May 22, 2014

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purple basket

Painting BasketsThis is a page about painting baskets. To give a new purpose or just to liven them up, baskets can be spray or brush painted.


Watering a gardening with drip irrigation.

Watering Your GardenThis is a page about watering your garden. Some ways of watering are smarter than others, and once you get the hang of it, you will naturally develop a sense of how much water your plants really need.


Suede Boots

Cleaning Suede BootsThis is a page about cleaning suede boots. The nap on suede boots and shoes can make cleaning them more difficult than shoes with a smooth leather finish.


Veggie Pikelets

Veggie Pikelets (Fritters) RecipesMaking fritters can be a delicious way to get someone to eat their vegetables. This page contains veggie pikelets (fritters) recipes.


Kitchen With Laminate Flooring

Removing Orange Glo Residue from...This is a page about removing Orange Glo residue from laminate flooring. This cleaner can leave a film that can be a challenge to remove.


mason jar snack dispenser

Making a Mason Jar Snack ContainerThis is a page about making a Mason jar snack container. Mason jars have so many uses in addition to the original one of canning.


Soda Can Plant Labels

Making Soda Can Plant LabelsThis is a page about making soda can plant labels. There are a great number of craft uses for empty aluminum soda cans. The crafter/gardener will delight in they ease of use for making decorative plant markers.


house cat

Reasons Cats Spray?This is a page about reasons cats spray. Understanding the reasons cats begin to spray or mark territory may help you prevent this behavior before it starts.


Making Button Bulletin Board Pins

Making Button Bulletin Board PinsThis is a page about making button bulletin board pins. Make the pins or tacks for your bulletin board more fun to use by decorating them with buttons. This is an easy project that children can also work on.


tardis garden lights

Making Tardis Solar Garden LightsThis is a page about making tardis solar garden lights. Dr. Who fans will love this, garden path lighting, craft project.


Raggedy Ann

Raggedy Ann Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about Raggedy Ann birthday party ideas. Raggedy Ann is a well known storybook character that is still popular with children today. She makes a great theme choice for a birthday party.



Using Kerosene for StainsThis is a page about kerosene for stains. Although not the most environmentally friendly solution, kerosene can be used as a stain remover of last resort. It does work quite well on grease stains.


No-Bake Eclair Cake Recipes

No-Bake Eclair Cake RecipesThis page contains no-bake eclair cake recipes. This delicious, easy to make dessert tastes very much like a chocolate eclair.



Applesauce made in a crockpot

Crockpot Granny Smith ApplesauceApplesauce is easy to make at home in a slow cooker. Watch this video and learn how.


Mini Cheeseburgers

Making Mini Cheeseburgers (Sliders)Mini cheeseburgers are a great meal to make at home. Check out how to make them with this short video.


Damaged Window Screen

Fixing a Damaged Window ScreenFixing a damaged window screen is simple. Check out this short video and learn what tools you need to fix a broken screen.


Garlic White Cheddar Potato Fans

Garlic White Cheddar Potato FansPotato fans are a yummy alternative to a baked potato. Learn how to make them with this how-to video.


Heart Shaped Carrots

Making Heart Shaped CarrotsHeart shaped carrots are a fun addition to any recipe calling for sliced carrots. Watch this video and learn how to make them...



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Products for Cleaning a Black Glass Top StoveSoftscrub is excellent. You have to shake the container vigorously before applying and then wait 5-10 minutes. Use the abrasive side of a sponge or an abrasive pad and gently rub, increasing force gradually.


Recycled Jewelry Display

Recycled Jewelry DisplayOld picture frames can have a new life when transformed into an attractive jewelry display piece, the big, the better. All you need is some 1/4 hardware cloth, a old picture frame, a hand stapler, and some small "S" hooks from your local hardware store.


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Quick Fix for a Squeaky DoorWhen a door starts giving me sound effects worthy of a good horror flick, I make a grab for the can of aerosol oil spray that we all have in the kitchen. Original, canola, olive oil, it doesn't matter. Give a quick shot to the hinges on the door, and your door will be as quiet as a silent movie.


snacks in container

Mason Jar Snack ContainerThis reusable snack container is a great way to recycle part of your next juice carton. It would also be a great way to store small items such as beads.


finished lights

Tardis Solar Garden LightsWhile at the store recently my roomie said "Hey! If those were blue they would look like tardis lights!" So I bought four and now we have awesome tardis lights for our garden.


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Removing Transferred Dye from ClothingI accidentally ruined my daughter's favorite delicate light pink shirt. Somehow, I managed to get blue streaks of dye all over it. I tried stain remover, but the dye didn't budge. I decided I didn't have anything to lose so I researched and did a combination of different recommendations.


Product Review: Spin Mop Works Well

Product Review: Spin Mop Works WellI was given this mop as a gift, and I didn't have much faith in it, to tell you the truth. BOY was I wrong. Not only does it not drip and picks up everything like a dream, it also spins out nicely. I have a puppy that makes a ton of drinking water around his bowl, and this is perfect.


A disposable coffee lid being used as a pot scrubber

Coffee Lid as Pot ScrubberI found this useful as a dish scrubber. It is easy to grab and does the job quickly and efficiently.


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Put Chicks Under Broody HenA good thing a brooding hen can do for you is raise some new chicks. You can buy some hatchlings, and put them under her in the evening. She will take full responsibility for food, warmth, and safety.


Button Bulletin Board Pin

Button Bulletin Board PinsThese cute push pins are a fun way to hang up important notes on your bulletin board.


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Dollar Store for Cheap UmbrellasDollar General has them. That's where I go when I get caught in the rain



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Sweet Gum Tree Has Almost No Leaves?Here it is end of May and my sweet gum tree has almost no leaves. It is approximately 7-10 yrs old. The branches look dead. We are in zone 5, but our severe winter this year put us in a much colder zone. We are in central Indiana.


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Lawnmower Pull Cord Jerks Backwards?I just discovered this site. Really neat. I have a Husqvarna (Sears) rear powered walking lawn mower with Briggs and Stratton engine. I was mowing today, but the mower started making knocking or clicking noises now and then.


Shepherd mix standing in some rocks.

What Breed is My Dog?Geneva was about 45 lbs. Obviously a German Shepherd mix.


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Keeping Mosquitoes Off of Puppies?What can I use for keeping mosquitos off 3 week old puppies?


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Building a Temporary Wall in a Studio Apartment?How do I build a partition in a studio apartment?


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Fleas in Human Hair?How long do fleas have to be in human hair before laying eggs?


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Cleaning an Upholstered Chair?My dog peed on a chair. We used Resolve to clean it with and it ended up smelling soured. Any sugestions on how to clean without calling in a professional?


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Maytag Bravo Washer Flashing Error Code F51?My Maytag Bravo top load washer got wet in 8 inches of flood water. It is now flashing F51 error code. What can I do to fix it?


tan puppy

What Breed is My Puppy?I just recently bought my puppy and the owner said it's mother was cross Siberian Husky with a German Shepherd and the dad was a stud dog Akita. The puppy is far too small to be one of those big mixed dogs, so I am really confused.


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Removing Oil Drain Plug for Snapper Mower?I cannot get the oil drain plug out, it is stripped. What do I do?


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Getting Free Shoe Boxes?I want to send some presents for the project shoebox4Syria so I will need a good amount of boxes. Any idea where can I get these boxes from?


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