October 29, 2014

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cut brownies sitting on waxed paper onto of rest in pan

Cutting BrowniesThis is a page about cutting brownies. It helps to to let your brownies cool before cutting and there are easy ways to get create clean edged pieces.


Italian Bread Recipes

Italian Bread RecipesEnjoy some Italian seasoned bread with your salad, soup or spaghetti dinner. This page contains Italian bread recipes.


multicolored scarf

Making a Crocheted Ruffle ScarfThis is a page about making a crocheted ruffle scarf. Making a stylish ruffle scarf can be your next crochet project. They can be made using either sashay or conventional yarns.


green and purple Vera Bradley purse

Cleaning a Vera Bradley Bag?This is a page about cleaning a Vera Bradley bag. Colorful Vera Bradley fabric bags may occasionally need cleaning. This can be done safely if you follow a few simple steps.


scared dog with tail between legs

Homemade Thundershirt for DogsThis is a page about homemade Thundershirt for dogs. The Thundershirt is designed to calm an anxious or fearful dog. If you find them too pricey you may want to try making your own.


Vegetarian Pot Pie Recipes

Vegetarian Pie RecipesA delicious main course can be a cheesy veggie pie made with a variety of cheeses and nutritious vegetables. This page contains vegetarian pie recipes.


potatoes with cream and cheese on white platter with garnish

Delmonico Potatoes RecipesThis page contains Delmonico potatoes recipes. The first recipe for this potato casserole was probably developed in Paris. It was made famous in a New York city restaurant in the 1830s, and now across the US and around the world.


Living a Positive Lifestyle

Living a Positive LifestyleThis is a page about living a positive lifestyle. Maintaining a positive outlook in all your activities and interactions with family, friends and coworkers, will improve the quality of your life.


ice blue ornament and snowflake decorations

Decorating Ideas for a Winter DanceThis is a page about decorating ideas for a winter dance. With fake snow, snowflakes, ice cycles and cool colors you can create a winter theme for a dance.


water chestnuts

Recipes Using Water ChestnutsThis page contains recipes using water chestnuts. Water chestnuts add a satisfying crunch to many recipes.


Using Instant Potatoes

Using Instant PotatoesFreeze dried potato flakes can make a quick side dish of mashed potatoes. This is a page about using instant potatoes.


Egyptian Costume Ideas

Egyptian Costume IdeasThis is a page about Egyptian costume ideas. Creating a costume for historical Egyptian figures like Cleopatra, Nefertiti, King Tut or just a peasant slave, can be lots of fun.



caramel apple dipper

Caramel Apple DippersWe had a caramel apple dipper station at my daughter's Halloween party. We put pre-cut apple slices onto cookie sticks, then the kids could dip the apples into tubs of caramel and decorate them with sprinkles. It was a fun alternative to a them eating a full caramel apple, but just as yummy!


bag of oranges

Mandarin Orange Jack-O'-LanternsI recently helped organize a classroom party for my daughter. We need to have multiple activity stations to keep the kids busy. One of the stations was a table where kids could pick a mandarin orange and use markers....


array of mailers for making templates

Making Craft Templates from Political MailersThis is the time of year when I am inundated with political mailings. So the ballot is in the mail and now I have all of this junk mail to recycle. I decided to use some of it to make circular templates.


cropped witch brooms

String Cheese Witch BroomsIn an effort to offer multiple healthy treats at my daughter's Halloween party, we set up a station to make string cheese witch brooms. We set out a bowl of stick pretzels, a plate of string cheese and plastic knives for them to cut the broom bristles. These are easy enough for even younger kids to make. :)


Playing Poke-A-Pumpkin 1

Playing Poke-A-PumpkinI made this game after seeing one on Pinterest. Not only did it turn out super cute, it was a lot of fun...even for my daughter's 5th grade class! It would obviously be great for younger kids too.


painted pumpkin 3

Painting Mini PumpkinsPainting mini pumpkins is a great activity to keep kids busy at their Halloween party. The mini pumpkins work well for keeping the project quick and they are inexpensive. We provided paints and glitter.



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Training a Dog Not to Bark?My son has a ten and 1/2yr old Chihuahua. My husband and I bring the dog next dog for 4 hrs every day, while our son is at work. When Chico barks I say "use your indoor voice" and I pat his head and say good boy. It works fine.


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Reusing Soap Jelly?I have a jar full of soap jelly made from leftover toilet soap. How can I use it now?


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Removing Odor from Microwave?My microwave smells like old milk, but it's only 6 weeks old and I clean it every day.


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MTD Drive Lawn Mower Won't Shut Off?I have a MTD drive lawn mower. It starts with the key, runs, and it even cuts the grass, but it will not shut off. I have to close the choke to get it to shut off. Any one have any idea why this is?


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Parade Float Ideas?The theme is "It's a new day, it's a new way"; because we recently built the very first high school for our small town. I own an accounting firm and would like to have the name of my business on the side.


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Adopted Dog Will Not Eat?We have just rescued a dog from the dogs home. He is 4 years old and we have had him just over the week. He eats very little in relation to what it says on the packet he should be eating and never finishes the bowl.


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Name for a Vintage Style Decorating Business?Could someone give me some suggestions on a great vintage focused decorating business name?


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Clothing Bled on Itself?Help! I made my daughter's pink and white uniform tie-dye on the white. She has 2 tournaments this weekend. It cost $200 and no way can I buy one as it can take weeks. What can I do?


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Removing a Coke Stain From a Raincoat?How do I remove a Coke stain from a white raincoat?


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Maytag Washer Displaying Error Code F02?We have F02 code on our Maytag Epic. We cleaned out the drain, but it still is not draining properly and the code F02 keeps coming up. What else can we do to fix the problem?


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Trouble Sewing a Zigzag Stitch?I'm doing zigzag stitch, but I have observed that it has straight stitches.


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Garage Opener Remote Not Working?I bought a new garage opener remote and I set it up, but it doesn't work.


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Cleaning a Dry Clean Only Down Coat?I have a nylon jacket that's dry clean only, oh and it's down. I thought I'd wash it with gentle soap and hang dry and then after put it in dryer to fluff.


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25th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas?I am looking for ideas for a 25th wedding anniversary party.


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Printing Coupons With a Barcode?Where can you print off coupons with barcodes attached?


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Looking for Brewster For Your Bath pattern 26144682?I am looking for Brewster For Your Bath pattern #26144682. I need 18 or so single rolls and will pay a premium price.


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Catchy Name Ideas for a Childcare Business?My business is titled Memorable Experiences LLC. I was considering operating my family daycare as: "All About M.E." (Memorable Experiences) Family Child Care. Is this a catchy name idea? Any other suggestions?


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17th Birthday Ideas?I'm turning 17 on November 27. It falls on Thanksgiving Day this year and I have no idea what to do for my birthday. I don't want a party, I want to go out, nothing too expensive, but a lot of fun.


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Getting Rid of Skunks Under the House?How do I get skunks out from beneath the house, without a professional exterminator? My 7 mo. old puppy now knows what a skunk is.....first hand! Needless to say she got sprayed right in her face.


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Growing Roses from Cuttings?Can I get out my plants out from the green house after 50 days since they were planted from cuttings?


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