January 19, 2015

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Cooked Fish

Tips for Cooking Fish and SeafoodWhen preparing sea products of all kinds, there are ways to easily reduce the smells and cook delicious dishes. This is a page about tips for cooking fish and seafood.


nubby purple Christmas ornament

Cleaning Christmas OrnamentsThis is a page about cleaning Christmas ornament. Whether made of glass, plastic or Styrofoam holiday ornaments can need to be cleaned.


cutting a slice of almond cake

Almond Cake RecipesAlmonds are a wonderful nut for flavor and crunch on a delicious cake. This page contains almond cake recipes.



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Fruit PunchThis is the very best punch ever, made from natural fruit.


Crockpot Rustic Ham and Potatoes

Crockpot Rustic Ham and PotatoesDon't you just love recipes that combine pre-made ingredients along with fresh? It saves you so much time! This easy recipe begins with 2 humble boxes of Au Gratin potatoes. When combined with savory turkey ham and a bunch of veggies, it is transformed into a meal you will want to make again and again.


Maple Syrup Snow

Maple Syrup SnowThis isn't a new recipe but one that has perhaps been forgotten by many of us, yet it's so easy to make and fun too. It's a great way to get the kids out of the house for a while on a clear snowy day and when they come back in, they're in great spirit as they look forward to digging into this treat.



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Hangover Home RemediesHere is are tips for treating a hangover. 1. Drink water - Hydrate 2. Sleep 3. Take a pain reliever. . .


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Homemade Hair and Skin ConditionerBoth my hair and skin tend to be dry, especially in the winter, and I rely on extra conditioning treatments. Hydrating products are expensive but through trial and error I've come up with the best treatment yet that satisfies both hair and skin and costs next to nothing.


kitten with witch and hat

Bamboo (Tabby)This is a photo of Bamboo's first Halloween.


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Stop Bleeding of Knicked VeinIt's amazing how many people nick the vein in their ankle while scratching themselves and then can't stop the bleeding. That happened to me too. I had visions of having to rush to the ER for help I remembered what I do for my dogs.


A bird getting birdseed from a snowy surface.

Bird Seed to Prevent Slipping on IceWe are having a really bad winter and have a lot of snow. I had been using Kitty Litter on my stairs and walkway but it was messy. I now use wild bird seed and it provides "grip", plus I enjoy watching the birds!


Pillowcase as Chair Cover

Pillowcase as Chair CoverI usually use 2 pillow cases for our bed. Recently one wore out. What to do with the other? I came up with the idea of putting it on the back of my extra dining room chairs that are put away in storage.


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Making Soft Boiled EggsPlace eggs in a cook pot, add cold water and bring to a boil. Boil for 3 minutes. Drain water and cover with cold water to cool them down. Peel and enjoy.


Gold Painted Branch As Home Decor

Gold Painted Branch As Home DecorLast summer, I found a nice branch that I spray painted gold. Usually it sits in a decorative basket in the hallway. This past Christmas, I hung some small red bells from the branches, wrapped the basket with a seasonal tea towel and placed it on a side table in the family room.


finished bookmark on white background

Crochet Heart BookmarkWho couldn't use another bookmark? I created this pattern because I needed more bookmarks. I think crocheted hearts are darling, I love being able to put tiny scraps to good use. I also love super quick projects, and I think these would make nice gifts.


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Creamy Cook and Serve PuddingWhen I make chocolate pudding, I always get the kind you must cook on the stove. The small box calls for two cups milk, but I use 1 1/2 whole milk and 1/2 cup of half and half. This makes it extremely creamy and delicious.


"I Love You Because..." Jar

"I Love You Because..." JarI can't think of a more special gift that shows someone how much you love them. Plus, it's easy to make and very inexpensive. Score! This jar would make a nice present for your significant other, a special friend, your kids, your mom or dad. You can personalize them for whoever is on your "special" list.


Use Scissor Tip as Improvised Screwdriver

Use Scissor Tip as Improvised ScrewdriverSometimes the tiniest things come in so handy you wonder how you ever got along with out them. I needed to unscrew the hanger off the back of a frame. None of the screwdrivers in the house I share were small enough.


Tie Dye Shirts

Tie Dye ShirtsI found some plain white shirts that I didn't wear anymore and decided to turn them into something cute.


Cabinet for Storing Toilet Tissue

Cabinet for Storing Toilet TissueThis is more of a suggestion than a tip. I'm no graphics artist, so please forgive my crude and hastily put together picture.


pudding cups with seeds

Keeping Seed Tests NeatI recently posted a tip on the importance of testing seed. This is a good practice if you have older seed, or seed you, for any reason, have doubts about. This tip is sort of an expansion on that previous one.



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Imperial Wallpaper?I am searching for Imperial wallpaper. I am not sure of the correct number so I'll list all 3: Item 30705220, 191196, or SCD030902. It has a black background with a floral, tropical design in pinks, coral, beige, and blue.Thanks.


white with black pitty

Pitbull Won't Eat After Move?We moved a week ago and my 6 year old Pittie has only eaten a couple bites of a cheeseburger since. She won't take treats, human food, or anything. She is still drinking water though. We lived in same house for about 5 years with my boyfriend who had another dog for first 2 years.


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Discontinued Candle Holder?Does anyone know where to purchase the medium sized glass candle holder? It's ombre in color going from white to a grey tone color with a honey comb texture for the glass. There are other colors as well.


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Making Mod Podge?How do I make Mod Podge with South African products?


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Kenmore Serger Manual or Threading Guide?I need instructions or a manual on how to thread a Sears and Roebuck serger, model no. 385, serial No.7100862. I hope Thrifty Fun has the answer. Thanks


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Organizing Paper Clutter?I save everything, paper and stuff. What is the best way to organize paper?


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Bathroom Paint Color Advice?I just purchased burgundy towels. What color can I paint the walls in a small bathroom besides white?


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Lightening Skin?I was naturally fair 6 months ago, but now I became tan. I Don't know the reason for my tan. Could anyone suggest how to get back my old color?


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Donating Race Car Trophies?Where can I donate them where they can be used as a trophy again, not end up in a recycle bin? I would be willing to drop them off.


pup portrait

What Breed is My Dog?She was 4 months old when I got her. I've only fed her organic puppy food and organic wet food since. She is 5 1/2 months now. She has grown about 10 inches lengthwise, her tail is 2 inches longer.


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Repairing a Kenmore Ice Maker?How do you replace the auger motor in a Kenmore refrigerator model #253.54363403?


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Removing Pet Urine Odor from Leather Couch?How do I get the smell off the leather couch without hurting the material?


Britannica on bookshelves

Value of 1968 Encyclopedia Britannica?I have complete set of original Encyclopedia Britannica from 1968. They include the years books 1970-1975, 3 dictionary books, and 3 perspective books as well as the index. Do they have any selling value?


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Selling Pop Can Tabs?I have an unknown number of cans, and I would like to know is it worth the trouble of removing the tabs and selling them separately, and where in Lake City, Florida? Would I sell them for top dollar, if they're worth more than just scrapping the whole cans?


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Removing Dye That Transferred in Wash?I washed a pair of my hubby's jeans with a burgundy cotton twill chair cover. The dye ran out of the cover unto the jeans; what a mess! I pulled the cover out and washed the jeans separately and they seemed OK so I put them in the dryer. When I removed them, his jeans are pinky blue.


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Repairing a Car Heater?I have a '98 Mazda B3000. How do I get air out of the cooling system to make the heater work? It stays cold after and while driving over 50 miles at a time after replacing the water pump and thermastat and trying to bleed air by cap and hoses to heater core. What's next?


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Value of Midge and Skipper Dolls?I have a Midge doll in mint condition, with a stamp on her bum, Mattel Inc. 1962? Skipper is also in mint condition and stamped, Mattel Inc.1963. I have had them since I was a child. How much would they be worth today?


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Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits?I have full custody of my son. His mother has never been in his life. She had no visitation rights; she left him with me on the 3rd day he was alive. I took her to court, but she didn't show because she is a alcoholic and has no home and no job.


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16th Birthday Ideas for 10-20 People?I'm turning 16 on April 22. I'm having a party with boys and girls, and it's very low budget. I want to do something at a park. I don't want it to be a scavenger hunt ...


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Making Cotton Weaving Loops for Potholders?How can I make cotton loops to weave potholders?


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Removing Diesel Smell From Clothing?How do you get diesel smells out of clothes?


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Old Dog Wet the Bed While Lying Down?I have a Pit Bull/Staff cross. She is around 10-15 years old. Today I saw she wet her bed, but she did sit to do it, she was just lying and wet the bed, without even realising it. Can this be kidney/bladder problems? I'm gonna get a urine sample and take it to the vet as soon as possible.


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Cat Pooping in Bathtub?My cat has been pooping in the bathtub lately. It's not cause she doesn't like her litter box, she uses it just as much as the bathtub. She has all my other pets scared, and usually tries to attack them.


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Pattern for Adult Pull-up Diapers?Where can I find a pattern for adult-sized diapers? Possibly pull-up style. I have a 38" waist and 42" hips. I need something that would be pull up style because of leakage at the sides. Disposable diapers run me over $300 a month and I can no longer afford them.


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Circuit Breaker Tripping?My house seems to be divided into 3 new extensions. The problem I have is that in the past when you plugged, say a vacuum, grinder, or somthing like that into one side of house it tripped the sockets. It won't trip for weeks or months. Then with no change to appliance use it trips 10 times in 1 night? Borrowed neutral?


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Thread on Couch Seams Has Faded?I have an imitation leather couch. The thread on the seams is very dry and has turned a very light color, almost white. How do I get them dark again?


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Cleaning Carpet Stains?I found a tip on your site re getting out stains from my light carpet. I have tried the apple cider vinegar + baking soda, but I'm finding it has made the carpet worse than it was. There are now big stains on the carpet. I am now on my 3rd application to see if it will lift the stain.


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Identifying a Dog's Breed Mix?I want to buy a mixed German Shepherd Husky puppy. The seller showed me the female who is a Husky, but how can I know that this puppy is really a descendant of a pure bred German Shepherd?


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Food Freezing in Refrigerator Drawers?I have a side by side Amana. There are two drawers on the bottom and if I put food in there it freezes. The rest of the refrigerator is fine temperature wise.


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Using Aloe for a Chemical Burn?Can I use aloe vera gel on burn on my neck caused by bleaching cream?


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Decorative Stitches Stopped Working on Sewing Machine?I have a Singer, model 2662, that worked beautifully and suddenly stopped performing decorative stitches like zig zag. Is there anything I can try to repair it myself?


brown lawn

Fertilized Lawn Turned Brown?I live in western Washington and put spring/summer fertilizer on my grass in late October. We had a sudden freeze of below 30 degree temps for more than a week in late November and the grass is now matted and brown. The small section I didn't fertilize is green and plush.


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