October 29, 2013

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Miniature Pinscher Mix

Miniature Pinscher Mix Photos and InformationMixed breed dogs can make excellent companions and watchdogs. This page contains miniature pinscher mix photos and information.


tissue paper flowers at wedding

Making Tissue Paper FlowersThis page is about making tissue paper flowers. Lovely, colorful decorations can be made with this very thin craft paper.


Winter Birdfeeder

Winter Birdfeeder PhotosThis page contains winter birdfeeder photos. A birdfeeder can provide snacks or sometimes be closed down to cold weather visitors.


Jack-O-Lantern Stuffed Bell Peppers

Making Jack-O'-Lantern Stuffed Bell PeppersA favorite meal that can be prepared in a festive way for Halloween. This page is about making jack-o'-lantern stuffed bell peppers.


Collapsible Cooler

Making a Collapsible Cooler?This is a page about making a collapsible cooler. A cooler can be a bit bulky when to tote around, especially if you are done with it but still need to keep it with you. Having a collapsible cooler can be very handy to have when traveling as well.


An osprey landing.

Osprey PhotosThis page contains osprey photos. A large, fish eating raptor that is also referred to as a sea hawk or fish eagle.


Vegetarian Stuffed Bell Pepper

Vegetarian Stuffed Bell Pepper RecipesBell peppers can be filled with a variety of delicious ingredients that don't have to include meat. This page contains vegetarian stuffed bell pepper recipes.


A woman shopping for produce.

Buying Foods in SeasonThis is a page about buying foods in season. A great way to ensure you are getting fresh foods for your family is to shop seasonally for fruits and veggies.


A woman in a white t-shirt grabbing her sore neck.

Avoiding Neck StrainThis page is about avoiding neck strain. When your neck has become sore, it can make it hard to do anything.


Jack O' Lantern Basket

Making a Paper Jack O' Lantern BasketYou can make a cute Halloween basket for treats and other things with card stock. This is a page about making a paper jack o' lantern basket.


jack o lantern planter 1

Making a Jack-O'-Lantern PlanterThis page is about making a Jack-o'-lantern planter. A cute fall decoration can be made with a pumpkin fashioned into a planter.


tub drain

Retrieving Parts from a Broken Drain?This is a page about retrieving parts from a broken drain. If your tub drain stopper mechanism breaks or comes apart some of the pieces may fall down the drain. Getting the pieces back may be difficult.


China tea cups

Selling Fine China?This is a page about selling fine china. Fine china is great to have around for particular occasions but may not get used daily in many households. Your fine china may be valuable enough that it's worth selling.



upclose of stuffed peppers

Black Bean Stuffed Bell PeppersThese stuffed bell peppers are vegetarian and so easy to make!


yellow stuffed pepper

Jack-O'-Lantern Stuffed Bell PeppersThese cute Jack-o'-lantern peppers, with black bean stuffing, are perfect for Halloween dinner. This recipe is vegetarian but could be made with a more traditional ground beef stuffing mix. They are delicious either way.



jack o lantern planter 2

Jack-O'-Lantern PlanterThis jack-o'-lantern planter is a fun variation on an old tradition!


Boo lying on his back with one paw up.

Boo (Tabby Cat)Hi, my owner rescued me from a neighbor who was going to put me outside because I meow too much so my owner took me in. I don't like going outside, too much is happening.



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Social Security Survivor's Benefits for Children?When one child turns 18 and loses his SSDB, does the other child get his portion? My son turned 18, my daughter is 5; will she get his portion of their father's death benefit?


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Spider Plant is Dying?My spider plant was outside all summer and it was doing great and now I've brought it inside for the winter and it's starting to die. The leaves are turning yellow and brown and falling off. The offspring is also starting to turn yellow. What do I need to do to save my plant?


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Choosing a Coffee Table Color?I have a black TV stand, an oak coffee table that is in need of being redone, and a white book case that could use some help. I want color, but I want to make it all come together nicely.


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Cheesecake Split Across Center?I made an Oreo cheesecake yesterday. I found it had started to split open right across the centre. Can you please help?


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Help Getting a Free Mattress?Does anyone know of a grant program or charity or something like that that could help me get a good mattress for my bad back and neck?


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Daycare Name Ideas?I am looking for some help on a daycare name. My daycare is going to be on a military base since my husband is in the army as of this year.


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Freezing Fried Onions?Please can someone tell me if you can freeze fried onions, and if so how?


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What do I do? Breakers Keep TrippingI recently started renting a two bedroom house with my buddy. When we moved in half the house didn't have power. The land lord called a electrician and got that fixed but failed to fix the light in my bedroom.


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Breakers Keep Tripping?A new electrician came to work on my light and they have been here for 3 days claiming they are rewiring some stuff in the attic. However, since they have been here, we have had problems with breakers tripping due to flipping a light switch.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?What should I do for my 14th birthday which is on December 10th?


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Rugs Yellowed Vinyl Flooring?How do I get rid of yellowing on vinyl floors where my rugs are?


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Caring for a Dog with Parvo?My Chihuahua was recently diagnosed with parvo. The vet gave him some fluids and antibiotics, also a prescription for me to give him, but he still will not eat or drink is it still too soon or what?


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Name Ideas for a Cleaning Business?What is the perfect name for my cleaning business?


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Curtain Colour and Throw Pillow Advice?The wall of my living room is pale beige on the upper part and mushroom on the lower part of the wall. What colour curtains and throw pillows will fit?


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Using Brewer's Yeast for Fleas?Is there any flavor of brewer's yeast other than garlic? My dogs don't like garlic.


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13th Birthday Party Ideas for My Daughter?My daughter is turning 13 in 9 days. We have no idea what to do. She wants it to be a "mature party". I can not think of anything fun to do for the girls.


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Value of a Rosemary Doll?I am trying to find out about my porcelain doll, Rosemary. She is still in the box from the Crackle Barrel store.


Set of Americana.

Value of Encyclopedia Americana and Year Books?I own the 1973 - 30 volume set of Encyclopedia Americana and annual year books 1973-1993. How much are these worth? Where could I sell them?


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Roof Repair Assistance for Senior Citizens?I am a senior citizen and need "help" with my leaking roof and foundation problems. I am also under educated and I don't know where to turn.


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