January 28, 2014

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Pink Silicone Cell Phone Case

Cleaning a Silicone Cell Phone CaseThis is a page about cleaning a silicone cell phone case. The flexible silicone case for your cell phone helps to protect the outside of your phone. In the process it is handled a lot and can get dirty and require an occasional cleaning.


Couple with Their Pet Cat

Caring for Your Pet CatThis is a page about caring for your pet cat. Providing a safe environment and loving care for your kitty helps to ensure a rewarding relationship between you and your furry friend.


Dog on Vacation

Pet Travel and Visiting Etiquette?This page is about pet travel and visiting etiquette. If you are visiting friends or family with your dog, cat, or bird, it is important make sure the facilities and people can accommodate your pet.


Sewing Room

Decorating a Sewing RoomThis is a page about decorating a sewing room. Decorating your sewing room can make it a cozy, comfortable, fun place to spend time pursuing your craft.


Woman Recycling Aluminum Cans

Recycling AluminumMuch of the aluminum that is produced gets thrown in the garbage instead of the recycle bin. It doesn't take much to recycle it and you can even earn some cash doing it. This page is about recycling aluminum.


Honduras Travel

Honduras Frugal Travel Information and PhotosLocated in the heart of central american, this vibrant country has beautiful beaches, mountains, and lush tropical forests. This page contains Honduras frugal travel information and photos.


Glass Jar Being Put in Recycling Bin

Recycling GlassThis is a page about recycling glass. Over the years it has become easier to recycle our household waste, particularly with the introduction of curbside recycling.


Man Applying Sunscreen to Himself

Sunscreen AdviceThis page contains sunscreen advise. Make sure your sun screen is fresh and effective. It is important for your skin's health to protect it from too much sun exposure.


Cleaning a Cell Phone

Cleaning a Cell PhoneThis is a page about cleaning a cell phone. Your cell phone probably gets lots of use each day, leaving it in need of regular cleaning.


Man Replacing Deadbolt and Door Lock on Door

Replacing Deadbolts and Door LocksThis is a page about replacing deadbolts and door locks. You may have occasion to replace the deadbolts and door locks at your home either because they no longer work properly or for security reasons.


Sun Drying Fruits

Sun Drying Fruits and VegetablesThis is a page about sun drying fruits and vegetables. If you live in the right environment, an easy, cost effective way to dry your fruits and vegetables is by using the sun on outside drying racks.


Shredded Privacy

Protecting Personal InformationThis is a page about protecting personal information. Protecting your personal information is critical to reducing the risk of identity theft. By implementing a few simple practices you can help combat this escalating crime.



love monsters 3

Doughnut Love MonstersThese adorable monsters are a perfect treat to show someone how much you love them!


Nikki sitting pretty

Nikki (Beagle Mix)She was born here to our furbaby Maggie who passed about 1 1/2 years ago.



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Ideas for a Girl's 10th Birthday Party?My daughter is turning ten and she is having a sleepover, but one of her friends is on crutches. We don't know what to do. We were going skating or bowling, but because of the crutches we need to think of something else.


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Older Dog Has Started Peeing in the House?Our 12 year old Border Collie, a female, has started urinating on her bed and in our sun room corners. How can we prevent this?


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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 16th Birthday?My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 4 months now, and he's turning 16 soon. He really loves soccer. I have no idea what to get him, I'm looking for something creative and not too expensive. We also have a lot of pictures together but I don't know what I would do.


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Cake Glaze Got Hard?I make a glaze that has to boil for 3 minutes and then you poke holes in the cake and drizzle over. What would cause the glaze to harden?


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Cleaning Aluminum Sliding Patio Door Tracks?I have patio door tracks that support glass doors with movement to open and shut by gliding on aluminum tracks for entry and view. They have gotten weather beaten and pitted. Is there any cleanser to get them looking better?


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Pink Clothing Dye Transferred to White Jacket?I borrowed my sister's white Omni-Shield Colombia jacket. The day before she wanted it returned, I had thrown it in the washer with other white articles of clothing, along with a bright pink wash cloth I failed to notice.


Sewing machine with a piece of fabric on the sewing platform.

Sewing Machine Making Double Stitches?I have an old New Home sewing machine (Model 654). I recently turned the pattern selector guide to make an overlock stitch which worked fine.


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Preventing Sweetgum Trees from Making Balls?What is the capsule called you put in the drilled holes so they don't produce sweet gum balls or fruit?


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Removing Iron On Name Tags from Shirts?I found two nice, almost new shirts that have a tag with the name of the previous owner on them. They are unobtrusive and seem to have been added by a dry-cleaner, but I would prefer to remove them.


Is my Dog a Mixed Breed?

Is My Dog a Mixed Breed?Is my pup mixed with something possibly? I adopted him four years ago and am just curious for opinions.


Dog lying on the floor.

German Shepherd Mixed With What?We just got her a couple days ago and all the previous owners knew was she is a German Shepherd cross. What could she be mixed with? I have never seen a German Shepherd with green eyes before.


What Breed is my Dog?

What Breed is My Dog?I have a Pit Bull mix and just out curiosity, I'd like to know what he's mixed with. Does anyone have a clue? Been looking for a long time. I saw his twin today, but the owner was just as clueless as me!


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Value of Werner's Encyclopedias?I have a 12 volume set of Werner's Universal Encyclopedias, copyright 1899. They are in fairly good shape. Any idea of their worth and where to sell them?


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Outlets and Lights Not Working?My outlets aren't working in certain rooms and none of the lights are coming on. What does that mean?


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Name for Real Estate Company?I need a name for my real estate company. I like Abundant Realty, but it's taken. If someone could help find something just as savvy.


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Feeding Puppies?Is it too early to introduce a slurry of puppy food to my 20 day old puppies? They're a Labrador/Weimaraner mix seem to be ready for it.


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Care of a Poinsettia Tree?I am English, but live in southern Spain and just before Christmas was given a beautiful poinsettia tree. It is about 100cm (40 inches) tall and the top 2/3 has bright red bracts.


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