December 17, 2013

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Christmas Lollipops

Christmas Crafts Using LollipopsThis is a page about Christmas crafts using lollipops. Christmas crafting can add a special touch to the holiday season and using lollipops can add a tasty addition to your holiday crafting traditions.


Animal Print Heels

Wearing Animal Prints?This is a page to wearing animal prints. Adding some hip animal prints to your wardrobe can be help you make a statement or just add a stylish accent to your attire.


Pouring Sparkling Water

Making Sparkling Water?This page is about making sparkling water. Soda water, club soda, or seltzer can be made regularly at home with the addition of CO2 in a soda spout or seltzer bottle.


Girl Leaving For First Day Of School

Tips for the First Day of SchoolThis page contains tips for the first day of school. Children who are used to being home often find it a stressful time adjusting to leaving mom and dad for school.


Kids Shell Jewelry

Making Shell JewelryThis page is about making shell jewelry. Beautiful necklace, bracelet, and earring crafts can be fashioned with shells purchased or collected on the beach.


Homemade Santa

Santa Craft IdeasThis page contains ideas for making homemade Santa crafts. There are many ways to use this holiday character to create crafts for Christmas.


Delicious Looking Beef Dinner

Tips for Finding Great RecipesThis page contains tips for finding great recipes. While cookbooks are a great resource for recipes, there are so many other places to find wonderful food ideas to create.


Sewing Leather

Sewing Real Fur and Leather?This page is about sewing real fur and leather. Sewing animal skins can be a challenge and often need to be hand stitched.


Crazy Joker Doctor

Hospital JokesThis is a page contains hospital jokes. Many jokes make good hearted fun of all kinds of situations.


Grafting A Citrus Tree

Grafting a Citrus Tree?This page is about grafting a citrus tree. When you learn how, it is possible to grow similar fruits on the same tree by grafting a young shot to a branch.


Oreo Cookie Cake

Recipes Using Oreo CookiesThis page contains recipes using Oreo cookies. Oreo cookies can be a delightful addition to many tasty treats.


Thermometer Taking Soil Temperature

The Importance of Soil Temperature to Growing...This page is about the importance of soil temperature to growing plants. Whether in the greenhouse or out of doors seeds germinate and plants grow best with the proper soil temperature.


Double-Sided Tape

Removing Double-Sided TapeThis is a page about removing double-sided tape. Double-sided tape leaves twice as much sticky residue that can be tricky to remove. With some helpful tips, it's not an impossible task and can even be a breeze.


Mom Working From Home

Money Making Tips for Stay at Home MomsThis page is about money making tips for stay at home moms. Being able to be at home and raise children can make it difficult to pay all the bills without supplemental income.


Homemade Pear Pie

Pear Pie RecipesThis page contains pear pie recipes. Sweet juicy pears and pie? What a delicious combination.


Mom and Baby

Parenting Tips and TricksThis page contains parenting tips and tricks. When raising your children, there is always something to learn to help them develop into responsible, motivated adults.


Making Bagels

Homemade Bagel RecipesThese dense, chewy breads are boiled before baking and best as fresh as possible. This page contains bagel recipes.


Roast Beef and Potatoes

Cooking BeefThis is a page about cooking beef. Unless you're a gourmet chef, knowing the proper cooking times for different cuts of beef can be challenging.


Large Tray of Cheese and Crackers

Cheese and Crackers for a Large Group?Having a party or event with a large group of people and wondering how to serve cheese and crackers? This is a page about cheese and crackers for a large group.


Kids Costume Birthday Party

Birthday Party Theme IdeasThis page contains birthday party theme ideas. No matter what age is being achieved, it can be fun to base your celebration on a favorite theme.


Satin Baby Shoes

Cleaning and Preserving Satin Baby Shoes?This is a page about cleaning and preserving satin baby shoes. Those adorable baby shoes can be kept as an heirloom or passed down to another beautiful child.



Full view of October.

October (Bengal)I got him a year ago from a breeder in San Diego. He was a tiny baby when I brought him home.


Boo laying on man's chest.

Boo (Mixed Breed)Boo was found in an adjacent town. A friend saw the woman that found him on her doorstep walking the area trying to find his owner.



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Wall Color for Kitchen?Our 1980's kitchen has fairly good natural lighting. The countertop is a rosy grayish/darkish granite which goes nicely with the flooring which is sort of a rosy tan ceramic tile floor.


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Dyeing a Ball Dress with Bleach Stains?I have a white ball dress that was used by a family member before me, it's absolutely stunning. Unfortunately it had a few food stains on the bottom so my mother tried to bleach it.


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Social Security Survivor's Benefits?Last year, my father died and we applied for the Social Security check. My mother has been telling me that we haven't been getting it, but I recently found out that she had been keeping them.


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Removing Odors for Washer and Dryer?I moved into a long term rental in September with a state of the art HE washer and dryer. The previous owner loved using extremely scented detergents, scent boosters, etc.


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Games for a 10th Birthday?My son is turning 10 on the 30 of December, but I want to give him a house party on the 4th of January. What games can I do?


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Repairing a Nick in a Linoleum Floor?I dropped a knife on my linoleum floor and the pointed end left a mark. Is there any way to make it less noticeable?


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Recipe for Corn Fritters?Does anyone have a great recipe for corn fritters like my grandmother used to make?


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Heater Vents Not Working in F150?Why does the air in my 95 F 150 only come out of defrost vent no matter where the air directional knob is?


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Caring for a 2 Month Old Puppy?I'm getting a puppy soon, a Staffy/Lab/ cross. I have had experience with dogs, my brother and sister both got one, a Lab and a terrier. So, I'm not unaccustomed to training/walking, etc.


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Application Process for Social Security Survivor's Benefits?My 8 year old son's father passed on 11/29. He did not have a relationship with our son, but paid child support on time and has been proven to be the biological father via DNA testing in 2006.


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Needle Will Not Stay Straight?I have an old "Touch and Sew" which was working fine, but now when I try to replace the needle it will not stay straight up and down.


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Eligibility for Social Security Survivor's Benefits?My husband died two years ago at work. My little girl receives worker's comp and Social Security. Should I also get Social Security? We were married when he died.


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Applying for Social Security Survivor's Benefits?My mother died when I was three months old and I was passed from house to house until I was 16. I wanted to know now at the age of 28 can I still apply for survivor benefits or is it too late.


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Repairing a Singer Sewing Machine?I took my Singer 247 apart to replace some very worn gears and wouldn't you know, my kids came into my sewing room and bumped my sewing table where I had everything laid out so pristinely.


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Vintage Simplicity Patterns?I am looking for western style wedding gown patterns. Simplicity has 2 patterns I am searching for #6343 and 8729 both are vintage, but I need size 16+.


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Catchy Name for New Real Estate Business?I need a catchy, but unique, name for a new real estate firm that blends old school experience and class with new school technology and hustle!


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Removing Permanent Marker from Backpack?How do I get silver permanent marker off my red backpack? My little sister wrote her name all over it and I need to get this off ASAP!


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Heater Not Working Properly in 2003 Dodge?I have a 2003 Dodge 1500 Hemi. The heat on the seats works well and the heat on the window barely blows any heat. What would be wrong with this?


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Value of Classic Collection Crystal Doll?I have a Classic Collection Crystal bridal doll. It is still in the box. How much is it worth?


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Replacement Heating Element for Foreman Rotisserie?Where can I buy a heating element for a model #GR80A George Foreman rotisserie grill?


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Kitten Has Eye Discharge?I have a kitten that is skinnier than normal. It walks around sometimes, but just lays around most of the time. It also has goop that keeps closing its eye.


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Remedy for Too Much Salt in Beans?Can I remove salt from a pot of cooked dry beans?


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Real Estate Business Name Ideas?I am starting a real estate business. Can someone please suggest some good real estate business names starting with the letter H?


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Value of Connersville Cabinet Company Cedar Chest?I have a cedar chest from the Connersville Cabinet Company with a delivery tag stating article no. 406. I have done some research on this company and have not been able to find an answer as to what year this chest was made and if it's worth any value. Please help!


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