February 10, 2015

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Pirate Party

Pirate Themed Party IdeasThis is a page about pirate themed party ideas. A fun adventure party for treasure hunters of all ages can be based on these historical raiders.


smoothie in glass with a straw

Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie RecipesThis page contains chocolate peanut butter smoothie recipes. Yummy protein rich beverages can be blended at home.



Fox PhotosThis page contains fox photos. These animals are found throughout the world. They are known for their cunning ways, and rarely seen with enough time to photograph.


merchandise at flea market

Displaying Merchandise at a Flea Market?This is a page about displaying merchandise at a flea market. Selling all kinds of goods with inviting displays can make a difference in your number of sales.


Cheese Casserole

Cheese Casserole RecipesThe rich flavor and creamy texture of cheese can help create some delicious baked dishes. This page contains cheese casserole recipes.


embroidered flower

Finding Embroidery PatternsThis is a page about finding embroidery patterns. Locating the perfect needlework pattern you want to spend time completing, can be a challenge.


dog among dandelions

Chiweenie PhotosThis page contains Chiweenie photos. A delightful canine companion is Chihuahua and Dachshund mixed breed.


clay pot fountain

Garden Fountain PhotosThis page contains garden fountain photos. An outside water feature can be a wonderful focal point with pleasant sounds, and be inviting to feathered friends.


Olive Oil

Saving Money on Olive OilThis is a page about saving money on olive oil. This delicious oil can be expensive. There are ways you can save on the cost and still enjoy the wonderful flavor.



Healthy Whole Wheat Pancakes

Healthy Whole Wheat PancakesI love those cheap "just add water" pancakes mixes just as much as the next girl, probably more! That said, these pancakes actually don't take that much more time. They truthfully taste delicious, and they are healthy.


served on plate with broccoli and pasta

Eggplant MeatballsMeatless, but my husband says it tastes like meat.



hand holding finished flower

Artsy Crochet FlowerThis simple flower would make a great addition to any of your projects, from afghans to hats. Easy and fun!


Use Baskets for Storing Hair Appliances

Use Baskets for Storing Hair AppliancesI came up with the idea to store my hairdryer, curling iron, etc. in an empty wicker basket from the holidays. I've put it on the floor in the corner of my small bathroom, under my corner shelving.


A cheap homemade puzzle caddy.

Jigsaw Puzzle CaddyI decided that packing a puzzle up for transport couldn't possibly be very difficult, so I made a jigsaw puzzle caddy dirt cheap. You need:


front of museum

Visiting the La Brea Tar Pits (Page Museum)On a recent trip to California, my mom and I decided to visit the La Brea Tar Pits, in Los Angeles. I had been to it a few times as a kid, so I thought it would be fun to go back. It's a fun yet educational place to take the whole family.


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Thickening Soups Without Gluten or DairyI have discovered that fat free coffee creamer is gluten and lactose free. I use coffee creamer as a substitute for cream or milk in my chowders and any soups calling for dairy. Cook a little extra potato, puree them in the blender and add the puree with the creamer to thicken your soup. No flour needed.


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Using Liquid Flavored Dairy Creamers in CookingThis comes in many flavors, sizes, and sweetened, sugar- free and fat-free. I use this in all cake recipes to replace milk or water.



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Help for Uninsured Homeowner to Rebuild After a Fire?My mother's house burned down this past Saturday morning. We found out she was not insured. She is 83 years old and the widow of a Korean war veteran. She is coming home with me. Is there anyway we can get help to rebuild?


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Curriculum for Daycare?Can anyone give me advice on what type of curriculum I can I use for toddlers 12 months to 3 yrs old?


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Paint Stain in Corian Sink?I washed my brushes in a bowl then tipped it down a Corian sink, not knowing it was a Corian sink. It was a black gloss I was cleaning and now an unsightly grey mark has collected on the sink.


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Teen Check Cashing?I'm actually 16, but I wanna know if I need my parent or guardian to cash my checks?


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Repairing a Drywall Joint?In my bedroom, the metal strip between the wall and ceiling has separated leaving a long running crack. My husband says the whole strip has to come off to fix that corner, but then that means I have to sacrifice my wallpaper.


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Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Advice?I have white marble countertops and white appliances in my kitchen. I painted my cabinets black, I thought the contrast would be good, but I really do not like the black cabinets. Can you suggest a color to repaint them


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Removing Ink from Evening Clothing?I bought a storage unit that had 15 really nice new gowns, but they all are stamped on the back with the brand name along with a small hole. The gowns are silk, chiffon, and taffeta. Is there anything that can take the ink stamp off or should I try bringing it to a cleaners.


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Septic Tank Pumping?I bought a house two years ago and don't know when the septic tank was last pumped. Should I have the septic tank pumped as a starting care and maintenance program?


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Curtain Color Advice?What color curtains do I use for the walls in the kitchen and living room as they are a combination of two colors light peach and blue/green?


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Getting Rid of Fruit Flies?We had our house professionally treated for pests. They sprayed our yard, but not inside the house. We are told this is the way it's done now. These fruit flies are driving me crazy. I have told our pest control service that we are having trouble with these pests. We have tried everything for months.


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Replacement Control Panel for Foreman Rotisserie?Where can I get and how much is a new control panel for the Big George Rotisserie? I cannot set the hour button, only the minutes.


kid tables and chairs

Slogan for Early Childhood...I am looking for a slogan for an early childhood development centre called Sunrise Kids.


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Dog Not Eating?My dog hasn't touched her food all day, but I gave her a dog treat and she's eating that now. Is there something wrong?


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Cat Stopped Using Litter Box?I have two Persians, one is almost 3 years old and one of them uses the rubber mat in front of their litter box instead of inside the box. She has being doing that for about two weeks now. How can I break her from that?


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Unique Name for a Daycare?I will be soon opening a daycare and I trying to figure out a unique name. I want something that isn't or hasn't been heard of. I don't really want to use my name.


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Value of New Standard Encyclopedia?What is the value of a 1960s New Standard Encyclopedia set in good condition, missing 1 book? I also have the Cowles Comprehensive encyclopedia, also in good condition.


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Changing a Pink Bathtub to Black?I have a pink tub. I know you can buy the kit to change the colour of your bathtub, but I would like a black bathtub. The kit only comes in white, almond, or bone. How do I get it black without calling Bath Fitters?


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Receiving Coupons in the Mail?How can I start receiving coupons on products? They have to be mailed. I would like to start couponing, times are hard and money is tight.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm having a 14th birthday party and I have no idea what to do for it. I have some ideas, but they're not that fun, like nails and hair. I live in a place where I can't go to places like the park, or a pool, or bowling for that matter.


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Septic Tank Care and Inspection?What is involved in a septic tank inspection? I am not familiar with a septic tank and its care.


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Value of Partial Set of Purnell's New English Encyclopedia?I have a set of Purnell's New English encyclopedia printed in 1965; volume 10 is missing. Can you please give me a quote of its worth? It is in reasonably good condition.


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Baking Meatloaf in Silicone Pan?Do I have to use cooking spray on silicone bake pans before I bake a meatloaf?


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Perming Caused Hair Loss?I went through a crazy hair dyeing experience and basically all the hair on the top of my head fell out. So I have shoulder length hair, but the top of my head looks like it's been buzz cut! I'm embarrassed. Does anyone have any solutions on how I can fix this?


volumes on a shelf

Value of Britannica Great Books Set?I have the complete set of Britannica Great Books from the 60s. They are in excellent condition. They are the gray color not the brown. What would the value be?


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Hoover Carpet Cleaner Not Spraying?No water comes out of my attachments and the water hose is not clogged. All the water goes into dirty water tank. I have a Hoover Extra 77.



Value of Old Push Edger?I have this push edger that came with my 1923 home. Anyone know if it's worth anything?


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Breeding Zebra Finches?I have 6 pairs of zebra finches and I have one big cage. I have all my pairs in one cage. Can anybody tell me if they will lay eggs? How long before they begin laying?


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Removing Permanent Marker on Clothing?I first used rubbing alcohol then I rinsed the warm water, nothing. Should I still try hairspray and rinse with warm water?


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Replacement Plate Screw For Foreman Grill?Where can I buy a rubber topped screw for a GRP4 bottom plate on a George Foreman grill?


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