November 14, 2013

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A hand holding an incandescent bulb.

Using Incandescent BulbsThis page is about using incandescent bulbs. These bulbs have mostly been replaced with fluorescent bulbs which are generally more energy efficient and environmentally safe.


Bright orange painted metal cabinets.

Painting Metal Cabinets?This page is about painting metal cabinets. Preparing the metal surface before applying paint will make a lasting finish.


Fern in the ice and snow.

Winterizing a Fern?This page is about winterizing a fern. There are many different kinds and sizes of this ancient perennial plant. Some garden varieties need special care when the weather turns cold.


A Christmas wreath on a red door.

Buying Pine Cones for Crafts?This page is about buying pine cones for crafts. There are many kinds and sizes of these conifer cones that are a great natural addition to holiday wreaths and arrangements.


cans of paint

Uses for Leftover PaintThis page is about uses for leftover paint. When you don't have enough of any one kind of paint to complete a project, there are ways to use the surplus.


Old Refrigerators

Uses for Racks and Bins from Old RefrigeratorsThis page is about uses for racks and bins from old refrigerators. Once a refrigerator is no longer worth repairing, you may be able to use the shelves and drawers for other things around your home.


plastic coffee mug

Removing Coffee Stains on Plastic?This page is about removing coffee stains on plastic. Stubborn discoloration can develop on your plastic cups and carafes from the oils and tannins of this popular beverage.


maple leaf

Preserving LeavesThis page is about preserving leaves. The cooler temperatures of autumn allow beautiful, colorful leaves to fall. Some of these can be preserved and used in arrangements and for crafts.


A field of wildflowers.

Wildflower Garden PhotosThis page contains wildflower garden photos. Whether you planted the flowers or they seeded themselves in your garden, wildflowers in bloom are naturally beautiful.


polar fleece jackets

Cleaning FleeceThis page is about cleaning fleece. This soft, synthetic fabric is generally used for winter clothing, pajamas and blankets.


A boy scout looking at a compass.

Organizing Tips for Parents of Boy ScoutsThis page is about organizing tips for parents of boy scouts. Making a habit after every meeting or outing, of having your son put all his boy scout stuff in one location will help save everyone time.


Coffee Filter Turkey

Making a Coffee Filter TurkeyThis page is about making a coffee filter turkey. An inexpensive, paper craft that can be made with youngsters for the Thanksgiving holiday.


old red phone

Inbound Call Blocker Reviews?This page is about inbound call blocker reviews. Receiving unwanted telephone calls can be very frustrating. Stopping automated incoming calls may require some assistance.



Thanksgiving chandelier.

Making a Thanksgiving ChandelierI love to decorate our home in rich tones, after a playful Halloween decoration came down I found these pretty glass Christmas tree ornaments at a flea market last year.


flowers made from yarn

What is Living a Frugal Life About?At various times of my life, I have had to live frugally. I've had times of plenty and times of hardship. Over my many years, I have become a bit of an expert.


Seed and pod.

Collecting Thunbergia SeedsIf you grow thunbergia in a pot, once the season is done, bring the plant inside and let it die. It will make a mess while it's dying, but you'll find the broken open seed pods and lots of seeds.


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Hang Dry Sheets and Curtains IndoorsYou will need extra shower-curtain tension rod. Put them up in tub area as high as you need for the length of the sheets or curtains.


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Unclogging Hair Spray Nozzle or PumpHairspray cans always clogged? What a waste. Such an easy solution!


finished pee pee cone 1

Pee Pee ConesThese handy diaper changing cones, also known as Pee Pee Teepees, are an great way to avoid getting tinkled on by your baby boy. They are easy to make and super absorbent.



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Dog Peeing on Carpet?I have had my dog for 4 years. In that time he has not done that and now he has done it 3 times. He was 4 when I got him. He pees on the carpet in front of the door.


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Daycare Solgan?What would be a good phrase for my daycare "The Tadpole Center"?


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Octagon Soap?Where can I find Octagon soap in Houston, Texas?


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Bedroom Curtain Color Advice?I recently purchased dark brown bedroom furniture and my wall color is gold yellow. I only have one window in my bedroom so I want a curtain that is going to "pop"!


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Crafts Using Folgers Instant Coffee Containers?I have quite a few empty Folgers Instant containers, in different sizes. I just love the shape.I'm looking for suggestions on different ways to decorate and utilize these containers.


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Daycare Business Name Ideas?We are starting a home daycare and would like help coming up with a more modern name. Any suggestions? Our names are Megan and Gina.


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Bissell Carpet Shampooer Won't Spray Water?My carpet shampooer will not spray water. I have a Bissell model #8920.


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Getting Rid of Ants and Mice?How can I get rid of ants and mice?


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Introducing a New Kitten to Resident Cat?I need help with introducing a new 8 week old kitten to my 1 year old cat. If you place your kitten in a safe room with its food and water so your other cat can still have its normal territory is that kitten OK to be in there by itself at night while I sleep?


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16th Birthday Party Ideas?My birthday is in 3 weeks, and I can't think of anything to do for my party.


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Value of 1942 American Educator Encyclopedia?I have a complete set of 1942 The American Educator Encyclopidia in great condition. I haven't had luck finding the value of them so if anyone could help me out I would love it.


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Finding Cheap Wall Paneling?Where can I find cheap wall paneling?


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Cleaning the Inside of Drilled Glass Blocks?We drilled a case of glass blocks and the rinse out process didn't work, there is still residue left inside. How do we get the cloudy residue out?


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Craftsman Lawnmower Keeps Dying?I have a Craftsman mower, model #917375622. I cleaned the carb and it starts for about 8 seconds then dies. It's fairly new, but I can't get it to keep running.


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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 22nd Birthday?I plan to buy a gift for my lover's 22nd birthday and I also plan to present 22 gifts to him. Any ideas for the 22 gifts?


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Fairy Tale Series Doll Value?Does anyone know the value of Red Riding Hood in the fairy tale series? It is new.


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Relaxed Girl's 15th Birthday Ideas?I'm turning 15 in about 17 days on December 1st and I keep getting pestered about what I'm going to do. Normally I have these huge parties, but this year I want to do something small and relaxed.


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Ideas for Crafts using Wire Coat Hangers?Does anyone have ideas for crafts using wire coat hangers?


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Repairing an Oster Breadmaker Model 4811?I was given a automatic breadmaker. The machine is new, but never heated and never could make bread. I also failed to make bread and I have much interest in doing so if I can get help with my machine, if they can fix it.


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Sweet 16 Ideas?I am having my 16th birthday party in 2 and a half weeks and I have no clue what activities to do! It is just going to be a simple thing at my house with like five friends, but they keep telling me I need to do something somewhat big.


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Homemade Dried Soup Mix Recipes?I'm putting together my earthquake kit, and instead of using store bought canned goods, like soup or chili, I want to make dried mixes, that can be made with hot or boiling water.


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Value of Children's Encyclopaedias?I have several volumes of Arthur Mee's Children's Encyclopaedias from 1901, in good state. Does anyone know their value?


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