February 6, 2014

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Kangaroo in Australia

Australia Travel Photos and InformationThis is a page about Australia travel photos and information. Visiting this English speaking country is a generally safe destination. It's beautiful cities, beaches and diverse environments are unique in the world.


Preparing Oatmeal Facial Scrubs

Oatmeal Facial ScrubsThis is a page about oatmeal facial scrubs. A homemade facial can save you money and leave your skin feeling wonderful.


Easter Egg Joke

Easter JokesThis is a page about Easter Jokes. Many jokes make good hearted fun of all kinds of human situations and holidays too.


Man Building Fire in the Forest

Wilderness Survival TipsThis is a page about wilderness survival tips. When camping, hiking, or enjoying other outdoor activities you can find yourself in unexpected circumstances. The more you know about how to stay warm and what you may eat can help you maintain until help arrives.


Pudding Snack Cup

Reusing Plastic Snack CupsThis is a page about reusing plastic snack cups. Finding another use for containers that can just end up in the recycle or even refuse bin, can save you money and help our environment.


Celebrating Chinese New Year

Celebrating Lunar (Chinese) New YearThis is a page about celebrating Lunar (Chinese) New Year. An early spring holiday celebrated by Chinese and other Asian communities throughout the world to honor their deities, ancestors and families.


Hard Water Stains

Removing Hard Water StainsThis is a page about getting rid of hard water stains. Many places have tap water that can leave mineral deposits in plumbing fixtures, dishes and small appliances.


Looking at Dog's Rash

Treating a Dog's RashThis is a page about treating a dog's rash. When your dog is uncomfortable you want to be able to help them feel better. Consulting a veterinarian should be your first step.


Sunrise Over City

Sunrise PhotosThis is a page about sunrise photos. Capturing the moments of the sun's accent on the horizon can create magical, colorful photographs.



Mr. Little (Brindle Colored Chihuahua)

Mr. Little (Brindle Colored Chihuahua)Of six born in the litter, Mr. Little is the only brindle colored puppy. He is also the one with the calmest personality. He truly is an amazing little dog and is definitely one of a kind.


egg in nesting box

Using Real Eggs in Nesting BoxesIf your chickens are not laying their eggs in the nesting box you can give this trick a try. Take a few of their eggs, mark them with an "x", and place them in the nesting box. Give your chickens a week or two, to see if they will get the hint.


Facts About Yorkshire Terriers

Facts About Yorkshire TerriersThe Yorkshire Terrier, nicknamed Yorkie, is a small breed of dog first developed in 19th century England to catch mice and rats in textile mills. Today, this popular companion dog is known for its luxurious blue and tan coat, and its bold, inquisitive personality.



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Value of 1954 New Pictorial Encyclopedia?What is the value of a 1954 New Pictorial Encyclopedia of the World set, in good condition?


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Daycare Center Slogan Ideas?I am starting a daycare center called Hope Springs Academy and I've been trying to think of a slogan that sounds scholarly yet has a daycare feel.


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Adjusting Truck Heater Directional Controls?How do I fix my 2008 Dodge Ram1500 heater? When I adjust my heater to the floor it goes to the defrosters.


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Social Security Survior's Benefits?My mom pass away in December. She had been fighting for her Social Security for a few years. Will her family be able to receive her back pay?


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Ford Explorer Heater Doesn't Work?I have a 1998 Ford Explorer. My heat went out a month ago, but just by dumb luck I started hammering around the metal housing, and luckily, the heat came on.


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Electrical Wiring Problem?My electrical wiring is making a static noise and there is a burning smell near the junction box and electrical breaker box. What should I check for since I have turned the breaker off?


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Metal Part of Light Bulb Stuck in Socket?The metal part of my light bulb is stuck in socket of my curio stand. The glass part broke off in my hand. I unplugged the curio stand and have been working with needle nose pliers. The pliers are tearing through the metal part of the bulb. I think if I continue it will eventually come loose.


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Dental Work Without Insurance in Northern California?I'm 22 yrs old, with no dental insurance. I live in Northern California. I don't make much, about 700 a month. I need dental work pretty badly. I'm worried if my teeth get bad I'll lose my job, plus it's not healthy.


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Substitute for Nonfat Dry Milk in Condensed Milk?I want to prepare condensed milk analogue (non dairy). To replace the milk fat component I am thinking of using vegetable fat with some milk flavor. How do I replace skimmed milk powder or non fat dry milk with something, a non dairy component?


Set of encyclopedias on top of cabinet.

Value of New Book of Knowledge?I have the complete set of the New Book of Knowledge encyclopedia collection (white and blue cover), in great condition. I was wondering if anyone knows what its value is?


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Using My Current Phone With Straight Talk?Can I use the phone I have at the current time?


Cover of the book.

Value of Scientific American Reference Book?I have a reference book named Scientific American Reference Book; it is in good condition. It was printed in 1876 by Munn and Company and it says it was 37th copy.


Dog at water's edge.

What Breed is My Dog?What breed is my dog?


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