February 12, 2014

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Social Security Disability Form

Receiving Social Security Disability...This is a page about receiving Social Security disability benefits. Applying for social security disability can be a long involved process that you may need some help with.


Puppy Running in Yard

Getting Rid of Parvo Virus in the Yard and HomeWhen this virus has been present in your home and yard, you want to make sure it is completely eliminated so it does infect other dogs. This is a page about getting rid of parvo virus in the yard and home.


"Puppy Love" Puppy Chow

Puppy Chow Snack RecipesThis page contains Puppy Chow snack recipes. Puppy Chow, also known as Muddy Buddies or Sweet Minglers, is a delicious treat made with Chex cereal.


Woman with a Double Chin

Getting Rid of a Double ChinThis is a page about getting rid of a double chin. Excess weight, lack of exercise, age and genetics contribute to this physical situation.


Young Homeless Girl

Helping the HomelessThis is a page about helping the homeless. Finding the most effective ways to help people who do not have homes, isn't always as easy as it sounds.


Colorful Sponges

Craft Uses for SpongesBuying bulk sponges can be inexpensive and there are creative ways to use them for crafts. This is a page about craft uses for sponges.


Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park Photos and...This page contains Yellowstone National Park photos and information. Yellowstone is a huge destination Wyoming park that attracts people from all over the world, because of it's unique physical attractions such as the "Old Faithful" geyser, and all kinds of wildlife.



Growing SnapdragonThis is a page about growing snapdragon. Quite easy to grow these annual flowers come in a beautiful variety of colors for your garden.


Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park Photos and InformationThis page contains Yosemite National Park photos and information. Yosemite is a central California destination park where you can find majestic valleys, ancient giant sequoias, beautiful meadows, and a vast wilderness area.


Food in Freezer Bags

Freezer Tips and TricksThis page contains freezer tips and tricks. There are a few things to know about storing food with this appliance, that will help you enjoy your frozen food.



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Dial 211 for Local ResourcesI assume this is a standard assistance line for everyone in the US, but I've used the 211 line several times to locate services or assistance. They have the hook up on nearly everything. Just dial 211 and they can direct you to what ever assistance you need in your community.


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Train Cats to Come When You CallOne thing I teach all the kittens very early is to come to me, using food as a enticement. When I feed them in the morning and night time, I call them saying "food food". When I give them treats, I always call them using the words "treat treat".


Clean Walls with Vinegar and Ammonia

Clean Walls with Vinegar and AmmoniaI'm currently cleaning an estate, and this is PROOF that nicotine can be washed off of the walls with vinegar, and ammonia. I didn't even use the baking soda with the concoction! :) Also, if you use a Scotch-Brite Dobie, it works much better than just using a rag! Happy cleaning!


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Free Craft Storage ContainersGerber baby food containers make perfect storage containers. I use them for my beads, findings, buttons, etc. The lids do snap shut making spillage less possible and they are clear enough that you can see through them.



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Making a Mosquito Trap?I live in the jungle on a tropical island in Indonesia. It has been raining here lately so as soon as the rain stops the tiger mosquitoes come out, big fat ladies! Here's the question though, I don't have sugar around the house.


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Using Pool Water for My Garden?I have a 10 ft splash pool. I don't use chlorine in my pool. I use Sanit-eazy which is supposed to be gentle on skin and eyes. Can anyone advise me if the water will be ok to use on my garden?


Sitting looking up at camera.

What Breed is My Dog?I got my little guy (not so little now) at 8 weeks and 13 lbs. Now he's a little over a year and 65 lbs. I have heard many different things, but I am just curious.


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Bitter Acidic Odor Coming from Heat Registers?We have an unpleasant bitter acidic smell in the house. The smell is coming from heat registers. We had the furnace and air conditioning coil checked we had one of the walls in the basement rebuilt. There are no visible leaks and no source of the strong odor.


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Value of 1930-40's New Standard Encyclopedia?I have several encyclopedias from this era. I was wondering if they have any value, and who could I sell them to.


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Removing Paint From Dresser?Several years ago I painted my teenage daughter's dresser black. She never forgave me because underneath that black was a dresser full of "writing"and "doodles" by her and her friends.


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Finding Graham and Brown Wallpaper?To do a repair I am desperate to find a roll (or even half a roll) of Graham and Brown super fresco chocolate nina no. 15322. Please if anyone can help, I will be forever grateful.


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Donating Fabric?I have a huge collection of fabric and am looking for an organization that could make use of it. I would be willing to drive it to the location if it is not too far.


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Good Name for Interior Design Firm?I am going to start my interior designer office. Please can someone suggest to me a good name starting with the letters: j,n,s.


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Ford Truck Heater is Stuck on Defrost?I have a 2000 Ford F250 4x4 7.3 diesel club cab truck. My heater has good heat, but is stuck in defrost even though I move the knob to floor heat. What do I need to look for?


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Bathroom Cabinet Paint Color Advice?Is it OK to use a terra cotta color on bathroom cabinets along with neutral stone floors and walls?


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Value of Encyclopedia Britannica?Is there a value to the 1990 set of Encyclopaedia Britannica complete with the childrens' set, in the UK?


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Insomnia When Young?I am only 14 years old, but I have really bad insomnia. I can never fall asleep at night and usually find myself lying awake for hours. I am only getting around 2 hours of sleep a night. I am usually ok because I am used to not sleeping.


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Name Ideas for Interior Design and Furniture Company?We want to start a new interior and furniture company and would like advice on a modern and catchy name.


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Crock Pot Recipes?Crock potting is my new dinner idea for the past year and I would enjoy any crock pot recipes for dinner, breakfast, dessert, and lunch.


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Stepchildren and Social Security Survivor's Benefits?My son age 15 at the time, was not living in the home with us at the time my husband, my son's step father passed away. My son lived with us for a year and a half, then went to live with his biological father for a year and a half, then came back to live with me after my husband passed away.


Avocado tree with brown leaves.

Leaves on Avocado Tree Turning Brown?I have no idea how old the male tree is, but it is well over 30 feet. I live in Orlando Florida and the tree gets plenty of water and sunlight. It has been very healthy till about 3 weeks ago. Now the leaves are turning brown.


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Using Skin Eze on Dog's Itchy Skin?Is the Skin Eze spray toxic to my dog?


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Dodge Making Clicking Sound on Defrost Setting?I own a 2000 Dodge. When I switch over to defrost, it makes this weird clicking sound and since I don't know anything about cars I can't give you any more help than that of anything that would be causing this problem.


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Finding Donated or Cheap Furniture?Does anyone know where a nonprofit organization can go to get donated or cheap furniture to decorate an office in or near Philadelphia?


Black dog on red leash lying on the beach.

What Breed is My Dog?I got her from Missouri. The guy said she is a Malamute mixed with some kind of Shepherd, but I'm not a hundred.


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15th Birthday Ideas?My 15th birthday is two days away and I have no idea what to do. Help!


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Undercounter Fridge Cycles Off and On?I have a undercounter fridge (KIC). It switches on for 3 minutes and off for 5 minutes all day. Is this normal?


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