June 4, 2014

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Wickker Paper Plate Holders

Using Paper Plate HoldersThis is a page about using paper plate holders. Paper plate holders have uses in addition to keeping your meal from ending up on the patio when the flimsy plate fails.


painting a ceiling

Keeping Paint Off Light FixturesThis is a page about keeping paint off light fixtures. Painting around ceiling light fixtures can be frustrating.


Buying Gas

Buying Gas JokesThis is a page about buying gas jokes. Almost any topic is fair game for a joke, even the routine task of buying gas.


Woman wearing a facial mask.

Tips for Smoother SkinThis is a page about tips for smoother skin. Many of us want smoother skin. There are many commercial and homemade products that can help smooth and soften your skiing.


Old Fashioned Shake

Making Old Fashioned Soda Fountain TreatsThis is a page about old fashioned soda fountain treats. Most soda fountains served sodas, floats, sundaes, shakes and malts and the ever popular banana split. You can make them at home.


Upside Down Cake

Upside Down Cake RecipesThis page contains upside down cake recipes. In addition to the popular pineapple upside down cake, you can use a variety of other fruits to make similar delicious dessert cakes.


Using a Blender

Using a BlenderThis is a page about using a blender. A versatile kitchen tool that can be used for a wide variety of food processing.


Chopped Onions

Homemade Onion Powder RecipesThis page contains homemade onion powder recipes. As an alternative to buying this seasoning at the market, make some at home using produce from your garden or from the grocery.


Ice Cream Soda

Ice Cream Soda RecipesThis page contains ice cream soda recipes. Although no longer as popular, since the advent of fast food shakes, smoothies, Frappuccinos, and other cold beverages, the ice cream soda is still a stand out dessert.


Skin Itch

Something in Apartment Is Making Skin Itch?This is a page about something in apartment is making skin itch. Finding the cause for a skin irritation that results in itching can be troublesome.


A crochet hook can be used to clean out a Pledge Fabric Sweeper.

Cleaning a Pledge Fabric SweeperThis is a page about cleaning a Pledge fabric sweeper. this tool is sold as a disposable product, you can clean it and reuse.


Sharpie Throw Pillow

Decorating a Throw Pillow with SharpiesThis is a page about decorating a throw pillow with Sharpies. Pillow covering fabric can be a canvas for some permanent sharpie art.


Antique Brass Sink

Cleaning a Brushed Antique Brass Sink?This is a page about cleaning a brushed antique brass sink. Polishing a brass sink will help keep away soap deposits.


Wax Paper Flowers

Making Wax Paper PlacematsThis is a page about making wax paper placemats. Making wax paper placemats is a fun project to do with your children. You can use so many items to decorate the mat.


Recycled Gazebo

Making a Recycled GazeboThis is a page about making a recycled gazebo. It doesn't have to cost much to add a gazebo to your garden plan.



Elastic That Stretches Horizontally?This is a page about elastic that stretches horizontally. A sewing notion that generally stretches one way, but may be available in other stretching directions.


Light Bulb

Changing a Light Bulb in a High Ceiling?This is a page about changing a light bulb in a high ceiling. It can be a challenge to remove the cover and to reach the light when the ceiling is very high.


Cigarette Smoke

Removing Cigarette Smoke Smell From a Painting?This is a page about removing cigarette smoke smell from a painting. Cigarette smoke odor is very permeating. It can linger on almost any surface in the room.


Tuning Piano

Odor Coming from Piano Keys After Tuning?This is a page about odor coming from piano keys after tuning. Tracking down the cause and remedy for odors can be difficult.



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Tea for Tenderizing MeatTenderize meat with equal parts of strong brewed tea and double strength beef stock for a tough pot roast or stew. The tannin in tea is a natural meat tenderizer.


Butterscotch Candy Beer Mug

Butterscotch Candy Beer MugThis butterscotch candy beer mug is the perfect sweet treat to give someone for Father's Day!


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Kentucky PopcornThis is so good!


my finished pillow

Decorating a Throw Pillow with SharpiesOn a recent shopping trip to Ikea with my daughter and her children we saw these beautiful black and white graphic pillows on sale for $5. The kids wanted to get one each to decorate with markers. I got one too, to share in the fun.


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Vinegar for LaundryAdd a half cup of white vinegar to your wash. It is better than buying Oxiclean type products and better for your machine!


Bella looking though a gap in wooden fence

Bela (Tabby)Bela was adopted in 2012. We heard about him through CityKitties (nonprofit cat rescue).



Tide (Rough Collie)In January 2009, my dad and I drove to Cleveland, AL, a little over an hour away from my home at the time, to pick up my sweet Tide. He said I could pick out a puppy, and sure enough, I found my dream dog in a litter of puppies.


Clip On Strainer

Product Review: Clip On StrainerI'm not one for buying unnecessary kitchen gadgets, but I had to try this handy $5 clip on strainer from Aroma Bakeware when I saw it at a kitchen store. I love it!



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Rendezvous Heater Stopped Blowing?I got an alternator put in my truck, a 2002 Redezvous. A day later my heat stop blowing. I changed the fuse; it came on and then went right off. What's wrong now?


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Keeping Glitter from Falling Off Ballgown?How do I stop the glitter from coming off of a ballgown with a very full skirt, I have purchased for my daughter's wedding?


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Getting Rid of Black Medic Weed?How can I kill it in my lawn as it's overtaking it?


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Changing a Light Bulb in a High Ceiling?How do I change a light bulb in a 20 feet ceiling? It has a cover over the bulb that needs to be removed first. Any suggestions?


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Making a Terra Cotta Flower Pot Lighthouse?What is the black part of the lighthouse just below the lamp. It looks circular with a rail?


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Sugar Free Popsicles?I would love a recipe to make a tasty sugar free Popsicle or frozen ice bar.



What Breed is My Dog?I just got my little boy today and was told he was a Pit/Lab mix. Any ideas? American Staffordshire Terrier possibly? I know he is going to be a big boy just want an idea of how big.


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Collecting Survivor Benfits?I was married for over 11 years and my wife had passed away approximately in 1997. I was just told that I could have been collecting benefits I have not been aware of. Am I still able to get benefits after 17 years since her death?


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A Purple Skit for Rainbow Tea?I need help with a skit to do for 10 minutes associated with the color of purple.


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Homemade Weed Killer?Will the recipe of 2 cups Epsom salt, 1 gallon white vinegar and 1/2 cup blue Dawn detergent kill my centipede grass or flowers?


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Making a Terra Cotta Lighthouse?Are you sure its just two large terra cotta pots? looks like more to me.


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Day Care Business Name Ideas?I am starting a day care, but it caters to children 3 months to 10 yrs old. I want the word "development" as a part of the name. Do u have any ideas of what I can name my business?


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