks from 1971 to 1990 in fair/good condition worth anything of value?


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Burning Bush Did Not Turn Red This Fall?I planted a burning bush in the spring. It had a good summer and looks very healthy and green. Now that it is fall it never turned red. How come?


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Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box?I have a female cat, almost 2 years old, named Lady Kitty. She is fixed, however my boyfriend and I got two brother kittens who are now 6 months old and are not fixed.


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Cleaning a Burnt Aluminum Pan?What is the easiest way to remove the burnt areas from my pan? I let my beans burn in it (was cleaning and forgot they were cooking) so it's kinda bad!


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