January 19, 2014

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Bumper Stickers on Car

Using Bumper StickersThis page is about using bumper stickers. Applied stickers on your car can be difficult to remove. You may want to discover a new way to display them or find other uses for them.


Stone Coasters

Stone Coaster Tips and TricksThis page contains stone coaster tips and tricks. Stone and tile can make beautiful beverage coasters to help protect your furniture, but sometimes moisture can collect beneath them.



Rottweiler Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains Rottweiler breed information and photos. The independent and strong-willed nature of these dogs require firm training starting at an early age. Although this breed is very loyal to family, it should always be supervised when around small children.


Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains Doberman Pinscher breed information and photos. These dogs possess great speed, strength and stamina. It is a medium-sized dog that is often used in police work or to protect property.


Couple Celebrating Arbor Day by Planting Tree

Celebrating Arbor DayThis page is about celebrating Arbor Day. In 1872 this day was honored by planting a million trees. Share this tradition with your family by planting trees for future shade and wildlife habitat.


Broiling in the Oven

Broiling Food in the OvenThis page is about broiling food in the oven. A broiler is very hot and can make quick work of cooking meat, vegetables and sandwiches. It is important to keep the oven ajar and pay close attention.


Plastic Bucket

Reusing Plastic BucketsThis page is about reusing plastic buckets. Depending on what kind of product was in your container, you can recycle these buckets in a variety of thrifty ways.


Blooming Tree

Blooming Tree PhotosThis page contains blooming tree photos. Springtime brings an abundance of flowers on many kinds of fruit and nut trees. They can make gorgeous photographs.


Pouring Gasoline from Gas Can

Removing Gasoline Smell on SkinThis page is about removing gasoline smell on skin. Gas can get spilled on your hands when filling your auto or power equipment. It has a very strong odor.



Pig lying on the floor.

Digby (Potbelly Pig)I got Digby from a friend who has potbelly pigs.



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Santa Pattern for Brandy Snifter Candy Dish?Does anyone have a pattern for a felt Santa face that is glued onto a brandy sniffer and the hat is separate and fits over the top of it. You lift it up to get candy out of it?


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Testing a Derma Wand?My question is that if it's free for 30 days for the test, how am I gonna get that without paying and am I gonna pay after 30 days?


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Willow Cutting Looking Sad?I recently took cuttings from a fallen willow tree and planted some outside, but kept a small cutting to pot inside. The one inside sprouted buds, which have now turned into leaves.


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Repairing a Hole in Glass Cook Top?I placed the whistle top of a water kettle on the hot burner. It melted onto the glass top. The plastic removed easily, but there is a piece of the glass missing.


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17th Birthday Gift for Boyfriend?My boyfriend and I have been going out for 4 months and his birthday is coming up. He will be turning 17. I have absolutely no idea what to get him.


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House Trained Dog Started Peeing Inside?Our 1 year old Schnauzer who has been potty trained since we received him has started peeing in a new house we purchased right before Christmas.


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Theft Proof Display for Selling Handmade Jewelry?I make jewelry and it's in a shop where people can pick it up and handle it, but I lost revenue on a couple of pricey pieces due to ease of theft.


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Daycare Slogan Ideas?What a good slogan for Lil Totz Learning Academy?


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Outlets Stopped Working?We recently redecorated our kitchen. In doing this we changed the positions of some of our plug sockets. These all work fine and have no problems.


Side view of dog standing.

What Breed is My Dog?Does anyone know what Dingo could be mixed with?


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Value of Lauren Ann Dolls?I have the Lauren Ann doll set of 4 dolls for the seasons. Are they worth anything? They are in mint condition, still wrapped.


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Getting a Dog After Parvo?My son came to stay with his new puppy. He was here 2 days. While he was here it had loose stools and was sick twice. It had had its shot by a vet at 4/5 weeks. It was 7 weeks old.


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Main Breaker Keeps Tripping?I live in a 3 bedroom house. The only thing running is my TV, a DVD player, and a space heater. Should it trip my main breaker for my house?


Someone holding up a volume to show the spine of the book.

Value of Britannica Encyclopedias?I have a complete collection of the Encyclopedia Britannica. The copyright is 1945, but I do not know the edition. They are in good condition, most of the books have never been opened.


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Sewing Machine Seems Jammed?I just got this new Singers Esteem II sewing machine yesterday and the machine was working perfectly fine until I decided to change the thread for the needle.


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Breaker Keeps Tripping?In my livingroom I try to plug in my 60 inch TV, cable box, and a system and Xbox, but when I plug all that in my breaker flips. This happens every time.


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Cakes Not Browning?My cakes are not browning when I use three layers. How do I get them to brown without drying them out?


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Roasting Bag Left Mark on Stainless Steel Microwave?Help please. Can anyone let me know how to get a mark from a roasting bag off my stainless steel microwave oven?


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Removing Soup Stains on a Sweatshirt?I spilled soup on my sweatshirt and I used a stain stick, but after washing the stains are still noticeable. Is there any other cleaner I can use on this sweatshirt?


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